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MGAG: Chapter 107 Part 2

Not long after Zhang Yazhi finished speaking, the housekeeper brought him Chinese medicine. Chen Qizhao drank the medicine under her supervision and was driven upstairs by her to sleep.

There was no argument. After he finished speaking, it was as if this matter was over. Chen Qizhao couldn’t help looking back when he walked to the stairs. Seeing his family members still sitting on the sofa, he stopped for a while. Then he went upstairs when he noticed Zhang Yazhi’s gaze.

The window in his room was open. Tonight, it was a bit windy, and it took away the smell in the room.

Chen Qizhao returned to his room and saw that the room was simply cleaned up. The clothes that Shen Yuhuai hadn’t taken away were hanging on the chair. He sent Shen Yuhuai a message, but the other party hadn’t replied yet. When he was lying on the bed, the scene in the living room appeared in his mind.

He soon sat up again, still wanting to go down and explain the matter clearly to his family.

He had just walked to the door when Zhang Yazhi’s VX message came. The message didn’t say anything. It just told him to rest early and not think too much.

Chen Qizhao stopped and didn’t open the door. He went back to his room to sit. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the small pile of presents beside him.

When he came, the housekeeper had put the sorted gifts at his door. Chen Qizhao asked him to place them at will, and all the things were piled up at the door.

The phone lit up, and a call came in.

Chen Qizhao picked up the call. “Hello?”

He walked over to the pile of gifts and listened to the person talking on the phone.

“I finally got through. Boss, your nightlife is rich enough.” The man in the flower shirt stopped the topic here with a laugh and moved onto the next topic. There were more things that happened at night. He explained the things that hadn’t yet been explained in one breath.

“The matter is probably like this. Gu Zhengsong suppressed Gu Shen’s influence very tightly. I heard that Gu Shen still wants to find people, but you know that the people in S City are basically controlled by Gu Zhengsong. Forget finding people. No one will visit Gu Shen at all,” The man in the flower shirt said. “It is lively over there tonight. I guess Gu Zhengsong’s people are still watching the results.”

The card with the gift had the name of the giver on it.

Chen Qizhao caught a glimpse of a word from the corner of his eye. He saw that the nearest card had the name of his family written on it.

He sat cross-legged on the ground and picked up one of the gifts. “Gu Shen is a smart person. Once he realized that he is alone, he should’ve guessed what Gu Zhengsong did. The police won’t disclose the news, probably to avoid startling the enemy. The news of the prison won’t be spread at all tonight… If Gu Zhengsong wants to get accurate news, then it must be tomorrow at the latest.”

The man in the flower shirt listened to the weird baby voice on the phone. He talked to the boss for so long and thought he had long been accustomed to the software voice changer used by the boss. However, every time he listened, he always felt that the emotions behind this voice were different. He continued, “Gu Shen will provide evidence to the police, and the police will attack Gu Zhengsong. Will the plan be as successful as you think, Boss?”

Today was his birthday, and his family held a birthday party for him after so many years.

Chen Qizhao’s actions hesitated for a while as he opened the gift. Finally, he picked up the gift prepared by his family.

“Yes, Gu Shen knows that Gu Zhengsong is trying to kill him. Even if he dies, he will pull Gu Zhengsong down with him. In order for the police to catch Gu Zhengsong, Gu Shen won’t only provide clues and evidence. He might even lead the police to look for Gu Zhengsong. He has to make sure that Gu Zhengsong has nowhere to escape.”

Chen Qizhao ripped open the packaging of the gift. “Don’t underestimate two mad dogs. Once they bite each other, they will reveal each other’s hole cards. Gu Zhengsong wanted to kill Gu Shen and strangled all of Gu Shen’s forces, Gu Zhengsong also blocked his own escape path. He can’t kill Gu Shen, so they will go to hell together.”

The man in the flower shirt looked at the computer screen. Gu Shen was isolated and helpless, while Gu Zhengsong was eager to destroy everything. In the case that the news wasn’t fully connected, the police and the boss were the beneficiaries of this dog-eat-dog drama.

Chen Qizhao tore open the packaging of a gift, and his voice suddenly stopped.

Zhang Yazhi was a designer and gave him a well-designed necklace. Chen Jianhong’s gift was a thin envelope. After opening it, he saw that it contained the property rights of some industries in the eastern district, as he had said some time ago. He wanted to leave some of the properties to Chen Qizhao to manage… When he opened Chen Shiming’s gift, Chen Qizhao saw a complete set of collector’s edition books signed by a bigshot in the industry whom he liked very much.

Families like theirs had birthday parties every year. Before the Chen family had an accident, Chen Qizhao received gifts from his parents every year. However, he didn’t cherish them at the time. He regarded the gifts as formal gifts. He occasionally thought that if they were spending money to prepare gifts, it was better to give him the money. After losing his loved ones, he suddenly realized that he didn’t know where he lost the gifts of his parents. He couldn’t find any of them in the end.

So when he saw these gifts again, Chen Qizhao couldn’t say how he felt. His family members were still alive, his friends were still here, and everything was what he was looking forward to.

It was really different in this life.

The man in the flower shirt was puzzled. “Boss?”

“Say it.”

