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MGAG: Chapter 103 Part 2

“You mean, Gu Shen intends to provide clues to the police?” Gu Zhengsong frowned slightly. “Didn’t I tell you to control Gu Shen’s people? It is fine as long as he doesn’t receive any news.”

“We did do that.” The subordinate lowered his head. “The failure of this operation seems to have deepened the suspicion of Young Master Gu’s people. It is very likely that Young Master Gu’s side has received the news. The failure of this operation might be the clue that he provided to the police in advance.”

Gu Zhengsong fell silent when he heard this. His brow furrowed, and he seemed to think of something.

He had prepared for this matter in advance, and he also knew the risk that the people used by Gu Shen might be exposed. He didn’t expect that when they incited Gu Shen’s people to act, the police would immediately prepare a counter-ambush.

“However, this news isn’t necessarily true. There is no way to collect evidence on our side. It is also possible that the police found relevant personnel on Gu Shen’s side and prepared an ambush in advance.”

The subordinate watched Gu Zhengsong’s expression become darker and darker. He didn’t quite believe it when he received the news that ‘Gu Shen might’ve provided clues to the police’, but the situation in S City was too complicated. He didn’t want Gu Shen’s people to get in touch with Gu Shen too much and expose the plan… Once the news came out, the failure of the operation to ambush Gu Shiming seemed to confirm the possibility of this matter.

Gu Zhengxun’s actions were illogical. The Shen and Chen families had investigated more things than expected. Gu Shen might’ve provided some clues to the police without their knowledge. If this was true, it would be fatal to them.

The subordinate reported everything and waited for Gu Zhengsong’s instructions.

After a long time, Gu Zhengsong said, “It is indeed a hidden danger to keep Gu Shen.”

The subordinate stopped when he heard this. Then he heard the boss’ cold and heartless words.

“Since it is a hidden danger, take some risks. Don’t let the fire reach our side.”

At 8:30 in the evening, the lights in the Chen family’s villa were bright. The three members of the Chen family had finished eating.

Chen Jianhong looked outside the dining room. It was quiet outside the French windows, and no vehicles came in.

He looked at Zhang Yazhi and asked, “Xiao Zhao won’t come back today?”

Zhang Yazhi replied, “He ate out in the evening and should be back soon.”

The night was deep. By the time Chen Qizhao arrived home, it was already 10 o’clock. He got out of the car at the door. Once he entered, he raised his eyes to look at the location of the study on the second floor. Unexpectedly, he found that the study was dark tonight.

Once he entered the house, Chen Qizhao saw three people sitting in the living room. Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming, who were always known to be workaholics, were sitting on the sofa with several documents on the table. Zhang Yazhi’s favorite TV series was playing on the TV.

After noticing the noise, the two people who were talking about work looked over in the direction of the sound.

Chen Jianhong looked at him. “You’re back?”

“Yes,” Chen Qizhao replied. He walked to the vacant spot on the sofa and sat down.

Zhang Yazhi saw him coming. Her gaze swept over his body. She quickly moved over with the tablet in her hand. “Look at this. Do you like this style of cake?”

Chen Qizhao saw that there were several styles of cakes on the tablet. Judging from the progress bar, there seemed to be many more after that. He hesitated for a moment before saying, “The third one looks better.”

In a few days, it would be his birthday party. Zhang Yazhi was very attentive to this and had been busy preparing for the birthday party all day today.

When coming in from outside, Chen Qizhao had noticed that the garden on the left seemed to have been repaired today. The flowers in the outer row had been changed several times.

After talking to Zhang Yazhi, Chen Qizhao’s gaze stayed on Chen Shiming’s body for a while. Soon, he looked at the file on the document. It seemed to be a work document.

“You came back so late?” Chen Shiming asked. “Aren’t you watching a movie in the afternoon?”

Chen Qizhao said casually, “I watched a movie in the afternoon and went to dinner in the evening.”

