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MGAG: Chapter 120

Extra Two: Teenager’s Mind (2)

During the days spent in the Chen family, it seemed that something quietly became different.

There were more people in the original room and a few more storybooks at the large desk.

On this day, Shen Yuhuai came to the Chen house after school as usual. Chen Shiming and Shen Xuelan went to the tutor’s class. He greeted Zhang Yazhi and went to the study room he was very familiar with. Then as he turned into the corridor, he saw a small head popping out of the door of a room in the distance.

Shen Yuhuai stopped slightly, and his eyes focused on that head.

The little head poked out only a little bit before quickly retracting. A small clicking sound could be faintly heard. Shen Yuhuai stopped and didn’t move. However, he didn’t see the child running out, so he had to walk in that direction.

The door of the room wasn’t closed, leaving a gap.

Shen Yuhuai pushed open the door and saw that the child was straightening his back and doing his homework very seriously. It was as if the person hiding at the door just now wasn’t him.

“Brother is here!” Chen Qizhao put down his pen and ran over.

Shen Yuhuai closed the door. “Yes.”

The two of them went back to their places and started doing homework again.

Just halfway through writing, Shen Yuhuai noticed the other person’s gaze and knew what he wanted to do. “Do you have any questions?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao asked politely, “Brother, when you finish your homework, can you teach me?”

Shen Yuhuai wasn’t in a hurry to do his own test paper. He took out the draft book and said, “It’s okay. I’ll tell you now.”

It used to be a random page in an arithmetic book, and the difficulty of the questions was simple.

But this time, the arithmetic book had been mostly filled, and there were only a few questions that weren’t written. The difficulty had also gone up to a higher level. The improved questions weren’t ones done in Chen Qizhao’s year. Chen Qizhao really didn’t know how to do them. He took these empty questions and asked Shen Yuhuai.

Chen Qizhao listened very carefully. After Shen Yuhuai finished speaking, he could quickly write the answer according to the other person’s thoughts.

Shen Yuhuai saw that he had answered the question and said, “The second question is the same as this. Try to do it. If you can’t do it, I will teach you again.”

Chen Qizhao answered positively and buried his head to answer the question. He finished the question that Shen Yuhuai had just taught him and immediately went to answer the second question.

Shen Yuhuai saw that he was doing it seriously and returned his attention to his own paper. He answered a few questions before noticing that the child next to him was looking at him again.

Shen Yuhuai found that Chen Qizhao liked to look at people, but he didn’t make a sound when looking at people.

He was obviously quiet, but Shen Yuhuai was a bit uncomfortable. This was the first time he had contact with a child of this age. “What’s wrong?”

“You speak better than my brother,” Chen Qizhao said. “Every time I ask my brother a question, he explains it to me in ways I can’t understand. I haven’t learned the method used. It is also troublesome to find him for questions. He always has to finish his homework before teaching me… It takes all night, and I become sleepy.”

Shen Yuhuai asked, “You can ask other uncles and aunts.”

The Chen family had tutors at home, and these improvement questions that Chen Qizhao was asking obviously weren’t arranged by the school. They should be taught by the tutors.

If Chen Shiming had too much homework then Chen Qizhao could actually ask others.

The child directly skipped Child’s words and murmured, “But Brother is also very good. He used to bring me a small cake when he came back from school. Then I had a toothache later, and my mother didn’t let me eat it.”

Shen Yuhuai thought about Chen Shiming. He hadn’t expected Chen Shiming to bring cakes for the child to eat.

He always felt that Chen Shiming had a cold face. He could only talk to Shen Xuelan because he shared some interests with her. He said, “Brother Shiming has learned a lot and has more methods.”

Chen Qizhao nodded. “My brother is powerful.”

He finished speaking and sent another powerful card. “Brother Yuhuai is also powerful!”

Shen Yuhuai paused. “Answer the questions.”


Shen Yuhuai said again, “If you don’t understand, ask me again.”


The two of them did their homework quickly. Shen Yuhuai looked to the side and found that the child was still lying on the table and writing.

Chen Qizhao didn’t have much homework. He had already written a lot when he waited for Shen Yuhuai in the room.

As Shen Yuhuai was still answering questions, Chen Qizhao’s homework had already been completed. He had nothing else to do after finishing his homework, so he took a storybook and read through it. He ran out the door after finishing the storybook. Then he came back and brought Shen Yuhuai a few candies.

He had bad teeth recently, and the housekeeper uncle didn’t allow him to eat too much sugar. He only ate a few a day, so he kept two for himself and placed the rest on Shen Yuhuai’s paper.

Shen Yuhuai had a lot of homework and the child beside him was fine on his own. Therefore, he concentrated on answering the questions. During this period, the housekeeper uncle came in to deliver refreshments. He didn’t know why, but he felt that Uncle Zhang always stared at the candy in his hand. He finished two papers and was about to take a break. Then as he put the papers into his schoolbag, the child next to him came over.

