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MGAG: Chapter 118

Extra One: Cohabitation (6)

[Yan Kailin: My brother didn’t call last night. It seems that Shen Yuhuai really didn’t file a complaint.]

[Liu Kai: It is right to change venues. The bar over on Longhua isn’t safe. Go to my place next time.]

[Cheng Rong: Qin Yunxuan didn’t follow at all in the second half. Sure enough, every time he came to the drinking party was for Xiao Zhou.]

[Yan Kailin: That scumbag. How many boyfriends has he changed in two months? Wanting to get my brother? No way.]

[Liu Kai: Don’t call him next time. He kept on squeezing in front of Xiao Zhao last night.]

[Cheng Rong: F*k, I didn’t call him. I organized a party, and then he came with that kid Fang Yu. I will talk to Fang Yu next time.]

The group of people chatted about the follow-up to last night’s drinking party. It was only after chatting that they realized the other protagonist in the group didn’t speak.

[Yan Kailin: @Chen Qizhao are you in class? Is Brother Huai angry?]

[Chen Qizhao: ……]

As Chen Qizhao opened his eyes, his entire body was about to fall apart, and he didn’t want to move. He only remembered that Shen Yuhuai had a conversation with him before he left in the morning. Shen Yuhuai said he helped ask for leave for Chen Qizhao, and then there was no further conversation.

He slept until 11 o’clock.

In addition to the messages in the group, the rest of the VX were messages from Shen Yuhuai once in a while, asking him if he had woken up yet. He also told Chen Qizhao that there was breakfast prepared in the kitchen.

Chen Qizhao didn’t want to reply to Shen Yuhuai’s messages for some reason. He told Shen Yuhuai several times last night that he couldn’t do it any more, but every time, he was always touched and caught up in the fire. He was tossed so much that he couldn’t get up.

In retrospect, it was a bit shameful.

As a result of the all-night indulgence, he couldn’t go to his morning classes.

His phone was full of chat messages from the people who drank last night, especially Yan Kailin. Last night, he didn’t have the courage not to leave and changed venues with Cheng Rong and the others to play. As a result, no one went to find him even when it was 2 o’clock, and was very proud because of this.

Chen Qizhao appeared in the group. Then he got up and went to the bathroom to wash up. He went to the kitchen in loose pajamas. Next to the thermos pot on the stove was a post-it note left by Shen Yuhuai. He seemed worried that the porridge would be cold and left the heating steps for him. He stuck it to the soup pot.

Chen Qizhao tested the temperature and found it was okay. Then he poured himself a bowl and ate it.

The meat inside had been boiled and tasted just right.

He wasn’t too hungry when he woke up in the morning and was full after drinking a bowl. He was about to go to the refrigerator to get a bottle to drink, but he froze when he opened it.

Shen Yuhuai’s refrigerator was basically full of ingredients. Drinks such as mineral water, orange juice, milk, coffee, and other drinks were placed next to it. Even carbonated soda was added after Chen Qizhao came to live here… Now the place where the mineral water was occasionally placed had been vacated by half a row, and the beer he often drank was placed there.

There were lots of types of beer on the market. Shen Yuhuai didn’t buy others. He just bought one brand, and it was the one he liked to drink.

Chen Qizhao’s hand stayed over the beer for a while and finally didn’t take it. He was about to close the refrigerator door when he heard a prompt for a successful fingerprint recognition at the door. Then he saw Shen Yuhuai coming in with something.

Chen Qizhao paused. “Why did you come back?”

“You didn’t reply to my messages, So I came back to take a look.” Shen Yuhuai changed his shoes and came in. He noticed the empty porridge bowl on the dining table. “Did you just have breakfast?”

Chen Qizhao happened to be standing in the kitchen. “I just got up and didn’t look at my phone.”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “Then I’ll cook later and make something light at noon.”

After he finished speaking, he went to open the refrigerator and put the things he brought back into the refrigerator.

Chen Qizhao leaned on the side, hesitated for a moment, and said, “There is beer in the refrigerator.”

“Yes, but you had better not drink it now.”

Chen Qizhao couldn’t help asking, “How do you know I like this brand?”

“I saw it in the refrigerator when I went to your house before.” Shen Yuhuai put the things away and closed the refrigerator door. “If you want to drink, then drink at home in the future. But don’t drink too much. Alcohol isn’t a good thing.”

“Oh,” Chen Qizhao replied. “I don’t drink much. I just drink a little bit.”

“I won’t drink today.”

Shen Yuhuai smiled when he heard this. “That’s good.”

“Aren’t you going to work in the afternoon?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“I took a leave of absence.” Shen Yuhuai’s eyes stopped on him, and he said, “Tell me if you are uncomfortable.”

