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MGAG: Chapter 113

Extra One: Cohabitation (1)

There were many things to do after starting school. The professional courses in the new semester were a bit more than Chen Qizhao imagined. After the makeup exam, the rest was to study and live step by step every day while dealing with the business in the east district of the Chen Group. In fact, after the formation of the team in the east district was on the right track, the original development was orderly. Chen Shiming considered that Chen Qizhao was still a student, so he was very careful in forming the team and lent members of his assistant team to Chen Qizhao.

In a sense, all the busy things during this stage were just a drizzle compared to the previous period or his last life. Chen Qizhao visibly spared part of his time. The unfinished studies in his previous life also became a new choice in front of him. Therefore, he contacted the leaders of the department and submitted an application for a minor in a second degree.

Chen Qizhao didn’t fall behind in his studies in his freshman year and had always been at the top. Except for missing the final exam due to special reasons, all other conditions were fine.

Therefore, the approval of the second degree only took a short time before being received. He was busy with this matter, and Shen Yuhuai had something to do recently at the research institute… this meant the matter of cohabitation was dragged out to the end of September.

Cohabitation was something that Chen Qizhao had considered but hadn’t yet realized. Even before Shen Yuhuai took the initiative to make this request, he had been looking for suitable housing near the Ninth Research Institute. The file made by Xiao Zhou was still placed in the most obvious place on his computer desktop.

It was just that before he made the request himself, Shen Yuhuai had already put the choice in front of him.

In fact, it wasn’t a complete cohabitation. Chen Qizhao had more evening classes after doing a double degree. Shen Yuhuai’s research institute work meant he occasionally had to work overtime until 9 or 10 o’clock at night. Except for these hours, the two of them were together the rest of the time.

The housing information prepared by Xiao Zhou was useless in the end. Shen Yuhuai’s apartment wasn’t far from the Ninth Research Institute. The most important thing was that transportation was convenient. There was basically no traffic jam on the road. The person who finally moved in with his bag became Chen Qizhao.

When Shen Yuhuai arrived at Chen Qizhao’s dormitory room, Chen Qizhao started to pack up his things.

“Didn’t you say you wouldn’t be here until 5 o’clock?” Chen Qizhao buried his head in the suitcase.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t sit but followed Chen Qizhao to help. “I ended work early today, so I came early.”

The bed was covered with Chen Qizhao’s clothes, and there were some still in the closet. It wasn’t much, but it was already crowded for a single bedroom. There were some clothes in it that Shen Yuhuai hadn’t seen Chen Qizhao wear. The owner of the clothes didn’t care about these clothes. The clothes worn on the bed were the ones he usually wore.

“Do you still need me to bring anything from the closet?” Shen Yuhuai walked to the closet.

Chen Qizhao didn’t look up. “Just take a few pieces casually.”

Shen Yuhuai’s gaze stayed on the closet for a while. He carefully pulled out a few pieces and took them.

There weren’t many things to bring. The desktop computer in the bedroom might still need to be used in normal times. All he needed to bring was a laptop and a change of clothes, as well as some necessary materials. Chen Qizhao didn’t notice the action on the other side. The materials in the dormitory were almost all cleaned up last time. He never kept important documents in the bedroom. The other disks had been taken away by Xiao Zhou a few days ago. The rest was a mountain of paper materials from preparing for his second degree some time ago while some were from the company.

While tidying up, Chen Qizhao accidentally knocked over the pen holder on the table, and it fell to the ground with a bang.

The pen holder rolled right to Shen Yuhuai’s feet. He caught a glimpse of Chen Qizhao picking up pens scattered all over the place and noticed several empty refills among them. He picked up these things. “Do you want to keep the used pen refills?”

Chen Qizhao replied, “It’s okay to throw them away. It is nothing important.”

Shen Yuhuai picked up the scattered things. He wanted to put the intact pens into the pen holder when he noticed that there was a memory card at the bottom of the pen holder. It looked like a camera’s memory card from the outside. There was no camera in Chen Qizhao’s bedroom, and Shen Yuhuai knew that Chen Qizhao wasn’t in the habit of taking photos with a camera. The appearance of this memory card was a bit out of place.

He poured out the memory card. The model of the memory card looked a bit familiar, like he had seen it before.

Chen Qizhao was originally packing up his things. Once he turned around, he saw Shen Yuhuai holding something in his hand and realized something.

