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MGAG: Chapter 111 Part 2

Shen Yuhuai knew that this matter wasn’t simple. It probably had something to do with the Gu family. He was about to use his phone to make a call. It wasn’t until he grabbed for it that he recalled that the incident happened suddenly in the morning. His phone was thrown in the lounge with his backpack.

The laboratory building was sealed. Shen Yuhuai was about to find the police personnel to help grab his backpack for him when he suddenly heard a sound behind him.

“Unrelated people should leave here. You can’t enter here without a pass.”

Shen Yuhuai turned his head when he heard a voice and saw Chen Qizhao with a pale face.

Chen Qizhao gasped slightly as if he had run all the way here. His face was terribly pale. Seeing Shen Yuhuai, he immediately ran to Shen Yuhuai’s side despite other people’s obstruction. He stood in front of Shen Yuhuai, and his eyes scanned up and down, as if wanting to stare through the person in front of him.

Finally, he slowly calmed his breathing. He looked at Shen Yuhuai and asked. “Why didn’t you answer my calls?”

Shen Yuhuai paused slightly. “My phone isn’t with me.”

Chen Qizhao watched Shen Yuhuai standing unharmed in front of him, and the sense of panic in his heart gradually calmed down. He ignored the others and directly pulled Shen Yuhuai’s hand. “It’s dangerous here. Come with me first.”

Shen Yuhuai felt that the hand grabbing him was very cold. He also detected a trembling that wasn’t easy to notice.

Chen Qizhao frowned. He didn’t care about anything else. He just wanted to get Shen Yuhuai away from this place.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes were slightly heavy. He didn’t ask why Chen Qizhao suddenly came over or about Chen Qizhao’s obviously abnormal attitude at this time. He held Chen Qizhao’s cold hand in turn. “The matter here isn’t over. I have to go to the police station to record a statement.”

By the time Chen Shiming brought Special Assistant Xu inside, S City’s police had also arrived. They cooperated with the information provided by Chen Shiming and immediately sent people to Yueze Chemical. Then they took over the on-site handling of the Ninth Research Institute of S City. The illegal instruments would be taken away as physical evidence. Some researchers needed to cooperate to record statements, and Shen Yuhuai also followed.

Along the way, Chen Qizhao didn’t let go of Shen Yuhuai’s hand. They didn’t separate until he recorded a statement at the police station.

The recording of the statement required an explanation of some things. Shen Yuhuai didn’t hide anything. He told them all the facts he knew. Once the other party understood it, they contacted Yan Kaiqi to record a statement.

“Mr Shen, your backpack.” A police officer came over and brought him the backpack that Shen Yuhuai had left in the lounge.

Shen Yuhuai thanked him. He took out his phone and noticed that there were nearly 30 missed calls on the local screen. Chen Qizhao alone had called him 18 times, but he hadn’t answered.

The police in S City noticed a problem thanks to the police from B City. The problematic instruments were all near Shen Yuhuai’s laboratory, and it wasn’t difficult to guess that this matter was aimed at Shen Yuhuai. After this incident, they went to Yueze Chen as soon as possible to arrest relevant personnel. Then Shen family and Chen family also rushed over. Due to the seriousness of the situation, a joint investigation might be carried out.

During the period when other people were recording their statements, Chen Qizhao had already read all the materials sent by others. He also learned about what happened at the institute from other people’s mouths. He found out that the matter had been discovered by the research institute before it started, and the police and fire trucks surrounding the institute were to prevent accidents during the evidence collection process.

Even so, he couldn’t control his emotions when he thought that this was deliberately done by Gu Zhengsong. The matter of Yueze Chemicals was like a thorn hanging in his mind. The more he looked at it, the more it became an eyesore. He couldn’t imagine what would’ve happened if Shen Yuhuai hadn’t discovered it. Once the problematic instruments were used, all the consequences of this incident would really happen.

It was like his previous life. All contact was lost, and there was no reply.

Cold water poured over him from head to toe, endlessly cold.

Xiao Zhou spoke while looking at the boss’ expression. “It is like this. The police won’t reveal too much. Mr Chen always said it has something to do with Gu Zhengsong, and he is still communicating with the police. I haven’t heard about the rest.”

“It’s okay, I know.” Chen Qizhao looked at the information on his phone. He thought about the bulletin boards hanging in the entrance hall of the institute when he and Shen Yuhuai went to the institute to get materials. He slightly lowered his eyes, and the look in them was obscured. He continued to explain, “Check the things I just told you again, as well as the institutes that cooperate with the Ninth Research Institute.”

Xiao Zhou didn’t dare ask any more questions. He immediately got busy after receiving the order.

The corridor quieted down. Chen Qizhao glanced at the door not far away. Shen Yuhuai was still inside.

Soon, the door was opened. Chen Qizhao’s mind returned, and he saw Shen Yuhuai come out after recording his statement.

The eyes of the two people met. Shen Yuhuai spoke to the police officer next to him before walking straight toward Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao didn’t move. He watched Shen Yuhuai walk toward him, crouch down in front of him, and take his hand.

