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MGAG: Chapter 103 Part 1

There weren’t many people in the movie theater in the afternoon. There were still 10 minutes to go before the ticket check-in began.

Chen Qizhao hung up the phone. Then his hand paused as he casually clicked on the call record.

Shen Yuhuai came out with the popcorn and saw Chen Qizhao standing outside the crowd, seemingly looking at something on his phone.

He approached and saw Chen Qizhao looking at the call list. He faintly saw several duplicate names. “You can’t find the number?”

“No.” Chen Qizhao’s mind returned, and he turned off the screen of his phone. “I just finished calling.”

His contact with friends was usually directly through the VX voice calls. His communications through the mobile phone were usually important calls. In the past, his call list was all anonymous numbers. Now the calls from his family were staggered. Chen Jianhong also called him the day before yesterday, asking if he wanted to change his office to a more open place.

A long time ago, Chen Shiming wouldn’t necessarily make one phone call a week. Now he could call twice a day.

Then there was Chen Jianhong. In the past, everything was conveyed through Zhang Yazhi or his assistant. The number of times he took the initiative to call was very small.

It was a strange feeling. It was a bit annoying, but also not annoying.

Shen Yuhuai found a vacant seat and waited for the time to check the ticket. During this period, he noticed that Chen Qizhao opened his phone several times to take a look.

It was like he was going to make a call, but he just swiped the call list and turned it off. Then his mood seemed a bit better.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t make a sound, but when coming from the school, he often noticed Chen Qizhao looking at his phone with a serious expression on his face. It was well concealed, but some concerns and anxieties were hard to hide.

Now it seemed to be gone. It looked like his mind was wandering.

Chen Qizhao opened the VX and sent a message to Special Assistant Xu, asking if they had returned to the company.

It took a minute for Special Assistant Xu to reply, and he indicated that he was already on the way back.

It shouldn’t take long to return to the company from the police station. It was around 15 minutes away.

It had only been two and a half hours since he learned the situation. Chen Shiming had arranged other things. He knew the ability of his older brother, Chen Shiming. As long as the other person had clues, then certain things would always be under his control.

…Chen Shiming had always been so good.

After reading the messages, Chen Qizhao closed the VX background. He looked up and noticed that Shen Yuhuai was looking at him.

He stopped and asked, “Have you checked the ticket?”

“It should be possible to enter now.” Shen Yuhuai’s gaze swept toward the ticket gate. The ticket inspector was already helping people cut tickets. “Are you in a good mood?”

Chen Qizhao was stunned for a moment before quickly picking up the popcorn on the table. “Yes.”

After speaking, he added, “I suddenly found that there are some things I don’t need to do.”

There were some things he didn’t have to arrange specifically. His family could protect themselves well.

There were two more people in front of the ticket gate. Then it was their turn.

Chen Qizhao handed the ticket to the ticket inspector, and the other person looked at him and Shen Yuhuai more. Then he quickly cut it and handed it back. “Turn left to Hall 6.”

The corridor of the theater was quiet. Chen Qizhao held the movie ticket stub and belatedly sweated.

In the afternoon, Shen Yuhuai had a break. Once the two of them came out of the research institute, the other person suggested going to watch a movie, and he agreed.

Now, these two movie tickets were a bit hot.

“Hall 6 is over here.” Shen Yuhuai stopped and looked at the person who had already gone four steps away.

Chen Qizhao sighed, turned, and walked into Hall 6.

There were few people watching movies in the afternoon. After entering, there were only a few scattered people seated. Chen Qizhao looked at the seats on the movie ticket and suddenly found that the tickets he bought were for the last row. The tickets were bought by Shen Yuhuai. There were three rows of seats in the back. A man and a woman were sitting in the middle of the front row. There were a number of viewing seats with excellent viewing angles in front of them.

It looked empty. If it was just one or two seats, they could pick a corner seat.

Shen Yuhuai took the lead in walking toward the last row. He saw Chen Qizhao standing still and said, “Seats 7 and 8 in row 9 are here.”

