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MGAG: Chapter 110 Part 1

A warm orange light turned on in the bedroom. The young man was sleeping on his side. The slightly protruding butterfly bones were very beautiful. His bare back looked particularly ambiguous under the light and sank all the way into the quilt along the spine. The traces were unable to be distinguished from the lights and shadows.

There was the sound of water on the other side of the bathroom. Cold water poured out, and the clothes of the two people were scattered on the ground.

Shen Yuhuai’s body was icy cold as he casually wrapped himself in a bath towel. He came out of the bathroom and saw Chen Qizhao’s sleeping with his back to him. He pushed the young man, who moved a bit but made no sound. He was clearly exhausted.

Shen Yuhuai pulled the half-covered quilt up, readjusted the temperature of the room, and went to clean up the mess.

Shen Yuhuai picked up the wrapping paper and shell that had fallen to the ground and threw it into the empty trash can. He picked up the clothes that had fallen outside and was about to put them in the dirty clothes basket, but he was checking whether there were any items he missed in the dirty clothes. From the other pocket of Chen Qizhao’s black and white coat, he took out another box with a pink taste.


Chen Qizhao slept extremely comfortably all night. In his dream, he dreamed that Shen Yuhuai was pressing against the back of his neck. His hot breath blew there, making him feel itchy. He also dreamed of the beautiful scene in the bathroom. Once he opened his eyes, the French window facing him was bright. The light shone in through the curtains.

He was lying on Shen Yuhuai’s bed, surrounded by the smell of Shen Yuhuai and the warm feeling pressed against his back. He felt the man’s breath on the back of his neck, and his entire body was embraced by the other party. The man’s hands rested on his waist, and the two of them hugged each other.

Chen Qizhao suddenly woke up. Memories of yesterday flooded into his mind. The place connected to his tailbone seemed to be in pain, and the sore feeling of fatigue came up belatedly. He didn’t want to move and felt that the air conditioner in the room wasn’t cool enough.

Just as he wanted to change his position and move, Shen Yuhuai spoke up from behind him.

“You’re awake?” Shen Yuhuai asked.

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao responded. Then he found that his voice was very dry and hoarse. He was a bit uncomfortable when talking.

At this moment, Shen Yuhuai moved. His warm breath got closer and closer to the back of Chen Qizhao’s neck. Finally, a damp and hot feeling was felt against the bones of the back of his neck. “Sleep again. I’ll go and make breakfast.”

The man left the room, and the bedroom fell silent.

Chen Qizhao had nothing to do while lying on the bed. The exhaustion made him too lazy to get up, so he lay on the bed and looked at his phone. He hadn’t read the messages all night, and there were quite a lot of accumulated messages. Yan Kailin asked him if he wanted to go out this weekend, and there were other scattered messages.

Swiping down, he noticed that Chen Shiming had sent him a voice call request last night around 9 o’clock.

However, he didn’t pick up at that time. Chen Shiming didn’t send it a second time. He simply told him the situation on Gu Zhengsong’s side. Chen Qizhao listened to the voice message sent and knew that Gu Shen had already explained many things. According to his expectations, this dog-eat-dog drama was coming to an end.

Gu Shen was a ruthless person. If he wanted to deal with Gu Zhengsong, what he said must not be a trivial matter.

It could be seen from the deployment of the police that the police paid close attention to what Gu Shen said. They suppressed a lot of the information on how they were going to act. They hadn’t caught Gu Zhengsong yet. It was likely that they wanted to kill Gu Zhengsong when they acted. Gu Zhengsong was so good at running away. He pushed out Gu Shen and could push out another scapegoat. If they wanted to catch him, the best way was to catch him on the spot.

It was better to handle some things with caution out of fear of a backlash. It was best to be able to capture Gu Zhengsong in one fell swoop. Otherwise, they wouldn’t be able to prevent it if he secretly did something else.

Thinking of this, in order to be on the safe side, he still sent a message to the studio in charge of inquiring about information for this case. He told the other party not to relax their vigilance against Gu Shen and Gu Zhengsong’s forces during this time.

Chen Qizhao finished reading Chen Shiming’s message and sent him an ‘OK’ emoji built into the system.

The moment this message was sent, Chen Shiming replied immediately.

[Chen Shiming: You just woke up?]

[Chen Qizhao: ?]

On the moving vehicle, Special Assistant Xu was still reporting today’s work arrangement. “According to your request, the afternoon and evening trips have been postponed. I also told agreed with Chairman Chen to reduce the schedule today.”

He noticed that Chen Shiming was looking at his phone and seemed a bit distracted. He wondered, “Boss?”

Chen Shiming’s mind returned, and his face was serious. “Wait a minute.”

He sent a message while saying, “Continue.”

[Chen Shiming: It’s okay. Don’t go out in the next two days. Maybe there will be other actions on Gu Zhengsong’s side.]

Chen Qizhao replied after receiving the message. He turned to get the clothes prepared on the chair. He couldn’t wear any of his clothes, so Shen Yuhuai put a set of pajamas next to him. He put on the clothes, rolled up the slightly longer trouser legs. Then he went to the bathroom with his phone.

Once he entered, he found that Shen Yuhuai had already prepared toiletries for him.

An aroma lingered from the kitchen. The breakfast prepared had meat and vegetables to suit his taste.

In just half an hour, Shen Yuhuai had almost completely prepared breakfast. Chen Qizhao noticed the coat and backpack on the sofa and suddenly remembered that today was only Friday. Shen Yuhuai would be going to the research institute.

“When will you be working until?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Shen Yuhuai poured a bowl of porridge for him. “I have the weekend off. Will you be waiting for me at home?”

