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MGAG: Chapter 111 Part 1

Chen Qizhao’s limbs were cold. Once he heard the news, he hung up the call and wanted to go out.

Chen Shiming saw this and followed. “Where are you going?”

“The Ninth Research Institute.”

Chen Qizhao walked out with great strength, and Chen Shiming failed to grab him initially. He was worried about Chen Qizhao’s current state and immediately shouted toward the door, “Xiao Xu, prepare a car for us.”

Special Assistant Xu heard the sound of the glass breaking in the office and thought the Chen brothers were arguing again. He had just walked to the door when he heard the voice of the boss. He turned around immediately to inform the driver to prepare the car. Xiao Zhou, who was following next to him, didn’t have time to respond.

“I am worried if you go alone. I will go with you.”

Chen Shiming grabbed Chen Qizhao’s hand, worried he would accidentally let this person go.

The speed of preparing the car was very fast. Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. He just kept calling Shen Yuhuai’s number, but there was no answer for several calls. The feeling of unease rose.

Seeing this, Chen Shiming said, “I have asked Xiao Xu to contact the Ninth Research Institute. You have to tell me what happened, or it will be difficult to deal with.”

Chen Qizhao’s voice was very calm. Chen Shiming was a bit frightened when he listened to it.

“I asked people to check Gu Zhengsong and found that the property rights that originally belonged to Lin Shizong ended up under the name of Gu Shen’s personnel. This company, Yueze Chemical, contacted the Ninth Research Institute this week and donated a batch of instruments. However, Yueze Chemical’s stock has plummeted, and the person associated with Gu Shen disappeared.”

The words ‘Ninth Research Institute’ appeared in Chen Qizhao’s mind and seemed to cut open his past memories. It re-positioned a certain memory of receiving news in his previous life. It wasn’t that Chen Qizhao didn’t doubt the possibility that the accident at Shen Yuhuai’s laboratory in his previous life wasn’t an accident. It was just that after the accident in his previous life, the official report was that someone in the laboratory made an operation error that led to this accident.

This type of laboratory was inherently risky. Mistakes in any link could lead to accidents. But apart from the report in his previous life, he had no extra information about the laboratory accident. It happened when he was 27 years old. In other words, when Shen Yuhuai was 31 years old.

In this life, there was the Gu Zhengsong and Gu Shen father and son, so he suspected many things. He doubted his family’s accidents and doubted Shen Yuhuai’s laboratory accident. So during this time, even if Gu Zhengsong and Gu Shen’s ends were doomed, he was worried that the remnants of the two of them would cause trouble during the time when their charges hadn’t been determined. This meant he didn’t relax at all during the investigation.

Without any premise and any traces, he couldn’t determine if it was an accident or a man-made accident until the time point came.

This was until this call was made. The words Yueze Chemical and Gu Shen’s name gave some traces of a possibility.

Chen Qizhao clenched his fists tightly. He tried his best to calm down his emotions and calm himself down. There was a cold female voice on the other end before he hung up. Then he called the number again.

Sitting in the car with him, Chen Shiming watched Chen Qizhao’s actions of making the phone calls. “There will be no problems. There must not be any problems with the instruments since I haven’t received any news here.”

He was just saying this when he suddenly received a call from the police of S City. Gu Zhengsong’s words reached Chen Shiming’s side.

“Did you speak to the Shen family?” Chen Shiming asked.

The S City police officer said, “We said it. We confirmed the safety of the other members of the Shen family, but we haven’t managed to contact Shen Yuhuai. The Shen family has now gone to the Ninth Research Institute while our side has also contacted the institute. It seems that something has happened. People from the police station in the nearby area have rushed over.”

Chen Shiming’s heart sank when he heard this. “Okay, I understand. If you have any more news, please inform me as soon as possible.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him, voice a bit hoarse. “Did Gu Zhengsong do it?”

Chen Shiming didn’t hide it. “The police rushed over.”

The car drove very quickly. Once it arrived at the Ninth Research Institute, there were nearly police cars parked outside the gate and many nearby residents blocking the gate to watch the excitement. The entrance of the research institute was cordoned off. Once the car door opened and before Chen Shiming could speak, Chen Qizhao got out of the car and walked over. Then he was stopped by the police outside.

“I heard there was a problem with the instruments. A lot of people went inside.”

“This research institute is engaged in chemical engineering. Will there be an explosion?”

“No way.”

“Why not? Look, the fire alarm is blaring.

Special Assistant Xu immediately went over to negotiate with the police officers. At this time, Chen Qizhao crossed the cordon and walked toward Building A of the laboratory building with a clear purpose. Along the way, he saw people from the research institute, firemen, and police officers. The door leading to the interior was unlocked. He rushed over quickly and finally saw that a cordon was put up outside Building A of the laboratory building. A group of researchers in white coats were gathered there.