Shen Yuhuai’s hand was suddenly empty. The memory card had been taken away by Chen Qizhao.

“Didn’t you say it is useless?” Shen Yuhuai asked him with a smile.

Chen Qizhao said it was useless. So he snapped the memory card and casually threw it into the trash.

There were many things in the bedroom. Chen Qizhao had no habit of tidying up. Some things were casually thrown in a position visible to the naked eye. For example, reference books or materials that could be used were placed in the closest place.

He looked at the memory card in the trash can. This memory card was seized by the person who followed him and was full of photos of him and Shen Yuhuai. There were many things at that time. After exporting the photos, he directly threw it into the pen holder. The things on it were deleted by him, but there was no guarantee he hadn’t missed something.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t ask much and went to look at something else. “Is there anything else you want to take?”

Chen Qizhao looked away. “Help me get some information. Bring the few books over there, those professional books. I haven’t finished reading a few extracurricular books from last time.”

Shen Yuhuai was walking to the bookshelf when his phone rang. It was Liu Sui.

“Hello?” Shen Yuhuai answered the phone and stood in front of the books where Chen Qizhao had put his books. “I’m with Qizhao. I won’t go back at night.”

Liu Sui said, “F*k, no wonder why you slipped away so fast in the afternoon. Are you going on a date at night?”

“It isn’t a date. I’m helping my boyfriend move my things.” Shen Yuhuai’s gaze swept over the bookshelf and glimpsed the chemistry notebook sandwiched between several professional books. It was the notes he gave to Chen Qizhao in the beginning. He reached out to pull out the notebook. Once he turned it inside out, he noticed the crease on the inside of the notebook. It was obvious that Chen Qizhao had read through at least half of it.

Liu Sui asked, “Are you listening to me?”

“You can take the materials to the laboratory tomorrow.” Shen Yuhuai took the chemistry notebook, habitually flipped through it, and suddenly noticed a post-it note tightly stuffed in the back.

The paper of the post-it note was too small, and the adhesive behind it was no longer sticky.

Shen Yuhuai held the phone against his shoulders and listened to Liu Sui’s broken thoughts while pulling out the post-it note. Then his eyes suddenly paused on it.

There were some time points on the post-it note that Shen Yuhuai was very familiar with. There was a time when his lab schedule followed this time point last year. What was recorded here were the times when his laboratory was empty.

At that time, except for Saturdays and Sundays, their laboratory was requisitioned by other experimental groups at several time points. Their schedule during that time was very special. Therefore, Shen Yuhuai’s memory of that time was very clear.

“Liu Sui, let me ask you something.” Shen Yuhuai glanced at Chen Qizhao, who was a bit away from him, and suddenly asked in a low voice.

Liu Sui paused. “What is it?”

“Do you remember the time when the laboratory was borrowed by Senior Brother Liu and his group for last year’s competition?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Liu Sui recalled it and reported a few time points. “I can’t remember the others. Isn’t your memory better than mine? Why are you asking about this?”

Shen Yuhuai pinched the post-it note. “No, I am just confirming it again. I’ll hang up first.”

Liu Sui’s voice disappeared from the receiver. Shen Yuhuai looked down at the post-it note. After that time, the words ‘Wednesday’ and ‘Friday’ were highlighted by others. He recalled that when the laboratory information was leaked, Chen Qizhao appeared outside the Ninth Research Institute when he should have been in class. It was like a deliberate coincidence.

Now there was this post-it note… Maybe that ‘coincidence’ was much earlier than he guessed.

The sun was shining, and the heat was intense.

The sunlight was still dazzling even at 5 o’clock.

Yan Kailin and Liu Kai walked side by side, talking as they walked.

Yan Kailin had been a bit troubled recently. There were many things to do at the start of school. Brother Zhao was either taking an exam or studying for an exam. Therefore, the times when they could meet in a week were probably in the bedroom at night. Then recently, the time to meet in the bedroom had become less and less.

In the past, Chen Qizhao would go out to drink with him once a week. Then recently, the number of drinks had changed from once a week to once a month. Now, a full ten days had passed since the two of them went out to drink, and it had become very difficult to even meet this person once.

Tonight, Liu Kai organized a drinking party. They discussed it and decided to block Chen Qizhao. Then ran to the classroom to find someone. Then they heard Chen Qizhao’s classmates say that he had already left.

Liu Kai asked, “Is he at school?”