“Brother, have you finished?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him and didn’t say that he hadn’t finished. “What’s wrong?”

Chen Qizhao pulled Shen Yuhuai’s sleeve and stubbornly held the storybook in one hand. “Then I’ll take Brother to play!”

Without saying where they were going, Shen Yuhuai was pulled by him to take a few steps forward. Then when they came to the door of the room, Chen Qizhao looked down at his hand. He held a storybook in one hand and was holding Shen Yuhuai in the other. He had no spare hand to open the door. He was about to speak when Shen Yuhuai took a step forward and opened the door for him.

Chen Qizhao happily led this person through the corridor and around several places. Finally, they came to the door of a room.

Shen Yuhuai followed him all the way. The child’s dinosaur slippers made a noise all the way while he held a storybook to his side. His furry head moved as he walked. Chen Qizhao’s hair color wasn’t that dark, and it looked soft. Shen Yuhuai couldn’t help being attracted by the little head. He thought of the scene where Chen Shiming rubbed Chen Qizhao’s head in the living room and thought about the feeling of rubbing it… It should be very comfortable.

The door opened, and inside was a cute child’s room.

“Brother, come in and play!” Chen Qizhao let go of his hand and ran in happily.

Shen Yuhuai observed the room. This should be Chen Qizhao’s room. He recognized the books on the low bookshelf. Chen Qizhao often took them with him these days. Shen Yuhuai had a good memory and had noted down the titles of the books that Chen Qizhao had brought with him.

After entering the room, Chen Qizhao asked him to sit down on the blanket.

Shen Yuhuai looked down and found that this small table should be for Chen Qizhao’s usual use. There were several arithmetic books on them. There was a study table next to it. Unlike the high table in the room just now, the desk was just right for Chen Qizhao.

As he was observing, Chen Qizhao had already brought over a lot of robots.

One by one, the robots were placed on the table. Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai after finishing the arrangement. This is called Little A, Little B..”

His name choice was very arbitrary. He directly labeled them ABCDE. Two of them were smart toys launched on the market, and they would move after pressing on them.

Shen Yuhuai looked at the toys he had long stopped playing with and didn’t know what to say for a while.

However, Chen Qizhao didn’t let the atmosphere in the room calm down. He talked patiently. He mentioned the robot cartoon he watched and said he wanted to be the doctor in the cartoon and create a super powerful robot.

“It takes a lot of learning to build a robot,” Shen Yuhuai said suddenly.

Chen Qizhao stopped and blinked at Shen Yuhuai. “What do I have to learn? I asked Mom to buy me a computer!”

“Computers alone aren’t enough,” Shen Yuhuai explained to him seriously. “You also have to study mathematics, physics, and English…”

Chen Qizhao had never heard so much. He watched the cartoon character typing on a computer and thought he only needed a computer to learn how to build robots. Why did he still have to learn so much? He frowned and asked, “Why do I have to learn so much?”

“It isn’t that easy to build a robot. You have to learn these things.”

Shen Yuhuai looked through the arithmetic book and found that there were several red crosses in them. “You must also learn mathematics well. Even if you don’t want to learn it, I heard the teacher saying that you need to learn algorithms to build robots.”

“I can do algorithms!” Chen Qizhao said proudly. “I can also multiply and divide! My classmates are still learning addition!”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t know how to explain it to him. “It isn’t this algorithm. It is a more difficult one. You haven’t learned it now. Once you grow up, you have to learn it. It is very difficult.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned. He hadn’t expected that he would have to learn so much. He noted down Shen Yuhuai’s words. “Then I will learn everything. I will tell Mom tomorrow.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “Mathematics should be learned well.”

Chen Qizhao ran over and grabbed a few robot books. “I will definitely study well.”

Shen Yuhuai: “……”

Chen Qizhao put down the book and asked, “My brother said he will help Dad when he grows up. Can I also help by building robots?”

“That is different. He is learning management and finance and also has to learn a lot,” Shen Yuhuai explained.

Chen Qizhao thought about it for a while. His entire face was almost wrinkled, and he quickly gave up. “Then I won’t help Dad. Brother is very powerful. He can do it alone.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded. He didn’t speak and kept looking down at Chen Qizhao’s arithmetic book.

Multiplication and division could be learned well, but he couldn’t do the more difficult question types.

Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai and asked curiously, “Brother, what do you want to do in the future?”

Shen Yuhuai paused and looked up to see the child’s shining eyes. “…I should want to study chemistry.”

“Brother, you can do it,” Chen Qizhao said with a smile. “You are very powerful. You must be able to do so.”

Shen Yuhuai had never been praised like this. Chen Qizhao praised him every time, and it made him a bit embarrassed. “But it is difficult.”

“Mathematics is also difficult. I will definitely learn it well,” Chen Qizhao said. “Brother is better than me. You can do it!”

