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MGAG: Chapter 126

If Line - If Nothing Happens (5)

The faster heartbeat made Chen Qizhao feel indescribable. He lowered his head and caught a glimpse of Shen Yuhuai picking up the medicine bottle and cotton swab on the chair next to him. The dirty cotton swab and gauze were placed separately by him while the other medicines were put back into the plastic bag. When he looked up, Shen Yuhuai took these things to ask the police officer where to dispose of them. Finally, he threw them away in the garbage can at the door.

“Brother, what are you doing?” There was a sudden voice next to him.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned in an instant. His rapid heartbeat made his limbs numb for a moment. “It’s nothing. Are you done?”

“I’m done. Cheng Rong told me to go back first. He will find someone to deal with the rest,” Yan Kailin said, “Let’s go back to school first, or we won’t be able to make it before the gate control. Isn’t tomorrow Monday?”

Halfway through his words, he saw Shen Yuhuai walking in from outside and felt even more nervous. “Brother Huai.”

It took a while to take turns recording the statement. Several of them were called over, and it was past 10 o’clock in the evening by the time they were done. Cheng Rong let them go first. Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin hadn’t driven tonight, so it was Shen Yuhuai who dropped them off on his way back to the research institute.

Chen Qizhao and Yan Kailin sat in the back seat without talking much. Yan Kailin explained the situation of the group of people who just made trouble. Chen Qizhao didn’t listen to a single word. He was sitting right behind the front passenger seat. From his angle, he could see half of Shen Yuhuai’s face.

He could see the other person’s long and narrow eyes from different angles.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze had nowhere to rest. He looked at Shen Yuhuai before glancing away to look at the steering wheel. Then he noticed the other person’s hand holding the steering wheel.

The palm was wide, and the fingers were slender… the colorful lights from the street lamps and stores outside were refracted into the car. These hands appeared cold and slender.

The scenery outside the window passed quickly. Chen Qizhao found that his eyes seemed to be glued to Shen Yuhuai’s body, and he couldn’t remove it.

“Those people are habitual offenders, and Cheng Rong said they won’t have a good ending.” Yan Kailin looked at Chen Qizhao and waved his hand in front of this person. “Brother, are you listening?”

Suddenly, the person in the driver’s seat tilted his head slightly. The moment the light outside the window came in, he glanced in the side-rear direction.

Chen Qizhao met his eyes before quickly averting his gaze in the next second. This was followed by the nervousness of his peeping being discovered. His heart beating in his chest seemed to be a bit faster.

It was a red light.

Shen Yuhuai put his fingers on the steering wheel, lowered his eyes lightly, and controlled the deep color in his eyes.

“Then what? What did Cheng Rong say?” Chen Qizhao looked away.

Yan Kailin continued, “OF course, it is directly calculated. This person not only hit Kaizi but also messed up your appearance. Can this matter be passed over?”

Chen Qizhao couldn’t help saying, “Where did he mess up my appearance?”

Yan Kailin glanced at the iodine on Chen Qizhao’s faze and immediately changed his words. “It is Kaizi whose appearance is messed up.”

Chen Qizhao pursed his mouth slightly. “I was just grazed by a chair.”

Yan Kailin nodded.

Chen Qizhao finished speaking and looked up at Shen Yuhuai.

The other person didn’t speak or look at the side. The light turned green, and Shen Yuhuai continued to drive.

Chen Qizhao adjusted his sitting posture slightly. He watched Shen Yuhuai skillfully turn the steering wheel… then he looked up and met the other person’s eyes.

The car quickly arrived at the school and drove directly to the dormitory building.

Yan Kailin got out of the car and noticed that Shen Yuhuai was also coming down. He thought about tonight’s events and the silence of the other person along the way. Then his worried rose again.

“We didn’t cause trouble, and we went back to school this time.” Yan Kailin looked at Shen Yuhuai’s face and said carefully, “Can you not tell my brother?”

Shen Yuhuai responded briefly. This could be regarded as his agreement.

