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MGAG: Chapter 123

If Line - If Nothing Happens (2)

Then soon, that look moved away from him.

Chen Qizhao was thinking about how to take away Yan Kailin for a while when he heard Shen Yuhuai asking, “Drink water?”

“No need. We’ll leave when he comes out.” Chen Qizhao looked at the other person.

At this time, Yan Kailin finished his shower and came out of the bathroom. “I’m okay, Brother. Let’s go. I almost suffocated here. God knows, Shen Yuhuai…”

His words stopped as he saw Shen Yuhuai, who should be working overtime, standing in the living room. He stood upright in an obedient manner. “Brother Huai.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded slightly. He carried the bag that had been placed on the table and walked to the kitchen.

Yan Kailin panicked when he saw Shen Yuhuai. He was thinking about how to solve it. Chen Qizhao, who was sitting down, immediately took his hand. “Brother Shen, Kailin, and I will go to eat first.”

Shen Yuhuai turned around when he heard this voice. The people on the sofa or had taken a shower had disappeared. They didn’t even have time to close the door.


Qiming was a reservation-only restaurant, and reservations had to be made half a month in advance.

Unfortunately, the owner of Qiming was someone he knew.

Shen Yuhuai put down the water cup he was about to take a sip from, and his eyes dimmed slightly. Chen Qizhao was still the same as when he was a child. The way he lied hadn’t changed at all.

Yan Kailin followed Chen Qizhao into the car. He was stunned when he heard Chen Qizhao’s explanation. “Can it still be like this? Can we go out after eating? Will he believe that excuse?”

“It doesn’t matter if he believes it or not. Let’s just say we’re going to eat and then go back at around the right time.” Chen Qizhao lowered his head and played with his phone to send a message to Cheng Rong.

Yan Kailin felt this wasn’t appropriate. “But there will be the smell of alcohol when I drink. He will definitely find it when I go back!”

“Just say you’re staying at my place tonight.” Chen Qizhao glanced at Yan Kailin. “Why are you so cowardly?”

Besides, the Qiming Restaurant that he lied about was far away from Shen Yuhuai’s apartment. It was too far away to go back, so it was okay to go directly to his house. Nothing would happen if he stayed for one night. Besides, the Yan family and Chen family also had some contact.

Yan Kailin said, “Shen Yuhuai is very shrewd. It is even more so than my brother.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t look at the cowardly Yan Kailin. “If you are worried, send his VX account to me, and I will tell him. If you look like this, I’m worried you will be shaken whenever he asks you something. Leave it to me. We will drink all night tonight.”

Yan Kailin was afraid he would say the wrong thing and immediately sent the VX to Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao didn’t add it right away. He looked at the account sent by Yan Kailin, clicked on Shen Yuhuai’s profile picture to look at it, and then jumped away.

The two of them went all the way to the bar. After meeting with Cheng Rong, they drank until 10 o’clock in the evening.

Chen Qizhao realized that the time was almost up, so he applied to add Shen Yuhuai’s VX. It took around ten minutes for the other person to accept. The moment he received the notification that it was accepted, Chen Qizhao sent a message to Shen Yuhuai according to the originally prepared rhetoric.

After waiting for a while with no reply, he was about to turn off VX when a voice call popped up.

“F*k, be quiet,” Chen Qizhao said. The other people who were still drinking immediately stopped and turned off the KTV sound in the private room. “Hello?”

Shen Yuhuai paused after the call was connected. “Are you still in Qiming?”

“Yes, we’ll be leaving in a while,” Chen Qizhao said in a normal tone. “Kailin and I haven’t been together for a long time. He will stay at my house tonight to talk.”

Yan Kailin spoke next to him at the right time. “Brother Huai, we will go back.”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t answer immediately but laughed. “Okay.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t wait for the other party to hang up the phone. He always felt that there was something in Shen Yuhuai’s words.

He waited a while before Shen Yuhuai hung up the phone.

Yan Kailin’s excited voice immediately sounded in the private room. “F*k, this excuse really works!”

Shen Yuhuai actually believed it and didn’t come to him.

“The next time you come out to drink, just say you made a dinner appointment.”

“That’s it? Shen Yuhuai is too old-fashioned.”

Chen Qizhao looked down at the profile picture on the cat interface. He clicked on it and changed the nickname.