“Definitely.” Yan Kailin sent a message to someone. “He is probably in the dormitory. I will send him a message.”

The two of them walked in the direction of the dormitory building.

Liu Kai asked uncertainly, “Can Xiao Zhao really go at night? Wasn’t he recently captured by Chen Shiming to engage in the business of the eastern district? My old man kept mentioning it at home and said that I should learn from him.”

“Of course, he hadn’t gone drinking in a long time,” Yan Kailin said. “I just inquired with his classmates, and he has no class tonight. He must go. Didn’t you say you want to open a good drinking party? He will surely join us!”

In the middle of speaking, he suddenly saw a familiar car parked outside the dormitory building.

Liu Kai didn’t notice Yan Kailin’s stopped footsteps. He walked to the door of the dormitory building and was glared at by the dormitory manager a few times. He quickly took a few steps back and called out to the person behind him, “Yan Kailin, what are you doing?”

Yan Kailin retracted his gaze and ran forward with small steps. “I’m here. F*k, I just saw a car that looks like Shen Yuhuai’s car…”

In the dormitory building, Chen Qizhao stuffed most of his things into his suitcase. He didn’t need to move the other things since he might come back to stay here. Soon, he put the things away. He saw that not far away, Shen Yuhuai was still in front of the bookshelf and asked, “Brother Huai?”

Shen Yuhuai came over with the few professional books that Chen Qizhao wanted. “These books?”

Chen Qizhao took the book without looking up and stuffed it into his suitcase. “I’ll get another one.”

Next to the bookshelf, the book compartment was a bit loose and there was a notebook leaning crookedly.

Chen Qizhao was looking for a book when his eyes stopped on the notebook. He pulled it out and thought about taking it with him.

Then he suddenly felt someone approaching behind him, passed him, and put one hand on his hand that was holding the notebook.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Did you understand the structural formulas?”

Chen Qizhao thought about how many lies he had told and managed to find an excuse. “…I read a bit but didn’t understand some of them. I read it seriously.”

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes. The hair at the back of the boy’s head swirled in front of his eyes. “Yes, you also made notes.”

Chen Qizhao paused when he heard this while thinking quickly.

Wait, did he take notes?

He wanted to open the notebook to see where he had taken notes.

At this moment, Shen Yuhuai wrapped an arm around his waist and let this person lean on him, against the desk next to the bookshelf. He held Chen Qizhao’s thigh and let him sit on the table. Chen Qizhao was a bit caught off guard by this action, and the book in his hand fell to the ground. “Wait… Wait a minute. The book has dropped.”

The notebook fell to the ground, the unclamped pages fell apart, and a post-it note fell out.

Chen Qizhao glanced at it out of the corner of his eyes, and his expression froze.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t speak. His hand brushed past Chen Qizhao’s thigh and stopped beside him.

Chen Qizhao supported himself on the desk to avoid touching the things behind him. His Adam’s apple moved, and he couldn’t help wanting to look at the post-it note. Then he was blocked by a sudden kiss.

“Keep your head down.”

The window wasn’t closed tightly, and the wind blew in. Chen Qizhao was sitting on the desk and lowered his head to kiss his boyfriend.

There were some things he couldn’t care about once they kissed. The desk in the bedroom made a small noise as the two of them kissed.

Chen Qizhao let go of his hand and took the initiative to hold Shen Yuhuai’s face. His fingertips ran across his cheeks, brushed over his neck, and gradually moved down. Finally, it scraped at the Adam’s apple.

Shen Yuhuai’s Adam’s apple tensed.

“I just said that the person is here. The dormitory door is open. Brother Zhao, Kaizi said that at night…”

“F*k, Yan Kailin. I told you a few times not to call me Kaizi!”

Yan Kailin and Liu Kai pushed open the door that wasn’t closed tightly and went straight to the bedroom.

They looked for Chen Qizhao the moment they entered the room. They turned toward the bathroom door and first saw the wide-open suitcase on the floor. Then they looked to the side and saw a man in suit pants. White dangling calves in knee-length shorts were on either side of the suit pants.

In the room, one person was standing, and the other person was sitting. They were kissing.

Liu Kai cried out, “F*k!!!”

Yan Kailin: “!!!”

Chen Qizhao heard the noise and stopped moving at the same time as Shen Yuhuai. Before they could see the figures clearly, the two figures who just came in retreated with a swoosh. It was followed by the large sound of the door being closed.


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