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MGAG: Chapter 109 Part 1

In the office, after a brief silence, Special Assistant Xu didn’t disturb his boss any longer. He closed the door thoughtfully and left the office.

It was just that not long after he left, a phone call came in. He had to push open the door of his boss’ office again. “I have news about Gu Zhengsong.”

Chen Shiming frowned. “Was he caught?”

“The police have already been deployed. It seems that Gu Zhengsong still has deals with other people. He wants to destroy other evidence in a short time,” Special Assistant Xu said. “The ambush is already underway. B City wants to act when Gu Zhengsong is doing the deal.”

In B City, Gu Zhengsong ended the call. “Is the transaction arranged?”

The subordinate replied, “It is arranged. The last batch of goods will come out tomorrow night.”

The police in B City were tense. He had hidden those goods before. With the speed of the police, it would be a disaster to keep this batch of goods in his hands. He could only take the risk of finding someone to take over and wait for the goods to be cleared. Except for Gu Shen’s side, all the other evidence had been cleaned up.

His eyes were on the newspaper on the table. A night of silence passed. He only received news that the ambulance was parked at the gate of the prison. The news from the police was very tight, but the ambulance had stayed at the gate for a long time. There was no other news about Gu Shen.

“Is the person dead?” Gu Zhengsong asked.

The subordinate explained, “I’m not sure. My spy said that the ambulance stopped for a long time, and someone was taken away in the ambulance. I can’t confirm whether it is Gu Shen or not. Our people didn’t dare get too close. Mr Gu, there is a lot of pressure from Gu Zhengxun’s side. There are also a lot of people staring at us recently. Our movements on the side of S City seem to have been noticed by the people of the Chen family and the Shen family… they might guess that we are the ones who attacked Gu Shen.”

Gu Zhengsong was in a bad mood when thinking of the Chen family and Shen family. Disposing of Gu Shen was a top priority, but he didn’t want to let these two families go. In particular, he had suffered so many losses during this time. He was a bit unwilling at the thought of losing almost all his foundation in the hands of these people.

“Chen Qizhao just celebrated his birthday, right?” Gu Zhengsong asked.

The subordinate said, “Yes. We sent someone over to take a look at last night’s birthday party. The Chen family was very well-defended.”

“Gu Shen has dealt with the people of the Chen family, and we previously had Gu Shen’s people go over. This alerted them. It is estimated that the Chen family is now wary. I can’t leave a handle for anyone by doing things under the eyes of the police.”

Gu Zhengsong threw the newspaper aside. The documents on his table contained a part of Gu Shen’s property left in S City. “I asked you to send someone to keep an eye on the youngest son of the Shen family. What is the situation?”

The subordinate handed over the photo. “I’m watching and already doing it according to your arrangement.”

Gu Zhengsong lit a cigarette and sneered. “Once this batch of goods is over, let’s give a big gift to the Shen family.”

The cafeteria of the Ninth Research Institute was located outside the laboratory building, between the research institute and the staff dormitory building. There were usually family members of employees who came here to eat, and the supervision of personnel wasn’t as strict as the inside of the institute. Lin Sui and his colleagues didn’t wait for Shen Yuhuai. They entered the cafeteria to find a more spacious position. They each went to a stall to get food. By the time they came back, Shen Yuhuai still hadn’t come, so they started chatting.

“The seat next to Yuhuai will be given to him. I don’t know who he is going to bring. Why hasn’t he come after so long? Isn’t it good to take people to eat? Why come to our cafeteria? Isn’t that unthinkable?” Liu Sui looked at the food on his plate and sighed. “S College’s freshmen are on summer vacation. We have fewer places to eat.”

His colleague told him, “Stop talking nonsense. The aunt at the stall rolled her eyes at you just now.”

Liu Sui glanced at the stall. He found that the aunt was really looking at him, so he lowered his voice. “How did you find a place so close? Did she overhear me saying that her food is bad?”

“It isn’t the first time. The last time I ate with you, half of the meat was removed when it came time to getting food.”

Liu Sui: “……”

He changed the topic and asked something else, “Who is Shen Yuhuai picking up?”

“Didn’t you just say that he spent last night with his girlfriend? He must be picking up his girlfriend.”

“It is possible. I heard that little couples are like this. They like to stick together after they first get together.” Liu Sui was no longer interested in his phone and looked at the door of the cafeteria. “Why is it taking so long to pick up someone? It takes five minutes to go from the entrance of the institute to our cafeteria.”

After a while, Liu Sui saw Shen Yuhuai’s figure appearing at the door of the cafeteria. Shen Yuhuai’s clothes were conspicuous, so Liu Sui waved when seeing him in the distance. He looked beside Shen Yuhuai and saw a man in a black and white coat following Shen Yuhuai.

Liu Sui narrowed his eyes. “The person is wearing a hat, and I can’t see the face.”

“The legs are white and straight!”

“Where? Let me see!”

The person next to Shen Yuhuai was wearing a coat. The baggy shorts below the knees showed white and straight legs. His face couldn’t be seen clearly with his hat on, but he looked vaguely familiar. Seeing the person getting closer, Liu Sui was about to say something to warm up the scene. Then when the person approached and took off his hat to reveal a familiar face, he swallowed the words back again. “Qizhao?”

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao said a greeting.

Shen Yuhuai said, “Sit down, I’ll go and get food.”

The moment Shen Yuhuai left, the people around him looked interested. Chen Qizhao casually put his hat on the chair next to him and looked at them with some doubt. “What is it?”

Liu Sui replied, “It’s nothing. I thought Yuhuai was picking up his girlfriend when he took so long to pick you up.”

