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MGAG: Chapter 122

If Line - If Nothing Happens (1)

If Line – If Nothing Happens (1)

The first time Chen Qizhao saw Shen Yuhuai when he grew up was at the reception party for the return of his old friend, Yan Kailin.

At that time, he and Chen Shiming had just finished quarreling because he insisted on choosing the computer major when filling in his major selection form. Chen Qizhao didn’t know where his stubborn temper came from, but when he heard Chen Shiming asking him to choose financial management for his future, he wasn’t in a good mood. He didn’t like finance at all. It was better to hold a computer than to learn that stuff. Chen Shiming said so much, but what did he know? Wasn’t it good to learn computers?

He wouldn’t go bald as a programmer.

“So you ended up filling in the computer major?” Cheng Rong toasted him.

“I chose it.” Chen Qizhao frowned. “I won’t listen to him.”

“Your brother is too strict with you. There is no need to worry about these things.” Liu Kai continued, “What school did you choose?”

“S College.” Chen Qizhao took another sip.

Cheng Rong said, “Huh? You chose one that is so close? Why don’t you go to B College? The computer major there is better. B College is a prestigious school. when you graduate, I can brag to others.”

“I won’t go to B College.”

Chen Qizhao said again, “It is almost the same as choosing S College.”

“This is close to home. Aren’t you afraid that your brother will control you?” Cheng Rong asked again.

Chen Qizhao paused when he heard it was close to home. Then he quickly argued, “If I go to B City, how can I have a chance to go out and play with you? What about Yan Kailin? The car that picked him up hasn’t come yet?”

Liu Kai looked at the messages on his phone. “It should be coming said. He said he is going to his brother’s friend’s place to drop off his luggage. He will arrive soon.”

The group of young people were drinking alcohol in a private room, and Yan Kailin soon came.

He hadn’t seen Yan Kailin for a long time. The little boy had grown up and was wearing wild earrings. The moment he entered the private room, he was poured a large glass of wine by others and didn’t even have time to say hello. He took a drink and said, “Hey, it isn’t that I am slow. I had to run out from under my brother’s nose, right? Before I returned to China, he specially explained…”

Yan Kailin had a strict brother and was suppressed tightly when he went out to drink.

“What a coward. Your brother is abroad. What is there to be afraid of?” Chen Qizhao sneered and poured wine for him. “Can he go back to China and arrest you?”

Yan Kailin smiled and clinked glasses with Chen Qizhao. “Aren’t I living inside a fence? Besides, what if my brother is unhappy with me and drives me back to my brother? I finally managed to return to China.”

“Who are you living with?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“Shen Yuhuai.” Yan Kailin took a sip of wine. “It’s okay. There will be nothing once I start school and move out of his house.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t have much of an impression of Shen Yuhuai’s name, but the people around him discussed it in whispers due to this name. They knew that Yan Kailin’s brother was still watching over him when he returned to China. If something was wrong, it was easy to pack up Yan Kailin and rush him back.

He didn’t care about this and didn’t listen. He just drank with Yan Kailin.

The two of them hadn’t seen each other for a long time. Yan Kailin ignored the others. He just gathered around Chen Qizhao and chattered about his experience abroad. He also talked about things when he was a child. Chen Qizhao was originally irritable in his heart because of the quarrel with Chen Shiming. Then after chatting with Yan Kailin for a while, his mood became much more relaxed. The people drinking at the wine table didn’t care about the consequences. The two of them just drank, and no one cared about Yan Kailin’s over ten calls that he received on his phone.

The two of them drank a bit too much, and they were a bit drunk in the end.

This was until there was a knock on the private room. Chen Qizhao briefly sobered up in the quiet atmosphere of the private room and raised his eyes to look at the person who walked in. The other person was wearing a black and white coat. When he stood in front of them, he was particularly tall. His eyes under his glasses were cold and distant.

Those eyes swept over the private room before finally looking at Chen Qizhao.

It wasn’t known if it was his illusion, but Chen Qizhao felt that the indifference in the other person’s eyes was swept away when looking at him, leaving him with a very familiar feeling. He had been drinking outside for a while, and it was the first time Chen Qizhao had been looked at like this. He felt strange and inexplicably uncomfortable.

Just as he was about to speak, another voice was heard beside him.

