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MGAG: Chapter 112

The incident of Yueze Chemical was quickly investigated under the actions of the police. The people involved in the case were arrested. The property rights behind Yueze Chemical were complicated, but the police found the behind-the-scenes mastermind of the dangerous instruments case according to reliable clues. It turned out that after Gu Shen was imprisoned, not all of his secret cooperation with Lin Medical was fully exposed. These things were a back road that Gu Shen left for himself while waiting for Gu Zhengsong to fish him out.

It was just that this father and son were crazy. Gu Zhengsong not only pushed all the blame on Gu Shen but also calculated the forces left by Gu Shen to the extreme. He used what would be used and destroyed what couldn’t be used. Following Gu Zhengsong’s line, several recent cases of missing people were also detected. All the criminal acts that Gu Zhengsong planned to use to blame Gu Shen started, and then Yueze Chemical took action. All the evidence was found, and Gu Zhengsong’s remnant party was caught.

Once the dog-eat-dog drama ended, both sides lost.

“The Gu Zhengsong father and son should receive the death penalty in the end. However, the execution period hasn’t come out yet.” Gu Zhengxun talked to the person on the other end of the phone. “Yes, there will be no other accidents. This matter will be left to us.”

He laughed and looked at the high-rise buildings outside the French windows. “I can assure you that they won’t make waves again.”

At the end of August, the weather was hot. These many criminal cases were tried in court one after another. Gu Zhengsong’s arrest completely eliminated the Gu family’s last patience with Gu Zhengsong. The relationship between the various contacts of the Gu family in B City was cleared up. No one cared about the couple. Regardless of the life or death of the father and on, no one would help them. The elder of the Gu family was sent to the hospital out of anger. This meant the power of the Gu family fell into the hands of Gu Zhengxun.

“The Pengkang Building is expected to start construction in October.” Gu Zhengxun continued. “If possible, I would like to treat your brother to a meal.”

On the other end of the phone, Chen Shiming frowned slightly when he heard this. Soon, he politely refused Gu Zhengxun’s invitation. “Thank you, Uncle Gu, for your kindness. However, Qizhao has been busy with the new semester recently. I’m afraid he can’t spare time.”

Gu Zhengxun paused for a moment and said with a smile, “It is because I didn’t think it through. I don’t know if Qizhao has the idea of coming to the capital for further studies?”

“I will ask him what he thinks,” Chen Shiming replied.

Special Assistant Xu stood to the side with documents and watched his boss talking back and forth to the old fox on the other end of the phone. The moment the call was hung up, he immediately handed over the documents in his hands.

Chen Shiming hung up the call and frowned slightly. This wasn’t the first time Gu Zhengxun asked about Chen Qizhao. This big man in the capital had favored Chen Qizhao since several recent events. It was just that Chen Qizhao wasn’t very interested in this. Chen Shiming could only refuse for him every time.

Special Assistant Xu asked, “Is it too much to always refuse Mr Gu’s kindness?”

“Gu Zhengxun just asked casually. He has more things to be busy with, and he shouldn’t pay too much attention to Qizhao at this stage.” Chen Shiming flipped through the documents. “Keep an eye on the people in the group. Have many high-level executives spoken to Chen Qizhao?”

Special Assistant Xu said, “Yes, but the Second Young Master ignored them.”

Chen Shiming didn’t raise his head. “Just let them wander for a while. Then come and clean them up when the Pengkang Building is finished.”

After Chen Qizhao took over the business of the east district, it wasn’t as messy as other people expected. The temporary team was more effective than what others imagined. Gradually, some people started to test Chen Qizhao in order to see if he was a dandy as before. They even wanted to join forces with Chen Qizhao to put pressure on Chen Shiming as a group.

Special Assistant Xu was very speechless about this. The news of the disagreement between brothers was somehow still spreading outside. Some people in the group hadn’t realized that even though his boss argued with the second young master, they were still consistent when it came to major masters. It could be said that if they wore the same pair of pants and went to fan the flames, they might end up setting fire to themselves.

Chen Shiming asked again, “He didn’t come to the company today?”

“No,” Special Assistant Xu replied again. “I heard Xiao Zhou say that he went to the east district.”

For the whole summer vacation, Chen Qizhao only came to headquarters for necessary work and meetings. The expansion of the business in the east district meant he almost always stayed in the office building around the east district. The brothers had less time to meet. Recently, he had to do the makeup exam in the first week of the new semester, so Chen Qizhao said he wanted to study at school. Then he moved back to the dormitory in advance.

