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MGAG: Chapter 101 Part 2

After going to the Academic Affairs Office to stamp the seal, the affairs of this semester were finally finished before the staff went on vacation.

At noon, the school’s cafeteria was closed. The notice of the opening time of the cafeteria was posted on the bulletin board next to the office building. Only a few stalls in one cafeteria were open.

Chen Qizhao wasn’t very interested in the stalls over at the cafeteria. He was thinking about going out to eat.

“It is still open over there. Do you want to go?” Shen Yuhuai suggested.

Chen Qizhao followed his gaze and found a small restaurant in the distance.

He had a bit of an impression of that restaurant. Shen Yuhuai had taken him there when he first started school.

In the end, the two of them didn’t eat off-campus. There were only two tables in this remote, small restaurant. It seemed to be filled with students who stayed on campus to study. There were books in the seats next to them when eating. Not long after Chen Qizhao sat down, the waiter brought the ordering menu.

He and Shen Yuhuai often ate at school, but in fact, they only came to this small restaurant once at the beginning of school. It was mainly because of the remote location that they usually didn’t come here.

Not long after looking at the menu, there was a continuous vibration sound from the phone in his pocket. A call had come in.

Chen Qizhao glanced at his phone for a moment. Then he hesitated after seeing the number on the mobile phone screen. “I’ll go to the bathroom.”

Shen Yuhuai’s mobile phone on the table lit up, and a message popped up.

Instead of looking, he asked, “What to eat?”

“Anything is okay, Brother.”

Chen Qizhao pulled back his chair, inspected it for a while, and walked toward the bathroom in the restaurant.

Once Chen Qizhao left, Shen Yuhuai ordered the meal and opened the messages on his phone. He re-read the message he had skipped. He read very fast. After reading the messages, he looked in the direction of the bathroom of the restaurant.

“Hello?” Chen Qizhao turned on the sink switch of the bathroom to wash his hands.

He listened to the voice on the other end of the phone. The other person only spoke the main point and it was in a very fast tone.

“Most of Gu Shen’s relevant personnel are being watched. The threat isn’t very big. The problem lies in the man next to him. The person whose photo you gave me before. He has a bit of an intersection with a gangster who just came out of prison.” The man in the floral shirt got straight to the point. “You told me to give you a report on everything. There seem to be a lot of people watching this person. Information related to him has been sent to your inbox.”

Chen Qizhao had an impression of this person. Old Lin found the detective, and the clues in this photo were this private investigator.

A gangster who was in close contact with the person around Gu Shen, and just happened to come out of prison. This was indeed suspicious.

“The thing that the boss said yesterday, it is easy to do. But this has to be done against Gu Zhengsong…” The man in the flower shirt laughed with a bit of inquiry in this tone. “Gu Zhengsong is blocking this matter everywhere to keep Gu Shen in prison from knowing. Boss, you asked me to expose these things to Gu Shen, but it will cause a bit of an uproar.”

Chen Qizhao stopped and turned off the sink. “You can’t do it?”

“It is a bit difficult. Gu Shen’s people who visit the prison are strictly watched. For those of us who are engaged in intelligence, it isn’t good to show our faces often to the police. If this matter is found and we become suspects, isn’t there nothing we can do?”

The man in the flower shirt said this with a bit of difficulty. He tapped the left button of the mouse with his fingers and scanned the computer screen. “It is also difficult to get Gu Shen to believe it. Gu Zhengsong’s confession should’ve been mentioned by the police. The father and son might have a good relationship. Now Gu Shen hasn’t said anything against Gu Zhengsong… Boss, the plan you mentioned might not be easy to do.”

“It is because Gu Shen thinks that Gu Zhengsong will fish him out. With his ability and methods, Gu Zhengsong can only save Gu Shen’s things if he fishes Gu Shen out. The father and son are calculating each other. Gu Zhengsong will give the industry to Gu Shen to operate, and Gu Shen naturally won’t be unprepared.”

Chen Qizhao remembered that when Gu Shen entered the police car outside the hotel, the expression on his face wasn’t a defeated depression. Rather, it was calmer and indicated that he still had a handle in his hand. Even if he went in, he had a way to let Gu Zhengsong fish him out. “It is just that Gu Shen underestimated his father. Gu Zhengsong simply doesn’t want any of the things under Gu Shen’s hands. He shirked all responsibility and has no intention of trying to win Gu Shen at all. However, Gu Shen doesn’t know this. He will just think that the words of the police or other people are a way to induce a confession. He doesn’t believe it and won’t reveal any information.”

The flower shirt man’s hand tapping the mouse stopped. “Boss, what are you thinking?”

“There is only one way to get someone like Gu Shen to give up Gu Zhengsong.”

Chen Qizhao’s tone was casual. “Tell Gu Zhengsong the news. Let Gu Zhengsong know that Gu Shen has a handle against him.”

“But we aren’t sure if Gu Shen has a handle in his hands… Will Gu Zhengsong believe the news?” The man in the flower shirt’s tone was a bit unsure. “Gu Zhengsong doesn’t dare to act now…”

Chen Qizhao lowered his eyes. “Don’t underestimate the bottom line of the crazy father and son. When dealing with a tiger, everyone holds the method of mutual destruction.”

Gu Shen must have evidence against Gu Zhengsong. Gu Zhengsong would definitely try to eliminate these.