“The relevant personnel have already gone in to check. This time, they found problems in several laboratories of But A. They aren’t sure if there are problems with other instruments.”

“Yes. The police have found professionals and have now gone to investigate. All experiments in the morning have been suspended, and all researchers withdrawn.”

Several researchers stood there and discussed it. Liu Sui was a bit afraid when he saw this situation. He looked at the man standing next to him who was flipping through a document board with a very serious expression. “Yuhuai, it is thanks to you keeping an eye out this time. If it was really activated then it would be too scary.”

“Don’t say it. My legs are weak now.”

“Did they check the results over there?”

“Was one burned just now? I smelled the burning of wire. F*k, what type of feud does Yueze Chemical have with the research institute? They shouldn’t have done something to all the instruments, right?”

Who would’ve thought that there was something wrong with the batch of instruments sent by Yueze Chemical? It was a local company, and it wasn’t the first time it cooperated with the Ninth Research Institute. In the past, they had given instruments to the Ninth Research Institute. Who knew they would tamper with the instruments this time? This Monday, Liu Sui and the others had come to the laboratory first thing in the morning. They wanted to see if the instruments were working well. But when they arrived, they saw Shen Yuhuai entering with some leaders. Then all the experiments in the research institute were stopped, and they said there was a problem with the instruments.

In the crowd, Shen Yuhuai’s expression was solemn. He was checking the number of instruments donated by Yueze Chemical.

Standing next to him was the person in charge of handling the instruments. He looked at the young man in front of him and thought about how after the instruments were moved on Sunday, the young man came on Sunday afternoon and asked the administrator for a key. After checking, he found out a lot of things. The moment they received the news this morning, they immediately organized a review of the instruments that Shen Yuhuai raised an issue with and called the police.

There were many people in the laboratory who could operate the instruments, but the wires and operating procedures of the procedures could only be adjusted by installers or professionals. Who would’ve thought there would be a lot of problems with this batch of instruments manufactured by Yueze? Several internal circuits were disconnected, and some operating parameters were adjusted to high-risk levels.

“After a basic inspection, there are problems with the instruments in several laboratories in Building A. Fortunately, you found them in advance. To be honest, the researchers in your institute don’t understand machines clearly, and it is difficult to find problems in ordinary operations. If something really happened, the follow-up accident investigation might be attributed to the experimenter’s operation error.”

The professional in charge of the inspection came over and told the leaders of the institute about this matter. In addition, due to the seriousness of the situation, it was hard for the local police officers to deal with it. The city criminal investigation team was notified as soon as possible.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Is it only here?”

“There are no problems in other laboratory buildings. It is mainly in the laboratories of Building A.” The professional showed him the worksheet in his hand. The specific, problematic instruments had been circled.

Seeing this, Shen Yuhuai’s expression was very solemn. The circled instruments belonged to his laboratory and the two surrounding laboratories. Yueze Chemical didn’t act on all the instruments. If an accident really happened and they re-checked the laboratory instruments, so many laboratory instrument problems would inevitably be discovered.

His laboratory building was in Building A. There were many borrowed laboratories and student laboratories in Building A. If there was really a problem, according to the inspectors, it would be easy to classify these things as problems with their operational errors.

To put it bluntly, it might not be possible to discover that someone had done it purposefully if there was really an accident.

The problem of Yueze Chemical was discovered mainly because Shen Yuhuai was also investigating Gu Shen during this time. Shen Xuelan had been checking Gu Shen’s relevant personnel, but he felt that Lin Shizong’s cooperation with Gu Shen was strong. This was why he returned to the original starting point to check Lin Shizong, Gu Shen, and several institutes when the aromatherapy problem was first found. Then he noticed an unknown detail.

He originally checked several companies that sold it legally. It was only after finding no problems that they turned to check the controlled material extraction equipment companies. In the first few industries that legally sold the controlled substances, there was Yueze Chemical. Then he noticed the change in property rights.

After learning that Yueze Chemical dominated instruments to the institute, Shen Yuhuai contacted Yan Kaiqi, found relevant personnel to inspect the instruments, and talked to the administrator several times. Before the inspection, Shen Yuhuai hoped it was just his illusion. This was until the instruments problem was finally discovered.

“What is Yueze Chemicals doing? How is tampering with the instruments different from deliberate murder?”

Several leaders of the research institute had very bad expressions. In particular, they contacted the staff of Yueze as soon as possible after knowing about this problem, but no one answered the phone.

The police officers came over and discussed with the leaders to let the researchers leave temporarily. There might be some on-site evidence collection here.


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