Chen Shiming asked again, “With Shen Yuhuai?”

Chen Qizhao was puzzled. “Who else?”

“Was the movie good?”

After asking, he noticed a strange expression on Chen Qizhao’s face.

Some time later, Chen Qizhao replied, “It isn’t bad.”

Seeing Chen Qizhao’s attitude, Chen Shiming thought of Special Assistant Xu’s evaluation of the bad movie in the afternoon and slightly withdrew his gaze. Could it be that Chen Qizhao liked the female star of the movie? What was her name? She seemed to be called Jiang Youyou?”

The TV series wasn’t loud, but it overshadowed the briefly awkward atmosphere of the living room.

Chen Qizhao was about to go back to his room when he suddenly noticed Chen Jianhong looking at him from the distance.

The man was still wearing a shirt. His wrist was slowly rolled up and he was holding a half-turned-over work document in his hand. In Chen Qizhao’s memory, Chen Jianhong was a person who preferred to be quiet. He preferred to stay in a quiet study room when he was dealing with work. A noisy living room with a TV on wasn’t his first choice.

The moment their eyes met, Chen Qizhao dismissed the idea of leaving. The next second, Chen Jianhong spoke.

“Have you taken your medicine?”

Chen Qizhao hadn’t expected Chen Jianhong to ask this, and replied, “I took it at 7 o’clock.”

Zhang Yazhi sat next to Chen Qizhao and said naturally, “Your father said yesterday that he wants to take a few days off when he is free in August and September.”

Chen Qizhao was stunned when he heard this. “A vacation?”

Zhang Yazhi’s voice was gentle. “Your father said that once the work at this stage is over and the Gu family’s affairs are over, our family will find a place to travel to.”

People’s ideas changed bit by bit with age. When he was young, they hoped that their parents and brother could always be by his side. When he was a teenager, he hoped that everyone would be at the dinner table when he went home. Travel was a long time ago. He did have the idea of traveling as a family, but never had time to spare due to their busy work. Now he had long passed the age where he longed for his family to accompany him to travel. Compared with traveling, he hoped that his family would pay more attention to their health and work, and work less overtime.

Chen Qizhao said after a while, “There is no need to stay up late and work overtime just to travel.”

After he said it, he noticed his tone and was about to tactfully change the wording.

Then Chen Jianhong told him, “September is the off-season and work isn’t so busy. There is no need to work overtime.”

Chen Qizhao withdrew his gaze. “That’s good.”

“Yes.” Chen Jianhong’s brow seemed to relax a bit. He looked less serious than usual as he glanced at Chen Shiming, “Shiming, what do you think?”

Zhang Yazhi talked for a while about the places she wanted to travel to. Then she was attracted by the plot on the TV.

Chen Qizhao didn’t speak. There were lively voices all around him, and the feeling of a family watching TV together. He couldn’t tell where this strange atmosphere came from, but this lively atmosphere had a sense of reality that made him feel immersed in it.

The TV in the living room was large, and the marble background was magnificent.

In his memory, in that small apartment, there was a TV half the size of the wall with a photo album in the cabinet to the left of the TV. There was a home that no longer existed in the tight space. It gradually expanded outward and was finally filled with lively sounds.

He should realize that everything was different now.

Chen Qizhao’s feet shrank back, and he leaned against the sofa, at a loss for what to do with this type of excitement.

“Is the air conditioning too cold?” Zhang Yazhi looked at him.

Chen Qizhao replied, “No, my feet are just a bit sore.”

Zhang Yazhi smiled. “You should’ve walked a lot today.”

“It should be.” Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes, opened his phone, and sent a message to Shen Yuhuai.

After doing this, he hesitated. Finally, he took a photo of the TV that was playing.

He stayed in the VX interface for a long time before he posted the photo and sent it to his Moments.

The housekeeper brought him traditional Chinese medicine. The dark medicine smelled bitter.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze stopped on the medicine for a while. He didn’t want to drink it very much.

