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MGAG: Chapter 11

The young man on the other end of the camera had fair skin and his thin body was covered with a thin layer of muscle. Shen Yuhuai’s gaze was stuck on the bandage that was wrapped around the other person’s arm. In addition to the wound, he could see the smooth lines of the young man’s arm. He should exercise well since his physical fitness seemed very good.

He stopped for a moment. Then his eyes met Chen Qizhao, who was on the other end of the camera.

Perhaps it was his illusion but Shen Yuhuai felt that Chen Qizhao seemed to be looking at him too. Then he quickly rejected this idea.

The other person didn’t restrain his gaze and the actual gaze seemed to fall on him, exposing his incorrect thoughts.

The calm exchange of gazes caused an inexplicable embarrassment. Shen Yuhuai retracted his gaze, nodded apologetically and quickly left Chen Qizhao’s field of view, revealing the simple living room behind Yan Kailin.

Meanwhile, Yan Kailin didn’t notice this episode at all. He was very interested in this glorious badge of honor on his brother’s body and started to inquire about where the wound came from.

The next second, there was a notification that the video call was hung up on the camera interface.

Yan Kailin: “???”

He sent another video request but the other person didn’t answer.

“Is the signal here so bad that the video call can be cut off?” Yan Kailin moved his phone around to look for a signal. Then he turned back and saw Shen Yuhuai standing at the bedroom door not far away. He couldn’t help complaining, “Brother Huai, is your Wi-Fi here only a few megabytes? Why is the signal so bad?”

Shen Yuhuai took his gaze off the phone and suggested, “Maybe you can consider changing places the next time you video call someone.”

Yan Kailin couldn’t understand it. “Huh?”

In the bathroom, Chen Qizhao was expressionless as he used tape to paste the corners of the bandage. He glimpsed the video communication request reflected in the mirror, but he didn’t answer it until the last sound disappeared from the bathroom.

The screen darkened. Chen Qizhao’s gaze was still on the screen of the phone while his mind was on the young Shen Yuhuai.

In his memory, he had hardly seen Shen Yuhuai wearing pajamas, nor had he ever had a video call with Shen Yuhuai. In his past life when the two of them were most frequently in contact, Shen Yuhuai’s scientific research project had entered an important stage while he ran around for the Chen group day and night. It was only just before they went to bed that they would reply to each other’s messages.

At that time, he didn’t seem to have to sent many voice messages, let alone video calls.

The bathroom was a bit messy. Chen Qizhao threw away the blood-stained bandage into the trash can and went back into the bedroom.

Perhaps it was due to seeing Shen Yuhuai before going to bed but Chen Qizhao had a dream.

He dreamed back to when he was 27 years old.

At the age of 27, it should be regarded as an important stage in his career. He was struggling with the previous debts and there were several projects where he repeatedly encountered obstacles. Then he unexpectedly received an investment from abroad and there was a turnaround for the first time. He ran around from business and business and saw that the projects were going well. He was very happy to tell Shen Yuhuai the news.

At that time, Shen Yuhuai was in a closed-off state due to a confidential project. Chen Qizhao would only receive a reply a long time after sending a message. He hadn’t taken this matter to heart and thought Shen Yuhuai would reply to his message in a few days as before. Yet before he could get a reply, he received news of a sensational laboratory accident and the bad news that the young son of the Shen family had died in the accident.

His last chat message with Shen Yuhuai was his dazzling joy.

It was as if to confirm Lin Shizong’s vicious whispers that his life was tough and those related to him wouldn’t end up well.

Chen Qizhao woke up from the dream. A few rays of sunlight shone through the cracks in the heavy curtains.

He sat on the bed in silence for a few minutes before getting out of bed and going to the bathroom to wash up.

His face reflected in the mirror was a bit tired. Chen Qizhao looked at himself in the mirror. No matter how young he had become, he couldn’t truly turn back into a carefree child.

He was still far away from 27 years old and he and Shen Yuhuai hadn’t become friends who often talked.

After washing up, he noticed the phone that he had ignored in the bathroom last night. He habitually opened it and browsed the information on his phone. Then he suddenly found a few text messages.

[Zhang Yazhi has transferred the amount of 1,000,000 RMB to your savings card that ends with 1234 through XX bank. The balance is *****….]

[Your savings card that ends with 1234 has gained 2,000,000 RMB through a transfer from XX Bank…]

[Chen Shiming has sent you through XX Bank…]

It was three in a row and all from different accounts.

