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MGAG: Chapter 106 Part 1

The sudden darkness rendered a different type of ambiguity in the room. The sudden change of environment made certain details obvious. Even the beating heart in his chest cavity was speeding up step by step. Chen Qizhao’s hand was still on the switch. He stood against the wall, and Shen Yuhuai’s increasingly hot fingers were behind his neck. It was as if it was taking his body temperature little by little.

Silence seemed like a tacit permission. As the knocking on the door continued, the two of them were very close, their breathing intertwined.

Shen Yuhuai’s forehead was pressed against his, and the tip of their noses rubbed together. The warm feeling spread over the skin of his face, and the distance was drawn closer. The tense muscles under his fingertips seemed to move slowly with his breathing. The touch changed from warm to scalding. Chen Qizhao didn’t stop and pulled up Shen Yuhuai’s clothes.

He was sweating.

Outside the door, Special Assistant Xu looked at the housekeeper after knocking twice, unsure of the current situation.

Seeing the situation, the housekeeper wasn’t sure if Chen Qizhao had really come to the second floor or not. He asked, “Did the Second Young Master come to the second floor?”

“He should be here.” Special Assistant Xu saw this person entering the villa. After coming here, he ran to the lounge to look for the person but didn’t find him. It was only after asking the servant that he found out Chen Qizhao was on the second floor.

The second floor of the villa wasn’t open to the public. The guests were all on the first floor or in the garden.

“I don’t know if he is here or not.” Special Assistant Xu had received an order from his boss to determine the location of the second young master. This was his most important task. “The door shouldn’t be locked, right?”

The moment his words came out, there was the loud sound of the door being locked from inside the room.

Special Assistant Xu: “?”

The housekeeper said, “He is probably inside.”

Special Assistant Xu: “……”

He wasn’t deaf.

This locking sound was like a loud signal, not only telling them that there was someone inside but that the person had heard them and directly locked the door. Special Assistant Xu’s hand near the doorknob was slightly trembling. With this familiar style of doing things, he didn’t need to guess who had locked the door. He looked at the housekeeper for help.

The housekeeper couldn’t help taking two steps back and coughing slightly.

Special Assistant Xu asked nervously, “Second Young Master, are you inside?”

“I’m sleeping.”

The voice seemed to come from a long distance away, muffled and low. It was just like Chen Qizhao’s usual temper.

Special Assistant Xu: “……”

Going to bed so early? In addition, there was the birthday party going on underneath!

The sound outside the door weakened. Chen Qizhao’s waist was supported by Shen Yuhuai, and the other person’s fingers pressed against his spine, like a dragonfly touching water. It seemed like a superficial touch, but it was a bit close to the bottom line of both sides. The positions of the two of them were no longer limited to the narrow wall. Chen Qizhao raised his head slightly and kissed Shen Yuhuai. They followed the shape of each other’s lips and finally pried open lips and teeth to enter. The two of them walked while kissing. They couldn’t avoid stumbling in the dark environment. The chair was bumped before they finally hit the table with a slam. Then the two of them fell on the bed.

A loud noise caught the attention of the two people at the door.

Special Assistant Xu, who was about to turn around and leave, stopped and shouted again, “Second Young Master?!”

Between the kisses, Chen Qizhao let out a short breath. “It’s okay.”

Special Assistant Xu looked at the housekeeper without speaking. The voice just now didn’t seem to be fine!

His gaze lingered on the doorknob for a long moment before finally looking at the housekeeper.

The housekeeper said, “If you need it, you can apply for it with the eldest young master. There is a spare key downstairs.”

This meant he could go in if he wanted.

Special Assistant Xu shuddered. The eldest young master had just asked him to confirm the location of the second young master. It was considered safe if he was in the villa… Besides, he didn’t have the courage to disturb the living Hades when sleeping.

Soon, he restrained his expression and nodded solemnly to the housekeeper. “I’m sorry to trouble you. I will go back and report to the eldest young master.”

The sound outside the door went far away, and the knocking stopped.

Chen Qizhao lay on his back on the bed. The feeling of humidity and heat became heavier and heavier. He tilted his head to kiss Shen Yuhuai, and his fingers touched the muscles at the other person’s waist and abdomen.

The sound of frequent kisses catered to his faster and faster heartbeat. The rapid secretion of adrenaline made the body reach a state of excitement. Both of them were adults, and this type of intimate contact made originally controllable factors move toward an uncontrollable ending.

The clothes were pulled aside. The loose gray t-shirt was taken off by the man and fell to the ground. Chen Qizhao touched the tight and wide back.

Shen Yuhuai’s frame was too big. This perception was originally based on the other person’s slightly longer fingers and slightly larger palms. Then when this person pressed against his body, it seemed to completely envelope him. The muscles spread all over his body frame, and the tightness caused by breathing seemed like it could become uncontrollable at any time.

It was like igniting a fire. Now the fire was intensifying.

Chen Qizhao’s heartbeat became faster and faster.

In the chaos, the phone in his jacket pocket fell on the soft quilt. The sound of vibration accompanied by an anonymous call appeared on the phone screen.

The humming vibration and the constantly bright phone screen were the only bright and eye-catching places in the room.

The two people were slightly distracted. Their attention was soon attracted by the vibrating phone, and they couldn’t help looking over.

Chen Qizhao glanced at the phone screen out of the corner of his eyes. Once his mind returned, he saw Shen Yuhuai’s deep eyes under the light of the phone screen. His fingers were originally hooked on the edge of the phone, but Shen Yuhuai soon covered it. He passed through Chen Qizhao’s fingers and pressed his fingers against the bed.

