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MGAG: Chapter 102 Part 1

Some things didn’t seem as difficult as imagined. Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes slightly as he looked at the sauce that had splashed on the side of the rice plate. After a short silence, his heart was rarely calm. It seemed it wasn’t a problem to tell Shen Yuhuai these things.

He had never expressed his preferences so bluntly. When he was with Shen Yuhuai in his last life, the two of them didn’t specifically talk about it. There was no need to cover up too much because Shen Yuhuai had already seen his worst appearance. There weren’t many good advantages to him. His embarrassing appearance was too bad, and his absurd appearance made people stay away. Time could easily wear down everything, and friendship might become unrecognizable due to various interests.

Remembering the past, it seemed very heavy to think about. However, it seemed not worth mentioning now. In this life, he would no longer be cornered by the flashing lights of the reporters and media, nor would he hide in the narrow and cramped utility room downstairs of the company. When he met Shen Yuhuai again, he wouldn’t be embarrassed because his body smelled like rotten eggs… He wouldn’t be taken to Shen Yuhuai’s apartment and have a new understanding of him.

Everything was fine in this life. Apart from the messy conspiracy, it was like the beginning of a different life.

“The food is getting cold,” Shen Yuhuai told him.

“Yes.” Chen Qizhao picked up the chicken wing. The half-cold chicken wings felt a bit sticky, but they didn’t taste bad. They were much more delicious than the Cola chicken wings that he and Yan Kailin usually ordered.

The meal was quiet. Neither of them talked much.

Once he was almost finished eating, Shen Yuhuai went to the front desk to pay the bill and came back with a glass of warm water.

“There is warm water in the store.” Shen Yuhuai put down the cup of water next to Chen Qizhao. “Take the medicine first.”

The meal plate was more than half-empty. Chen Qizhao ate a lot today.

In the medicine bag, Zhang Yazhi had thoughtfully prepared two doses of medicine. Chen Qizhao opened one of them and swallowed the medicine with warm water.

He finished taking the medicine, and a mint was placed in his right hand.

Chen Qizhao was slightly stunned. “Where did this come from?”

“The front desk,” Shen Yuhuai replied.

Chen Qizhao looked toward the front. There seemed to be colorful candies on the rattan plate on the counter.

He tore off the candy wrapper and held the mint between his lips and teeth. The cool sensation spread quickly.

The taste wasn’t as good as what was in the glass bottle, but it was barely sweet.

The two of them didn’t stay in the restaurant for long. After coming out, Shen Yuhuai needed to go back to the research institute to get something and Chen Qizhao followed along. In order to enter the institute, he had to apply for a temporary pass. The guard at the institute registered his information. Chen Qizhao couldn’t follow him to the laboratories, so he could only stay in the rest area of the institute and wait for this person.

“It could take half an hour,” Shen Yuhuai said.

Chen Qizhao replied, “You do your work first. I’ll play some games here.”

The hall of the institute wasn’t air-conditioned, but the back was relatively cool. The glass door he came in through wasn’t closed, and a cool wind blew in.

The footsteps in the quiet hall were very clear. Shen Yuhuai swiped the access card at the glass door behind him. Chen Qizhao listened to the other person’s footsteps gradually moving away, and sat down closer to the glass door.

After Shen Yuhuai’s career improved, he often had closed experiments or went on business trips. The closest was the Ninth Research Institute, and the furthest places were those he couldn’t name.

This feeling was a bit wonderful. Chen Qizhao couldn’t help thinking of the way they got along in the past. Shen Yuhuai would pick him up after work most of the time. Occasionally, he would go to the gate of the institute to pick up Shen Yuhuai when he was free. At most, he would greet the security guards. He rarely came in here.

The last time he came in here was for He Shuhang’s matter.

Chen Qizhao didn’t down but didn’t play with his phone. Instead, he looked at the various information boards hanging on the wall of the hall.

The Ninth Research Institute was a well-known institute in S City and was one of the best in the country. This type of research institute had cooperated with many domestic companies, including the research and development and use of some new materials. The cooperation with these companies was displayed in the hall through listings. The location was S City so most of the cooperation was in the local area. There were also some famous big factories that Chen Qizhao had heard of.

Chen Qizhao’s attention stayed on here for a while. Then his phone rang, and his mind returned.

An anonymous email was shown for a while before disappearing. Chen Qizhao retracted his gaze and opened the email with lowered eyes.

The investigation into Gu Shen’s related personnel involved more things. The Chen family had investigated far more of this matter than Chen Qizhao expected. This detailed information basically turned over everything Gu Shen did in S City. The information on his phone was news that he asked for through an additional investigation. It was about the gangster who just got out of prison a while ago. This person was often involved in burglaries.

Chen Qizhao habitually flipped through all the materials, only to suddenly stop when he saw the last information.

The place where this gangster was often active was near Changyang Street.

Changyang Street.

Chen Qizhao wasn’t a stranger to this place. There were two commercial avenues to the north of Changyang Street, one of which had a branch of the Chen Group. He started his business in that place in his previous life, and it was also the location of his company’s headquarters. The most important part was… his future home was near Changyang Street. There was a high-end residential community behind Changyang Street and this was where he lived with Chen Shiming.

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes. Once some things became traceable, it seemed like the things floating around him started to become controllable.

His fingers were resting on the phone when a call request popped up.

After connecting, the phone call that was like a report popped up.