“I was probably in a hurry this morning.” Chen Qizhao paused for a moment before continuing after a few seconds, “I received a message, but you didn’t answer my call. I was worried something happened to you.”

“You called me 18 times, and I didn’t hear it.” Shen Yuhuai looked at him. “Sorry. I didn’t tell you about this in advance.”

Chen Qizhao paused. Was it 18 times?

He didn’t remember. He just wanted to contact the other person and didn’t care about anything else.

Chen Qizhao had a lot to say. Then when he looked at Shen Yuhuai, he couldn’t say a word.

Silence spread between them. It wasn’t known how long it took to break it.

Chen Qizhao’s voice was low and flat. “You have to tell me next time.”

Shen Yuhuai was slightly startled when he heard this. “Yes.”

Before the matter was confirmed, Shen Yuhuai couldn’t guarantee that his doubts would be correct. But seeing Chen Qizhao like this, he realized that he had done something wrong.

Chen Qizhao had no sense of security. This was something Shen Yuhuai had realized during the time the other person was hospitalized. Due to this insecurity, he was repeatedly anxious to confirm the safety of his family and friends. Uncertain things were a bomb that could explode at any time for Chen Qizhao. It was just like how Chen Qizhao once told his family about his terrible nightmare. Maybe it was a real nightmare.

Shen Yuhuai trusted in this past, even if it might be only the other person’s dream.

But the truth and falsehood of dreams were never defined. There wasn’t just one result of believing or not believing.

The moment Special Assistant Xu came in with the car keys, he saw the scene by the rest chairs.

The man crouched down quietly in front of the young man. Without saying too much, he held the other person’s hand, and the two of them stared at each other quietly.

Special Assistant Xu didn’t know whether to speak or not, but the key in his hand was like a hot potato. Seeing that the two of them didn’t seem to speak, he found an opportunity. “Mr Shen, I drove over the car left at the research institute.”

Someone took over the affairs of the institute. Then Shen Yuhuai left the police station after greeting Shen Xuelan. The summer sun outside was hot, and the car was parked in a spacious and cool place. Shen Yuhuai turned on the air conditioner to disperse the heat. In the long silence, Chen Qizhao didn’t realize that anything was wrong. He was glad that it was a false alarm, but at the same time, he kept thinking about the possible consequences.

It wasn’t until Shen Yuhuai called out to him that he belatedly got into the front passenger’s seat.

The vehicle didn’t start. The parking gear was engaged, and there was only the whirring air conditioner in the car.

Shen Yuhuai was about to fasten his seat belt when he suddenly noticed the figure next to him. Soon, this person leaned over, supported a hand between the two of them, and kissed him on the cheek.

Due to Chen Qizhao’s impulsive and clumsy behavior, the lips and teeth of the two of them collided.

At this moment, no amount of words was useful.

Shen Yuhuai raised a hand to support the back of his neck, accepted the impatience from the other party, and guided him to calm down bit by bit.

The vehicle stopped in place for a long time. There were people walking in the distance outside the windshield.

The kissing in the car continued. The two of them couldn’t distinguish their emotions. At this time, they just wanted to kiss each other. It wasn’t to confirm the other person’s authenticity but to prove that they were both alive. His body temperature was hot, and his heartbeat was real.

They grasped for breath after the kiss, and their breaths sprayed on each other’s faces.

Such a feeling was as if he had returned to the hospital bathroom where Chen Qizhao touched him impatiently and in a panicked manner.

Shen Yuhuai pressed his forehead against Chen Qizhao’s forehead. “Are you still afraid of me dying?”

Chen Qizhao was silent. He pursed his lips slightly and replied truthfully after a long silence, “I’m afraid.”

There were too many things to be afraid of. He was afraid of an accident that was too late to stop and afraid of silent loss.

He wasn’t a prophet, and he couldn’t control everything all the time.

He was full of panic about the unknown. He knew that this type of depressing and endless panic was a sickness. He had originally thought that things could gradually calm down. His family would protect him, and all obstacles were close to being cleared away. But once today’s events happened, he was still unable to control his thoughts.

“I’m sick.” Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes. He didn’t look at the eyes that were close at hand and felt an indescribable sadness. “I am afraid that you will die.”

The atmosphere in the car became lower and lower. Chen Qizhao didn’t know where the impulse came from, but he continued to say, “I’ve seen it. There was an instrument operation error, an accident in the library, and you died.”

It was like peeling back the past bit by bit. Chen Qizhao couldn’t say it all. He didn’t think Shen Yuhuai would believe it. “Leave me alone. I might need to calm down.”

Before he could finish speaking, Shen Yuhuai held his face and kissed him. He kissed the corner of Chen Qizhao’s lips, the tip of his nose, and all the way to the corner of his eyes.

The sun outside the window was shining. The harsh sunlight seemed to enter the car through the dappled tree shadows.

No one could afford to lose others. It was never an illness.

Due to the shortness of breath, Shen Yuhuai’s voice was serious and low.

“I promise you.”

“I’m not going to die.”

“Don’t be afraid, okay?”


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