Chen Shiming continued to look at the documents. “Then ask if he will go home for dinner on Friday.”

Special Assistant Xu: “?”

Can’t you just ask yourself?

A long time passed, and there wasn’t much noise in S City. The business of the Chen Group was on the right track. The lives of the Chen and Shen families gradually returned to calm.

In the hospital, Zhang Yazhi was sitting in the VIP consultation room. The doctor explained the result of several physical examination sheets to her.

Chen Jianhong sat next to her, finished reading his wife’s health report, and then looked at his own.

The husband and wife went to the hospital for regular physical examinations. Under the attention of their two sons, they paid more attention to their physical condition.

“Mr Chen’s blood pressure has dropped recently. The stomach discomfort from two days ago that you mentioned should be caused by the medicine. There are no big problems in your physical examination. Once your blood pressure stabilizes, the dosage of the medicine can be reduced. I will prescribe you two weeks of stomach medicine conditioning. You can stop the stomach medicine once your stomach discomfort is relieved.” The doctor operated the computer to write a prescription and continued, “It is best to eat and rest enough. Then your health will be good.”

Zhang Yazhi took the inspection report from the assistant and asked the other person to put it away. She looked at Chen Jianhong when she heard this. “I told you to go to bed at 10 o’clock these days. Every time, it is 11 o’clock or midnight. Do you really think your body is the same as that of a young man? Xiao Zhao has only left home for two days, and you have gone back to work even harder?”

“That matter from two days ago had to be dealt with first,” Chen Jianhong explained.

Zhang Yazhi was too lazy to talk to her husband. She was about to confirm it with the doctor again when her phone in her bag rang. She answered the phone. “Yes, I’m in the hospital. Have you checked it? I’ve checked it with your dad, and we are currently looking at the reports.”

Chen Jianhong looked slightly sideways when he heard this. “Qizhao?”

Zhang Yazhi didn’t reply to him and continued to talk to the child on the phone. “Hey, they said that everything is fine. Your father and I are in our 50s, not our 80s. What is the big deal with doing a physical examination? You don’t need to come over. The doctor said his stomachache is from his antihypertensive medicine. It hurt his stomach, so he prescribed some stomach medicine…”

“You won’t come back on Friday? Okay.”

“Hey, it’s okay. You’ve just started school and should play more. Have you eaten yet?”

Zhang Yazhi chatted with Chen Qizhao on the phone for nearly ten minutes. Once he hung up the phone, he noticed the look from her husband next to her. “What’s wrong?”

“He isn’t coming back on Friday?” Chen Jianhong asked with a stern expression.

“If he doesn’t come back, then he doesn’t come back. The child has only gone back to school for two days.”

Zhang Yazhi said again, “College students are the right age to play. Let the child play.”

S College opened for new students, and the campus was very lively.

Once Chen Qizhao hung up the phone, he sent a message to Xiao Zhou, asking him to go to the house tomorrow to get something. Then he asked the housekeeper Uncle Zhang and learned that Chen Jianhong stayed up late these two days.

[Xiao Zhou: Boss, Special Assistant Xu asked if you will be returning to the city on Friday?]

[Zhao: I’m not returning.]

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. Why didn’t this person ask him rather than going around and making Xiao Zhou ask?

Next door, Yan Kailin couldn’t wait to knock on the door and poke in his head. “Brother, are you going to party at night?”

No, are you going to the library again?” Yan Kailin saw the book in Chen Qizhao’s hand. “It has been half a month. You haven’t gone to the bar with me for half a month.”

“Another day. I have to take the makeup exam in two days.”

‘Chen Qizhao casually threw the book into his back. “Are you going?”

Yan Kailin was very decisive. “I won’t go. I finally have a social event tonight. I am going to drink with Cheng Rong.”

Chen Qizhao told him, “Don’t go to the bar from last time. The manager of that bar should be familiar with your brother. Don’t show up there often.”

“You know all this?” Yan Kailin wondered. “Do you want me to bring you a late-night meal? There is plenty of food where I am going.”

“No, I’m not coming back.”

Yan Kailin said ‘oh.’ He only realized after Chen Qizhao went out and turned to find him.

