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MGAG: Chapter 108 Part 2

He didn’t come to the company by car this morning. Chen Qizhao didn’t want to alarm others, so after he handled everything at the company, he took a taxi to the vicinity of Changyang Street.

The driver stopped the car. “Little brother, we’re here.”

Chen Qizhao thanked him, opened the door, and got out of the car. The situation of this street was a bit different from later years. The surrounding stores were also different. Still, he had walked for nearly ten years on the road from Changyang Street to the commercial area.

The high-end community in Changyang Street had just been built for a few years. He used a house inspection as an excuse, and the sales center sent a salesman to him to introduce the lighting and scenery of this community. “There is a commercial area behind us. It is close to work, and commuting is convenient…”

Following his introduction, Chen Qizhao glanced at the building in the distance out of the corner of his eye.

The salesman noticed his gaze and immediately took him to the sample room over there to see the building. This building was relatively large in their community and had a large, single-floor area. Usually, no one came to see the building here. He had been in the industry for several years. The moment he saw the brand-name shoes worn by the young man in front of him, he immediately realized the opportunity and took him to see the sample room.

He had just turned the staircase and entered the elevator when the customer next to him requested, “Go to the 16th floor.”

The salesman looked through the owner’s registration form in his hand and laughed awkwardly. “Is the 18th floor okay?”

Chen Qizhao looked at him doubtfully.

The salesman said, “That’s right. Several homes on the 16th floor have been sold.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned for a moment.

The salesman pressed the button for the 18th floor and introduced it very professionally. “Our 16th floor isn’t much different from the 18th floor. The 18th floor has better lighting. I will show you.”

The elevator dinged, and the salesman led the person in. He could see the unrenovated interior at a glance. He could vaguely see the layout of the interior after the future renovation.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stopped on the threshold of the entrance that was less than the height of his fingernails. Then he looked inside little by little, and the scenes in his memory were reshaped little by little. From the data, some facts were self-evident after he discovered that Gu Shen’s related personnel often wandered the streets of Changyang. The truth of Chen Qizhao’s ‘suicide’ might really be a tragedy that he didn’t have time to prevent.

“Room 1602 was sold?” Chen Qizhao asked.

The salesman repeated, “Yes, they are all sold.”

In his last life, Room 1602 was vacant until he moved here. Even 1601 wasn’t sold. This was how he could buy this property at a low price.

Lin Shizong was finished. The Gu family’s father and son were about to finish playing. The gangster under Gu Shen, who often wandered here, was also imprisoned for committing crimes while Gu Zhengsong was dealing with Gu Shen’s forces… Even the place where they lived in their previous lives had been purchased by an unknown householder. Everything was different from his previous life. They wouldn’t stay in Room 1602, and Chen Shiming wouldn’t live in this corner in a wheelchair. All the trajectories seemed to gradually reach another trajectory after things changed.

After coming out of the sales center, Chen Qizhao felt that today’s weather seemed exceptionally bright.

He picked up his phone. He was about to take a taxi to leave when he saw an unanswered message on his phone.

He got in the car, and the driver asked, “Are you going to the vicinity of the Ninth Research Institute in S City?”

Chen Qizhao replied through the message. He was looking through his phone when he suddenly thought of something. He raised his phone to show it to the driver. “Yes, you don’t need to go to the main entrance. Stop here.”

In the Ninth Research Institute, the laboratory staff sighed during the lunch break.

The experiment failed, and the efforts of the previous few days were all in vain. This meant starting from scratch. Fortunately, these people were used to working hard in front of the laboratory computer. After sighing, they discussed what to eat for lunch. Several people held each other’s shoulders as they went to the lounge. Liu Sui was talking when his eyes stopped on Shen Yuhuai who was still in the laboratory. “Hurry up. Yuhuai, I’ll be waiting for you.”

Shen Yuhuai stood with his back to them, registering the data. “Soon.”

At the door of the laboratory, a few people didn’t leave immediately. His other colleagues exchanged words.

“It is rare to run into him late this morning. Old Wang was asking him if he had overslept.”

“He seems to be very busy lately. It is basically useless to ask him out for dinner.”

Liu Sui leaned against the wall and smiled meaningfully, “You don’t know, right? Shen Yuhuai didn’t come over last night because of his goddess’ birthday. He went to celebrate his goddess’ birthday, and he was late this morning. You are all adults. You should understand.”

“F*, why didn’t I see it?”

“Liu Sui, you know so much. Why didn’t you say it before?”

“I wanted to ask last time. Who is Shen Yuhuai’s goddess? There aren’t many girls at S College that we have contact with.”

Liu Sui watched the man in the laboratory come out and made a signal with his mouth. “Ask him.”

“Ask what?” Shen Yuhuai handed the record board to one of his colleagues, his tone a bit tired.

The lounge wasn’t far away. On the way, people asked Shen Yuhuai what happened last night.

Shen Yuhuai stopped for a moment when he heard this. “Being late in the morning is because I forgot to charge my phone, and my alarm didn’t ring.”

“Is it that simple? Are there no more in-depth topics?” Liu Sui hinted with a wink.

Shen Yuhuai pushed open the door. He thought of Chen Shiming’s two phone calls last night. Finally, he fell asleep at 3 o’clock… he looked over slightly before taking off his white coat. “Does a phone call count?”

Liu Sui wanted to speak. Then he suddenly noticed that Shen Yuhuai’s inner clothes were a t-shirt he had never seen before.