Shen Yuhuai left after breakfast, and he was the only one left in the apartment.

Chen Qizhao called Xiao Zhou and asked him to bring some clothes and books along the way.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t seem to use the TV in the apartment very much. It was a bit stuck when it turned on, and it took a while for it to work. Chen Qizhao had nothing to do so he flipped through the list of episodes. He saw Mind Eyes in the front. After clicking in, he noticed the historical records and found that Shen Yuhuai had already finished watching it.

At this time, the phone placed next to him rang.

Chen Qizhao answered the phone. It was someone from the studio.

The man in the flower shirt had received the message from the boss in the morning and went to work as soon as he woke up. He summarized the things he found recently according to the boss’ request. Since there were forces watching Gu Shen all the time, some things had to be checked by hand. He said, “Gu Zhengsong is dealing with Gu Shen’s forces. Some properties have been transferred by Gu Zhengsong to other people’s names. Others have been resold or destroyed. Anything that is easily targeted by the police isn’t allowed to stay at all.”

Gu Zhengsong’s handling of this was very decisive and didn’t leave any flaws.

“What did he keep?” Chen Qizhao asked while reading through the information.

“Some things definitely must not be kept. Gu Zhengsong wants to separate himself from Gu Shen… However, Gu Shen and Lin Shizong secretly cooperated before. There are some industries in S City that have something to do with him. On the surface, the legal person and shareholders don’t have much to do with Gu Shen, but when checking carefully, you will find that these people have discussed business with Gu Shen.” The man in the floral shirt flipped through his things. “For example, medical laboratories, drug sale agencies, and chemical laboratories. There are still disputes over the disposal of assets for Lin Medical, and the Lin family has been busy with these things recently.”

Chen Qizhao habitually checked everything and asked, “Are there any relevant documents for these assets? How about the recent property rights change?”

“You haven’t asked me for these things before. I might need to reorganize it.”

The man in the flower shirt had checked a lot during this time. He knew that Gu Zhengsong wanted to clear up the relationship. Any of Gu Shen’s things that could be sold must be sold. They wouldn’t be kept by him as a hidden danger. Combine this with the news from the police, and Gu Zhengsong was actually a turtle in the urn. He didn’t understand why the boss was so cautious and had to check so many things, but it was the boss’ request. As a worker, he had to do everything.” I will try my best to let my little brother run a few more times. I will sort these things out for you in the next two days.”

After Chen Qizhao finished speaking, he hung up the phone and became less interested in the TV.

When Xiao Zhou knocked on the door, he also brought today’s medicine. “Madam said that you didn’t bring enough medicine. She had me bring these today.”

He was carrying a bag and took things from it one after another. “Oh, this as well. They are documents from Special Assistant Xu.”

Chen Qizhao took these things and explained something. Once Xiao Zhou left, he wanted to check things again and saw Shen Yuhuai’s laptop in the bedroom.

Shen Yuhuai stepped into the laboratory in the morning. The moment he entered, he received gazes from all directions.

He wore a t-shirt with a round neck and closed his white coat to cover himself tightly. Even so, there was still a faint red mark visible on the back of his neck.

“Yuhuai, you’re almost late today.” Old Wang glanced at him and handed over the work in his hand. “Was your neck bitten by a mosquito? It is red.”

“Ahem.” Liu Sui almost choked on his drinking water.

Shen Yuhuai’s tone was calm. “Yes, the mosquito bites a bit hard.”

Old Wang was a middle-aged man who didn’t know the little things about young people. “You should buy some mosquito repellent.”

Liu Sui: “……”

Old Wang said, “Remember to copy all the data before leaving today. Don’t drop anything. People from Yueze will move in the new instruments tomorrow or the day after tomorrow. The data will be entered at that time.”

The people in the laboratory were put to work, and there was no more chatting. Shen Yuhuai walked to the laboratory work wall to check the schedule. He glimpsed the work instructions next to him out of the corner of his eye. Soon, he joined in the work. As he was waiting for the data, he went back to the lounge and saw the message that Chen Qizhao sent him, asking if Chen Qizhao could use the laptop in his bedroom.

Shen Yuhuai replied positively and told him the password of the laptop.

After coming out of the lounge, he noticed that several porters were working in the laboratory on the same floor. He walked over and asked, “Are you going to replace all the instruments on this floor?”

Seeing this, the administrator said, “Yueze Chemical has cooperated with the research institute on a big project. It is said that we will cooperate for a long time in the future, so the laboratory equipment here in Building A will be changed. I heard that Yueze’s stock price had fallen a while ago. I didn’t expect them to cooperate with the research institute this time. It is probably because they want to gain some popularity.”

A staff member of the institute next to him said, “Our research institute has produced a lot of results in the first half of the year. It also isn’t the first time that Yueze has cooperated with our research institute… It is just that they sponsored a lot of instruments this time. I told them that we don’t need so much, but they still stuffed it in.”

The administrator asked, “Why are they doing so much? When the time comes, do they want us to cooperate with them for a hot search promotion?”

The staff member said, “Maybe. A company like theirs really cares about word of mouth and cooperation. The leader said that as long as it isn’t a matter involving principles, we can cooperate with them. After all, they are giving away instruments for nothing. We earned a profit in this wave.”

Shen Yuhuai listened to them talking while his gaze was stopped on the porters. He didn’t look away until Liu Sui’s shout came from a distance.


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    Thanks for the chapter! There is something super weird about all those instruments…

    1. Mel says:

      I’m worried….remember the lab explosion that killed Shen Yuhuai in the previous life? Hopefully the fact that he’s staring at one of the porters means they will catch it in time…

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