It seemed that there was a delay on the bank side so that it all came in around the same time in the early morning.


Chen Qizhao’s mind was a bit clearer. Now wasn’t the time to distribute the monthly pocket money. If he remembered correctly, he hadn’t mentioned to anyone that he was lacking money. Why were these three people giving it to him for no reason? Were they doing charity early in the morning?

He thought casually. Then he clicked on VX and saw the 20+ messages sent by Yan Kailin. He didn’t intend to reply for a while.

[Shen Yuhuai’s Internet speed at home is too poor that it keeps interrupting our calls.]

[I want to give him an upgrade packet to let him change to a good Internet. Then he recommended a different place for the next video chat??]

[I suspect Shen Yuhuai has an opinion about me.]

[Hello? Brother, are you there? I’m online and ready to chat with you.]


There were 20+ messages and Chen Qizhao didn’t know where he got the patience to read it.

He replied after reading it: [What does he think of you?]

Yan Kailin replied in seconds the moment the message was sent.

[F*k, you finally replied to me!]

Chen Qizhao: [You got up so early?]

Yan Kailin replied generously: [I didn’t sleep!]

He replied to Chen Qizhao: [I don’t know why, I can’t describe the feeling… Last night, I wanted to say that the Internet speed was too slow and the package should be upgraded or something. Then he asked me to change places next time I wanted to do a video chat?]

[It isn’t that he has an opinion about me. I just feel that a person like him wouldn’t like my type of personality.]

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on these words. Then he typed and asked: [So what type does he like?]

[Someone good, a type of well-behaved person. The last time, I saw him come to the house with a junior. That student had this type of personality. Shen Yuhuai could talk easily to him.]

Yan Kailin asked: [Why are you asking about him? Wait, Brother, did you just wake up? How come you are going to bed so early now?!]

Someone good?

Chen Qizhao controlled the strange look in his eyes and changed the topic as if nothing happened. [Let me ask you something. Will your brother give you money?]

Chen Shiming woke up a bit late today, but his sleep wasn’t bad. Not long after he went out, he heard the sound of the door opening not far away. He saw Chen Qizhao coming out of his room, looking at his phone as he walked.

This was a rare thing. If Chen Qizhao wasn’t in school, he used to sleep until the afternoon. Then after the college entrance examination finished, he often went out with people to fool around and it was common to stay up all night.

Chen Qizhao probably didn’t plan to go out today. He was still wearing baggy pajamas with the slightly dazzling bandage visible under his slightly rolled up sleeves. Chen Shiming looked at him and inexplicably thought of Chen Qizhao, who did nothing at the dinner table last night, and his strange behavior of letting Uncle Zhang deliver milk in the middle of the night.

There was no eager attentiveness and no good intentions.

Still, it was a good thing to be sensible. Chen Shiming wasn’t used to it but he couldn’t deny that Chen Qizhao on a regular schedule was indeed a bit more comfortable than before.

“Good morning.” Chen Shiming took the initiative to give a greeting.

Chen Shiming was dressed in a suit and leather shoes and looked like a proper elite.

At this time, he stopped not far away in front of Chen Qizhao and was obviously waiting for Chen Qizhao to reply.

Chen Qizhao, who was playing with his mobile phone, looked up and revealed a slightly surprised look. At the same time, he was glancing at the phone screen out of the corner of his eyes.

In the chat log, Yan Kailin was sending several messages in succession. The topic they were discussing was Chen Shiming.Chen Qizhao didn’t have any experience with brotherhood. Zhang Yazhi’s money could be understood as pocket money but Chen Shiming’s money was really too frightening.

[What? Your brother gave you money?]

[Was he reincarnated as a Bodhisattva?]

[If my brother gave me money, I would have to wonder if he became stupid at work.]

[It isn’t easy to meet a big brother who transfers money to you. It is okay to cherish it.]

Chen Shiming saw Chen Qizhao’s slightly strange gaze. “What type of eyes do you have?”

Chen Qizhao sighed, “No, I was wondering if you were a boy who scattered wealth or a reincarnation of a Bodhisattva.”

Chen Shiming: “……”

The vacation after the college entrance examination was long, but it passed quickly for Chen Qizhao. His cooperation with Ruizhen Electronics started to progress rapidly. After all, it was a project with ‘good prospects and technology’. Chen Qizhao joined when the project research and development had come to an end. So it wasn’t long before he was shown the results of short-term profit and a thriving future.

This was normal. They gave him some sweetness to attract him to invest more money in the name of becoming bigger and stronger, expanding the market.