Yan Kailin finally let go of his worry. “That’s great. Then we’re going back now.”

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on Yan Kailin’s face for a moment. Then he looked at Chen Qizhao.

Just now, he had stared at Shen Yuhuai for a long time. After meeting his gaze, Chen Qizhao looked away uncomfortably, and his line of sight fell on Shen Yuhuai’s right shoulder.

Yan Kailin was about to leave. Then he saw that the other two were still standing in place, and he called out to Chen Qizhao. “Brother?”

Chen Qizhao thanked Shen Yuhuai. Then he turned around and followed Yan Kailin into the dormitory building. He was stopped by the dormitory aunt halfway through and exchanged a few words.

Shen Yuhuai stood by the car. He watched the other person being stopped by the dormitory manager before quickening his pace and running into the dormitory. The smile in his eyes disappeared. The boy’s figure went further in and finally disappeared around the corner of the dormitory building.

Soon, Shen Yuhuai sat in the car and raised his hand to adjust the rearview mirror of the car.

The mirror reflected the scene in the back seat. At this time, the back seat was empty, but Shen Yuhuai seemed to be able to see the figure in the backseat who was slightly leaning forward just now, as well as the other person’s dodging eyes.

“Brother, what are you doing?” Yan Kailin entered the dormitory and saw Chen Qizhao standing in the corridor. “Aren’t you going to take a shower?”

“You wash first.” Chen Qizhao waited for a while before seeing the car’s lights turn on again and drive away. He paused slightly. The night wind blew on his face, and a subtle tingling sensation came from the place of the abrasion.

He thought of what happened at the police station just now and the look in Shen Yuhuai’s eyes when he got off the car.

They just looked at each other normally. They also looked at each other when talking before. Then why was it so awkward? He didn’t dare look at Shen Yuhuai’s face.

In the end, so much happened today. By the time Chen Qizhao came out of the shower, Yan Kailin was still telling their roommates about what they encountered while drinking. Chen Qizhao climbed to the upper bunk, sat cross-legged, and listened to the chatter of his neighbors. He opened the phone and habitually found the chat box with Shen Yuhuai.

He thought for a while but finally didn’t send a message to Shen Yuhuai.

Once Yan Kailin finished bragging to their roommates, he saw that Chen Qizhao didn’t react and shouted.

Another roommate said, “Perhaps he is sleeping. So many things happened today.”

Yan Kailin was actually a bit tired. He glanced at the side of the bed and noticed that Chen Qizhao’s phone was lit up, but the other person wasn’t playing with his phone. Chen Qizhao should be resting.

The bedroom was quiet, and Chen Qizhao fell asleep in a daze.

The tiredness surged up in his body, but there was also a hazy feeling that couldn’t be explained. The picture in his mind changed. One moment, it was Shen Yuhuai standing outside the car. After a while, it was Shen Yuhuai who was driving… He took a few steps forward, and the other person’s face got closer and closer. Finally, the other person held a cotton swab to treat his wound.

Several images overlapped before finally freezing. Chen Qizhao couldn’t help being attracted by the other person’s eyes, as if he was seduced. He walked into the dark eyes little by little. He noticed his restlessness and also noticed that the distance between the two of them exceeded the usual distance for applying medicine. Shen Yuhuai’s face was very close, and his breath seemed to spray on Chen Qizhao’s face.

Chen Qizhao’s heart was beating faster and faster. He looked at the other person’s eyes before finally moving down a little bit and stopping on the other person’s lips.

They opened and closed as if urging something.


In the dead of night, Yan Kailin’s shallow snoring was heard.

Chen Qizhao sat up in shock. The scene in the dormitory came into focus. He lifted the quilt and cursed in a low voice.

The sticky feeling of his body seemed to stick to his back. The air conditioner in the room couldn’t blow away the heat of Chen Qizhao’s body. He exhaled heavily, got off the bed lightly, and went into the bathroom.

He came out of the shower, stood in front of the sink, and washed his face with water.

