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MGAG: Chapter 100 Part 2

In the hospital room, Chen Shiming had just finished washing his hands when he saw a clean hair dryer placed next to the washstand.

After plugging in the power and turning it on, whistling wind came out from the nozzle. He frowned slightly and wondered how this hair dryer was broken.

“Hasn’t Qizhao come back yet?” Chen Shiming came out of the bathroom and saw Zhang Yazhi standing at the window, looking down. “Mom?”

Zhang Yazhi’s mind returned, and she quickly closed the curtains.

Chen Shiming looked over in a confused manner. “What’s wrong?”

“It is a bit noisy outside. Close the curtains to block the sound.” Zhang Yazhi glanced downstairs before quickly withdrawing her gaze and letting go of her hand. “He should be coming up soon.”

In the dormitory building of the Ninth Research Institute, Liu Sui finished eating instant noodles and checked the Moments of his good roommate.

[Shen Yuhuai: [Image] Dinner.]

After looking at it, he stared silently at his two packs of instant noodles and shamefully drooled over the two pieces of bread in the photo. These breads were from the bakery at the gate of S College, right? Wasn’t it difficult to grab the signature breads of that store? Where did Shen Yuhuai buy it?!

Chen Qizhao was discharged from the hospital at noon. The Chen father and son stopped work to pick him up.

The luggage had been almost all packed in the last two days. There wasn’t much to bring when he was discharged from the hospital. The family went home for a meal, and Chen Qizhao felt like he hadn’t been back for a long time when he returned to his bedroom.

Zhang Yazhi had ordered a maid to clean it. The room was clean and tidy. The quilt seemed to have been exposed to the sun not long ago, and it smelled of sunshine.

The other decorations in the room hadn’t changed much. They still retained the same appearance as when Chen Qizhao left. He sat on his chair and turned on his computer. All the other untouched emails popped up except for what he had checked on his phone at the hospital.

There was a knock on the door, and Chen Qizhao called out for the person to come in.

Zhang Yazhi came in with a glass of water. She saw a certain new hit drama playing on Chen Qizhao’s computer screen and asked, “Xiao Zhao, how do you plan to spend your birthday next week?”

Chen Qizhao’s birthday was in July. Last year’s birthday actually wasn’t very pleasant. Considering Chen Jianhong’s business trip, the party was held in advance. It was a coming-of-age party, and there were many guests. At that time, it was the Gregorian calendar, and the party was held shortly after Chen Qizhao’s college entrance examination. What was originally a happy event turned very unpleasant due to arguing over what major to apply for. He was angry with Chen Shiming for several days.

Chen Qizhao was hospitalized when it was his birthday based on the Gregorian calendar this year. His birthday celebration was repeatedly postponed and was just in time for his lunar calendar birthday.

Chen Qizhao replied, “There is no need to do anything big. Just celebrate my birthday.”

Zhang Yazhi asked, “It isn’t a big deal. Just invite a few close friends. You should call Kailin and the others.”

Chen Qizhao had no opinion. Zhang Yazhi told him about the next birthday party.

In the end, they planned to do it at the Chen family’s villa and invite some close friends. A birthday party should be a happy event. Recently, the Chen family had problems one after another. Zhang Yazhi hoped to use the joy of the birthday party to dilute these lingering troubles. She confirmed it with Chen Qizhao and no longer disturbed the child.

Just before leaving, Zhang Yazhi asked again, “You said last time that you wanted to cut your hair. Tomorrow, I will call a stylist to help you cut it at home, okay?”

“Another tomorrow,” Chen Qizhao told her. “I am going back to school tomorrow to get something.”

Zhang Yazhi’s eyes paused for a moment. “Do you want to drive? Or should I let Old Wu drive you?”

“No, Brother Huai has a break tomorrow and will pick me up.” Chen Qizhao noticed Zhang Yazhi’s gaze when he finished speaking and added, “He just happens to be going back to the research institute to get something. He will pick me up along the way. What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing. I was just asking. I don’t feel comfortable with you driving just yet.”

Zhang Yazhi walked in the direction of the stairs after speaking. She was a bit distracted and happened to meet Chen Jianhong coming out of the study. The other person was still holding a few documents in his hands. She asked, “Going to the company?”

“Yes.” Chen Jianhong glanced at the other end of the corridor. “Has Xiao Zhao taken the medicine?”

“Yes.” Zhang Yazhi looked at her husband and couldn’t help saying a bit more. “He is watching a drama in his room. If you are worried about your child, go over and watch it.”

After Zhang Yazhi left, Chen Qizhao closed the door of the room. He glanced in the direction of the bathroom before quickly looking away.

Ever since Zhang Yazhi came in, Chen Qizhao noticed her small movements. He was a cautious person, and there were some important things in his bedroom. After returning to the bedroom, he checked his room. The manual razor and scissors in the bathroom were taken away. Only the electric razor remained. Some of the concern that turned into substance was a mother’s caution. Chen Qizhao thought that Zhang Yazhi didn’t have to go this far. It was because he wouldn’t go to that extreme.

The medicine taken after the meal seemed to work bit by bit. Chen Qizhao tilted his head and saw the two things brought back from the hospital on the table.

The succulents in the potted plant seemed to be no different from when he first got it. Chen Qizhao didn’t know if he had damaged this plant, so he picked up the potted plant casually, opened the curtains by the window and found a suitable place to put it on the windowsill.

He looked down and saw Chen Shiming and Chen Jianhong’s car driving away from the villa. They should be going back to the company to work.

