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MGAG: Chapter 102 Part 2

In the open-air parking lot, the commercial building was backed by a lively commercial area. The parking lot was full of people coming and going. At this time, it was time for work in the afternoon. People who had finished their lunch break entered the commercial building one after another. The Chen Group was located in the middle of this business district. The black vehicles driving had their license plates passed, and they drove into the parking lot one after another.

Chen Shiming got out of the car after he finished socializing. Next to him, Special Assistant Xu used the spare time to confirm the progress of the schedule with his boss. “There is a meeting on the 17th floor in the afternoon. We need to confirm the progress of the C-14 project with Y City at 4 o’clock…”

As the two of them were talking, two people suddenly appeared from a nearby vehicle. These people had been lurking for a long time and were tightly dressed as they rushed toward Chen Shiming with a weapon. Chen Shiming was the first to react and grabbed Special Assistant Xu beside him. The two of them took two steps back in the direction of the car, avoiding the opponent’s knife with the help of the car.”

The people who came to attack saw Chen Shiming reacting so quickly. They had received an order to kidnap Chen Shiming. From yesterday to the present, they got the news that Chen Shiming might have a noon meal to entertain someone, so they waited at his fixed parking space early in order to ambush and catch him in advance.

“They are going to the else. Have someone stop them. Don’t let them leave the garage.”

The parking lot was vast. They watched Chen Shiming retreat to the exit of the parking lot. Just as they wanted to take out guns from their pockets, several people poured out from behind a door in the parking lot. These people were covered in bulletproof equipment, and the people in the lead directly rushed to suppress them.

Chen Shiming hid in a safe place under the cover of the police officers. He saw the police subdue the people and politely thanked them before asking, “There are just two people?”

“There are three more on the side of the elevator. All of them are caught, rest assured,” the officer said.

Special Assistant Xu saw his boss calmly communicating with the police officers, Special Assistant Xu broke out into a sweat. They had people watching Gu Shen’s people all the time. Therefore, once these few people gathered together, they immediately realized that something was wrong.

The boss disclosed the information to the police in advance and jointly prepared this temporary plan. The purpose was to catch all the remaining people. These people were watched from beginning to end. All of them were the hidden cards that Gu Shen left in S City who hadn’t been exposed.

“Is there someone on the side of the Shen family?” Chen Shiming asked again.

The officer replied, “The few people watching them have been solved, rest assured.”

Special Assistant Xu had been waiting by the side. Even though he was wearing body armor under his suit, the lingering fear still made him a bit scared.

“Oh yes, did your people call the police?” The policeman watched his colleagues arrest these people and put them in the car. Suddenly, he remembered something. “Just over an hour ago, someone called the police station and said they found a few suspicious people in the business district here sneaking into the underground parking lot.”

Chen Shiming paused and turned to look at Special Assistant Xu.

Special Assistant Xu immediately said, “No one on our side called the police.”

Besides, it was impossible for them to call the police. None of them had said anything about this matter. Only a few people close to Chen Shiming knew, and they didn’t reveal any clues. After knowing the situation of the other party lurking, they got in touch and communicated with the criminal investigation team. Calling the police at this time?

“Could it be a mistake?” Chen Shiming frowned slightly.

“We also suspected it before. Once we received the information, we contacted the police station immediately. The person who informed the police is still sitting in the police station.” The police officer looked at the people being arrested in the distance. They were indeed very similar to what the person who called the police described. “It seems that the suspicious people they reported to the police should be these people.”

The people were caught. Chen Shiming followed them to the police station and saw the person who called the police.

The caller looked like an ordinary college student. He wore a hat and had a camera next to him. The police officer he spoke with was taking notes, but Chen Shiming’s attention remained on the camera.

“Hey, I’m serious. Isn’t there a female celebrity doing activities in the business district over there? It is normal for us to wear a camera and take photos in our business.” The ‘college student’ continued talking, “I just saw those people sneaking into the parking lot with things in their hands, covered with a cloth bag. I showed you the photos. I didn’t lie to you at all.”

The ‘college student’ who called the police was a professional paparazzi who called the police as soon as he found the problem. There were also photos in the camera. There seemed to be no problems at all.

Seeing this, Chen Shiming lowered his gaze slightly. “Thank you for your hard work. If you have any questions, you can contact me.”

Coming out of the police station, Special Assistant Xu knew that his boss would be busy with the company’s affairs next.

The cooperation with Gu Zhengxun was on the right track. The public opinion crisis caused by the Lin Group some time ago had turned around thanks to the public relations after the press conference. The Chen Group’s problems were still too big. Some loopholes couldn’t be filled in for a few months to half a year. The cooperation with the Pengkang Building could be said to have solved an urgent need. This way, the Chen Group obtained a much more secure turnaround.

In addition to dealing with Gu Shen’s affairs, what Chen Shiming did most during this time was to let the Chen family return to the original track step by step.

Special Assistant Xu talked about the police’s matters. Then he said, “The criminal investigation team said that they might send people to protect us for the near future. Today’s incident happened, and Gu Zhengsong’s attitude was too quiet after he came out. They are still treating Gu Zhengsong with high suspicion and told us to pay attention to safety during this time. Try not to go places alone.”

Chen Shiming didn’t go far. He stood there and called home.

After connecting with Zhang Yazhi, he knew that Chen Qizhao had gone to school with Shen Yuhuai.

“Yes, I see.” Chen Shiming hung up the phone and asked again, “Has the second young master made any movements recently?”

