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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 9

Jian Yue just took a dagger. There was a chest full of gems as well as a set of armor left.

Li Shaoxi also looked at the set of armor. The attributes weren’t bad. It was like life-saving magic for him and Jian Yue, whose bodies were as fragile as thin paper.

After all, the two of them only had 32 points of health combined. This armor came with 100 defense points. Rounding up, it gave them three times the health volume.

Of course, Li Shaoxi knew why Jian Yue didn’t wear this suit.

Based on those operations…

The armor would only drag down this great god and delay his performance!

Li Shaoxi filled himself up with the gems and stared at the armor.

This equipment was mainly defensive so it looked quite ugly. It was like the low-level armor in ordinary role-playing games. It was made of black iron and was dark, heavy and cold.

The reason why Li Shaoxi stared at it was because it had a small skill: It recovered 20% of lost HP every 10 seconds.

Obviously, this skill wasn’t useful to Li Shaoxi and Jian Yue.

There was no need to mention Jian Yue at all. Not only did Jian Yue lose no health but his single drop of health had no fault tolerance. He would either live or die. There was no intermediate state.

Li Shaoxi didn’t dare to rush rashly with his 31 points of health. If he recklessly lost 30 health, the armor would only return 6 health… it had a terrible usefulness.

The reason Li Shaoxi stared at it was because he was imagining what would happen if he took it out. This equipment wasn’t very useful in the game. Then what if he brought it back to reality? If the skill attached to it was also brought back then wouldn’t it be a health restoring artifact?

20% of lost health was restored every 10 seconds…

What did this mean when applied to reality? It was too subtle to call it a health restoring artifact. It should be called a medical miracle!

Nevertheless, Li Shaoxi didn’t plan to take it at all. He pondered on it and saw the risks. Even if it was true that he could take the gems out, he would need to think carefully about how to reasonably exchange them for money.

Gems were something that belonged in reality yet he still needed to handle them carefully. This armor was obviously something that didn’t exist in reality. Hastily bringing it back… there would be endless troubles.

Li Shaoxi only wanted to pay off his debt and didn’t want to cause trouble.

The world was very big while he was very small. Some boundaries shouldn’t be touched.


Li Shaoxi’s little mind spun. He had decided not to bring it back to reality but he could wear it first. The skill of the armor was a small waste but he couldn’t resist the 100 points of defense. There was a big boss opening the way for him and he just needed to live. Defense was very beautiful for him!

There were still four levels after this. It wasn’t a big deal to take off the armor at the last minute so that he wouldn’t take it out with him. As for the weight…

He would waste a bit of it in exchange for 100 defense points. It was worth it!

Therefore, Li Shaoxi freed up a bit of weight and happily put on the armor.

The barrage: “I have to say that Duoduo’s little face really doesn’t match this equipment!”

“He is so cute. Where did this King Kong… King Kong…”

Before the barrage could come up with the words, the armor wearing Li Shaoxi raised his arm and posed like a boss. Then he told Jian Yue, “Brother Yue, don’t forget…”

Jian Yue: “……” He vaguely guessed what this person was going to say.

The steely straight Li Shaoxi was still dancing. “I am your King Kong Barbie!” (Steely straight man = It has gradually developed into a word that means many things such as poor aesthetics, low emotional intelligence in love etc.)

Jian Yue turned around and walked away heartlessly.

Li Shaoxi followed him while his bright voice didn’t speak human words. “Brother Yue, you know right. You can’t stop protecting me just because I’m wearing armor. You should always remember… a King Kong Barbie is strong on the outside and fragile on the inside!”

The barrage audience who didn’t know the previous situation: “…………”

At this moment, Fang Yihuai couldn’t help feeling that he was old and unworthy of live streaming. He was simply a scumbag compared to Li Shaoxi.

Sure enough…

It was the young people who knew how to play. He felt beleaguered.

The second level was the ruby themed room. It was once again a beautiful door that was inlaid with countless rubies.

Li Shaoxi had the experience of the pearl room so he was already guessing. “Ruby… what is the homonym?”

Red envelope? Gem lion? Could it be the big, red lion?

It had to be said that Li Shaoxi’s imagination was quite wide but the planners didn’t play cards according to the usual routine. The first room happily played with homophones but it was absent in this room.

Rubies… they were actually rubies.

Li Shaoxi was shocked the moment he pushed open the door.

Some viewers had seen it once before and couldn’t help sighing. “It is really beautiful.”

This place was really luxurious unlike the dirty and messy pearl room. The room was decorated with rubies of different shades and it showed the beauty of fire to the fullest.

The ceiling was a whole piece of dark ruby. Under the reflection of the crystal lamps, it looked like a burning flame. The walls seemed like a cluster of ruby crystals but looking closer, one would find that it was actually made up of hearts. It gave off a fluttering feeling like draperies. It was as if it would float if a gust of wind blew.

There weren’t too many furnishings in the room. There was only a huge, square ruby that was two meters in size in the center.

Fang Yihuai and the audience of the live stream room all knew that this was the sleeping boss of the level. There would be a fierce battle once it was activated.

This themed room was much better than the last one and the boss of the level also wasn’t comparable to the entry-level Pearl.

Fang YIhuai was a game streamer after all. He might’ve been reduced to commentating in this game but he showed enough professionalism.

“I don’t know about Jiang, God Jian…” No matter what method Jian Yue used to pass the first level, the name God Jian had to be used. It was a respectful term in the industry and Streamer Fang was really professional. “I don’t know how he cleared the level but Ruby is different from Pearl, whose actions are slow. It is a boss with high attack and high agility.”

The barrage studied it very seriously.

“It doesn’t have as much health as Pearl.”

“However, it has ranged attacks.”