Shen Yuhuais’ clothes had always been simple. He usually liked to wear solid-colored clothes rather than gaudy shirts with a lot of prints. It wasn’t just Liu Sui. A few colleagues nearby also looked over. They were obviously attracted by the clothes on Shen Yuhuai’s body. They didn’t look carefully when he put on the white coat in the morning. Now that he took off the white coat, the print was obvious…

“Yuhuai.” Liu Sui hesitated to speak. “The style of the one you are wearing is a bit different.”

Shen Yuhuai glanced at his clothes. He thought of the message of his VX when he went out in the morning. His boyfriend asked if Shen Yuhuai was still wearing his clothes.

He took out his mobile phone from his locker. “It isn’t mine.”

“I was wondering how you could wear this…” Liu Sui realized halfway through his sentence. “F*k, it is hers! Are these her pajamas? Shen Yuhuai, didn’t realize you were so awesome before. I think you guys are too good at playing now.”

Shen Yuhuai wanted to explain, but the topic had already changed.

There were no other messages on the phone. His boyfriend didn’t look for him in the morning, so he sent a message to the other person. Then he put his phone in his pocket and followed his colleagues to the cafeteria to eat.

There was some distance between the laboratory building and the cafeteria. Shen Yuhuai glanced at his phone from time to time. Just as he swiped his access control cards to leave the area of the laboratory building, he found that there were a lot of people entering and leaving the laboratory today. Some large instruments were being carried by the workers and moved into the laboratory building in the back one by one. There were also a few people in suits and leather shoes talking with people from the research institute.

“Are there instruments coming in today?” Shen Yuhuai asked casually.

Liu Sui, who was talking with someone, came back to his senses. He followed Liu Sui’s gaze and explained, “Oh, this? This morning, Old Wang did say that a lot of equipment is coming in today. We will have a day off tomorrow. I hear that the ones in our laboratory will also be replaced.”

Another colleague said, “Yuhuai, you don’t know yet. Our new project has been seen by investors. They should be coming to inspect in two days. You were late in the morning and didn’t hear Old Wang tell us about it.”

Shen Yuhuai asked, “What company?”

“The wealthy backer?”

Liu Sui added, “It is a famous one in our local area. Oh yes, Yueze Chemical.”

A colleague noticed Shen Yuhuai’s expression and asked, “What’s the matter? Old Wang said that if you have a problem, you can go to the office to discuss it with him.”

“Nothing.” Shen Yuhuai withdrew his gaze. Then he noticed that his phone vibrated, and a new VX message popped up.

Liu Sui glanced over curiously. He saw Shen Yuhuai chatting with someone and that the profile picture belonged to Chen Qizhao. This made him look away in a bored manner.

In the distance, several men in suits handed the instrument delivery form to the director of the research institute. One of them raised his phone slightly and clicked the phone camera at several young people leaving side by side.

At this time, the staff of the institute noticed that the other person was taking photos. He looked sideways and immediately said, “Hello, we don’t allow photos to be taken here in the laboratory building.”

“No, I am just taking a couple of shots of the scenery.” The man in the suit opened the gallery to show. “The scenery here is really good.”

The staff frowned. He scanned the photo album but didn’t want to be too excessive to the sponsor, so he said tactfully, “The scenery can’t be photographed.”

The cafeteria wasn’t far away. Liu Sui had just walked to the door of the cafeteria when he suddenly saw Shen Yuhuai stop and wondered, “Yuhuai, what’s wrong?”

Shen Yuhuai lowered his head to reply to the message and said casually, “I’ll pick someone up.”

“Eh?” Liu Sui wondered, “It is already time for a meal. Who are you picking up?”

Within the Chen Group, today’s business continued.

After dealing with Gu Shen’s affairs, Special Assistant Xu returned to the company with his boss. At this time, he was standing next to his desk, and it was rare to see his boss yawn three times in just half an hour. He reported Chen Qizhao’s movements today to his boss before saying tactfully, “There is still some time before the afternoon meeting. Do you want to lie down in the lounge for a while at noon?”

“No, I’ll prepare a cup of coffee later.” Chen Shiming’s face was serious as he continued to look at the files on his computer. “If he needs someone there, you can transfer someone over first. Xiao Zhou can’t do it all alone. You can help watch it during the early stages.”

There was a lot of buzz about Chen Qizhao in the company this morning. Many departments or high-level management had heard the news, and they wanted to stuff people under Chen Qizhao.

“He is over there in the office? Did he take his medicine at noon?” Chen Shiming asked.

Special Assistant Xu replied, “No, the Second Young Master left the company after the matter was dealt with this morning.”

Special Assistant Xu wasn’t sure about his boss’ attitude. This morning, he felt that his boss’ mood seemed to be very bad, but now he felt that it was okay. He thought of the scene in the Chen family’s villa yesterday and the strange scene he saw at the entrance of the building this morning. He couldn’t guess what the boss was thinking for a while. Then he thought about his boss’ request for a complete report and was forced to say, “There is one more thing. Xiao Zhou obtained the listing information of some houses in the east district.”

Chen Shiming asked, “The listings? What does he want with this?”

Special Assistant Xu hesitated to speak, but he had to say, “It is the Second Young Master who wants it. He is having Xiao Zhou help him see the house.”

Chen Shiming asked, “What listings? Isn’t there a ready-made office building over there?”

“That isn’t it. The Second Young Master is going to buy an apartment next to the Ninth Research Institute. He says that it must be close… for easy commuting.”

The office fell into a strange silence. Special Assistant Xu saw his boss stop while flipping through the documents. The page of the document wasn’t turned over for a long time.


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