“Eh? Brother, why aren’t you going back? Do you plan to stay in the library tonight? You don’t need to work so hard. You will kill yourself for this makeup exam!”

Chen Qizhao had already walked away.

The new semester had just started, and there weren’t many people at the library. There were many new students on the road.

It was lively and bustling the whole way. It was close to evening, so the cafeteria was overcrowded.

Chen Qizhao paused for a moment when he passed a small restaurant. He took a photo casually and sent it.

It was estimated that they probably couldn’t eat here at night. There were too many people.

There were a lot of people in the library. Chen Qizhao habitually went to the chemical engineering library, found an empty seat, and sat down. He took out a few books on finance in front of the group of chemical engineering students next to him and started studying.

[Zhao: There are too many people. Do you want to eat in a different place at night?]

[The three cafeterias are full of people. I can’t even get in.

Shen Yuhuai left work a bit later today. After leaving the laboratory, he headed to S College. He parked the car and saw that Chen Qizhao had sent him a photo. He lowered his eyes slightly to reply to the messages.

[Shen Yuhuai: I’m at S College. Let’s go to the cafeteria.]

[Zhao: There are many people.]

Chen Qizhao put the placeholder in the book and went downstairs. Then he followed Shen Yuhuai to the cafeteria.

Perhaps it was because it was late, but the cafeteria was mostly empty. There weren’t as many people as Chen Qizhao said.

“This beef is old,” Chen Qizhao commented.

“A little bit. Don’t eat it next time.”

Chen Qizhao chewed twice and swallowed. He thought it wasn’t as delicious as Shen Yuhuai’s cooking.

“When is your makeup exam?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

Chen Qizhao replied, “It starts this Sunday at 9 o’clock. The exam will last all day.”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “I will accompany you to study in the library that night.”

After dinner, there were more people in the library. The two of them returned to Chen Qizhao’s spot in the afternoon to read books. Chen Qizhao continued to study while Shen Yuhuai went to borrow a few books and sat next to him to read.

He didn’t manage to read these books seriously. It was because Chen Qizhao couldn’t help wanting to play with his boyfriend’s hand as he was studying.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t look up and let Chen Qizhao play with his hand. “Can you learn it?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t even look at him. “I can multitask.”

The time changed to 10 o’clock, and the librarian came to remind the students to leave.

Shen Yuhuai wasn’t reading the book that seriously. He looked up and noticed that the young man sitting opposite him was checking the time on his phone. “It is a bit late.”

“Yes, I’ll borrow a book later.” Chen Qizhao left his seat after speaking.

The night was getting darker. The lights in several places in the library were dimmed. Shen Yuhuai stayed in place to read. Then the administrator came to urge him several times. He had to put away the things on his desk first and then go outside to wait.

The administrator shouted, “Student, the door is closing.”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “Wait a minute. My friend will come out soon.”

After speaking, he sent a text message to Chen Qizhao to tell him to hurry.

It wasn’t until it was nearly 11 o’clock and the administrator came to urge him again that Chen Qizhao came out of the library. Shen Yuhuai thanked the administrator and walked out side by side with Chen Qizhao. He saw Chen Qizhao’s empty hands and asked, “What about the book?”

“I didn’t find it. I thought there was a copy over there.” Chen Qizhao took his backpack from the other person.

Shen Yuhuai glanced slightly sideways. “What is the name? I’ll go to the city library to help you find it.”

Chen Qizhao looked away. “I forgot what it was called. I will remember it when I see it.”

Shen Yuhuai replied, “Is that so?”

There was a cool breeze on the summer night, and the road from the library to the dormitory was a bit far.

The two of them walked in a slow manner until a clear bell sound rang out on the campus.

Once this sound was heard, the two people walking on the road were still unhurried.

Chen Qizhao opened his mouth. “The bell just rang.”

Shen Yuhuai said, “Yes.”

Chen Qizhao glanced at his boyfriend and gave a reminder. “The door is locked at 11 o’clock. I can’t get in.”

“The dormitory manager isn’t accommodating?”

“No, she is very fierce.” Chen Qizhao said again, “I have no place to stay at night.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at the young man next to him, who was walking faster, and he spoke at the right time. “What should I do? Do you want to stay at my place for one night?”

Chen Qizhao paused for a moment. He thought about it seriously and said, “That is the only thing I can do.”

He turned a corner on the school road, and the way to the dormitory wasn’t in their consideration at all.

