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MGAG: Chapter 101 Part 1

The sunlight outside spilled in, creating distinct light and shadows on the ground.

The weather in July was a bit sweltering. The coolness of the air conditioner in the room was dissipating little by little.

Chen Qizhao felt Shen Yuhuai’s arm rubbing against the skin of his arm, bringing him to lean into this person’s arms. The breath of the two bodies intertwined while Shen Yuhuai’s hand gradually moved up. Finally, it touched the back of his neck and reached into his hair, fingers pressing on his scalp. This made his scalp feel numb, and he was brought closer and closer.

The hand brushed against his earlobe. Shen Yuhuai touched his face, and a gentle and delicate kiss fell.

First, it skimmed over the tip of his nose before kissing the corner of his lips delicately. This process was long and exhausting. This was until his lips and teeth were pried open, and the breath rushed straight in. Chen Qizhao leaned against Shen Yuhuai’s body. The other person let go of the hand holding his face and hugged his waist. They stood firmly and kissed.

The two of them had never kissed for so long. The other party only let him go when Chen Qizhao was about to be breathless.

He had just sighed with relief when Shen Yuhuai came again. The place where the two kissed shifted along with their footsteps, moving from the computer desk to the bed, step by step. This was until the two of them fell on the bed. Shen Yuhuai kissed Chen Qizhao’s face and finally let him go.

Chen Qizhao was lying on his back, panting slightly and chest heaving. His eyes stopped on the man in front of him.

Shen Yuhuai wore a loose t-shirt today. Once he pressed over it slightly, the neckline moved down. It seemed that he could see the invisible figure hidden under the clothes. As long as his hand went to open the hem, he could see the place that he usually couldn’t see.

Surrounded by the mint smell that could drown people, Chen Qizhao had never felt that the mint scent from Shen Yuhuai’s body was so clear. The heat on his face seemed to spread to his ears little by little. The closer the two of them got, the more he could feel Shen Yuhuai’s breathing on his face. His ears were filled with the sound of the other person’s hand pressing on the futon, and his heartbeat was speeding up step by step.

Shen Yuhuai looked down at this person and didn’t speak.

Chen Qizhao was stared at by such eyes and blinked. “I want to kiss again.”

The reply was Shen Yuhuai’s kiss pressing down on him. The man bent his elbows beside him and kissed him little by little.

At this time, there was a knock on the door.

It was unexpected for the two people who were kissing. Chen Qizhao bit the corner of Shen Yuhuai’s lips, and Shen Yuhuai couldn’t help snorting.

There were knocks on the door one after another. Chen Qizhao sat up from the bed and asked toward the door, “Who is it?!”

The knocking on the door outside eventually stopped. It took two or three seconds before the housekeeper’s voice was heard.

“Second Young Master, it is me. Madam asked me to bring two cups of fruit tea.” Uncle Zhang stood outside the door. There were still two cups of fruit tea on the tray in his hand. He thought of the breathy question just now and struggled for a few seconds over whether to continue knocking on the door or to put the tray at the door. Then the door in front of him opened.

Second Young Master Chen’s face was a bit red. The root of his ear connected to his pinna had a conspicuous deep red color. This contrasted sharply with the fair complexion of his body.

Uncle Zhang: “?”

Chen Qizhao’s eyes stayed on Uncle Zhang’s face for a moment before stopping on the tray in his hand. “Give it to me.”

Uncle Zhang nervously handed over the tray, and the latter simply took it.

Then the door in front of him closed, and there was the loud sound of locking.


The inside and outside of the room became quiet again. Chen Qizhao locked the door and thought about how he panicked just now. Uncle Zhang normally wouldn’t open the door to come in.

The two cups of fruit tea still exuded coolness. The two pieces of ice floating in them seemed to dissipate a bit of heat. Chen Qizhao was holding the tray, only to suddenly find himself sweating. After suddenly being interrupted, belated emotions came up. He placed the fruit tea on the table. Then when he looked at Shen Yuhuai, he found that the other party was holding a tissue.

