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MGAG: Chapter 108 Part 1

The impromptu discussion in the living room didn’t end until just before midnight. The busy birthday party had come to an end, and Chen Shiming went to the kitchen to pour a glass of water. After going upstairs, he glanced into the depths of the corridor. Chen Qizhao’s door was closed, and light in the corridor in the distance dimmed.

Chen Shiming glanced at it. He pushed open his door and entered. Then he put the water cup on the table.

He swiped down on his phone contacts and finally stopped on Shen Yuhuai’s name.

Chen Shiming took a sip of the water before calling the number.

It was just that he didn’t make this call. Only a cold female voice responded to him.

‘The number you have dialed is on a call.’

Chen Shiming, “……?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t know that his family talked for a long time due to him being in a relationship. He chatted with Shen Yuhuai until late at night and didn’t stop until his phone ran out of battery. The quality of sleep at night was surprisingly good. After a night without dreams, he woke up early. Then when he opened his eyes, he happened to meet Chen Shiming coming out of the room.

Chen Shiming was wearing a suit, holding two documents in his hand, and frowning tightly when he closed the door.

His complexion wasn’t good, and it looked like he didn’t sleep well.

The two brothers looked at each other from a distance of nearly five meters.

Just as Chen Shiming was considering his words and planned to open his mouth to break the silence—

On the other side, Chen Qizhao pursed his lips and said hello. “Good morning.”

Chen Shiming paused for a while before answering the other party. “Good morning.”

Downstairs, Zhang Yazhi just came out of the kitchen when she saw the two brothers walking down side by side from a distance. The surprise in her eyes quickly changed to softness. “Xiao Zhao, did you wake up so early today?” She instructed the servants to prepare an extra portion of breakfast.

Soon, Chen Jianhong also came downstairs.

It was rare for the family to sit together in the morning. The desk was full of breakfast.

Chen Qizhao didn’t move his chopsticks. He was about to ask about the results of the unfinished discussion last night when he heard Chen Jianhong’s voice from the main seat.

“I have discussed the relationship with your mother and Shiming. You are an adult, and we have no right to interfere with the relationship.” Chen Jianhong’s tone was still serious but the timing of his words was paused properly. His face wasn’t as tense as before. “That child Yuhuai is good. It is fine as long as you like him. It is just…”

He coughed. “Stay safe.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned for a moment before looking down at the soy milk in the bowl. “Oh, okay.”

Zhang Yazhi watched from the side. There was a smile in her eyes as she noticed her husband’s expression and the child’s awkwardness.

After eating, Chen Qizhao took medicine according to the time. He was fine at home during the summer vacation, so he took the spare medicine bag and prepared to go to the company.

He was going out and saw that Chen Jianhong’s car hadn’t left, and the window was lowered. Chen Shiming sat in Chen Jianhong’s car, and he said to Chen Qizhao, “Come up. We can go together.”

At the headquarters of the Chen Group, Special Assistant Xu waited downstairs as usual. He was talking with another assistant beside him about today’s work arrangements. He rushed over when he saw that his boss’ car was stopped in front of the company building.

The moment the door was pushed open, the boss got out of the car.

Before he could speak, he saw Chairman Chen getting out of the car, followed by Second Young Master Chen.

The faces of the assistants and executives waiting outside the company changed.

The bad relationship between Father Chen and his two sons had been widely spread. It had eased during this period of time, but it was the first time the three of them came to the company in the same car.

Chen Qizhao got out of the car and saw the situation outside. He talked to Chen Shiming before striding past the group of assistants and executives. He ignored the eyes of others and directly entered the company.

The location of his office had changed, and even Xiao Zhou had a small independent office connected to it. The business in the eastern district was all given to Chen Qizhao. Once he came to the company today, the managers in charge of handing over the business came over to hand over the situation.

Xiao Zhou had been busy for several days and it reached a new peak today. He used to be busy with only one project, but now a bunch of new business was pushed over. Two or three was okay, but he really couldn’t handle five or six. Just as he was about to leave with a pile of documents in his arms, Chen Qizhao asked him to find more personnel.

“Eh?” Xiao Zhou instantly straightened his back. “Are there any problems?”

He self-reflected on the recent work he had done. He had made some small mistakes, but he made up for them in time. It wasn’t to the point of deducting money…”

“Recruitment.” Chen Qizhao looked at Xiao Zhou, his gaze resting on the documents in his hands. “There are so many things. Do you plan to do it alone?”