“Girlfriend?” Chen Qizhao asked.

When it came to the girlfriend, the people around him explained the situation in a few words. It was a pity they didn’t see Shen Yuhuai’s girlfriend, but they were more comfortable seeing Chen Qizhao. “But aren’t you on vacation? Did you come to S College for a stroll? If we had known you would come over, we would’ve gone to the restaurant next door.”

Chen Qizhao asked, “Did he say what his girlfriend looks like?”

Liu Sui said, “This isn’t nonsense. Who doesn’t like an immortal like beauty? Let me tell you, his computer is hiding photos of his goddess. He didn’t let me see it when I passed by. What type of beauty is so well hidden? When he was in B College before, there were many girls who sent him love letters, but I never saw him take a second look. Now he is secretly looking at photos in the middle of the night, tsk tsk.”

Chen Qizhao asked again, “Looking at photos in the middle of the night?”

“In addition, in order to celebrate his goddess’ birthday, he started working a week in advance and was late when coming to the laboratory in the morning.” Liu Sui wanted to say that Shen Yuhuai was also wearing his girlfriend’s pajamas. But before he could finish speaking, his eyes suddenly stopped on Chen Qizhao’s coat.

Chen Qizhao just wanted to speak when Shen Yuhuai returned from getting food.

There were mostly meat dishes on the plate. They were all dishes that Chen Qizhao liked. Once Shen Yuhuai put down the plate, he opened his mouth and asked, “Is the drink still Coke?”

The weather was hot, and there was no air conditioning in the cafeteria. The big fan at the top was spinning around.

Chen Qizhao originally planned to go to the vending machine to buy a bottle of water. Then he nodded when he heard Shen Yuhuai’s question.

Shen Yuhuai put down the plate and went to the vending machine to buy drinks.

The people who were talking felt a bit strange when they saw Shen Yuhuai coming over with two plates. Then they thought about how Chen Qizhao didn’t know which stall in their cafeteria tasted bad. It was reasonable for Shen Yuhuai to grab food for him. It was just that there seemed to be a tacit understanding when going back and forth this time. The two people didn’t say much, but they couldn’t get involved at all.

Once Shen Yuhuai sat down, Liu Sui couldn’t help looking between him and Chen Qizhao. “I didn’t feel it before, but now looking at you, the clothes you are wearing seem to be the same style.”

To put it exaggeratedly, it was like a couple’s outfit.

The people around him nodded one after another. Chen Qizhao might be wearing a thin black and white jacket, but there were a few scribbled letters on the jacket that somehow matched the print on Shen Yuhuai’s t-shirt. People had fixed aesthetics. Chen Qizhao’s dressing style had always been this way. It was very trendy and a bit fancy. Liu Sui hadn’t paid attention before, but now that he saw the two people in front of him, there was an indescribable sense of harmony…

“It is the same style.” Shen Yuhuai put the tableware on Chen Qizhao’s plate. “The one I am wearing belongs to him.”

“Hey, I just said it was the same style. It turned out to be…”

Liu Sui was stunned halfway through speaking. “Isn’t this your girlfriend’s pajamas?”

It wasn’t just him. The people listening next to him were also stunned.

S College, a student, someone they had also met before…

Finally, they set their eyes on Chen Qizhao, who didn’t speak. He looked very normal and even picked up the meatballs on his plate to eat.

There was a loud sound as the sound of the can being opened broke the silence. Then Chen Qizhao told them, “It is just that I bought it too big and didn’t wear it as pajamas.”

The others: “……”

Shen Yuhuai sat next to Chen Qizhao rather than choosing to sit directly opposite him. Due to the narrow cafeteria seats, the shoulders of the two of them were almost touching. When eating, the two people didn’t have any unnecessary movements and were like ordinary friends. But when looking closely, they would find that there was a sense of atmosphere between the two of them that couldn’t be broken. The two people didn’t speak explicitly, but the situation had already reached this point. This group of people wasn’t the type of old-fashioned people who didn’t know anything. It was almost blatantly shown to them.

Liu Sui smiled awkwardly. “It can’t be?”

“Yes,” Shen Yuhuai answered very flatly. “There is no goddess and no girlfriend. He is my boyfriend.”

Liu Sui couldn’t help asking, “Why didn’t you tell me before?”

Shen Yuhuai said, “I didn’t catch him before.”

A colleague asked, “What about the birthday?”

Chen Qizhao spoke at the right time, “It was my birthday yesterday.”

Liu Sui exclaimed, “…F*k, what about the photos of the goddess on your computer?”

Chen Qizhao looked sideways slightly at Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai gave Chen Qizhao a snack. His expression was very natural, and an appropriate look of confusion was on his face. “Are there photos?”

Liu Sui felt that what he said before made him look like a fool. Looking at the plate in front of him, he didn’t know whether it was because the food in the cafeteria was difficult to eat, but he couldn’t swallow it. His curiosity was about to explode. He stared at Chen Qizhao and thought about when these two people got involved, when they determined the relationship, and why he didn’t see any signs when they ate together so many times.

He was embarrassed to continue to ask. He looked at Shen Yuhuai’s Moments, Chen Qizhao’s Moments and then stopped on Chen Qizhao’s profile picture.

“F*k,” Liu Sui said.

His colleague told him, “The aunt in the cafeteria is looking at you again.”

Liu Sui glanced at the stall and noticed that the cafeteria aunt had one hand on her waist and the other hand on the stall platform, looking at him indifferently. It seemed like the next time he came to the cafeteria to eat, even less meat would be scooped up for him.



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