Chen Qizhao: “……”

He didn’t want to talk any longer.

Both of them asked for leave. Chen Qizhao wasn’t hungry, so Shen Yuhuai wasn’t in a hurry to cook. He went to the bedroom first.

The living room had already been tidied up. Chen Qizhao habitually wanted to sit down when he arrived at the living room. Then he glanced at the sofa and made a detour. He walked to the other side and sat down.

After turning on the TV, Chen Qizhao casually found a movie to watch. His eyes couldn’t help sweeping over the cabinet under the coffee table. He couldn’t resist his curiosity and opened it. Then he saw the black plastic bag inside.

By the time Shen Yuhuai came out with his laptop, he saw Chen Qizhao sitting on the sofa obediently. Except for the redness of his ears, there was nothing else abnormal. He was worried that Chen Qizhao had a fever, so he walked over and tested it before he could feel relieved.

“You haven’t eaten lunch yet. Do you want to make something first?” Chen Qizhao looked at him.

Shen Yuhuai said, “You still have some porridge left. I just ate it.”

It was estimated that there were a lot of things going on at the research institute. The two of them sat on the sofa. Shen Yuhuai’s laptop was opened to something that Chen Qizhao couldn’t understand. There was a chat box opened next to it. The person on the other side should be Shen Yuhuai’s colleague. The chat content was all about experiments. Shen Yuhuai didn’t hide anything and let Chen Qizhao look at his computer.

However, Chen Qizhao didn’t have much interest in this. He was bored with the movie on the TV. He was about to close it when he noticed a familiar actor’s name. He clicked in and continued to watch.

Shen Yuhuai finished his work and saw that the man on the TV looked familiar. He soon remembered who this person was. It was Nie Chenxiao, the unknown actor that Chen Qizhao had praised before.

Right now, Nie Chenxiao’s status in the entertainment circle wasn’t the same as it was before. This year, his luck was very good. Several big productions looked for him, and even the few online dramas to be aired that he filmed before he became popular took advantage of this trend to explode. What Chen Qizhao was watching now was Nie Chenxiao’s small online drama that was filmed two years ago.

Shen Yuhuai glanced at it slightly and noticed that Chen Qizhao was watching seriously.

After watching it for around ten minutes, Chen Qizhao turned off the drama and went to the search bar to search for the names of several actors. Shen Yuhuai didn’t move. He just watched Chen Qizhao operate the Internet TV to search. Most of them were male actors.

Chen Qizhao looked at it seriously. It was mainly because he wanted to understand the entertainment industry. There were several entertainment companies in the east district for the Chen Group. There might be a special management team on the entertainment company’s side, but the Chen Group didn’t start out in the entertainment industry after all. There were several domestic entertainment giants. If the Chen Group wanted to make a name for themselves, they needed signed artists and popular works.

Previously, Chen Qizhao took advantage of Nie Chenxiao and other people to cooperate and sign him before he became popular. However, his understanding of those people was relatively one-sided. He wanted to see what dramas they had. The company could cooperate with them in a win-win manner if there were the right resources.

It was just that as he was watching the TV series, Shen Yuhuai kept touching him.

When not typing, Shen Yuhuai would use one hand on the touchpad of the notebook. Then his free hand pinched Chen Qizhao’s hand, starting from his fingertips. The strength was still light as he pinched Chen Qizhao’s nails and then his bone joints, climbing up little by little. When Chen Qizhao took the initiative to touch him, Shen Yuhuai’s movements slowed down.

Chen Qizhao watched TV, and Shen Yuhuai played with his hands.

When Chen Qizhao went over and touched him, Shen Yuhuai relaxed his hand and let him play.

They went back and forth like this. Chen Qizhao didn’t have the heart to watch dramas any longer. He relaxed his hand and didn’t want to move. He wanted to see what Shen Yuhuai would do next…

Then Shen Yuhuai bit his knuckles.

Once the slightly bent knuckles were bitten by the other person, he could feel the heat of Shen Yuhuai’s mouth. The heat that sprayed on the back of his hand easily made him think of other things. Chen Qizhao recalled the absurd and excessive nightlife last night and became a bit angry. He turned his head toward the other person.

Shen Yuhuai’s laptop was still on his lap as he kissed Chen Qizhao.

In the not-so-quiet living room, the sound of the TV fluctuated. The remote control had fallen onto the carpet of the living room.

The moment Chen Qizhao’s hand pressed on Shen Yuhuai’s leg, Shen Yuhuai threw the laptop that was in the way to the side and pressed against this person to kiss him.

Shen Yuhuai liked to kiss Chen Qizhao’s earlobe. Every time they kissed, Shen Yuhuai would always kiss his face and the corner of his eyes before biting his earlobe. Chen Qizhao thought that he wasn’t very sensitive, but every time the hot air was breathed out behind his ear, he became completely numb.

