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MGAG: Chapter 115

Extra One: Cohabitation (3)

The pain of not being able to sleep was constant, especially since there was the sound of steady and continuous breathing close to the back of his body. Every minute and second was torture for Chen Qizhao, but this torture finally lost to sleepiness. Chen Qizhao didn’t know how long he dragged it out, but by the time he woke up the next day, it was already more than 10 o’clock.

[Shen Yuhuai: I didn’t wake you up in the morning. Porridge is in the thermos.]

[Shen Yuhuai: I changed the water in the balcony watering can.]

Chen Qizhao replied sleepily that he had no class this morning, but Shen Yuhuai had to go to work today.

The routines of the two people were said to be synchronized but weren’t too synchronized.

Chen Qizhao got up slowly. He washed up and went to the living room to find the breakfast that Shen Yuhuai had left for him. The porridge was lean porridge, and there were some vegetables and dried scallions added to enhance the flavor. He poured himself a bowl, but his brain was like mush. His backache had never been so obvious. During the meal, he picked up his phone and started searching for nearby gyms.

The people in the group were still chattering about the news. Yan Kailin and Liu Kai shouted all day yesterday. Cheng Rong, who wasn’t at the scene, also found out about the situation. The three of them pushed the messages in the small group to the sky. The moment Chen Qizhao opened it, he saw thousands of messages. He was too lazy to even read through the top ones. He sent an ellipsis in the latest one, but no one replied to him.

The three people who had been excited all night were probably still sleeping.

After eating, Chen Qizhao unpacked his things. He went to the dormitory to get some clothes and planned to go back to school in the afternoon.

The occupancy rate of Shen Yuhuai’s apartment building was quite high, but the underground garage was quite spacious. Chen Qizhao sent a message to Xiao Zhou, telling him to go to the property to take a look and buy a parking space if there was an opportunity. This way, Chen Qizhao wouldn’t have to take a taxi every time he went out.

[Zhao: The flowers are watered for you. Is this pot dying? [photo].]

[Zhao: I took the medicine. You don’t have to ask.]

[Zhao: I have class in the afternoon, and I finish around 5:30.]

[Zhao: What time do you leave work?]

It was impossible to find free time for the morning tasks.

It was already afternoon by the time the group of people wasn’t so busy. Shen Yuhuai was resting when he saw the messages sent by his boyfriend at noon. It was one by one, as if reporting his itinerary.

[Shen: It’s okay. I’ll go back and change its location.]

[Shen: Yes.]

[Shen: I’ll leave work at 5 o’clock and pick you up from class. Which classroom?]

Liu Sui poked his head in from outside the lounge. “Brother, if you are late, then there won’t be anything to eat in the cafeteria.”

“Okay,” Shen Yuhuai answered without moving. He was still sending messages.

Liu Sui: “……”

In the past, it was Shen Yuhuai who urged him to go to eat. When was it his turn to urge Shen Yuhuai?

“Men who are in love are different,” Liu Sui told the others.

His colleague asked, “Are you envious?”

Liu Sui replied, “Single nobles are never envious.”


Liu Sui couldn’t help looking at it. “Does it take so long to send a message? He doesn’t send a voice message and just types slowly.”

“What voice message?” The colleague looked at the time. “Isn’t his boyfriend in class? It is now 2 o’clock. It is the first class in the afternoon for S College.”

Liu Sui: “……”

There were two classes in the afternoon, and the second class was about macroeconomics. The teacher of this course liked to do a roll call.

Chen Qizhao came early and found a window seat in the middle row. He turned on his phone and found that Cheng Rong and those in the group chat had woken up and were chatting, especially Yan Kailin, who kept sending emojis. Macroeconomics was a big class. In addition to his classmates, there were people from other majors. Chen Qizhao used to come late and sit directly in the first row. Today, he came early for one and sat in the middle row. Some students sat next to him.

Lu Qi was in class with Chen Qizhao. He usually had no intersection with this big shot and didn’t see him much in class activities. Nevertheless, he had a good impression of Chen Qizhao. Chen Qizhao was a legend in their class. Usually, he wasn’t mentioned much in the class group, but their group of boys had discussed Chen Qizhao in public.

The main thing was that Chen Qizhao was too special. The moment college started, someone sent his photo to the school forum, and a group of senior sisters rushed to see him after military training.

During military training, he was very good at punching and kicking. He was about to fight back and forth with the instructor. He was handsome, and his academic performance wasn’t bad. He occasionally played with the boys from the sports department. At first, there were a few boys in their class who looked down on Chen Qizhao. They talked about Chen Qizhao privately and posted photos of him smoking in small groups, thinking he was very pretentious. Lu Qi’s emotions toward Chen Qizhao were average at first. This was until their class’ basketball court was robbed. Then Chen Qizhao, who happened to be playing in the next court, helped them get it back.