“That fire that is breathed out… the range really isn’t small.”

“Jian Yue can even dodge that turbid air so the flames shouldn’t be a big problem.”

“Still, he is a melee attacker. How to get close is the problem.”

The barrage was discussing it intensely when it suddenly fell silent.

The reason?

Ju! Duo! Duo!

Did Li Shaoxi rashly go and attract the aggro? How could that be!

As a pendant, not causing trouble and being obedient and sensible were part of his professional ethics. Simply put, if the bigshot didn’t move then he didn’t move. If the bigshot moved then he would wave the flag. If the bigshot died… well, the bigshot wouldn’t die! The words ‘courting disaster’ wasn’t in his dictionary at all.

So why was the live stream room full of ellipses?

It was because… Li Shaoxi’s words were astonishing. “Brother Yue, don’t you think this looks like a wedding night room?”

Jian Yue: “……”

Li Shaoxi sincerely felt like this. “Look at this room that is a brilliant red. Don’t the walls look like falling draperies? The huge ruby in the center is like a wedding bed while the fragments of this place look like rose petals…”

The barrage: “…Speak properly!” What wedding night room? Look who you are walking in with!

Fortunately, the whole room was very red or Jian Yue’s red ears would be exposed to the tens of thousands of viewers in the live stream room. “Shut up.”

Li Shaoxi quickly gestured to zip his mouth, even though he didn’t understand why the bigshot was angry.

Then Li Shaoxi didn’t dare to make a sound. No one could see how Jian Yue moved. There was only a flashing afterimage as the dagger pierced the square ruby.

There was a loud bang as the boss woke up in severe pain. This was followed by a raging flame that soared into the sky!

The temperature of the flame was extremely high and the lamp hanging from the ceiling instantly burned to ashes. The blood-red ceiling was intensely illuminated by the fire and the deep red turned into a bright red. The slowly dripping red liquid gave the originally exquisite and romantic room an eerie and terrifying air.

The true form of the boss appeared. It was a two meters tall monster that looked like a triceratops. It was covered in flames and the four hooves on the ground were oozing a viscous, scarlet liquid. It emitted an intense burning and bloody smell.

The awakened monster stared at the tall and thin teenager in front of it with golden, vertical pupils. “Arrogant boy, how dare you break into this holy land? Damn!”

Then a flame with a full 180 degrees rang covered the air and the ground. The immersion of this game was enough to make one’s legs soft. The impact of the realistic scene made people feel terrified.

“Stand still.” Jian Yue’s voice was low and cold from in the midst of the flames.

Li Shaoxi: “……” Damn, he was speechless!

He didn’t move at all because he knew very well that this position on the very edge was beyond the range of the boss’ flames. He just needed to stick close to the wall and not move an inch. Then the skill couldn’t hurt him no matter how terrifying it was. But… but…

F*k! It scared him to death! What damn immersion! He missed playing computer and mobile games across the screen!

For the viewers in the live stream room, this was obviously just a game but they were so nervous that they forgot to blink.

This scene was too real. This boss was terrifying.

The audience who saw Juduoduo’s pale face: Sympathy!

Fang Yihuai was also stunned for a moment. He had passed this level before and was a tank who resisted the damage. However, it hadn’t felt so scary when he was playing at the time. It was as if this monster really existed.

Li Shaoxi stood on the periphery and the flames stopped only one centimeter away from him. It didn’t burn him but the residual temperature made his cheeks hot and sweat appear on his forehead—although that wasn’t necessarily from the heat.

He didn’t dare to move. He just held his breath and watched Jian Yue.

In the last level, no one apart from Li Shaoxi saw how Jian Yue had killed the boss. This time, tens of thousands of people watched it and tens of thousands of people gasped together.

This man…

He was amazing!

Anyone who understood VR equipment was frequently sucking in a breath. They felt that they were looking at a martial arts master!

Jian Yue stabilized the boss’ aggro with one knife blow. He used his close distance to it when it released the AOE attack to quickly dodge behind it, perfectly avoiding the damage.

Every time the monster released a magic skill, it would stiffen for 0.1 seconds. Jian Yue precisely caught this moment and stabbed it in the weak spot of its body. Blood gushed out and the monster roared with pain. Then it started releasing its skills more frantically.

This scene was dazzling in the live stream room.

Overwhelming flames seemed to fill the entire room but there was always a figure in gray that precisely moved into the gap of the skill, avoiding all damage and sharply stabbing the monster.

Fang Yihuai couldn’t blink as he watched. Before this, he really didn’t know that he had the talent to be a commentator. “This positioning is too great. Not only does he have excellent physical fitness but he also has terrifying reflexes. The scariest thing is that he can accurately predict the skill range of the boss…”

Fang Yihuai explained it and the viewers who had never played VR games could see it more clearly.

So strong. It was really too strong!

No wonder why he dared to add so many points to attack while only leaving himself one point of blood. This excellent positioning, the astonishing judgment and the full attack power combined with the dagger’s defense breaking attribute…

The ruby boss had a terrifying ranged attack but was relatively fragile. Its health quickly ran out.

There was a thumping sound.

The boss fell to the ground and all the rubies in the room turned into liquid. The gray-clothed teenager standing there was surrounded by deep and shallow red.

It was a scene that made everyone hold their breaths.

The room was full of blood but he was the only one unscathed.

Jian Yue raised his eyes slightly and looked at the teenager who was clinging to the wall with wide eyes. These eyes were full of fear yet were shining.

Li Shaoxi pressed a hand to his thumping heart. “Brother Yue, I was wrong.”


Li Shaoxi’s strength was superior when it came to destroying the atmosphere. “This isn’t a wedding night room!”

What wedding night room had walls oozing blood?!


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