Due to this, he found some traces of the Lin family’s operations from the Ruizhen Electronics’ marketing routines. Chen Qizhao knew Lin Shizong’s subsidiaries well in his previous life. Some things seemed to be seamless, but in fact, they were already visible.

Chen Qizhao ‘willingly’ fell into the trap. Then he turned and handed this information to Special Assistant Xu, who didn’t say anything. Even so, he knew the news would probably be handed to Chen Shiming’s desk.

The short summer vacation of an 18 year old was over and the admission results of the college entrance examination had long come out.

On the day of the enrollment, the sun was shining and the weather was nice.

S City in September was still very hot and they sweated a bit after going through all the procedures.

After completing the enrollment procedures, he went to his dormitory to put his luggage. Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming were at work and the only one who had time to come was Zhang Yazhi. Chen Qizhao had applied for a single-person dormitory. It was easy to get in and out of and his small amount of luggage was soon moved in.

Zhang Yazhi visited S College. Then she thought of Chen Qizhao studying and living on campus, rarely going home, and couldn’t help nagging him a bit. “In fact, this isn’t far from home. If you aren’t used to living here, you can go home and stay.”

Chen Qizhao answered, “I know.”

Zhang Yazhi didn’t stay for too long. She originally wanted to have lunch with Chen Qizhao. However, something happened in the studio and she had to go back and deal with it immediately.

Chen Qizhao was about to find a random place to eat after packing up his things. Then he heard a strange sound coming from the door.

He walked to the door to see the situation. The moment he pushed the door open, he saw Shen Yuhuai standing directly opposite his door.

Shen Yuhuai heard the sound and turned his head.

He didn’t wear glasses today and was wearing a light green sports t-shirt.

“We meet again,” Shen Yuhuai said. “Good afternoon.”

Chen Qizhao looked at him, paused for half a second and said, “Good afternoon.”

At the same time.

In an office of Ruizhen Electronics, Mr Wang just finished making a phone call. He saw Qin Xingfeng standing next to the French windows and said directly, “The leader has allowed us to do it. The Chen family has started to test the waters of other industries during this time. This project can be used as a point of convergence. How has your relationship with Chen Qizhao been lately? Find an opportunity to ask him out for a drink and let him find a way to talk to his father.”

Qin Xingfeng hesitated. “Will it be too aggressive?”

“No, he has a bad relationship with Chen Shiming. Now there is an opportunity for him to do a project and take the limelight in front of his old father. Why wouldn’t he do it?”

MR Wang felt that Qin Xingfeng was good at everything but he was sometimes afraid of doing things. “You just need to connect with the Chen Group and it will be easier to do tricks in the Chen Group. Don’t forget that we still have people in the Chen Group.”

“Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming are really difficult to deal with, but sometimes they are too arrogant. They don’t always pay attention to small things.” Mr Wang walked over and patted Qin Xingfeng’s shoulder, his tone relaxed. “Chen Qizhao is a stupid person and he will be our stepping stone if we use him well. Do you think that Chen Jianhong will be reluctant to fill this bottomless pit when the project is related to the Chen Group?”

Qin Xingfeng seemed to think about it.

Mr Wang had a bit of understanding of Qin Xingfeng. “I heard you recently invested in a project in C City. Is there enough money?”

Qin Xingfeng heard that Chen Qizhao was indeed a fool, but he had a genius brother.

During this period of time, he kept in touch with Chen Qizhao in order to coax Chen Qizhao well. Therefore, he heard a lot of first-hand news from Chen Qizhao’s mouth such as the C City project. He had asked someone to inquire about the project. No specific news had come out but there were already many people behind him.

The rhythm of Ruizhen Electronics alone was too slow. He still had to find a way to make some money for himself.

However, C City was a project that several large companies were ready to bid for. He had already invested a lot of money in the early investment alone.

“My funds are a bit tight, but it isn’t a big problem,” Qin Xingfeng answered.

Mr Wang smiled. “If you can get the Chen family to handle this matter, do you still need to be afraid of funding problems when you want to invest in a project in the future?”

Qin Xingfeng didn’t want to have too much of a relationship with Chen Qizhao recently, especially since this person was followed by Yan Kailin every time he went out. “…Wait a bit. That guy surnamed Yan follows him every day and it is always bad timing for me. Chen Qizhao has been busy with school lately. I’ll look for a weekend to ask him to come out.”

“Rest assured, it is a small matter to get him to relent.”


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