Shen Yuhuai also discovered this. So every time they kissed, he would always naturally go there.

When kissing, some things got out of control.

But today, the kissing came to an abrupt end before the fire grew stronger.

Chen Qizhao wasn’t very satisfied. He leaned over to continue kissing, and Shen Yuhuai satisfied him. Then Shen Yuhuai stopped after kissing for a while.

There was a lively background noise in the living room. A martial arts drama was being played on the TV.

Chen Qizhao had the illusion that he was stopped inexplicably while halfway there.

“Change the TV series?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Chen Qizhao asked, “What do you want to watch?”

“A romance movie?”

“I’ll look for it.” Chen Qizhao immediately withdrew and started the search.

Shen Yuhuai watched as the disturbing screen of martial arts recruitment faded away. His boyfriend looked very serious about finding a romance movie in the movie column. Then he went to reply to the messages that had been reminding him for a long time.

In the afternoon, he had asked for leave, and the experiment wasn’t completed. The job of proofreading the data fell to him.

Places that his colleagues weren’t sure about would also be sent to him.

He typed back a message while Chen Qizhao had already found a romance movie.

The light outside had dimmed. The weather had been overcast since this morning, and the weather forecast said it might rain. It hadn’t rained all morning. After accumulating until now, there was suddenly the feeling of black clouds overwhelming the city. At this time, it was already past 2 o’clock in the afternoon. The dark sky made the living room dark, and it vaguely developed the atmosphere of watching a movie.

The movie had been played, and the male and female protagonists were saying lines.

Chen Qizhao glanced at Shen Yuhuai for a moment. His glasses reflected the light of the computer screen, and he was concentrating on work. He saw it and couldn’t help kissing Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai said, “After this…”

Chen Qizhao ignored him and directly blocked his mouth.

In the lounge of the research institute, Liu Sui was waiting for Shen Yuhuai’s reply to copy his data. After a while, several messages popped up in the chat box.

[Shen Yuhuai: ajdalkdhaashda]

[Shen Yuhuai: xczl]


The dumbfounded Liu Sui: “???”

What type of data was this? He knew every letter, but he couldn’t understand it when it was strung together.

“Liu Sui, did Yuhuai send it to you?” His colleague asked.

Liu Sui sat upright and showed his computer to his colleague. “I suspect that he sent me a string of encrypted passwords.”

He had just turned it around when another one popped up on the computer.

[Shen Yuhuai: qdadw24666]

The colleague: “?”

What was this? Were they making materials or doing computer work?!

His colleague asked, “Did he send it incorrectly?”

Liu Sui sent a message and waited for two minutes. “F*k, he won’t reply to me.”

Shen Yuhuai didn’t have time to care about the things on his laptop. He closed the computer in the chaos, threw the laptop aside, and kissed Chen Qizhao’s face delicately.

Watching a movie at home was completely different from watching a movie in the theater.

The rumble of thunder fell, and the sound of rain pattered against the windows.

Chen Qizhao felt differently about rainy days. Every time it rained, it would always bring back some past memories. However, today, his mind wasn’t in the mood to think about other things. His heart was peaceful as if everything had happened a long, long time ago, and he didn’t need to recall it any more.

Yesterday, it went a bit too far. Today, it was impossible for them to do it again.

It was just that once the fire was raised, they could only use another way to extinguish the fire.

The laptop that got in the way was gone. Chen Qizhao sat straddling Shen Yuhuai and lowered his head to kiss the other person. The two of them took off their clothes while kissing. The small sound was drowned out by the sound of rain and the movie. The sound of the falling rain intertwined with the dripping of water in the bathroom of the master bedroom.


In the end, Chen Qizhao sat on the sofa, wrapped in a bathrobe after taking a shower. The movie was still playing, but he couldn’t even think of the names of the male and female protagonists. He was eroded by exhaustion and sleepiness. He shook his head as he watched and simply fell asleep on Shen Yuhuai’s lap.

Shen Yuhuai had just come out of the cold shower, but the heat of his body couldn’t be dissipated. The fire that had been stirred up wasn’t completely suppressed. However, the person who fell asleep on his lap wasn’t honest. His soft hair rubbed against Shen Yuhuai’s pajamas. The man curled up, hand still on Shen Yuhuai’s leg, and his head full of hair was moving.

“Qizhao?” Shen Yuhuai called out.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes were covered by messy hair. His breathing was steady, and didn’t respond to Shen Yuhuai.

Forget continuing to deal with work. Shen Yuhuai found it difficult just sitting on the sofa.

Meanwhile, the culprit was completely unaware and slept comfortably.


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