His mind hadn’t calmed down yet… He blinked. Then he couldn’t hold back and cursed again.

He returned to bed and sat there for a while.

After picking up his phone, he saw that Shen Yuhuai had sent him a message after he fell asleep. It said he had arrived at the research institute but forgot to mention it.

Chen Qizhao gripped his phone, his brain a bit confused.

It was said that it was easy to forget things after waking up from a dream, but the things that happened just now in the dream played like a slideshow on a loop.

Days passed.

At the Ninth Research Institute, Shen Yuhuai and Liu Sui finished the experiment and planned to go to S College to help their mentor.

“What’s going on recently? Why are you always looking at your phone?” Liu Sui changed his clothes and grabbed a backpack.

Shen Yuhuai’s mind returned, and he closed the VX.

The last time he chatted with Chen Qizhao was three days ago. He asked Chen Qizhao to have lunch together, but Chen Qizhao rejected him because he had an appointment with his roommate. It seemed that after the incident at the bar, Chen Qizhao was avoiding him and wasn’t so eager to send him messages.

In the morning, he sent a message to Chen Qizhao, but Chen Qizhao hadn’t replied up to now.

Liu Sui packed his things. “Let’s eat at S College today at noon and call Qizhao.”

“He hasn’t replied to me.” Shen Yuhuai casually grabbed his coat. “Let’s go first.”

They didn’t drive for a long time and soon arrived at S College.

Shen Yuhuai and Liu Sui went to the office building to grab things. They came early, and their mentor had come to a meeting. Recently, the weather wasn’t as hot as the previous summer, and there was already a trend of it starting to become cooler. The two of them walked out of the office building and saw the basketball court not far away.

“I seem to have read the news that there is a basketball game for freshmen recently.” Liu Sui had added a number of S College students as friends. He was very informed about the activities on the school’s side. “But isn’t it only next week? Let’s go and see the liveliness.”

Liu Sui loved to join in the fun and said as he walked, “For the basketball game, if I hadn’t lost to your class in the finals, then I wouldn’t have known you. Hahaha.”

He walked to the edge of the fence and stopped. Then he looked down and suddenly asked, “Hey, isn’t that Qizhao?”

Shen Yuhuai was originally looking at his phone. Once he heard this, he raised his head and saw the boy moving on the field at a glance.

“It is a good shot.” Liu Sui looked at it and said, “It doesn’t seem to be the freshman competition. No one is counting points.”

“It is physical education class.” Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly. “They have physical education class today.”

“How do you know this?”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak.

The boy quickly moved through the group with the ball. He crossed the court and directly made a three-step layup. The court let out enthusiastic cheers. It seemed that the boys in the same class were divided into two teams to play. The physical education teacher blew the whistle and stood by as a temporary referee.

The matter of the physical education class was what Chen Qizhao told him.

He might not reply to Chen Qizhao immediately when they chatted, but most of the time, Chen Qizhao replied quickly. A good student still played with his phone in class and would reply to his messages in class. But one time, there was a long interval. Chen Qizhao later told him that it was due to being in physical education class.

Shen Yuhuai had noted it down.

The game ended at the coach’s long whistle. A few boys came out of the basketball court with their arms around each other’s shoulders and sat on the steps. They were sweating profusely, and their shirts were soaked. Chen Qizhao stood and rested. He stood by and looked at his tired classmates. Everyone else was sweaty, but he was fine and didn’t sweat much.

“Why is your physical strength so good?”

“Don’t compare physical strength with Qizhao. Don’t you remember military training? He exchanged punches with the instructors.”

“He can take on five people. Hahaha.”

The group talked while looking up at Chen Qizhao. The scrape on the other person’s face was almost healed, but the fight had long been spread among the group of boys.

Chen Qizhao smiled and said a few words to his classmates. The mineral water on the side had already been drunk.

“I’m going to buy water. Do you want it?” Chen Qizhao asked.

A few people raised their hands. Then someone asked, “Didn’t that girl in the class bring you water just now?”

