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MGAG: Chapter 12

It was true that they had met again, or they hadn’t met much at all. Shen Yuhuai’s clothing was always different when they met. For example, he wasn’t wearing glasses today.

Shen Yuhuai’s clothing was very casual and there was a suitcase next to him.

Compared with the dim bar at night or the background of the video chat, Shen Yuhuai who wasn’t wearing glasses had more obvious facial features. He had a fair complexion, handsome features and even his smile seemed to be within the standard range.

People who didn’t know Shen Yuhuai would feel that this person was humble and courteous. It was really easy to have a good impression of him.

Then once they got to know Shen Yuhuai, they would find that there was refusal and alienation behind the politeness.

Shen Yuhuai’s personality was cold.

The bedroom door on the opposite side wasn’t open. Shen Yuhuai seemed to be waiting there.

Chen Qizhao didn’t let the silence last too long. He adjusted his tone and appropriately found a topic. “The weather is hot. Do you want to come in and sit with the air conditioner?”

Yet the moment he opened his mouth, a series of complaints came from the corridor not far away.

“I’m exhausted. It is too easy for the elevator in this building to break.” Yan Kailin breathlessly pulled the suitcase along the corridor. Then he looked up and greeted Chen Qizhao warmly. “Brother!”

“Did you get the dormitory key?” Shen Yuhuai took the suitcase. “Did you finish moving the luggage?”

“Yes, it is just these two.” Yan Kailin wiped his sweat and took out the key card to open the door. “The rest will be bought later.”

Chen Qizhao’s gaze shifted slightly to the side and landed on Yan Kailin.

He suddenly remembered Yan Kailin telling him a few days ago that he used his connections to choose the dormitory next to his.

Shen Yuhuai pushed the suitcase in and Yan Kailin leaned over to talk to Chen Qizhao. “Brother, why didn’t you answer me when I asked you out for a meal last week? It was the same this morning as well. I thought you were only coming to school in the afternoon.”

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on his hand before he sharply asked. “Do you have no hands?”

Yan Kailin sweated profusely. “Huh?”

Chen Qizhao’s tone didn’t have any ups and downs. “The luggage can’t be carried by yourself?”

Yan Kailin: “……”

He moved it himself! He moved all three suitcases alone!

Yan Kailin had deliberately woken up early in the morning to carry his luggage. Unfortunately, the car he called was blocked outside the school and couldn’t drive in. He had to tirelessly carry the luggage by himself. Once he entered the school, he got lost and finally had to ask Shen Yuhuai for help. The Ninth Research Institute wasn’t far from S University. It happened to be the noon break. Shen Yuhuai was in S University’s library and stopped by to take him.

He had never suffered such grievances in his life. He was stuck in a traffic jam and had to work tirelessly to carry his luggage.

Before he could catch his breath, he had to go to the bedroom to unpack his bags.

He was starving by the time he finished unpacking his luggage.

“I have to find something to eat first. Brother, have you had lunch yet?” Yan Kailin asked.

Chen Qizhao answered, “Not yet.”

Yan Kailin suggested, “Let’s go together. Brother Huai, you are very familiar with S College. Take us to eat something delicious.”

Shen Yuhuai was originally looking at his phone, but after hearing this, he glanced at Yan Kailin, as if to confirm the other person’s words. Finally, he took the two of them to a small restaurant in S College.

It was the first day of the freshmen admissions and the cafeterias were overcrowded. This small restaurant was in a slightly remote corner of the school had a rare vacant seat. The menu was plentiful. The only fly in the ointment was that this was a Chinese restaurant with no drinks in the restaurant, only a variety of soups.

“I’m going to buy milk tea. What do you want to drink?” Yan Kailin ordered the dishes and got up.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t drink it and Chen Qizhao told him to buy it casually.

Soon, only Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao were left at the table.

Chen Qizhao had never been in contact with Shen Yuhuai during this period. He only knew Shen Yuhuai several years later. At that time, Shen Yuhuai was much more mature and colder than he was now and the two of them knew each other for their own reasons. For the current Shen Yuhuai, he was at most an ordinary junior.

He couldn’t even find a topic and only the greetings were left.

The restaurant was still the old-fashioned handwritten order, unlike the QR code ordering that had become prevalent in the later years.

Chen Qizhao wrote down the dishes he and Yan Kailin had ordered and looked up at Shen Yuhuai. “Brother Huai, what do you want to eat?”

Shen Yuhuai heard the words and mentioned the name of a dish.

Chen Qizhao wrote down the name of the dish. The moment he finished writing, he glanced at the sticker on the menu and asked in passing, “ No green onions?”

Shen Yuhuai heard the words.

Chen Qizhao suddenly realized that he said something wrong. He knew some of Shen Yuhuai’s taste. Later when the two of them had meals together, he always noted there were no green onions in some dishes. “I ordered the same as you but the sticker says that there are a lot of green onions added. I don’t eat it so I wanted to ask you if you eat it.”

Shen Yuhuai replied, “No.”

Chen Qizhao responded positively and made a note on Shen Yuhuai’s dish.

His expression didn’t change but his fingers covered it slightly as he crossed out his original dish and added ‘x2’ after Shen Yuhuai’s dish.

He finished writing it and took the menu to the front desk.

Shen Yuhuai sat in the window position and glanced at Chen Qizhao not far away.

The weather was really hot. The air conditioner in the restaurant wasn’t too cool because a large number of people were entering and leaving.

Even so, Chen Qizhao was still wearing a coat.

The main color of the coat was khaki with blue and white stripes on both arms. It made Chen Qizhao look younger when combined with his white complexion. In addition, he wore a hat and had soft hair. From a distance, he looked like a well-behaved child at the front desk. This was the opposite of Yan Kailin, who was easy to shock and jumpy.