Afterward, there were fewer voices in the class talking about Chen Qizhao.

Therefore, he had a new understanding of Chen Qizhao.

He found that this bigshot often disappeared after class. There were fewer extracurricular activities. Generally, he didn’t participate in parties or class activities. He didn’t even join the clubs or the student union. He stayed alone. Then in the second half of the last semester, he asked for leave almost every week. Finally, he even missed the final exam.

“I’ll sit on the inside. Lu Qi was with his friends in the dormitory. Chen Qizhao’s row had exactly five seats, and he sat next to Chen Qizhao of his own volition.

When he first sat down, Chen Qizhao looked up from where he was playing with his phone.

Lu Qi greeted him in a friendly manner and put the book aside. He noticed that the professional book on Chen Qizhao’s desk wasn’t a book for their class. He vaguely saw the words ‘market’ and ‘risk’ on it. He suddenly remembered someone saying that Chen Qizhao had his own company outside.

The old professor in the class was still talking about chart analysis. Lu Qi was attracted by Chen Qizhao next to him from time to time. He watched Chen Qizhao flip through the pages of the book as well as open the VX interface and talk to someone.

Lu Qi noticed that he stayed on the chat box page for a long time.

“Is Chen Qizhao chatting with his girlfriend?” The roommate next to Lu Qi whispered in his ear.

Lu Qi looked back. “How do you know?”

The roommate’s eyes were sharp as he said, “He just smiled a few times. I looked at the profile picture and saw that it hadn’t changed.

Lu Qi said, “No way?”

The roommate wondered, “Why not? He is so handsome. It would be strange if he doesn’t have a girlfriend. I heard people say earlier that someone came to find Chen Qizhao in class before.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t go out of his way to cover up the chat records. As the teacher was teaching, he would flip through the book from time to time or reply to messages on his phone.

He didn’t seem to be listening to the class, but Lu Qi noticed that his books were all flipped through at the same speed as the teacher’s lecture. The only difference was that there were no notes on the books. They were empty.

Lu Qi was thinking this when he suddenly noticed a small red mark on Chen Qizhao’s left neck.

The red mark was in the back position and was around the size of a fingernail. It was particularly noticeable on Chen Qizhao’s fair skin.

There were many messages in the group, and most of them were asking about the relationship between Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai. Chen Qizhao picked out a few to reply to and switched back to read Shen Yuhuai’s messages. However, the last time Shen Yuhuai replied to him was two hours ago. Chen Qizhao was used to this. It wasn’t uncommon for Shen Yuhuai to enter the laboratory without his phone and disappear for a few hours. He crossed out of the chat record and noticed the gaze from the side.

Chen Qizhao was a person who was very sensitive to gazes. The temporary deskmate next to him had been watching him since the beginning of class without speaking.

He glanced at the other person for a moment, and this person quickly withdrew his gaze.

This person should be a student in the class. Chen Qizhao had no memory of his name, but he looked a bit familiar.

He didn’t have much contact with his classmates in his last life. In his freshman year, he basically got together with anyone who played well. Apart from the class monitor whom he talked a lot more with, he had similar impressions of the other students.

[Yan Kailin: Brother, then we have no hope of drinking together in the future?]

[Chen Qizhao: Why is there no hope?]

[Yan Kailin: If you drink, won’t Shen Yuhuai complain?]

[Chen Qizhao: …He won’t complain.]

After the people in the group finished speaking, they urged Chen Qizhao to go out for a drink on the weekend. Chen Qizhao hadn’t touched alcohol for a long time. He hadn’t drank or smoked for a while, and his teeth had been itching for a long time. It was difficult to change the habits of over 10 years. He tried his best to refrain from smoking in front of Shen Yuhuai and even rinsed his mouth after smoking. The two of them liked to kiss so much, and it was easy to be discovered if he smoked or not.

One time, he went to smoke in front of the apartment and was almost discovered by Shen Yuhuai. He didn’t smoke in front of Shen Yuhuai after that.

He knew that smoking wasn’t good, and Shen Yuhuai didn’t like it. He was already trying to quit.

It was just that the process of quitting smoking was a bit long.

[Cheng Rong: Then when? Don’t just say it!]

[Chen Qizhao: Tuesday.]

Shen Yuhuai had a night shift on Tuesday. He had classes at night and would stay at school.