Xiao Zhou was stunned for a moment.

Chen Qizhao told him, “Recruit a few more people. There will be many things after this.”

If it was just the little things in the past, it could be handled by Xiao Zhou alone. Now that all the business of the east district had been handed over, Xiao Zhou would be too busy alone. Given the current situation of the Chen Group, there would be a trough period and then inevitably usher in a stage of rapid development. The formation of a new team was essential.

News spread quickly in the company. It didn’t take long for the news of Chen Qizhao’s team to get out.

The dispersion of business in the eastern district meant that Chen Qizhao had more power. The person in charge who came to Chen Qizhao’s office after receiving a new task had a list of employees. He originally thought that Chen Qizhao wanted to recruit from the company’s person and recommended many people on the list. Unexpectedly, Chen Qizhao only wanted one person after reading the list. He asked the rest to be hired through recruitment.

Xiao Zhou stood by and watched. He saw his boss talking to the person in charge with a serious expression. The words of the person in charge’s words became more and more false. Finally, he hit the glass wall and left with the recruitment requirements. Xiao Zhou had the longest contact with Chen Qizhao. In the eyes of outsiders, his boss was a layman who didn’t understand business, but Xiao Zhou knew that his boss’ ability was more than that. It was just that he usually didn’t seek advancement and spent more of his time relaxing in the company.

This was the first time he had seen the boss discuss things with someone so seriously. The tone couldn’t refuse, and all the things that should be asked for weren’t vague at all.

“You follow for a while. If you have time, look after the recruitment,” Chen Qizhao ordered.

Xiao Zhou took the job. After he went out, he noticed other people whispering. They were all talking about the recruitment of Chen Qizhao’s team. He ignored these private discussions. Then he thought about what Chen Qizhao did today. He found that his boss seemed to have changed a bit.

Once he was done, he returned to the office where Chen Qizhao had already read the documents sent by others.

The sorted documents were stacked on one side. There was no VX notification sound in the office like before. The eerier quietness matched the hard-working boss. Xiao Zhou was a bit uncomfortable. He noticed that the boss was looking at the computer with a frown. His expression was very serious. He vaguely saw Chairman Chen and President Chen from his face.

He thought to himself that the Chen family was the Chen family. They looked exactly the same when working.

Xiao Zhou walked over to explain a few words. Chen Qizhao replied to his questions and even arranged the rest of the order of business for him.

“If there aren’t enough people in the next two days, go to Xiao Xu to borrow someone. Chen Shiming’s side should be free, and it shouldn’t be a problem to take some people to cope for half a month.” Chen Qizhao stared at the computer intently. “Arrange the rest of the recruitment, and I will come for the final interview. Take the ones who just transferred over to familiarize them with the business.”

Xiao Zhou hurriedly responded. He saw the boss frowning and asked again, “Boss, is there anything else I can help with?”

Chen Qizhao stopped when he heard these words. His eyes lingered on Xiao Zhou for a while. “Are you free now?”

Xiao Zhou responded, “Everything else is done. There is time.”

“Then it is just right.” Chen Qizhao moved the chair back slightly and showed Xiao Zhou his computer.

Xiao Zhou thought it was a big deal and went over very energetically. Then he saw a lot of listings on a certain real estate website… Many of them were their group’s listings. Looking at the local area, they were all apartments or houses around the S College area.

Chen Qizhao said, “The place should be close and have good lighting.”

Xiao Zhou held a small notebook and recorded the boss’ request with a serious expression. “Okay, do you have any commuting requirements?”

After he finished speaking, he suddenly found that his words weren’t appropriate. He was about to fix it when he heard the boss answer him.

“It is best not to be too far away from the Ninth Research Institute. The commute should be controlled to 5-10 minutes on foot.”

Xiao Zhou was stunned. The Ninth Research Institute?

Shouldn’t it be considering the distance to S College and the class time?

Chen Qizhao asked, “Do you understand?”

“Understood!” Xiao Zhou noted down the request. “I’ll arrange it right away.”

Xiao Zhou left the office. Chen Qizhao sent several places he liked to Xiao Zhou through VX. His desk was covered with folders, and it looked very similar to his previous life. Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly before looking away with a sneer. His eyes were focused on the last webpage that hadn’t been closed on the computer screen. It was a certain community on Changyang Street.


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