He was quiet, well-behaved and didn’t speak loudly.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stayed on Chen Qizhao for a moment. Then he retracted it in advance when the other person turned around.

Chen Qizhao came back after ordering. Before he could find a topic to resolve the embarrassment, the always silent Shen Yuhuai took the initiative to open his mouth.

“Is your arm injury healed?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“It is okay.” Chen Qizhao pulled out a chair and sat down. He didn’t say much and generously pulled up the sleeve of his coat to show up.

It had been more than a month and the wound on his arm had long been removed, leaving only a scar. Zhang Yazhi couldn’t look at this scar for a long time. Every day, she held the scar cream she brought back from abroad and asked him to apply it. After removing the bandage, the scar was still a bit big. He wasn’t prone to sweating so he simply wore a coat to cover it.

Chen Qizhao’s hand was very white and the blood vessels on the back of his hand were clearly visible.

There wasn’t much sweat on his arm. Thin muscles covered the bony arm and the only fly in the ointment was the knife mark that spanned most of the arm. It was still as shocking as when it was stabbed.

Shen Yuhuai remembered that when he met Chen Qizhao at the hospital, this young man was fearless and didn’t even react to the blood dripping on the floor until he reminded the young man.

At that time, the two of them hadn’t known each other and Chen Qizhao might not remember him.

Chen Qizhao was wondering why Shen Yuhuai suddenly asked about his arm when he heard the ringing of the phone in his pocket. He grabbed it and looked at it. He found that it was Special Assistant Xu who called and his attention was instantly diverted. He thought there was a problem with the project of Ruizhen Electronics.

“Second Young Master.” Special Assistant Xu’s voice was a bit tentative. “Are you still in school?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao’s gaze paused on Shen Yuhuai for a moment, who nodded slightly to indicate that it was okay. He continued to ask, “Is there something wrong with the project?”

“No.” Special Assistant Xu glanced at his boss sitting in the back seat. “Have you eaten lunch yet?”

Chen Qizhao found it strange. “Speak directly if you have something to say.”

Special Assistant Xu sorted out his wording. “The boss happens to be near you. He asked if we needed to pick you up for a meal.”

Chen Qizhao found it even stranger. “Is there anything wrong with him?”

Special Assistant Xu looked at his boss. “It is nothing.”

They happened to finish talking about work nearby. The boss received a call from Ms Zhang Yazhi so he turned around and picked up this person near S College for dinner.

“No,” Chen Qizhao said. “It’s fine. Then I’ll hang up.”

Special Assistant Xu wanted to persuade him with a few sentences but there was only a long beep from the other end of the phone.

Chen Shiming asked in a normal tone from the back seat, “What did he say?”

Special Assistant Xu thought for a moment before saying euphemistically, “Second Young Master said he is eating with his roommates and we don’t have to go over.”

Chen Shiming’s expression didn’t change much but he was obviously a bit dissatisfied. “He is staying in a single person dormitory. Where are his roommates?”

“Maybe it is the roommate next door?”

Then the two brothers could clearly ask each other with a phone call. Why should they embarrass him, an employee?!

Not long after Chen Qizhao hung up on the phone, Yan Kailin returned from buying milk tea.

“There are too many people at this school, right? I had to queue for so long to buy milk tea.” Yan Kailin handed the milk tea to Chen Qizhao. Then once the dishes came over, the three of them started to eat.

Yan Kailin was probably really hungry so he was rarely quiet when eating.

Once it was almost finished, Shen Yuhuai got up and went to the bathroom. Yan Kailin told Chen Qizhao, “Brother, I have asked and there are two big bars near S College. They feel good so once the time comes, let’s go take a look.”

Chen Qizhao had only eaten half his meal. “Didn’t you get caught by your brother two weeks ago?”

“What is there to be afraid of? I am staying at school and Shen Yuhuai won’t know if I go home at night or not. How can my brother get the news?” Yan Kailin was smug when he saw Shen Yuhuai’s absence. He felt too uncomfortable with Shen Yuhuai and had to be careful with his words. Even his Brother Zhao didn’t speak much when they had a meal together.

He added, “It won’t be easy to organize a drinking party when the time comes. Of course, I can’t send it to my Moments. There are too many people who know my brother.”

Chen Qizhao listened to Yan Kailin’s words while reading Qin Xingfeng’s message on his phone.

The other person couldn’t hold back and couldn’t wait to take the bait.

His gaze briefly skimmed over the contents of the message. His slightly long fingernails tapped on Qin Xingfeng’s avatar and his eyes darkened a bit.

Yan Kailin was still asking him questions. “Brother? Are you not interested?”

“Okay.” Chen Qizhao retracted his gaze and his tone became very frivolous. “My family has a racetrack in the suburbs. Do you want to go over to play?”

Yan Kailin’s expression was excited. “Okay!”

Meanwhile, the front desk of the restaurant.

Shen Yuhuai hadn’t gone far. He went to the front desk to pay the bill. During this period, he looked at the two people sitting with their backs to him out of the corner of his eyes.

The waiter quickly brought the order sheet. “Hello, it is a total of 125 yuan.”

Shen Yuhuai was nodding when he saw the handwriting on the order sheet.

Chen Qizhao’s handwriting was good-looking. Contrary to his appearance, the characters were flowing and atmospheric. He should’ve deliberately practiced it.

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze paused on the handwriting for a moment. Then he noticed the ‘Coke chicken wing rice bowl’ that had been crossed out in the middle and the scrawled number after the dish with no green onions.

The handwriting before and after was different, as if the writer’s mentality was different.

The waiter asked, “Hello? Do you want to pay with the campus card or cash?”

Shen Yuhuai narrowed his eyes and said in a natural tone, “Cash.”


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