The man in the flower shirt said, “Boss, Gu Zhengsong has moved. The person I’ve been watching since two days ago has moved.”

Chen Qizhao listened to the succinct words of the man in the flower shirt on the other end of the phone. His eyes stopped on the marble background in the center of the hall, and his fingers tapped orderly on the armrest of the chair. The clicking sound echoed subtly in the empty environment.

Inside the institute, Shen Yuhuai finished talking to the administrator and returned the key of the laboratory to the other person.

“You came here on purpose at this time?”

This administrator was too familiar with Shen Yuhuai. There were only a few experimental groups on this floor, and Shen Yuhuai’s appearance was the highest in the group. In addition to his outstanding ability, the leaders often praised him several times when they came to see him. People in other experimental groups also asked him about Shen Yuhuai’s situation. They were all very curious about this student with an outstanding ability who kept a low profile.

There were many greetings, and the administrator’s impression of him was very good. Among the several experimental groups, Shen Yuhuai’s group was the most active. They were busy day and night some time ago. There was an important experiment in June, and their experimental group received permission. Shen Yuhuai was often the first to come to the laboratory and the last to leave.

Several times, the administrator had run to the laboratory to kick out people before Shen Yuhuai left.

“Okay, the information is registered here.” The administrator was registering Shen Yuhuai’s access information and usage time while chatting casually. “I heard some time ago, you rushed the progress alone and asked for leave. You are so busy yet you specially ran over to get the information… The new stage of your group isn’t so busy, right?”

“There is something going on next week, and I won’t be able to come on Wednesday night,” Shen Yuhuai said.

The administrator was used to it. He returned the card to Shen Yuhuai after the registration. “You are taking leave again?”

“Yes, it is my boyfriend’s birthday.” Shen Yuhuai took the card. “I’m going first.”

“It is a birthday. No wonder.”

The administrator turned on the TV series that he was halfway through. Then as the background sound played, he suddenly froze.

Wait a minute? Shen Yuhuai was in a relationship? A boyfriend? He hurriedly looked out, but Shen Yuhuai’s figure had already disappeared at the end of the corridor and entered the elevator.

On the way, Shen Yuhuai replied to Shen Xuelan’s message. Then he left the laboratory building and entered the exit hall.

It was just that before he could swipe his card to open the door, he saw a long row of empty seats in the distance. The young man was sitting there quietly and looking at his phone. Shen Yuhuai stopped his movements and didn’t swipe the card. He stood in front of the glass door, looking at the other person’s movements. The young man didn’t seem to be playing a game. It was as if he was looking at something.

Shen Yuhuai looked at it for a while before swiping the card.

The opening sound of the glass door caught the other person’s attention. He turned off the screen of his phone and looked over. Shen Yuhuai saw the other person’s movements and asked after approaching, “Have you waited a long time?”

“It wasn’t long.” Chen Qizhao stood up and saw the folder Shen Yuhuai was holding in his hand. “Have you taken everything?”

“I’ve taken it. I just printed a few copies.” Shen Yuhuai looked sideways, his gaze resting on the young man’s hands. “You didn’t play a game?”

Chen Qizhao paused. He was about to find a reason to fool around when he saw Shen Yuhuai walking toward the vending machine in the hall.

After a while, the other person came over with two bottles of water, a bottle of coffee, and a can of Coke.

Shen Yuhuai handed him the Coke. “The cooling effect of the vending machine here is average. The Coke isn’t that cold.”

Chen Qizhao took the Coke. “I wasn’t playing a game.”

Shen Yuhuai opened the lid of the iced coffee and looked at him.

Once the can of Coke was opened, Chen Qizhao took a sip and said simply, “I read an email and made a phone call. Nothing else.”

His tone was flat, as if it was simply and briefly summarizing what he had done in the past 20 minutes since Shen Yuhuai laughed.

Shen Yuhuai suddenly laughed.

Chen Qizhao looked up at him and noticed the small smile hidden under the glasses. “What are you laughing at?”

“Nothing,” Shen Yuhuai said. “You don’t need to tell me so carefully.”

“Yes, but I wanted to say it.” Chen Qizhao took two more sips of the Coke. “I won’t lie to you.”

There was no one else in the hall. The originally cool wind brought a bit of dry heat that tickled the two people’s fingers.

Chen Qizhao took a few more sips of the Coke. He felt that the cooling effect of the vending machine was indeed not good, so he looked at Shen Yuhuai and asked, “Can I kiss you?”

The taste of Cola and coffee intertwined had an indescribable bitterness.

In B City, Gu Zhengsong came out of the Gu Group’s headquarters and seemed to still hear the cynicism of other people in the meeting room just now. The attitude of the Gu family had been decided. Elder Gu handed over the most important business in the group to Gu Zhengxun at this regular meeting. The people in the Gu family had already started to change their positions. Those who originally stood with Gu Zhengsong changed their attitudes one after another.

Due to the limited environment, everything would be a hindrance when doing anything. For example, the Pengkang Building mentioned at today’s meeting. The proud Gu Zhengxun was showing off his might.

“Boss, the elder’s side…” The elite-looking man asked.

Gu Zhengsong knew that the current situation wasn’t as good as before. Gu Zhengxun even took advantage of this to make trouble for him everywhere. “Have you arranged everything that I previously told you to deal with?”

“I already delivered the message to Gu Shen’s people yesterday.” The elite man checked the time. “It should’ve already started.”


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