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MGAG: Chapter 105 Part 2

There was the sound of discussions in a dull environment.

“It was stopped in time. Those two people have been imprisoned for a long time, and they usually behave very well. I didn’t expect them to suddenly do this.”

“This time, they should’ve been prepared. They saw the prison guards leaving the supervision range, and their purpose was very clear. It was to kill Gu Shen.”

The wound on the back of his hand was still bleeding. The doctor’s movements were quick and skillful.

Gu Shen grasped a bit. His indifferent eyes swept over everyone present. He saw someone’s face through the gradually reddening gauze.

The fact that such a failure was revealed was enough to make the two women of the Gu family laugh their heads off. The two daughters of that man had never been absent when they were gloating. They had been crushed under his feet for so many years. If it weren’t for the fact that it was still somewhat useful to keep them, he would’ve let them live.

Gu Zhengsong’s original partner was stupid, and his two daughters were even stupider. Gu Shen thought that he planned carefully, taking away the Gu family’s industrial chain from Gu Zhengsong’s hands and walking step by step to the core position under Gu Zhengsong’s hands, increasing his bargaining chips and weighing his own weight, finally becoming a pivotal chess piece. The things he mastered were almost most of Gu Zhengsong’s foundation. He was a person who was good at profit, so he knew how to deal with his father. He also knew what Gu Zhengsong wanted.

This time, the incident was revealed due to Lin Shizong’s indecision. The Chen family’s foundation that should’ve collapsed became evidence that pointed directly at them. The sales channels and murder method were discovered… He had prepared a backhand for all of these, and someone would take the blame for him.

He originally thought so. Then in the end, no one came. There was sufficient evidence and direct proof. He didn’t expect that the driver Old Lin, whom he thought he was in control of from the beginning, still kept some evidence. He also didn’t expect that the Chen and Shen families had found so many things without him noticing.

These things happened silently, gradually becoming a huge stone that could crush him. Finally, he wasn’t the only one who was imprisoned. Gu Zhengsong was as well. A purposeful arrest and endless evidence. They wanted to completely crush him and Gu Zhengsong to death in prison.

Everyone was waiting to see the jokes of their father and son. Then Gu Zhengsong escaped.

After Gu Zhengsong went out, all types of rumors seemed to become regular, and everyone wanted to pry something out of his mouth. However, Gu Shen knew that Gu Zhengsong would fish him out. All the secrets he possessed were his biggest bargaining chips. So no matter how uncontrollable the situation became, Gu Zhengsong would protect him as long as Gu Zhengsong was alive.

During this time, the news from the outside world were mixed, and there were fewer and fewer people who could communicate with him. The title of a death row prison seemed to be hanging over his head, but Gu Shen knew that as long as some things were spoken, he still had a chance to reverse the situation, as long as Gu Zhengsong could manage all his remaining bargaining chips.

Gu Shen had already anticipated all the means of retaliation and thought of the follow-up arrangements.

That was until today—

In a somewhat bright compartment, Gu Shen stared deeply at a certain glass wall in front of him. He knew how many people behind the glass wall were watching his embarrassing situation at the moment. The pain of almost dying half an hour ago seemed to be close at hand. The feeling of suffocation stuck in his throat still remained.

The doctor finished bandaging him and said in a business-like manner, “Don’t get your hands wet. The wound will take some time to heal.”

Gu Shen stared at the gauze around his hand. Half an hour ago, someone wanted to take the opportunity of the free time to kill him.

Like this… two prisoners, who had been imprisoned for a long time, received a certain visit and tried to kill him regardless of the rules. He had used this method too much. So when the same method appeared in front of him, he knew who had done it.

Gu Zhengsong wanted to kill him.

The doctor communicated with the prison guards and listened to other people talking. Meanwhile, Gu Shen recalled the sight of Chen Qizhao standing in the rain under an umbrella.

In the overall situation where winning was at stake, he was just a pawn on someone else’s chessboard. Someone could play the dandy superbly right in front of him, plan and calculate Lin Medical’s exposure, surround and arrest him, and return all the methods he imposed on the Chen Group tit-for-tat.

The fact that the person did so much meant he had long suspected Chen Qizhao. It was just that he relaxed his doubts every time. In the end, he didn’t believe that a young man from a wealthy family could wear a fake mask under the supervision of so many eyes.

In fact, Chen Qizhao did it. Gu Shen was conceited and also unwilling.

“Hey, this man…” The doctor had just finished bandaging the wound on the hand when he saw the patient clench his fist and open the wound.

“Those two people will be detained and interrogated separately. Let him stay alone during this time. There might still be a backup…” A captain of the police force explained the matter. Then when he came in, he noticed Gu Shen staring at him.

“I want to meet someone.” Gu Shen’s voice was hoarse, and his eyes were as fierce as a falcon’s.

All the guests of the birthday party arrived, and the celebration process continued. The protagonist of the birthday party had already left. After Chen Shiming received the news, he immediately told the others. They had expected it. They just hadn’t expected Gu Zhengsong to be silent for so many days, only to finally choose to attack Gu Shen today.

“What about Chen Qizhao?” Chen Shiming looked around and didn’t see Chen Qizhao’s figure here.

Special Assistant Xu stopped for a moment. He glanced at the location of the villa from the corner of his eyes and saw a few scattered rooms on the second floor over there. “I seem to have seen Second Young Master go to the villa just now.”

Chen Shiming frowned. “Go and find him.”