“If…” Chen Qizhao was halfway through his words when he suddenly noticed a person walking in the distance toward the bathroom.

There was a curtain blocking the entrance of the restaurant’s bathroom. People’s faces couldn’t be seen clearly, but the people walking around in the restaurant outside could be seen.

Chen Qizhao looked at the person who was getting closer and closer. After a while, someone lifted the hanging curtain and walked in.

The man in the flower shirt was still waiting for the boss’ next words. Then after waiting a long time and not hearing the second half of the ‘if’, he was about to open his mouth to remind the boss when he vaguely heard a noise on the other side of the phone. Then the call was hung up.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him. “I ordered Cola chicken wings for you. Is it okay?”

Chen Qizhao watched Shen Yuhuai washing his hands, water flowing over the white and slender fingers. His eyes were slightly lowered.


It was only when Shen Yuhuai called him that Chen Qizhao realized it and followed him back to the restaurant.

There were few people in the store. The waiter delivered the food very quickly. After a while, the food ordered by the two of them arrived. The fragrant Cola chicken wings rice was placed in front of Chen Qizhao.

Chen Qizhao ate relatively light during this time. The meat dishes were also light. He was a bit surprised when he saw the Cola chicken wings. He really wanted to order this when looking at the menu just now, but the call was urgent, and he didn’t say it.

“Why aren’t you eating?” Shen Yuhuai looked at him.

Chen Qizhao picked up a chicken wing and asked in a normal tone, “How did Brother Huai know that I wanted to eat this? Did you randomly order?”

Shen Yuhuai answered, “No.”

Chen Qizhao raised his eyes to look at him.

Shen Yuhuai’s voice was steady. “The first time I came here to eat with you, you first ordered Cola chicken wings. Then in the end, you crossed it out.”

Chen Qizhao’s action of holding the chopsticks stopped. The chicken wing he was holding fell into the rice, splashing a bit of sauce.

“Your arm is a bit wet. Wipe it off.”

Shen Yuhuai handed him a tissue. Then he wiped the table in front of him and said casually, “Do you remember what I said before?”

“What is it?” Chen Qizhao asked.

Shen Yuhuai stared into his eyes. His own eyes were serious and gentle as he said, “You don’t have to lie to me.”

Chen Qizhao stopped for a moment and didn’t continue to move.

Shen Yuhuai noticed that his hand was pinching the chopsticks. The bulging veins on his hands quickly sank after slight fluctuations. His subtle emotions were restrained very well in an instant.

Silence seemed an inevitable outcome. Shen Yuhuai always knew that Chen Qizhao was lying to him. Some people were full of secrets, but they always revealed unknown details inadvertently. There was no more game console in the room, the degree of interest in his hobbies had weakened, his temperament and experience… There were too many things that could be traced back, including Chen Qizhao’s natural and casual sentence of ‘no green onions?’ when they first met.

The level of familiarity was as if he had experienced many conversations with him, like a friend asking a question who knew his habit of not eating green onions.

However, Shen Yuhuai knew that Chen Qizhao at that time actually didn’t remember what happened when they were children. Chen Qizhao approached cautiously with a well-behaved appearance.

Later, there was an accident at the charity party. When he was supporting Chen Qizhao, he noticed the sad eyes of the other person.

He vividly remembered the eyes immersed in loneliness. At that time, Chen Qizhao didn’t seek out anyone else. He asked Shen Yuhuai for help and believed in him. He said something that Shen Yuhuai had no memory of at all. Shen Yuhuai asked to confirm it at that time, and Chen Qizhao confirmed that it was him, not a hallucinatory dependence. It was as if it was a past that really happened.

It was as if Chen Qizhao had promised him something and did something a long time ago. However, he didn’t see it, or he didn’t have the chance to see it.

Shen Yuhuai had seen such a heaviness once, and it was difficult to forget the emotions at that time. Therefore, he started to pay attention to Chen Qizhao’s every move.

He noticed Chen Qizhao’s clumsy overtures and a different side from his childhood.

…He noticed some things that were suppressed deep down, and the hidden secrets that were gradually revealed as they got along.

Chen Qizhao didn’t tell anyone, so Shen Yuhuai didn’t ask.

The silence between the two of them seemed to have passed a long time ago, so long that Shen Yuhuai thought he wouldn’t get an answer from Chen Qizhao. Then he heard a reply.

Chen Qizhao said, “I don’t hate eating green onions.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him. The boy seemed a bit entangled, and his eyes avoided Shen Yuhuai as he spoke, like the evasive gaze when he lied. However, Shen Yuhuai knew that this wasn’t lying.

Chen Qizhao didn’t look at Shen Yuhuai. After speaking, he added, “In fact, I don’t like to drink milk. I also don’t like to drink orange juice at dinner.”

Shen Yuhuai looked at him. “What do you like to drink?”

The diners in the restaurant walked to their tables. Only the voices of two people seemed to be left at the table.

“Coke.” Chen Qizhao seemed to be examining his shortcomings and said little by little. “I also like to drink cold beer.”

“It isn’t much. I just drink a bit of beer.”

After Chen Qizhao finished replying, he couldn’t help looking at Shen Yuhuai.

Shen Yuhuai’s eyes under his glasses were as usual, and his voice was calm. “Yes.”


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