He looked at it for a while and waited until the vehicle was far away before returning to the computer.

Chen Qizhao shrunk the drama to the taskbar and clicked on his emails to browse the important information one by one. Once a certain anxiety floated up, he pulled open a drawer and took out the cigarette pressed under the document. He had just picked it up when the action stopped.

Forget it.

Chen Qizhao closed the door, took a mint from the glass bottle next to him, removed the wrapper, and threw it in his mouth.

Not long after, he sent out an email and closed his computer.

The next day, the weather was good. When Shen Yuhuai’s car drove into the Chen family’s villa, he happened to see Zhang Yazhi talking to the maid in charge of the garden. She seemed to have a new opinion on repairing the garden. Zhang Yazhi saw Shen Yuhuai coming over and stopped for a moment. Then she quickly put on a smile. “Did you come to find Xiao Zhao?”

“Aunt Zhang.” Shen Yuhuai greeted her before asking, “He hasn’t gotten up yet?”

Zhang Yazhi looked up at the second floor of the villa. “He went back to his room after eating. Go upstairs to find him.”

After talking to Zhang Yazhi, Shen Yuhuai followed the maid into the villa. He noticed that there was a gaze focused on him behind him that didn’t disappear until he entered the villa. Shen Yuhuai had gone to Chen Qizhao’s room several times. After going upstairs, he knew which direction to head in. He politely thanked the maid and walked along the corridor on the second floor to the door of Chen Qizhao’s room. It was just that no one answered when he knocked.

Shen Yuhuai knocked twice, but no one answered.

He stared at the doorknob. It didn’t take long for the door to open.

Chen Qizhao’s face still had some water droplets on it. His eyelashes were wet, and he looked stunned when he saw Shen Yuhuai. “Why didn’t you call me?”

Shen Yuhuai nodded to him. “I sent you a message on VX, but you didn’t reply.”

Through the gap in the crack of the door, he saw that Chen Qizhao was still wearing pajamas. “Aren’t you going to let me in?”

Chen Qizhao’s hand pressing on the door loosened. “Come in. I’ll go and change clothes.”

Shen Yuhuai walked in and saw Chen Qizhao take a few clothes to the bathroom. The bathroom door closed in front of him.

The room wasn’t as messy as before. There was no smell of smoke in the air. The computer in the distance was still on. It seemed that the owner of this room was operating it not long ago. Shen Yuhuai habitually observed the room, so he saw the potted plant bathing in the sun in the distance. He walked over.

Every time he came to Chen Qizhao’s room, he seemed to be able to feel the breath of life in the room.

The color of the room at home was brighter and was more like the room of a young person. There were more decorations and rich colors. In contrast, Chen Qizhao’s dormitory room at school was much more monotonous compared to Yan Kailin’s behavior of putting up wallpaper and posters.

The single dormitory room had a higher degree of freedom. During the time when Shen Yuhuai lived on campus during college, his classmates living in the single dormitory room seemed to be living in a small apartment outside.

However, Chen Qizhao’s school dormitory was very monotonous. The sheets and quilt were one color. The desk only held folders and professional books. Even the small table for takeout was brought from Yan Kailin’s room. Shen Yuhuai could recall the whole picture of the other person’s dormitory by closing his eyes. It was so monotonous that he didn’t need to recall too hard. Meanwhile, Chen Qizhao’s room at home was vaguely youthful.

But if he looked closely, he would find that the position of the game console hadn’t changed for a long time. The professional books and reading books on the bookshelf were neatly placed on one side while the folders and reference books were placed on the convenient side. It could be seen that the other person often used the books on the left side while things of interest were put aside.

It was like starting from a special time, the owner of the room suddenly felt his interest in hobbies such as games plummet.

Shen Yuhuai lowered his eyes slightly. His gaze stopped on the glass bottle next to the lit computer screen. The originally filled glass bottle still had most of the mints left. The blue packaging in the transparent bottle was particularly beautiful and was just within the reach of the owner of the room.

“I’m ready.” Chen Qizhao pushed open the door and came out. He noticed Shen Yuhuai standing in front of his computer, holding the glass bottle containing mints in his hand.

Shen Yuhuai asked, “Is it not delicious?”

Chen Qizhao quickly walked over, wanting to grab the mints back. “No, I will eat two once in a while.”

Shen Yuhuai withdrew his hand slightly. Chen Qizhao didn’t get the glass bottle, but ended up approaching Shen Yuhuai.

The two of them were close to each other, and their breaths intertwined.

Chen Qizhao had just finished washing, and the cool taste seemed more obvious.

Shen Yuhuai reached out to wrap his arms around this person while leaning against the computer desk. He wrapped his hands around Chen Qizhao’s waist, and his hand placed on the other person’s tailbone was like fire. His other hand put the glass bottle far away. “Chen Qizhao, do you think we are in the cold period after falling in love?”

After it was mentioned by Shen Yuhuai, Chen Qizhao’s mind instantly returned to the day when he searched for such terms with the tablet. He fell asleep while searching. By the time he woke up, the tablet had been taken away by Shen Yuhuai. He completely forgot that the search engine also had a function called historical search.

Chen Qizhao wanted to change the topic, but the hand on his back held his waist. Through his clothes, he could feel that the other person’s hand was pressing on his spine. The force of the touch was just right. Obviously, not much strength was used, but he followed the direction of the other person.

Shen Yuhuai didn’t care about his answer. His warm breath carried an addictive mint scent as he spoke.

“Come here.”


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