“I also gave the information to Xiao Zhou as usual. There was nothing unusual when I saw the second young master.” Special Assistant Xu knew that since the previous incident with Lin Medical, his boss was very concerned about the second young master’s attitude toward some times. He seemed very worried that the second young master would make some risky moves.

But in fact, Chen Qizhao had been very easy to talk to recently, so easy that Special Assistant Xu was a bit uncomfortable. He had no extra work and came back easily every time he finished sending the documents. He was accustomed to Chen Qizhao’s days of giving orders uncertainly. Now seeing that the other person seemed to have no more arrogance, he almost would’ve thought that Chen Qizhao had changed to another person, if he hadn’t seen Xiao Zhou still being busy.

“What is going on at school?” Chen Shiming asked.

Special Assistant Xu looked at the boss carefully. “The second young master should be dealing with the problems caused by his leave. Today is the last day that the faculty of S College is working.”

Chen Shiming frowned slightly. He could send someone over if it was just dealing with this matter. Why did he have to go over in person?

In addition, he went out in the morning. He should’ve dealt with it by this point in time. Why hadn’t he gone home?

“Boss, the driver has arrived.” Special Assistant Xu looked at the boss.

Chen Shiming responded before calling Chen Qizhao’s number. A cold female voice came from his earpiece. The other person was talking to someone on the phone.

“Boss?” Special Assistant Xu asked.

Chen Shiming turned off his phone. Out of the corner of his eyes, he glanced at the ‘college student’ who came out next to him.

There was a man in a flower shirt who seemed to drape an arm over the shoulders of the college student. He seemed to be talking on the phone while walking around.

Noticing Chen Shiming’s gaze, the man in the flower shirt nodded in a friendly manner before quickening his pace.

“Who is that person?” Chen Shiming asked.

Special Assistant Xu had seen this person in the lobby just now. He said, “It is the paparazzi’s boss. He heard that his employee was detained, so he came to pick up this person.”

As the people got further and further away, the man in the flower shirt left Chen Shiming’s field of view without speeding up his pace. He said to the person on the phone, “Yes, the matter has been resolved. The police should’ve been prepared a long time ago. I saw that Chen Shiming, the little general of the Chen family, is also here.”

“Boss, don’t worry. A positive and enthusiastic citizen reporting to the police isn’t the same thing as engaging in intelligence. In this regard, my little brother is still good at handling things.” The man in the flower shirt immediately informed the boss after receiving the news. He thought that the boss wanted them to do something. Who knew that the boss would ask them to call the police immediately? It was really troublesome for them to have contact with the police since they were engaged in private intelligence, but this type of reporting was another matter.

“How much money will the boss pay me for calling the police?” The young man cocked his head and asked.

The man in the flower shirt hung up the phone. “Calling the police requires money? What do you see money as?”

“What else?” The younger brother said. “I drank two pots of tea and ran to the toilet three times.”

The man in the flower shirt elbowed him. “It’s okay, just drink it once. Others haven’t experienced this yet.”

“The tea is a bit bitter and isn’t delicious.”

The man in the flower shirt glanced thoughtfully in Chen Shiming’s direction. “Don’t worry. I will treat you to a good meal.”

In the shopping mall not far from S College, people came and went while Chen Qizhao hung up the phone.

He looked down at the messages on his phone and deleted some of them directly. Gu Zhengsong must’ve used Gu Shen’s people to do this. All of Gu Shen’s lines were under the attention of the Chen family and Shen family. He knew that Chen Shiming might have some arrangements, but he still wasn’t at ease.

He was used to arranging everything, but now it seemed a bit different.

Not long after hanging up, his phone immediately received another call.

Once he saw Chen Shiming’s name, Chen Qizhao’s gaze paused for a moment. Then he quickly pressed to pick up. “Hello?”

“Where are you?” Chen Shiming got straight to the point.

“The mall.” Chen Qizhao’s tone was as usual as his eyes looked around.

The mall was full of people. There were many people standing at the entrance of the theater on the fourth floor. There were many people at the counter, but the man wearing the clean, gray t-shirt stood out from the crowd. There seemed to be several people watching him and whispering.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t care about the eyes of the people around him. He calmly ordered, and the counter attendant walked to the front of the popcorn machine.

Chen Qizhao added, “Watch a movie.”

Chen Shiming wondered, “What movie?”

Chen Qizhao stopped. “Why are you asking so much?”

Chen Shiming didn’t speak and seemed to be waiting for him to reply.

Chen Qizhao’s eyes glanced at the movie ticket in his hand. He found the name of the movie and said casually, “Dawn at the Sea.”

Under the scorching sun, two men in suits stood at the door of the police station. One was on the phone, and the other was watching.

Special Assistant Xu stood beside him, watching his boss answer the phone with a serious expression. Then the expression changed from serious to a bit strange.

He looked at his boss nervously, repeatedly recalling whether there was something wrong with his previous words. Was there really something strange on the Second Young Master’s side that he hadn’t found?

Special Assistant Xu was nervous for as long as this call lasted.

This was until the boss hung up the phone and asked coldly, “What is Dawn at Sea?”

Special Assistant Xu’s excellent knowledge reserve was stuck for a moment. Soon, he searched the Internet and it came back. He read from his phone in a rigorous tone, “A new movie just launched this month, directed by Tang You and starring Zhang Qi and Jiang Youyou. It tells the story of a young man and woman trapped on an island…”

“A romance movie?” Chen Shiming frowned.

Special Assistant Xu nodded. “It is a romance movie.”

Chen Shiming asked, “Is it good?”

“The rating is 6.0.”

Special Assistant Xu replied tactfully, “According to normal movie and television ratings, this score is called by netizens… a bad movie.”


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