“Boss, there’s something I’ve always been curious about.” The man in the flower shirt leaned back slightly in his chair. “From the layout of Lin Medical, you have spent so much energy and money to find out about this terrible industrial chain. It shouldn’t be as simple as eliminating evil, right? There are some things you don’t need to ask me to check. You have connections with the Chen and Shen families, and you should be able to obtain more thorough information. Hey, aren’t you wasting money on the duplication of information?”

Chen Qizhao put aside the gift and replied in a flat tone, “I am giving you money. Don’t you want it? I remember that you don’t have this type of personality.”

“Just kidding. This type of poverty alleviation still depends on you. You can still patronize my business after this matter is over.” The man in the flower shirt smiled. “Who would be troubled by receiving money? Boss, you are really amazing. Hasn’t this cooperation lasted for almost a year? You know my personality well.”

Chen Qizhao listened to the awkward tone from the microphone. Chen Qizhao could hear the probing in the other party’s words. “It isn’t powerful. It is just a fluke.”

The cooperation between the two of them wasn’t limited to just this life. He had to thank the other person for his help when he was lucky enough to start over again.

After ending the call, Chen Qizhao sat in front of the pile of gifts for a while. Then he put away the gifts one by one, locking the ones from his family in the drawer. There were a few red envelopes pressed under the secret disk in the drawer. He lowered his eyes slightly before finally locking the drawer solemnly.

There was still a long time in this life, and he wasn’t going to lose them.

At this time, his phone vibrated. It was Shen Yuhuai’s call.

It was a video call. After connecting, Shen Yuhuai’s face appeared in front of him. The other person seemed to be on the balcony, and there was the whistling wind in the background.

Chen Qizhao noticed that the other person was still wearing his clothes. “Your clothes are still with me. You didn’t take them away.”

“Yes, I’ll get it another day.” Shen Yuhuai looked at the other person, and his eyes swept over the jade on the neck of the person in the video.

Chen Qizhao thought of the situation in the living room just now and asked, “Did Uncle and Aunt make things difficult for you?”

“I took the initiative to say it. It is okay.” Shen Yuhuai didn’t say anything else. “There are no fireworks tonight.”

Chen Qizhao heard this and recalled the last time on this balcony when Shen Yuhuai showed him the New Year’s fireworks.

Chen Qizhao asked, “Are you returning to the institute tomorrow?”

“Yes, I guess I will be staying there. There are a lot of things happening.” Shen Yuhuai paused for a while before suddenly saying, “Are you staying at home during the summer vacation?”

Chen Qizhao paused. He suddenly remembered that it was summer vacation and he didn’t have to go to school. He wouldn’t have the chance to go out to eat with Shen Yuhuai every night.

The distance from the research institute to the Chen house was a bit far. Even if they were in the same city, they couldn’t see each other whenever they wanted. Shen Yuhuai’s research institute had access control, and outsiders couldn’t enter at all under normal circumstances.

“When do you leave work?” Chen Qizhao asked.

The two of them didn’t chat for long. Chen Qizhao got his boyfriend’s laboratory schedule for the research institute. He searched the road from the Ninth Research Institute to this side and also searched for apartments next to S College… On the map, he saw landmarks and a small number of stores.

He stopped and searched for nearby supermarkets and 24 hour convenience stores.

In the living room downstairs, the Chen family rarely, for the first time, didn’t have any quarrels on such a matter.

After some discussion, Zhang Yazhi sighed. “That child Yuhuai knows everything and he is excellent. His character is known. He is very attentive to Qizhao’s affairs every time. He really cares about our child.”

“I know that Yuhuai is a very good person.” Chen Jianhong spoke halfway and frowned deeply. “But the two children are both men… where does the guarantee come from?”

“For a family like ours, what type of guarantee do you want?” Zhang Yazhi was amused by her husband’s statement. “You told me some time ago that you won’t care about other things if the child is happy. Now the child rarely takes the initiative to tell us about being in a relationship, without hiding it from us. Do you still want to take them apart and say you don’t agree?”

Chen Jianhong didn’t agree with his wife’s statement. “I didn’t disagree.”

“Is it okay? Then what are you doing with your face now?” Zhang Yazhi asked.

“Am I doing something with my face?” Chen Jianhong asked rhetorically.

“Old Zhang, go get a mirror for him to see.” Zhang Yazhi looked at him helplessly. “Every time you put on this face, it doesn’t matter if the child wants to talk to you nicely. You will be a bit harsh. This isn’t good, it isn’t good. It won’t work in this matter. You used to be liked this. I know you care about your children, but caring doesn’t mean expressing it only through actions. Occasionally, you have to let go of your attitude… Looking at your expression, I want to argue with you when seeing it, let alone the child?”

“Shiming too. Even if you don’t agree with this matter, you have to say it well.” Zhang Yazhi looked at her oldest son. “Don’t have a stinky face every time, you know?”

It was normal to be in a relationship. Chen Shiming wasn’t unenlightened.

It was just that there was an indescribable feeling when Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai fell in love.

Chen Shiming said, “I’ll talk to him later.”

Zhang Yazhi said, “Your brother went to sleep. You still want to knock on his door?”

Speaking of knocking on the door, Chen Shiming thought of the crack in the door and the two people he saw through the crack.

After a while, he changed his tone and said, “I’ll talk to Shen Yuhuai.”


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