Uncle Zhang said, “Madam, the chef said he wanted to confirm with you about the menu of the birthday party.”

“I almost forgot about this. Is the chef resting?”

Zhang Yazhi put down the tablet. “Xiao Zhao, don’t let the Chinese medicine go cold. Remember to drink the medicine before I come back.”

Chen Qizhao paused and had to reply positively.

The two people talking about work chose to ignore the lively TV series. The documents on the desk were turned over one after another. The things being discussed gradually shifted from work to the Gu family. The Chen and Shen families had long expected today’s ambush of Chen Shiming. The police took this opportunity to continue to investigate the GU family’s affairs. They didn’t mention the ambush in front of Zhang Yazhi.

After the police started to be on guard, the outside of the Chen family’s villa also increased the number of guards. More security guards were added to the villa.

“Gu Zhengsong should still have some moves in the near future. Gu Zhengxun is pressing him too tightly. In addition to the noon incident, there might be other actions.” Chen Shiming’s face was a bit serious. “Recently, I have been paying attention to their movements. I heard a bit of news when Xiao Xu sent me the information in the afternoon. It seems someone is spreading the news that Gu Shen confessed.”

Chen Jianhong frowned when he heard this. They were the ones who knew best if Gu Shen had confessed or not. Gu Shen was tougher than they expected and hadn’t mentioned anything so far. “Who spread these things?”

This news didn’t have any substantive use for them. It was mostly a rumor derived from their tension.

“It doesn’t have too much of an impact on us at the moment—” Chen Shiming was halfway through speaking when there was suddenly a voice next to him.

“It will have a big impact on Gu Zhengsong.” Chen Qizhao crossed his lips, drank the traditional Chinese medicine brought by the housekeeper and said casually, “In the current situation, it is impossible for Gu Shen not to know that it is difficult to protect himself… But he is still tight-lipped even now. Based on such confidence, I’m afraid he has evidence we don’t know about. Gu Zhengsong has placed all the blame on Gu Shen. Why can he still use a knife to kill people and let Gu Shen’s people deal with us?”

Chen Jianhong looked at Chen Qizhao. “Gu Shen’s people might not know the truth.”

“The progress of the police investigation won’t be announced until it is determined. The news circulating outside might be true or false. Regardless of whether Gu Shen’s people are loyal or not, a desperado won’t believe some real news. They will firmly believe that what they are hearing is false. From now on, it seems the only one they can rely on is Gu Zhengsong. Meanwhile, Gu Zhengsong is still suppressing the news…”

Chen Qizhao was halfway through drinking. He swallowed the bitter water and continued, “The Gu family’s father and son will do whatever it takes for the sake of interests. Gu Zhengsong can blame Gu Shen, and Gu Shen can naturally drag Gu Zhengsong into the water.”

Just as Chen Shiming wanted to speak, Chen Jianhong waved his hand and looked at Chen Qizhao. “And then?”

“If at this time, the news of the failure to ambush the Chen and Shen families returns to Gu Zhengsong’s ears, and there is Gu Zhengxun chasing and beating him fiercely during this time as well as rumors of Gu Shen’s confession… do you think Gu Zhengsong will believe it?”

Chen Jianhong and Chen Shiming immediately noticed the key point. Gu Zhengsong would believe it. Suspicious people wouldn’t let go of any possibility, especially a possibility that threatened their existence.

Chen Qizhao spoke again, and his words confirmed the speculation of the two Chen family members. “The sins have been pushed. In any case, Gu Shen will be gone sooner or later. If I am Gu Zhengsong and there is the possibility of Gu Shen exposing me, I would risk killing him.”

Chen Shiming looked closely at Chen Qizhao. “How do you know this?”

“I don’t know it.” Chen Qizhao noticed that Zhang Yazhi was walking back in the distance. He put down the medicine bowl on the table and said in a flat tone, “I am just making a suggestion.”

“If you stare at Gu Shen, you might find something interesting.”


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