The phone was knocked a few steps away with this action, and the vibration sound was far away.

“A scam call?” Shen Yuhuai asked softly.

Chen Qizhao blushed, and his heart was beating quickly. His fingers went down and touched the waistband of Shen Yuhuai’s pants.

In a studio of S City, the bright studio had changed from the previous gloomy one, and the work meals had also been changed from instant noodles to a three meats and one vegetarian food box set meal. The environment of the studio had been updated and modernized. At this time, a young employee fanning himself looked at the news on the computer screen. He swallowed hastily and said, “Boss, there is movement. Another one has run.”

The studio was full of the sound of keyboards or phone calls. It was noisy yet orderly.

The man in the flower shirt sat in front of the mountain of information. His open call list was dialed for the third time. A cold female voice reminded him that the person was temporarily unavailable. Then he picked up some food with a sad face. “Why isn’t the boss answering my call?”

“There are so many things to do at night. The boss must be busy.” His younger brother took a few mouthfuls of noodles. He slipped in front of the man in the flower shirt on his sliding chair and said incoherently, “In any case, it isn’t anything serious. Didn’t you already tell the boss about Gu Shen?”

“You don’t understand this. Brushing up my sense of existence in front of the boss at all times and showing myself can let the boss fully feel our hard work. Didn’t you see that the commissions have been a bit higher recently?” The man in the flower shirt glanced at him and kicked his chair away. “Stay away from me. The next time you eat snail noodles, squat at the door to eat.”

“You didn’t say anything when I ate malatang before!” The younger brother protested.

The man in the flower shirt pinched his nose. “Is malatang the same as snail noodles?”

The computer screen was showing all the recent movements of Gu Zhengsong. There were some things they couldn’t find, but the news from the boss’ side seemed very thorough. Every time, the boss would step on the points they ignored and correct the direction of the investigation in time.

It was more difficult to check the Gu family in the capital. Not all the information was investigated in real-time. They followed some clues and gradually pieced together an ambiguous but very real trajectory of action.

The boss was speculating about Gu Zhengsong’s thoughts and deducing the possible actions of the other person according to this idea. From the moment they received the boss’ commission, or from the first moment they followed the boss’ opinion, they were weaving a large net and leading Gu Zhengsong into their trap step by step. Dogs biting at dogs was a good strategy. It was just that making an old fox like Gu Zhengsong enter such a trap took a lot of thought.

Therefore, from the very beginning, they didn’t distribute much news. It was all released by some unnoticed intelligence lines, which caused Gu Zhengsong to have doubts and hesitation at first. Finally, they stepped on the key points of the timeline to deepen the authenticity of these clues little by little. The biggest thrust was Chen Shiming’s reverse ambush at the gate of the Chen Group.  In addition, the eldest son of the Gu family, Gu Zhengxun, was approaching step by step.

Gu Zhengsong’s cognition of the reliability of the news was actually deepened by such a ‘coincidence.’

The man in the flower shirt had been engaged in intelligence for so many years. From the few words of the boss on the phone, he could basically judge that besides them, the boss should have other sources of information.

These are not all from the intelligence line of the flower shirt. The most important comes from the boss’s ideas and layout, he doesn’t know how the boss let Gu Zhengxun force Gu Zhengsong so tightly, and he doesn’t know what the situation is behind the police ambush outside the Chen Group, but these coincidences probably have the boss’s handwriting.

Tonight, he received news that a doctor was coming in and out of the prison. Then he knew that Gu Zhengsong couldn’t help doing something to Gu Shen.

His younger brother leaned over to look at the clues. “I ran one today. Gu Zhengsong’s actions are really anxious.”

“He has to be in a hurry. If Gu Shen tells his information then he will really be finished.” The man in the flower shirt looked at the records on the computer screen. Gu Zhengsong’s actions naturally couldn’t just be sending people to the prison to attack Gu Shen.

Some time ago, Gu Zhengsong even sent people to encourage Gu SHen’s people to attack the Chen and Shen families. During this period of time, he disappeared and did nothing because Gu Zhengsong planned to turn Gu Shen’s people into his own. He left those who could be used first and dealt directly with those who couldn’t be used. Originally, there were still Gu Shen’s people in S City. Now these people either sneaked back to the capital, or they had already disappeared due to local investigations.

They also followed this line to successfully understand Gu Zhengsong’s recent actions. Starting from the time when Gu Zhengsong planned to attack Gu Shen, he wanted to clean up all traces of Gu Shen… not letting any factors that could threaten him to surface.

However, Gu Shen didn’t die. The news that Gu Zhengsong wanted to kill him and eat away at his influence soon reached Gu Shen’s ears.

If two mad dogs wanted to bite at each other, the contradiction between them would become clearer… It was best to step on Gu Shen’s bottom line.

“Shall we continue to follow?” The little brother finished talking.

“Whether to follow or not actually isn’t a big problem. Now we are just waiting for Gu Shen’s movements.” The man in the flower shirt stretched. He glanced at his phone screen and wondered, “What nightlife? What time is it?”

Inside the prison, Gu Shen rarely asked to see someone. The police remained vigilant, but they still agreed to Gu Shen’s request. They had done too many things during this period of time in order to prey things out of Gu Shen’s mouth. Even if they saw that Gu Zhengsong blamed all the crimes on Gu Shen, Gu Shen remained silent and unmoved. In order to avoid exposing too much information, he simply didn’t see anyone.

It wasn’t until this evening after Gu Shen almost died from two prisoners that he made such a request.


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