That day, the two of them went to Chen Qizhao’s house after drinking and slept until the sun was high. Yan Kailin hadn’t come to the Chen house for a long time and was kept by Zhang Yazhi for lunch. Shen Yuhuai didn’t really look for Yan Kailin, and this matter passed peacefully. Chen Qizhao just happened to have something to do in the next two days. So when he wanted to ask Yan Kailin out for a drink on a weekend, the excuse wouldn’t work.

[Yan Kailin: Shen Yuhuai’s heart is too cruel. He directly reported to my brother that I went out to eat.]

[Yan Kailin: My brother called me to ask who I was eating with and where.]

[Yan Kailin: In the end, I could only go to the city center with Cheng Rong for a meal.]

Chen Qizhao directly made a voice call. “Really?”

“Can I still lie to you?”

“Where are you now?”

“At home. Shen Yuhuai is resting these days. How can he not know when I’m not home?” Yan Kailin secretly glanced at the kitchen where Shen Yuhuai was bringing dishes out of the kitchen. “Stop talking. I have to eat.”

Yan Kailin hung up the voice call. Chen Qizhao was just walking downstairs when Zhang Yazhi came back from outside. She saw him go downstairs and asked, “Xiao Zhao, do you still plan to go out at night?”

Chen Qizhao paused. “…I’ll eat at home.”

Zhang Yazhi’s eyes brightened slightly. “It just so happens that your father and brother are also leaving work early today.”

Hearing the news, Chen Qizhao wanted to speak. Then he saw Zhang Yazhi hurriedly put down her bag and walk toward the kitchen. He scratched his head and felt a bit irritable in his heart. He simply sat in the living room playing games.

He played two games in a row. Then he didn’t want to play any longer and looked at his Moments.

He originally wanted to go to the bar with Yan Kailin today to play. Cheng Rong and Liu Kai had something at home and couldn’t go. Therefore, there was no one to have a drinking party with tonight.

He swiped on his phone and saw the dinner photo sent by Yan Kailin a few minutes ago. It was a simple three dishes and one soup, with two sets of bowls and chopsticks. He stopped, clicked on the photo, and looked at it. He found that Shen Yuhuai was good at cooking.

Shen Yuhuai’s appearance suddenly popped into his mind. He suddenly withdrew from his Moments. He found Shen Yuhuai’s VX that he added last time and clicked into his Moments to see.

Shen Yuhuai’s Moments was very monotonous. He either forwarded professional articles or posted photos of competitions.

“What? Why is there nothing?”

Chen Qizhao swiped down and found that this person’s Moments was terrifyingly monotonous.

Zhang Yazhi came over at this time. “What’s wrong?”

“I’m looking at the Moments.” Chen Qizhao suddenly asked, “Mom, do you know Shen Yuhuai? He is Shen Xuelan’s younger brother.”

“Yuhuai? I know him.” Zhang Yazhi patted him. “How are you talking? If you see him, then you should call him Brother. Yuhuai even came to our house when he was a child. It doesn’t matter at home, but you should know how to be polite when going out, understood?”

“Yes, I call him Brother Shen. Has he been to the house before?” Chen Qizhao didn’t have an impression. Maybe he came to a family gathering when he was a child.

Zhang Yazhi saw Chen Qizhao mention Shen Yuhuai, so she told him some things about Shen Yuhuai’s family. She also talked about Shen Yuhuai coming to stay at the house when he was a child. “You were close when you. Why not call him by his first name when you grow up? Yuhuai is only a few years older than you, right?”

“How much older? Isn’t he in graduate school?” Chen Qizhao wondered.

“He skipped some grades. He has a good academic performance and went out to study in middle or high school.”

Chen Qizhao listened to Zhang Yazhi talking about Shen Yuhuai’s glorious deeds but didn’t listen to all of it. This person was only a few years older. There wasn’t much of a generation gap right? But his Moments seemed comparable to Chen Shiming’s. Therefore, he lost interest in Shen Yuhuai’s Moments before he reached the end.

Zhang Yazhi found that the child wasn’t listening to her very much but wasn’t annoyed. She turned on the TV to watch it. “Your brother and father are estimated to arrive in half an hour. We will eat dinner later.”

“Oh.” Chen Qizhao grabbed his phone and took a photo of the TV, sending it to his Moments. The caption was so concise that it was only a period.

Many friends ran out to like it the moment it was sent.