“……” Chen Qizhao paused. “Are you bleeding?”

Shen Yuhuai wiped at the corners of his mouth and commented, “…Your teeth aren’t bad.”

He bit the corner of his partner’s lips during the kiss. Chen Qizhao avoided his eyes in embarrassment. “I’m going to change clothes.”

He broke out in a sweat and had to go back to the bathroom to change his clothes.

The warm air condition seemed to reduce the heat in the room. The two of them had to go back to school today to get something, so they drank some fruit tea first to cool off. Then they went downstairs to prepare.

Walking side by side, Chen Qizhao inadvertently looked at Shen Yuhuai’s mouth. He could see that the place where he bit Shen Yuhuai was a bit red.

In the living room, Zhang Yazhi was sitting on the sofa and watching TV. Once she heard the sound, she looked over at the stairs and saw Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai walking down. Her gaze stayed on the two children for a moment. Seeing them approaching this way, she asked, “Are you going out?”

“I shouldn’t come back to eat at night,” Chen Qizhao told Zhang Yazhi. “Don’t wait for me.”

Zhang Yazhi’s eyes were gentle. “The medicine has to be brought with you. Old Zhang, grab Xiao Zhao’s medicine bag.”

She looked at Shen Yuhuai. “At noon and at night, watch him take the medicine.”

Shen Yuhuai nodded at Zhang Yazhi. He noticed that the other person’s eyes seemed to stay on his face.

The housekeeper quickly brought a portable medicine bag. Chen Qizhao took it and went out with Shen Yuhuai.

Zhang Yazhi watched Shen Yuhuai’s car leaving through the gate of the villa. Then she asked casually, “Old Zhang, what do you think of this child Yuhuai?”

The housekeeper, Uncle Zhang, had worked in the Chen family for many years. He had seen strong winds and waves. He also knew the temperament of the madam. Since Zhang Yazhi opened her mouth to ask him this, she was obviously really asking him how he felt about Shen Yuhuai. He considered it for a moment before saying, “Mr. Shen is humble and has an outstanding appearance…”

Zhang Yazhi stopped the housekeeper before he could utter a lot of praise. “What do you think of his relationship with Xiao Zhao?”

The housekeeper stopped before replying, “Second Young Master gets along well with Mr Shen.”

This matter wasn’t just empty words of praise. He had worked in the Chen family for many years. When something happened in the Shen family, he was the one who arranged the task of transporting the two children to and from school. The eldest young master and second young master had a good relationship when they were young. It was just that the eldest young master had a cold personality. In middle and high school, most of his attention was on his studies, and his relationship with the second young master was rarely managed. Most of the time, it was the second young master who was clingy.

Children’s minds were sensitive. The moment the young Chen Qizhao knew that his older brother didn’t have time to play with him, his interest would shift accordingly. At that time, Shen Yuhuai came to the house. The housekeeper passed by Chen Qizhao’s room many times, and the two children could always be seen talking in the room where the door wasn’t closed. Most of the time, it was Chen Qizhao who was talking, but Shen Yuhuai wasn’t irritable or ignored him. He always patiently added his own opinions or answers after Chen Qizhao said a bunch of words.

During Shen Yuhuai’s time in the Chen family, he had the best relationship with Chen Qizhao.

That time was Chen Qizhao’s most peaceful time. He didn’t play around or make trouble. He also didn’t complain about the cumbersome tutoring courses. If he didn’t understand the questions, he would turn around and ask Shen Yuhuai.

The housekeeper saw it all. This way, when the Second Young Master’s personality became more ‘crooked’, the housekeeper would occasionally look back at the past.

There was just one thing that couldn’t be denied. It was that now or before, Chen Qizhao and Shen Yuhuai had always gotten along well.

Zhang Yazhi smiled after hearing this, her eyes gentle. “I don’t need to worry too much about the child’s affairs.”