The moment Chen Qizhao sat down, he heard the little couple on the left side in the front row whispering.

The woman asked, “Why didn’t you buy tickets for the couple’s hall?”

“The couple’s hall isn’t open in the afternoon. It’s okay, these seats are okay.” The man glanced at the back row after speaking and immediately withdrew it after noticing Chen Qizhao’s gaze. “I originally wanted to buy the back row. Who knew that someone would grab the back row in the afternoon?”

Chen Qizhao heard this and couldn’t help looking at Shen Yuhuai next to him.

The screen of Shen Yuhuai’s phone was on. It seemed to be stuck on a movie synopsis of the movie. Everything looked like a coincidence, but it wasn’t a coincidence at all.

“What’s wrong?” Shen Yuhuai looked at him.

Chen Qizhao’s mind returned. “Nothing.”

He wasn’t sure. They really came to see the movie, right?”

Before the movie started, the screen went dark, and the sound of the commercials came from all directions.

The suddenly dark environment made the atmosphere of the theater come alive immediately. Chen Qizhao hadn’t seen a movie for many years. His deepest impression of watching a movie should be during college. Later, things became busier. Rather than spending time watching movies, it was better to work an extra two hours at the company. During his rest time, he had gone to many coffee places or leisure places in S City with Shen Yuhuai, but it seemed that this was their first time watching a movie.

The feeling of watching a movie in the last row was really a bit uncomfortable. He looked at it from a lower angle, and his neck was always a bit twisted.

He wanted to concentrate on watching the movie as much as possible, but he was soon overwhelmed by the extremely embarrassing plot. After all, this was a romance movie wrapped in the skin of surviving on a deserted island. No matter how outrageous, this romance movie should expand based on the theme. However, the male protagonist could use all the firewood at night in order to create a comfortable residence for the heroine. Most of the plot was wasted picking brightly colored wild fruits. Then after picking it, he said he couldn’t eat them just to make the heroine happy…

The logic of the plot collapsed to the point where Chen Qizhao couldn’t stand it. Several times, he looked away and saw Shen Yuhuai still gazing calmly at the movie screen, his glasses reflecting the light of the screen. This made Chen Qizhao shift his gaze back, wondering if there was anything good about this plot.

After watching for a minute, Chen Qizhao slightly looked sideways at Shen Yuhuai.

The other person’s hand was naturally placed on the armrest and no other corners could be seen clearly in the darkness. There was just the other person’s white hand when the light of the screen passed by. It was clear that the two of them had kissed and held hands many times, but Chen Qizhao’s heartbeat was difficult to control when seeing Shen Yuhuai’s hand now.

The movie transitioned, and the deafening sound overshadowed any other sounds.

Chen Qizhao moved his gaze back. His hand followed and touched Shen Yuhuai’s knuckles in the darkness. There was no reaction from the other person, as if he didn’t notice Chen Qizhao’s movements. All his attention was on the movie.

When the fingers flexed, the joints were actually very obvious.

Chen Qizhao carelessly touched Shen Yuhuai’s hand. He learned from the other person’s previous movements and rubbed at Shen Yuhuai’s bone joints. He felt the clearer and clearer touch under his fingers, and became bolder when the other person showed no extra movements. Finally, he covered Shen Yuhuai’s hand and interlocked their fingers.

In the darkness, certain behaviors were condoned.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t move, but his eyes shifted from the screen to the armrest. Finally, they stopped on the young man’s side profile.

The nails that hadn’t been trimmed recently were a bit long. The feeling of scraping on the side of the finger was very obvious.

It was like the ten fingers were connected to the heart. The numb and itchy feeling spread little by little.

Chen Qizhao’s gaze seemed to stay on the screen, but the movements of his hands became unscrupulous as time passed. The behaviors that no one stopped grew wantonly, from the knuckles on the back of the hand at the beginning, to the finger joints, and from the little finger to the palm. Little by little, it stepped on the edge of a certain rationality, testing.

Just as Chen Qizhao was about to retract his hand, the broad palm that had been calm for a long time suddenly covered him.