“I didn’t want it>” Chen Qizhao bent down and pulled out his phone from his backpack. Before he could raise his head, a bottle of cold mineral water passed beside his ear and hung beside him.

In addition to the mineral water, there was the hand holding the bottle of water.

Chen Qizhao saw a familiar watch and looked startled. He turned his head and saw Shen Yuhuai standing next to him. Shen Yuhuai looked gentle and educated. There was a calm aura on his body that was different from the group of people who were sweating after playing basketball. Chen Qizhao’s expression paused, and his mind wandered to other things.

In the morning, he hadn’t replied to the message. It was mainly because he didn’t know how to reply.

Once he thought about his unspeakable dreams, he was particularly awkward when replying to the messages. He thought about seven or eight sentences, but they weren’t used. All of them were deleted.

“Come here, drink water.”

Liu Sui had gone to buy water with Shen Yuhuai. He carried a bag and gave water to other people. He also gave a bottle of water to the physical education teacher next to him. The physical education teacher seemed to know Liu Sui. After receiving the water, he stood and talked to Liu Sui.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Drink water?”

Chen Qizhao stopped and took the water. “Thank you, Brother Huai.”

He wasn’t polite. He directly unscrewed the cap of the bottle, raised his head, and drank half the bottle.

Shen Yuhuai stood beside him, and his eyes watched the boy’s action of drinking water. There were two drops of sweat on Chen Qizhao’s upright neck. This was very obvious on his fair skin. His skin tone wasn’t the same as before. It was a bit pink, red, and pink-red.

He lowered his eyes and noticed the change in Chen Qizhao’s throat. His Adam’s apple moved, and the sound of drinking water entered his ears.

Shen Yuhuai pursed his mouth slightly and gulped subconsciously.

He suddenly found that he was also a bit thirsty.

Chen Qizhao gulped the water, and his thirst was relieved by the water. Then he glanced to the side out of the corner of his eyes and noticed Shen Yuhuai’s gaze.

The other person’s gaze seemed to be on his face, but it also seemed to be somewhere else.

The two of them were separated by two steps. It didn’t seem that far.

Chen Qizhao was a bit distracted. He was just thinking this when he suddenly recalled the face in his dream, and the water went down incorrectly.

At this time, Chen Qizhao suddenly coughed and choked.

Shen Yuhuai’s mind returned. He took out a tissue and handed it to him. “Are you okay?”

Chen Qizhao blushed a bit. As he took the tissue, he accidentally caught Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

The other person’s hand was icy cold. It seemed to be colder than the mineral water. He quickly withdrew it, and the tissue fell to the ground in a fluttering manner.

Chen Qizhao looked at the tissue on the ground.

Shen Yuhuai looked at Chen Qizhao and seemed to have an illusion. He felt that Chen Qizhao’s face was redder than it was just now. He drew out another tissue. “Here.”

Chen Qizhao took the tissue and drank the remaining half a bottle of mineral water at once.

But even after drinking, he still felt thirsty. The bottle of mineral water was completely useless.

Shen Yuhuai took a bottle from the bag next to him. He had just opened it and taken a sip when he noticed the gaze from next to him. He paused slightly. “Do you still want to drink?

Still drinking?

Chen Qizhao instinctively looked at the bottle in Shen Yuhuai’s hand. Then he raised his eyes slightly, and his eyes fell on the other person’s lips.

This face was clearer than what he saw in the dream. Once the hazy, illusory feeling was removed, what remained was the sun near noon and the temperature that was gradually rising. The big trees of the exercise field created thick shade. Harsh sunlight fell, and there were mottled shadows. The voices of the students talking were separated by some distance.

Some details were refined little by little and became clearer.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes, the bridge of his nose… as well as his lips.

The lip color wasn’t dark, and the lips were thin. They seemed to purse when he wasn’t talking. It was a bit similar and a bit different.

Chen Qizhao didn’t look away, and he didn’t care about the bottle of water in Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

He suddenly discovered that this mouth, compared to the one in his dream… It seemed to be better to kiss.


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