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MGAG: Chapter 107 Part 1

Chen Qizhao looked at the closed door in front of him. Inexplicably, unprecedentedly, he felt a bit of a guilty conscience. He didn’t know where this emotion came from, and he didn’t understand why he closed the door suddenly. But when he saw Chen Shiming, his hands were one step ahead of his brain.

After finishing this matter, he felt as if it was nothing. He had to let his family know sooner or later about his relationship with Shen Yuhuai.

There didn’t seem to be much difference between knowing early and knowing late.

There was a person standing at the door of the bathroom. Shen Yuhuai had just come out of the bathroom shirtless. There were still many drops of water on his tight and smooth abdominal muscles.

Bright lights hung high, and there seemed to be small red marks on Shen Yuhuai’s shoulders. He looked over doubtfully, as if he didn’t understand why Shen Yuhuai was standing there.

Chen Qizhao leaned against the door and looked at him. “My brother is outside.”

Shen Yuhuai’s expression became stunned for a few seconds.

The moment the door closed, Special Assistant Xu was stunned as he stood next to Chen Shiming. It was as if he hadn’t expected the second young master to slam the door so decisively in front of his boss. He hadn’t seen what was happening in the room and didn’t know what was going on inside. He could only look at his boss nervously. He found that there seemed to be a crack in his boss’ always serious expression.

“?” Special Assistant Xu couldn’t help straightening his back.

Silence spread between the two of them. Faint sounds from the room, as well as faint conversations, could still be heard.

Special Assistant Xu affirmed that the second young master and Mr Shen should be together. He just didn’t understand why his boss had such an expression, as if he had encountered something incomprehensible.

“Boss?” Special Assistant Xu glanced at his boss.

Chen Shiming pursed his lips slightly, and his eyes stayed on the doorknob for a while. “…Once they come out, have them go to the living room.”

The birthday party had ended, and almost all the guests were gone. The Chen and Shen families were sitting in the living room. The conversation that was going on inexplicably stopped when they saw Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao appearing side by side in the living room.

Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao briefly greeted the people before sitting in the empty seats beside each other.

The scene became awkward at some point. After discovering that Shen Yuhuai hadn’t left, the housekeeper checked the surveillance of the villa in order to determine Shen Yuhuai’s location. They found that after Shen Yuhuai entered Chen Qizhao’s room over an hour ago, the two of them hadn’t come out. Then they had Chen Shiming go over to find them.

Shen Yuhuai stayed in Chen Qizhao’s room for more than an hour, and everyone present knew it.

As for what the two people did in the room for over an hour, they didn’t know.

The eyes of the people present stayed on these two young men. They didn’t know what to ask for a while.

Chen Shiming looked at Chen Qizhao, who was dressed in loose clothing and only had pajamas on his body. The jade tied with a red rope dangled gently outside his pajamas. He closed his eyes slightly and looked at Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai was wearing a loose t-shirt. The style of the t-shirt was very different from his previous dressing style. It was obviously Chen Qizhao’s clothing. Once Chen Shiming saw the clothing, he became stuck for a moment. His gaze gradually moved down and finally settled on Shen Yuhuai’s hand.

The transparent phone case held in his hand was exactly the same as the one in Chen Qizhao’s profile picture. A certain unspoken fact was placed in front of him.

Chen Shiming didn’t think that they spent an hour changing clothes while not even answering the phone.

Shen Xuelan’s gaze moved back and forth between Shen Yuhuai and Chen Qizhao. She stayed on the side of Chen Qizhao’s neck for a while and finally glanced at Shen Yuhuai meaningfully.

He didn’t know how long the silence lasted until Chen Jianhong broke the silence in the living room. “The results of the Gu family’s affairs will come out tomorrow. Gu Shen seems to have explained something over there. It is best if he can point directly at Gu Zhengsong.”

Chen Qizhao sat there and felt the eyes from all directions. He lowered his head to play with his mobile phone while noticing that the boyfriend next to him was sitting upright, listening carefully to the elders chatting without saying a word.

He lowered his eyes slightly, not interested in the unprocessed information on his phone. Instead, he glanced at his boyfriend’s clothes. The other person smelled of the shower gel in his own room. The shower gel was mint-scented, but it seemed different after changing clothes. There was also a bit of a lavender scent. Shen Yuhuai’s body seemed to exude Chen Qizhao’s own smell from head to toe.

The two of them sat close to each other, their thighs rubbing.

Chen Qizhao glanced at Shen Yuhuai’s palm placed on the side. He stretched it out slightly and hooked his finger against Shen Yuhuai’s palm in the corner where no one else could see it.

The thighs that were close together seemed to tense at a certain moment. Shen Yuhuai pressed down slightly with his palm, holding down a certain wanton hand.

Chen Shiming looked over there, sometimes frowning and sometimes solemn.

Special Assistant Xu, who was paying attention to his boss, glanced at his boss’ expression. He was sitting next to the boss and could immediately feel his boss’ low air pressure. This type of low pressure was different from the low pressure caused when there was a major accident in the company.

His eyes couldn’t help looking back and forth between Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai. He noticed some unspeakable marks on the other person’s neck.

Special Assistant Xu was a competent worker with a girlfriend. He combined all these clues and seemed to understand something.