The arms of the two people rubbed together, and the contact between the skin’s body temperature became more obvious.The person who had been pampered for a long time moved harder, perfectly replicating all of Chen Qizhao’s movements just now. As Chen Qizhao’s heartbeat became faster and faster, Shen Yuhuai slowed down to hook their fingers.

Chen Qizhao looked sideways. Shen Yuhuai watching the movie? He was clearly watching Chen Qizhao.

“You’ve stopped watching the movie?” Chen Qizhao asked.

“Yes.” In the darkness, the man’s voice was a bit hoarse. “Come closer.”

Shen Yuhuai held Chen Qizhao’s wrist and led the person to turn sideways in his direction. He supported the back of the other person’s neck with his hand and kissed the tip of Chen Qizhao’s nose. He went down bit by bit, before finally prying open his lips and teeth.

Chen Qizhao’s arms were pressed on the armrests of the seat on both sides. For the first time, he felt that the thing in the middle was a bit in the way.

Just as he was thinking about it, he suddenly noticed that Shen Yuhuai’s hand moved down his neck, just like when they were in his room in the morning. It slid down his spine. Summer clothes were already thin, and the air conditioner in the theater was useless. As his heartbeat gradually increased, Chen Qizhao couldn’t help glancing at the couple in the front row from the corner of his eyes.

The movie lasted nearly two hours. As the movie was playing, people in the front kept getting up to leave.

Bad movies were a waste of time. No one wanted to waste time on it.

Once the lights came on, the young couple in the front row suddenly opened their mouths to speak.

The woman leaned on the man. “Everyone is gone. This movie really isn’t good.”

The man said, “It is hard to grab a good-looking seat. Next time, buy the couple’s hall.”

The two of them stood up while talking. Then as their eyes swept over the back row, their movements suddenly stopped. It was as if they hadn’t expected there to be people in the back row.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t look at them. As he stood up from his seat, he reached out to pull Chen Qizhao up.

Chen Qizhao raised the back of his hand and slightly wrapped his lower lip, avoiding their gazes. Then he followed Shen Yuhuai out of the theater.

Once the news of S City reached B City, Gu Zhengsong hung up the phone with a dark face. The document in front of him was the evidence that Gu Zhengxun submitted to the police. He was summoned by the police for questioning at noon.

Gu Zhengxun had done too many things recently and had been targeting his business recently. He used to restrain his actions, but now he was completely exposed. He didn’t know where Gu Zhengxun got the news, but this person knew too much. Ever since the dark businesses were completely exposed, Gu Zhengsong had thoroughly investigated his subordinates, but he completely ruled them out. He found no suspicious subordinates. It was as if Gu Zhengxun knew the information out of thin air.

Gu Zhengsong had expected such a thing a long time ago. Now that he was restricted everywhere, he was unable to start with his guess. In the past, Gu Zhengxun was in the light, and he was in the dark. Now the situation was completely reversed. He had given up too much to preserve himself. If Gu Zhengxun wasn’t stopped, it was likely Gu Zhengsong would be completely dragged down by this situation.

“Gu Zhengxun’s movements are very fast. With his connections in the capital, he can provide protection for the Chen and Shen families. They checked carefully, but we have destroyed the relevant information… A summons is a summons. They can’t crucify us at the moment.” The subordinate continued, “Except for Young Master Gu’s side.”

Gu Zhengsong glanced at him after hearing this, his tone serious. “What do you mean?”

“We have received some news. Before this operation failed, some news spread in S City, which wasn’t good.” The subordinate carefully looked at Gu Zhengsong’s expression. Then he continued after confirming that there was no problem. “The matter of the manufacturing plants in the suburbs was pushed to Gu Shen, and other evidence was destroyed by us… but that doesn’t mean Young Master Gu didn’t leave anything behind.”

The subordinate continued, “There is some news from Young Master Shao’s side related to the manufacturing plants. The few lines we secretly led overseas might be on Young Master Gu’s side… If Young Master Gu makes a move over there, it might be difficult for us to guard against.”


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