Chen Qizhao ignored the notifications that popped up and clicked on his previous Moments to see if there were any ignored comments. Then when he scrolled to the end, he suddenly saw a familiar profile picture at the end of his list of likes.

He was stunned for a moment. He clicked on the profile picture and saw Shen Yuhuai’s personal information.

No”? When did Shen Yuhuai give him a like?

This person’s Moments was so old-fashioned, but he still looked at people’s Moments.

Chen Qizhao was a bit surprised.

There was a lot of likes information in his Moments, and he generally ignored it. He occasionally clicked into his Moments to see the comments and didn’t really pay attention to when Shen Yuhuai gave him a like.

He looked up again and found that Shen Yuhuai had liked several of his Moments.

Zhang Yazhi asked, “What’s wrong?”

“Nothing. This person is boring enough.”

Soon, there were voices outside the door. Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming came in one after the other.

Chen Qizhao’s movements stopped. He avoided the distant gazes and didn’t look at the two people at the door. Recently, he had just quarreled with Chen Shiming. When Chen Jianhong came back from a business trip and heard that he changed his major choice, Chen Jianhong didn’t say anything. He just said that it was Chen Qizhao’s future to consider himself. The two of them choked out a few words.

Chen Qizhao had been eating out these days because he didn’t want to face these two people.

Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong glanced at the people on the sofa. They noticed the look that Zhang Yazhi sent them and didn’t say anything to Chen Qizhao. In the past few days, their tone had become more serious. But in any case, Chen Qizhao had chosen his major and couldn’t change it. Zhang Yazhi also talked to them several times. This matter was almost over.

The atmosphere of the father and sons were dull, and no one spoke to anyone.

Zhang Yazhi was forced to have the kitchen serve the food.

The moment they sat down at the dinner table, Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming started talking about business again. Chen Qizhao listened in an irritated manner. He just wanted to say a few words when he saw a familiar profile picture appear under his latest Moments.

Shen Yuhuai gave a like to what he had just posted.

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He switched out directly to find Yan Kailin.

[Zhao: Did he give you a like as well?]

[Yan Kailin: ??? Huh?]

[Zhao: Shen Yuhuai.]

Chen Qizhao simply clicked into Yan Kailin’s Moments to take a look. He found that there were no familiar profile picture in the common likes of friends under Yan Kailin’s Moments.

[Yan Kailin: Did he give you a like? It was probably in passing.]

After a while—

[Yan Kailin: ??? Why did he even like the video of you drinking? Is he mocking us?]

Yan Kailin sent the message to Chen Qizhao and carefully looked at Shen Yuhuai.

After eating, he was in the living room playing games while Shen Yuhuai was on the balcony.

At this moment, Shen Yuhuai wasn’t taking care of the plants but looking at his phone.

[Yan Kailin: I feel like we are being targeted. My brother recently found things out so quickly. Could it be that Shen Yuhuai is staring at the Moments?]

Chen Qizhao just wanted to reply when he suddenly noticed the gaze next to him. Chen Shiming was looking at him.

Chen Qizhao: “?”

Chen Shiming just wanted to speak when he noticed Zhang Yazhi glaring at him in the distance. He swallowed down the words, ‘Don’t play with your phone while eating’ and changed his words, “The meal is going to be cold.”

The dinner table was a bit quieter. Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming no longer talked about work.

Chen Qizhao didn’t say anything. “I’ll eat later.”

[Zhao: No more talking. I’m eating.]

[Yan Kailin: Where are you drinking?]

Chen Qizhao stopped. He took a photo secretly with some awkwardness and sent it to Yan Kailin.

[Zhao: [Photo] Eating with my family.]

[Yan Kailin: Yes. Are Uncle and Aunt there?]

[Zhao: Chen Shiming is also here.]

Yan Kailin thought that he had asked about drinking. Why did his brother send him a photo? He thought his brother was trying to show off something, but he turned out to be eating with his family. It was good that Chen Qizhao hadn’t gone to drink alone without him.

He secretly glanced at Shen Yuhuai in the distance and replied quickly.

[Yan Kailin: Oh yes, I was just speaking about the likes…]


Chen Qizhao clicked into Shen Yuhuai’s Moments and immediately gave him ten likes in a row. After clicking, he felt it wasn’t enough and followed by giving him a bit more.

[Zhao: What are you afraid of?]

[Zhao: He likes it, so it is fine if I like it back.]


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