“F*k, Brother Huai, why are you here?” Yan Kailin stood up abruptly, blocking half of Chen Qizhao’s line of sight.

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze also fell on Yan Kailin.

Chen Qizhao paused for a moment. It turned out this person wasn’t looking at him. He was looking at Yan Kailin.

The private room was quiet. Even if the others didn’t deal with Shen Yuhuai usually, they had heard the reputation of the Shen family.

Shen Yuhuai wasn’t on the same path as them, but no one in the private room wanted to offend Shen Yuhuai.

Cheng Rong said, “Brother Huai, sit down. Hasn’t Kailin just returned to China? Our brothers wanted to celebrate with him.”

Liu Kai agreed. “Yes, we didn’t drink much.”

“Your brother called me and asked me to pick you up.” Shen Yuhuai took out his phone. The chat interface showed the chat record between him and Yan Kaiqi. “Go now or wait until you finish this game?”

Yan Kailin: “……”

Could he still drink? If he drank this, he didn’t know if his suitcase would be pushed to the airport tomorrow.

The others were about to speak. Then due to Shen Yuhuai’s presence and considering Yan Kailin’s situation, no one dared to stop him.

If they couldn’t drink today, they could drink another day. It wasn’t bad.

Chen Qizhao drank a bit too much. and his mind wasn’t clear. He took a few sips from the glass.

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze fell on him. He put away his phone, looked at Chen Qizhao, and asked, “Are you drunk?”

It took a while for Chen Qizhao to realize that this sentence was asking him. His brain was a bit unresponsive after drinking too much and he half-held the glass, “What do you mean?”

Shen Yuhuai asked again, “How long are you going to drink?”

Yan Kailin stood behind Shen Yuhuai and blinked wildly at the others. He tugged at the hem of Chen Qizhao’s clothes with his hand.

The people around them noticed Yan Kailin’s hint and came out to save the scene.

“We’ll be leaving soon.’

“That’s right. Linzai is going. He originally planned to go back now.”

Shen Yuhuai wondered, “Then we’re leaving?”

Yan Kailin immediately answered, “Let’s go right away.”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t move and kept looking at Chen Qizhao. “Then I’ll send you off.”

Cheng Rong said with a smile, “No, Brother Shen. We’ll leave immediately.”

Shen Yuhuai was still looking to this side, and Chen Qizhao was inexplicably a bit uncomfortable.

This direction might be looking at Yan Kailin, but he always felt that Shen Yuhuai was looking at him.

The welcome party dispersed inexplicably. The people present didn’t have the courage to let Shen Yuhuai send them back and sent Yan Kailin and Shen Yuhuai away like they were Buddhas. Chen Qizhao stood in the wind outside and mostly sobered up from the alcohol.

As the exhaust gradually disappeared, Chen Qizhao couldn’t help feeling that the eyes of Shen Yuhuai looking at him just now were a bit familiar. He paused for a while. Then he opened his phone and saw a pile of missed calls and text messages accumulated on it. Chen Shiming’s face full of embarrassment and anger instantly popped up in front of him.

Cheng Rong asked, “Change the place?”

“I won’t drink.” Chen Qizhao put away his phone and said, “Call me a car. I’m going back.”

It was an accident to meet Shen Yuhuai today. The chances of the two of them meeting in the future weren’t great. The familiar look was completely forgotten by him.

He never thought that he would meet Shen Yuhuai again within a few days.

Chen Qizhao felt that Yan Kailin’s bad luck of being caught might only happen once every ten times. However, he underestimated Yan Kailin. His degree of bad luck was extremely bad. If he was called to drink five times then he wouldn’t be able to go out three times. If he couldn’t go out, then Shen Yuhuai was at home.

He returned to China, but calling him to drink was harder than ascending to the sky.

He was unable to go out, and Chen Qizhao could only call him.

Yan Kailin asked, “Does your brother not care about you? Didn’t your brother often care about you before?”

“He cares, but it is useless for him to care about me.” Chen Qizhao frowned. “When can you come out?”

Yan Kailin said, “Tomorrow. I will definitely succeed tomorrow. I heard Shen Yuhuai making a call when I was eating. He will work overtime tomorrow. It is a good thing to work overtime. If he works overtime, then he can’t control me.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Shen Yuhuai worked in the Ninth Research Institute. In the end, he was a student, and his research progress followed the supervisor.