There was a temporary lounge for guests in the villa, which was quieter than the garden. Chen Qizhao didn’t take Shen Yuhuai to the lounge but instead took him to the upstairs room.

Chen Qizhao frowned slightly. He walked to the window to better see the situation of the birthday party below. The villa was guarded by the police, and the Chen and Shen families stood together, seemingly talking about something. Out of the corner of his eye, he glanced at the clock in the room and watched the hands pointed toward 8:30.

Soon, several figures seemed to move faster.

At this time, Chen Qizhao’s phone vibrated as he watched those below. He didn’t get the exact news, but it wasn’t difficult to guess what happened below.

Gu Zhengsong was cautious and might not believe the rumors from the outside world. However, if he put pressure on Gu Zhengsong little by little, Gu Zhengsong wouldn’t sit still. At this time, he would send someone to deal with Gu Shen… Once he told Chen Shiming the information, Chen Shiming would definitely inform the police. The police who received the news would strictly watch Gu Shen.

From the moment the news was released to Gu Zhengsong, a silent confrontation had actually begun. Gu Zhengsong wouldn’t blatantly take action against the Shen and Chen families in a short period of time in order to protect himself, and Chen Qizhao also knew that the Chen and Shen families had the ability to protect themselves…

But it was too slow waiting for others to send Gu Zhengsong into prison.

He had no patience and had to use a more radical approach.

Releasing the news was just the first step. Gu Shen didn’t believe all news from the outside world. If he wanted to know, Gu Zhengsong had to do it himself.

For this mad dog father and son, their respective bottom lines were only known to each other. Their bottom line was limited. A dog biting a dog was always the best show. Starting from Gu Zhengsong, the good show had just begun.

As he said, Gu Zhengsong wouldn’t stay outside for long.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes to delete the text messages on the phone. Gradually, he shifted his gaze in the direction of the bathroom.

Then he approached. Through the frosted door, the sound of a person changing clothes in the bathroom seemed exceptionally clear. A faint silhouette was left on the frosted door, following the light in the bathroom.

The other person stood very close, right at the door.

After deleting the text message, Chen Qizhao’s mood gradually calmed down. He watched the movement behind the frosted door and heard the sound inside gradually getting smaller. Finally, it turned to the sound of the doorknob being turned. Then the door opened.

Shen Yuhuai was wearing a loose gray t-shirt. The clothes that were baggy on Chen Qizhao were just right on him.

The eyes of the two people collided. The strangeness of not seeing each other for several days turned into an indescribable intimacy in the quiet and private atmosphere of the bathroom door. This was especially so after Shen Yuhuai wore his clothes.

The man who sat in a cafe in a light gray t-shirt in his previous life, always maintaining a humble face and keeping a distance from others, was now wearing his clothes and standing in front of him like his possession.

“It seems to fit.” Chen Qizhao paused for a moment after speaking. “Can I kiss you?”

People’s possessiveness was incomprehensible. Chen Qizhao felt that his possessiveness was satisfied at this time.

However, it wasn’t enough to be satisfied. His excitement finally filled up, turning into countless ambiguities and joys.

Shen Yuhuai gently embraced the back of his neck and took a few steps back while holding this person.

The two of them hit the wall. Chen Qizhao felt Shen Yuhuai’s hand protecting the back of his neck. After a while, the hand went up and moved through his hair little by little, finally supporting the back of his head. This made him unable to retreat from the small, enclosed space.

The tingling feeling of the fingers pressing on his scalp couldn’t be ignored. Chen Qizhao’s heartbeat was like a drum. No matter how many times he kissed, his heartbeat was always particularly fast every time Shen Yuhuai kissed him. His hand was on Shen Yuhuai’s chest. Under his fingertips was a familiar fabric. Through this layer of fabric, he seemed to feel Shen Yuhuai’s heartbeat.

One after another, it was incredibly real.

His hand couldn’t help moving down. Finally, he gently lifted the loose top and touched the man’s waist and abdomen.

The touch under his fingertips seemed to be tight, and the warm touch was close at hand. Chen Qizhao had seen Shen Yuhuai dressed a lot but had never lifted this layer of appearance. His heart was beating faster and faster. The stuffy feeling intertwined with each other’s breaths, and the beautiful dream came to mind.

In the gap between experts, the real feeling was getting closer step by step. The feeling of liking a person was obvious to the extreme.

Shen Yuhuai’s movements stopped for a moment. His eyes that were extremely close carried a bit of a deep meaning, and his voice was a bit hoarse. “Don’t touch it.”

Chen Qizhao didn’t let go, and the other person didn’t stop him. It was as if the last boundary between the two of them was still maintained.

Knock knock.

At this time, there was a knock on the door. The sound was particularly clear in the quiet bedroom.

The bathroom wasn’t far from the door. The closer the two of them were against the wall, the closer the sound from outside the door became.

“Second Young Master, are you inside?” Special Assistant Xu’s voice sounded outside the door, as if covered with a layer of water.

Between the two of them, only the sound of an increasingly faster heartbeat remained. It touched each other as well as themselves.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t move.

Chen Qizhao looked at him. Under his slightly moving eyelashes were a pair of bold and cunning eyes. His hand stopped at the waist or abdomen, but his other hand moved away from the gap between the two of them, up the wall, and finally stopped at the place where the light switch for the room was.

The sound was very soft and came between each other’s breaths.

There was the clear sound of the switch being gently pressed and the darkness that followed.

In the dark room, Chen Qizhao’s eyes seemed exceptionally bright. “It is my birthday today. Can’t I touch it?”


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