Special Assistant Xu quietly glanced at his boss, and his back straightened even more.

No way?! So what did his boss just see? Was it so explosive?

There were the parents of both parties sitting in the living room. Watching the leaders of two wealthy families of S City sitting face to face, Special Assistant Xu felt like he was sitting in the center of a shura field. He was just that the outbreak of the shura field didn’t come. These people tacitly kept silent about this matter, and continued to chat about the Gu family. It was just that they were half-talking and half-stopping. It was obvious that people’s minds weren’t on this.

“I have to contact Gu Zhengxun tomorrow.” Father Shen coughed. “Leave this matter to us. We are more familiar with the affairs of the capital.

It was late, and it wasn’t appropriate to stay too late. The two sides tacitly put aside this matter to discuss later.

The driver of the Shen family waited outside for a long time. Then the Shen family got into the car.

It was a small distance from the Chen family to the Shen family. After getting in the car, the attention of the Shen family members was clearly not on that side. Shen Xuelan looked at Shen Yuhuai again and again. Once Shen Yuhuai raised his eyes to look at her, she said, “The mosquitoes on their side seem to be very powerful. Your neck is red.”

Shen Yuhuai was paying attention to his phone. His fingers moved slightly as if he was sending a message.

Father Shen glanced at his son. “Yuhuai, why didn’t you answer your sister’s call?”

“I didn’t pay attention.” Shen Yuhuai replied to the message. Then he looked at the front seat of the commercial car, put away his phone, and said very solemnly, “I am in a relationship with Chen Qizhao.”

In the Chen family’s villa, the maids were still cleaning up the mess of the birthday party. The members of the Chen family watched the Shen family’s car leave before returning to the villa. The housekeeper had replaced the original tea with warm water. Chen Shiming kept looking at Chen Qizhao and noticed that he kept playing with his phone, as if he was replying to someone’s message.

Chen Qizhao put down his phone. “Do you have something to ask me?”

Che n Shiming asked with a very ordinary attitude. “Yuhuai was in your room just now…”

On the other side of the sofa, Chen Jianhong and Zhang Yazhi looked over. Zhang Yazhi coughed slightly, wanting to change the topic. “Zhao Zhao, are you hungry? You didn’t eat much at night. Do you want the kitchen to bring you something?”

“I’m not hungry.” Chen Qizhao paused for a moment after speaking. Then he saw that his family was here and said, “There is something I want to tell you.”

In the current social background, the degree of recognition of homosexuality wasn’t so high. Chen Qizhao had never thought about the feasibility of this issue when he established a relationship with Shen Yuhuai. For example, how a family like his recognized such a thing. He wasn’t a very good person and he was used to it. Perhaps it was because he had been celibate for too long in his previous life, so it was hard to return to his youthful behavior.

“I’m in a relationship with Shen Yuhuai,” Chen Qizhao said directly.

Being able to fall in love with Shen Yuhuai was something he had never imagined before. In other words, when he didn’t know about the seriousness of the matter, he might not have cared about so many things. He would just talk about it. As long as he liked it, there was no difference between a man or a woman. Therefore, he didn’t cover up the matter of falling in love. He let everything go as usual, thinking that others would eventually know. There was no difference between knowing early and knowing later.

But when Chen Shiming appeared at the door of the room, Chen Qizhao became a bit more uncertain. He thought about it. What if his family disagreed? He had no family in the past ten years and did whatever he wanted. Now the situation was different. He had a family by his side, and his family cared about him. Some things couldn’t be solved by him alone. So what was the difference between this him and his absurd appearance before he was reborn?

This incident was like repeating the mistakes of the past, putting contradictions in front of him.

He didn’t want to argue with his family, nor did he want to put his relationship with Shen Yuhuai as a contradictory point where they might quarrel forever because of this matter.

Chen Qizhao lost too many things in his previous life, but his personality had already been set. It was impossible to start over from the years of experience that weighed on him. He couldn’t be a 19 year old young man or a younger brother who gradually grew into an ideal and proud appearance in the eyes of his parents and older brother. On the contrary, he had a bad personality and couldn’t control his temper.

He wasn’t a perfect person. Rather, he was a very bad person. Since he was reborn, he had suppressed his bad nature, but human nature was like this. When he couldn’t control it occasionally, he couldn’t control his temper toward his family. He thought that this might be due to his stubborn nature. Later, people told him that he was sick and he could recover after treatment.

The control from the medication did calm his emotions. He was sick and received treatment well.

In addition to this, the most fundamental thing was that he himself was a bad boy. No matter how hard he worked, he couldn’t grow into a good child.

Chen Jianhong asked, “How long have you been in a relationship?”

Chen Qizhao didn’t answer immediately. Then after a while, he said, “It has been a few months.”

Chen Shiming listened to this and pursed his mouth. His brow furrowed again.

He wanted to ask something, but he didn’t know where to start.

At this time, Zhang Yazhi suddenly laughed. “Why are you father and son talking so seriously? Isn’t the child just in a relationship? He is an adult. What is so strange about falling in love?”

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. “Mom?”

“It is so late. Go back and rest first. We will talk about things tomorrow.” Zhang Yazhi instructed the housekeeper, “Is Xiao Zhao’s Chinese medicine ready? Bring it to him when it is ready.”


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