Chen Qizhao looked at Shen Yuhuai’s car in the distance. He followed this person to the side of the car and finally got into the passenger seat.

It was past 11 o’clock at night when they arrived at the apartment. Shen Yuhuai entered through the door and grabbed some clothes for him. Originally, only Shen Yuhuai’s clothes were in the wardrobe. It wasn’t known when but several clothes of different styles had been added and hung beside the man’s solid-colored t-shirts.

It wasn’t known how they were added, but the more he stayed here, the more they had the place they deserved.

The computer in the room was turned on, and Shen Yuhuai’s backpack was put aside. He seemed to have walked to the balcony.

Chen Qizhao took a change of clothes from the closet, walked to the bedroom door, and looked at the person who was calling and talking about work in the distance.

Shen Yuhuai finished calling. Then he turned around and saw Chen Qizhao leaning against the bedroom door. “What’s wrong?”

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. “The water heater inside seems to be broken. There is no hot water.”

Shen Yuhuai told him, “I’ll take a look.”

The bathroom in the master bedroom wasn’t very big. The space was particularly narrow when two people stood there.

Shen Yuhuai went to turn the tap of the shower. The sound of rushing water was accompanied by the slight sound of a certain water heater appearing in the bedroom. The door of the bathroom was open. The water flowed into the sewer along the cracks in the tile, and heat came out. It added a sultry feeling to this summer.

The young man walked into the bathroom. The shower head fell to the ground, and the splashed water wet Shen Yuhuai’s pants.

“The water heater seems to be broken. It is a bit hot to touch.”

Shen Yuhuai hugged Chen Qizhao’s waist and lowered his head slightly to kiss the person beside him. The heat lingered around them. During the collision, Shen Yuhuai turned the tap. The scalding heat on the tile surface dissipated, and what followed the heat was mutual teasing.

The shower head that fell to the ground was dripping water, but the kissing duo didn’t care at all. They allowed the water to wet their clothes and make them increasingly thicker.

Shen Yuhuai supported Chen Qizhao, lifted up the loose clothes, and groped along his back to take it off. Chen Qizhao leaned against the wall, and felt the weight of the other person gradually pressing on him. A certain type of inexplicable heat gradually rose.

Shen Yuhuai found that Chen Qizhao liked the bathroom very much. In this small space, it seemed that he could always give the other party a different sense of security.

He walked a few steps away from the shower and could open the cabinet next to the sink in the bathroom. He pulled it open, and there were men’s toiletries and boxes of different colors next to it.

The clothes became heavy in water and fell to the ground where they were still washed by the cold water.

Chen Qizhao stood against the wall. He watched the other person open the cabinet and grab a box from inside.

Looking at the other person’s actions, an inexplicable ambiguity would always rise to a very high point.

This was until a package fell into the trash, and things became out of control.

The summer was hot and dry. The youthfulness seemed to be vividly expressed at this time.


The sound of running water in the bathroom stopped. The quilt on the bed was flipped to the other side. The refreshing feeling overwhelmed the inexplicable stuffiness. Chen Qizhao lay on the bed in a tired manner and let the other person kiss his cheek.

Shen Yuhuai’s kiss was very gentle and patient. Each time, it deepened little by little and dragged him to sink together.

The indescribable feeling probably belonged to this man’s unique gentleness.

In the end, Chen Qizhao leaned against the other person’s shoulder. He was surrounded by the intoxicating scent of mint and blinked in a tired manner. “…Not again.”

Shen Yuhuai kissed the corner of his lips. “What book were you looking for in the library?”

“…I wasn’t looking for a book,” Chen Qizhao responded. “I couldn’t find it, and there were many mosquitoes.”

Shen Yuhuai pressed his fingers slightly on the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck as Chen Qizhao spoke. He didn’t expose this clumsy lie.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes couldn’t be opened. “Brother, I’m sleepy.”

“What do you want to eat tomorrow?”

“Soy milk, meat buns…”

Only an orange lamp remained in the bedroom, illuminating a small world.

The young man’s hair still smelled faintly of shampoo. He was unguarded against the force that pressed on his shoulders. His body was completely limp. Shen Yuhuai hugged him, pulled the thin blanket in the distance, and covered the two of them.

Shen Yuhuai kissed his ear, voice soft and low.

“Qizhao, let’s live together.”


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