He would usually live in the dormitory of the research institute when working overtime, and Yan Kailin wouldn’t meet him.

Chen Qizhao was very disdainful of Yan Kailin’s cowardice. Yan Kailin called him to pick him up the next day. He still asked the driver to turn around and go to Yan Kailin’s current residence, but no one answered when he called Yan Kailin.

“You wait for me here. I’ll go up and find him,” Chen Qizhao told the driver.

He entered the apartment from the underground garage. After he went in, he happened to find that the door of the building was open. He took the elevator and found Room 1002. He pressed the doorbell and saw Yan Kailin open the door for him. He was in a hurry when opening the door. “Why did you come so early? I was just playing a game and just wanted to call you back.”

Chen Qizhao asked, “…Are you done playing?”

Yan Kailin simply threw his phone at this person. “I’m done. I’ll take a quick shower and go right away!”

Seeing that this person went to the bathroom, Chen Qizhao had to enter the apartment.

The apartment wasn’t too big. He could see the living room when he came in. From the decoration style of the apartment, it could be seen that the owner’s home was more simple. He took a pair of slippers to wear and made a phone call to Cheng Rong. Not long after sitting, he heard a sound in the bathroom.

Yan Kailin called out, “Brother, help me grab something. I forgot to take my underwear. I placed it on the bed.”

Chen Qizhao: “?”

“You went to the shower without underwear?”

Yan Kailin replied, “I was in a rush and forgot.”

Chen Qizhao had to go and get this person’s underwear. This was his first time in this apartment, and Yan Kailin took a shower in the main bathroom outside. The rooms were in the back. He walked in the direction, and when he twisted a doorknob, the door was unlocked. He pushed open the door and entered, only to become stunned.

The room was neat and tidy, with no frills.

In the distance, there was a long table and a bookshelf next to it. He was immediately attracted by the books on the shelves. There was a light mint smell in the room. The owner of the room should like to be clean. There was a small potted plant on the table which reminded him of the balcony full of flowers and plants that he saw in the living room.

“Brother!” Yan Kailin’s voice was heard.

Chen Qizhao looked around. Where was the underwear on the bed?

He went to the wrong room.

Chen Qizhao realized this problem and turned around to leave. He closed the door and finally found the other room on the side. He went in, picked up the underwear thrown on the bed, and handed it to Yan Kailin.

Chen Qizhao sat back down on the sofa and couldn’t help glancing at the room he had just strayed into.

This should be Shen Yuhuai’s room… He might look at people coldly, but his life was quite moody.

Chen Qizhao was playing with his phone to kill time. Suddenly, there was a sound at the door. The moment the fingerprint lock was heard, the black door opened in front of him.

Shen Yuhuai was carrying a supermarket bag in his hand, and the somewhat transparent bag was green.

The eyes of the two of them met. Shen Yuhuai looked a bit surprised, while Chen Qizhao instinctively avoided the other person’s gaze.

No, why was he afraid of Shen Yuhuai?

Chen Qizhao thought so. By the time he raised his head, Shen Yuhuai had already walked not far from him.

“Did you come to find Yan Kialin?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Chen Qizhao sat up straight. “…He is taking a shower.”

After speaking, he patched things up. “I came to find him to have a meal together.”

He talked about eating and not drinking. Shen Yuhuai couldn’t manage other people’s meals, right?

“Yes.” Shen Yuhuai put the bag on the table and asked casually, “What restaurant are you going to?”

Chen Qizhao said casually, “Qiming.”

Shen Yuhuai stared into his eyes, seemingly looking for something.

Chen Qizhao avoided his gaze. He didn’t say hello when drunk last time. The one he had the deepest impression of in the Shen family was Shen Xuelan, who had a bit of contact with his brother. After a few sentences, he didn’t feel that Shen Yuhuai was a scourge. Why was Yan Kailin so afraid of him?

Now this man stood in front of him. His legs were long and straight, and he looked tall.

Chen Qizhao’s attention couldn’t help stopping on this person’s legs. Then when he raised his eyes, he accidentally met the other person’s gaze and quickly averted his gaze.

Why did this man keep looking at him?


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