There was some distance from the Chen villa to the school. As Shen Yuhuai drove, Chen Qizhao was nestled in the front passenger seat and playing with his mobile phone.

It was just that during the game, he could always see the sight of the man next to him every time they waited at a traffic light. His gaze was undisguised.

“I can drive next time,” Chen Qizhao said.

Shen Yuhuai looked at him after hearing this. “Okay.”

Chen Qizhao heard this calm reply and glanced at the other person’s mouth from the corner of his eye. Then he quickly looked away. He couldn’t help grinding his teeth with his tongue. He slid his tongue over the tip of his teeth and thought that it wasn’t that sharp.

Shen Yuhuai looked at the road in front of him. When he turned to look in the side mirror outside the window, he noticed Chen Qizhao’s slightly puffed-up cheeks.

He quickly withdrew his gaze. There was a somewhat imperceptible smile in his originally calm eyes.

Some of the school’s teaching staff didn’t leave on the holiday. The exam for Chen Qizhao’s major was much later than Yan Kailin’s. He arrived at the school just as the counselor was about to leave. Seeing him coming to the office, the counselor helped him deal with his leave. “You have been on leave for a long time. I have communicated with your parents about the situation, and the approval slip from the Academic Affairs Office has been received. Once the time comes, you will take the exam with the students who have failed the subject and need to make up their exams on the first weekend that school starts. Have you communicated with your classmates about the exam outline?”

As the counselor spoke, she looked slightly at the man waiting in the office.

The other party was upright and tall. He looked particularly eye-catching when standing in the corridor.

Chen Qizhao knew this situation and had been notified online before. “Okay, I know.”

“Then pay attention to the information from the Teaching Affairs Network. I have also asked the class monitor to notify you in advance about the exam.”

The counselor waved her hand. Chen Qizhao thanked her and left quickly.

There were other young counselors in the office. Seeing her finish talking to the student, they couldn’t help looking at her and saying, “Teacher Sun, Chen Qizhao from your class is very diligent in asking for leave.”

“It is a special situation.” Teacher Sun smiled and didn’t say much. It was just that out of the corner of her eyes, she saw Chen Qizhao talking to the man outside in the corridor.

“There are a lot of people paying attention to that student.” Other teachers gossiped. “There are a few girls in my class who are always inquiring about Chen Qizhao. Didn’t he take a leave of absence for almost two months? Several girls came to me to inquire about the situation.”

The two people outside in the corridor hadn’t left yet. Chen Qizhao had several materials in his hand. Teacher Sun could clearly see the scene outside the window. As the teachers next to her were talking about Chen Qizhao, her attention was always focused on the outside.

The tall man looked a bit familiar. He might be a senior who was several years older.

“Teacher Sun?” The teacher next to her looked at her. “Why do you keep looking outside?”

Teacher Sun’s mind returned. “No, I think the man who just came over with the student is a bit familiar.”

“Teacher Sun, you don’t know him? Oh yes, there is less of a connection between finance and chemistry.” The teacher who spoke was in charge of entertainment activities in the department and was familiar with other departments.

Teacher Sun wondered, “The department of chemical engineering? A senior?”

“He isn’t from our school. He is a graduate of B College and has a strong academic record. The key is that he is still young. He was very young when studying for his undergraduate degree. His name is Shen Yuhuai. You can find his competition experience by searching the Internet.”

Another teacher added casually, “It is said that he will continue to study. Didn’t the school go to the research institute next door to find a professor to give a lecture? That professor is his tutor. He went to the department of chemical engineering several times to help as a teaching assistant. There are many people discussing it on the school’s Intranet.”

The teacher finished speaking and specially added, “But I haven’t heard that the two of them know each other. It seems that their relationship is quite good.”

Teacher Sun was about to withdraw her gaze when she suddenly caught a glimpse of the man taking the documents from Chen Qizhao’s hands. The two of them passed by the door side by side, and she seemed to see that they were holding hands.


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