Chen Qizhao thought to himself, ‘It is okay to drink once in a while, or once in half a month, just not in front of Shen Yuhuai.’

The boring class passed quickly. Chen Qizhao scribbled notes and homework while watching people in the classroom walk out one after another. Lu Qi didn’t leave. His roommate was asking the teacher questions, and he was standing by the door waiting while glancing in Chen Qizhao’s direction out of the corner of his eyes.

Chen Qizhao sat in his original position. His eyes were lowered toward his phone, and his fingers moved slightly as he typed.

Lu Qi watched doubtfully. In the past, Chen Qizhao left very early after class.

Just as he was thinking this, he suddenly noticed a tall man at the front door of the classroom.

The other person was dressed casually, looked handsome, and carried a computer bag in his hand.

He walked in, and his eyes stopped on a corner of the classroom. He quickly walked over.

Lu Qi’s attention was on him. Then suddenly, he glimpsed a boy passing by next to him.

Chen Qizhao carried a loose bag on one shoulder and walked swiftly. He soon passed by the other people in the classroom and walked straight to the man.

The two of them seemed to say something to each other and walked out side by side.

“Li Qu, why are you standing there stupidly? Let’s go,” his roommate called out to him.

Lu Qi hurriedly followed while still looking at the two people walking in front.

Chen Qizhao and his friend didn’t walk quickly. They were just a few steps ahead of him. Lu Qi’s roommate next to him was talking to someone.

It might be due to standing in the back, but Lu Qi suddenly saw that the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck also had another red mark. The rest was hidden under his coat, so he couldn’t see it clearly, but this one was a darker red than the one on the side… it was printed on the bones of Chen Qizhao’s neck and became more obvious as Chen Qizhao turned his head and spoke, moving from time to time.

As they were going down the stairs, the man standing next to Chen Qizhao suddenly turned his head.

Lu Qi noticed that the other person’s gaze fell on him. The eyes under the glasses were cold and distant. Lu Qi immediately withdrew his gaze and didn’t dare to look again.

After descending the stairs, Chen Qizhao and the man walked in a different direction from Lu Qi.

“Why do you keep looking back?” His roommate asked.

“Nothing.” The moment Lu Qi withdrew his gaze, he suddenly saw the man take Chen Qizhao’s hand, and he was immediately stunned.

Shen Yuhuai’s car was parked not far away. It was in the temporary parking space of the school road that wasn’t far from the teaching building.

The moment Chen Qizhao sat in the front passenger’s seat, he heard Shen Yuhuai speak.

“Is that your classmate behind him? He is always watching you.”

Chen Qizhao paused and threw his bag onto the back seat. “I didn’t pay attention. It should be.”

He just wanted to put on his seat belt when Shen Yuhuai suddenly leaned over. His broad hand fell on the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck and he led this person to lean in his direction a bit. Chen Qizhao was still holding the seat belt in his hand. Once he saw this, he raised his head and kissed Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai’s hand moved down slightly, rubbing against the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck and stroking the place where he bit Chen Qizhao last night.

“Hiss—it is sore.”

Shen Yuhuai wondered, “What is sore?”

Chen Qizhao replied, “The neck and shoulders.”

Shen Yuhuai’s hand changed positions and squeezed his shoulders.

When the two of them kissed, Shen Yuhuai always liked to touch his hair or neck, pinching his bones every time. Today, for some reason, he had a sore back after he woke up. Even the position of his shoulder blades wasn’t uncomfortable, and the skin on the back of his neck tingled. He couldn’t tell whether it was muscle soreness caused by doing it for too long or something else, but yesterday was too physically demanding.

At this moment, Chen Qizhao’s phone lit up. A message from a friend he just accepted was sent.

Then several messages were sent in a row. In the quiet car, the vibration sound attracted Shen Yuhuai’s attention.

[Xingchen Fitness-Customer Service: Hello, Sir. What do you need to consult with me about?]

[Xingchen Fitness-Customer Service: [Photo][Photo][Photo].]

[Xingchen Fitness-Customer Service: We have several packages here. There are also personal training classes. If you have a favorite personal trainer…]

Chen Qizhao: “……”

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Someone sent you a message?”

He just wanted to look at Chen Qizhao when this person grabbed it and hit it directly behind him. “It should be the class homework sent by the class. Today, the teacher assigned a lot of homework, and the study committee sent it to the class group.”

Shen Yuhuai asked, “It must be a lot. There is a package?”

Chen Qizhao hit his phone in his pocket and bit Shen Yuhuai’s lip directly. He breathed intermittently as he explained, “…You can choose to be grouped up. You misread.”


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