Shen Yuhuai’s ears turned slightly red. “Then I will learn it.’

Chen Qizhao told him, “I will learn it too.”

Shen Yuhuai’s book was still in the room over there. The two of them encouraged each other so hard, and both wanted to study hard to achieve their goals. Seeing that Chen Qizhao had opened the arithmetic book and started writing, Shen Yuhuai was about to go back to get the papers. Then Chen Qizhao turned to look at him. “Brother, aren’t you studying with me?”

“My papers are over in the room,” Shen Yuhuai said. “I’ll go and grab them.”

Chen Qizhao immediately stood up. “I’ll go and get it for you.”

Then he put on his little slippers and ran out on his little short legs.

Hearing the sound of the slippers getting further and further away, Shen Yuhuai had to sit down. He looked through Chen Qizhao’s arithmetic book and found that this child had learned a lot. Some of the topics beyond the outline were done very well. He finished reading the pages of questions with more red crosses, but Chen Qizhao hadn’t come back from getting his bag. He was about to go out to take a look when he heard the sound of slippers.

He looked at the door and found that the child was carrying his schoolbag. Chen Qizhao wasn’t walking as fast as before. He was struggling to lift the bag with his hands as he walked.

Shen Yuhuai went over to help and picked up the bag.

Chen Qizhao’s hand retracted from the shoulder straps. “Your bag is so heavy.”

“If you couldn’t move it then you could’ve called me,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Chen Qizhao said seriously, “I can carry it.”

After speaking, he wanted to grab Shen Yuhuai’s schoolbag as if to prove himself.

Shen Yuhuai was amused by his actions and told him, “If your back is too heavy, you won’t become taller.”

Chen Qizhao stopped. “Then Brother, you won’t become taller in the future?”

Shen Yuhuai: “……”

He suddenly didn’t know how to answer.

The two of them studied in the room for a while before it was time to eat. Shen Yuhuai left after eating.

It was like this day after day. But when he left today, Shen Yuhuai found that the child stood beside Aunt Zhang until he got into the car. The child was still standing there and watching.

“Yuhuai?” Shen Xuelan noticed that her younger brother was looking out the window. “Did something fall out?”

The car started, and the scenery on both sides moved.

Shen Yuhuai looked slightly sideways, but he couldn’t see the child after the car drove away.

After that day, his relationship with Chen Qizhao inexplicably became very good.

Later when he went to the Chen house, the place where they studied inexplicably changed places. It was from the original room to Chen Qizhao’s room. Chen Qizhao always liked to pull him to the room or take him to the garden to play when they were resting.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t feel much at first. Since he went out with the child, he didn’t do as many papers as before, but when he was relaxing outside, his mind was empty. He didn’t need to think about too many things. Chen Qizhao wasn’t as trouble-making as other children. He had a sense of proportion. He always tried to refrain from disturbing Shen Yuhuai when he was studying.

The small table in the room was just right for two. Shen Yuhuai was sitting here, and Chen Qizhao was on the other side.

There was no eraser, nor did he deliberately turn over the page loudly. Then in the end, Chen Qizhao would push the arithmetic book over and lower his voice to ask questions.

After staying in the Chen family’s house for so long, the sense of distance when he first came to the Chen family was gone.

Perhaps it was due to Chen Qizhao, but he became more familiar with the layout of the Chen house than Shen Xuelan. He knew that there was a puppy in the deep part of the garden and also knew many types of plants. The aunt who managed the garden taught him to recognize flowers and plants and gave him a small potted plant. It was much more vivid than the one in picture books. Shen Yuhuai liked these and wanted to raise a few for himself in the future.

The time they went to the Chen house every day was actually around five hours. Shen Yuhuai left class a bit earlier than his sister. After class, he would study in the class. Then he would go out to take the car around the same time together and go to the Chen house.

Today, he finished class. All the students in his class left. He had finished writing half a paper when he heard a noise outside the classroom door. He thought that the teacher was checking the situation in the classroom after work. Then he saw a round head popping out from the location of the main door and looked inside.

Shen Yuhuai was stunned for a moment.

The little child saw him and ran inside. He was carrying a schoolbag behind him. The books in his backpack seemed to rattle when he ran and he suddenly arrived at Shen Yuhuai’s side.

“Why are you here?” Shen Yuhuai looked up and saw Uncle Zhang, the housekeeper, standing outside the door with an apologetic smile.

Chen Qizhao stood up straight with a smile on his face. His two little tiger teeth were exposed. “School is over. I will leave school with Brother.”

“Brother, is school finished?”

Shen Yuhuai paused. Then for some reason, he reached out and rubbed the child’s head.

It was soft to the touch and a bit more comfortable than imagined.

He found that he didn’t hate children. At the very least, he liked Chen Qizhao.

He liked Chen Qizhao and didn’t hate being with him.

Shen Yuhuai put away the paper and said, “School is over. Let’s go.”


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