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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 8

Fang Yihuai was trembling uncontrollably.

What tiger and wolf words! F*k, the number of people in his live stream had finally exceeded 10,000. Don’t block him!

The live streaming room was full of adults and the fans were stunned after being speechless for a brief moment.

“What is he talking about?”

“We haven’t seen them in 10 minutes and the two of them have already become so close?”

“What is big, what is thick? What is this roller coaster?”

“Wait… isn’t the point that they are both men?”

Fang Yihuai saw that the style of the barrage was going wrong and was afraid his live streaming room would be blocked, so he forcibly changed the subject. “That… ah yes, this Pearl boss looks big and round. His four legs can hardly support his huge body.”

The live stream room ignored him and was still filling the screen. “I didn’t expect you to be such a Jian Yue. I said you were a good, cool brother. How can you be so impatient?”

“Duoduo, my little Duoduo, how come this big bad wolf ate you!”

“Speaking of VR, can you… can you do that?”

“Lanhai Technology has something. How much does this equipment cost?”

“The minimum is 30,000…”

“Oh, forget it. I’m not worthy!”

Help! This style was unbelievable!

Fang Yihuai continued to bring the topic to the boss. “It might be the first level but the boss of this level is very difficult. His skin is thick and he has a splash attack. Based on my physical defense, health and reaction ability, I only reduced him to only one-fifth of his health…”

Of course, the girls weren’t familiar with the game and their output couldn’t keep up. He used the tank to train their hands.

Who cared about the boss? Everyone wanted to see what the little ones were doing.

Fang Yihuai didn’t exit the live streaming interface of the game. He was panicked because the barrage’s remarks went too far but he didn’t really think that Jian Yue and Juduoduo were engaged in some earth-shattering big move. Games were also subject to review and some things were impossible to exist!

Finally, the fog that shrouded the entire room dissipated and the eagerly waiting fans in the live stream room saw the two little ones.

The two of them were disheveled! The two of them were very close! Their breathing was uneven! The two people…

Okay, the live stream room was saved.

What did this have to do with a negative distance? Obviously, it was the action effect of just finishing off the boss! Wait…

Finishing, off, the, boss?

The onlookers, who were watching the fun, finally got their brain circuits on the right track and paid attention to business.

“F*k, Pearl is dead!”

“They killed the boss?”

“One point of health and zero points of attack. They actually killed this big boss with such thick skin?”

“Replay replay, I want to see the replay!”

There is no replay…”

Fang Yihuai was so shocked that he couldn’t watch the barrage.

It was only after doing it that one would know how annoying the boss of this level was. Of course, he was annoying for normal players but he wasn’t too difficult to pass. It was just that for the two people with such strange attributes, it was undoubtedly a hell difficulty.

Pearl was just the boss of the first level. There was nothing special about him apart from his thick skin.

After all, the players at this level had no equipment. If the game was too exaggerated then the player would simply remove their device, apply for a refund and give a series of bad reviews.

Normal players could beat Pearl to death in five or six minutes as long as one person stabilized Pearl’s aggro while the remaining four crazily released their output.

It was just that the players were bound to get hurt.

Pearl had a very disgusting skill to release turbid air. Every three seconds, a large amount of turbid air would splash around him. The density of the turbid air wouldn’t be greater in one position. This meant there was nowhere to hide for melee players.

The damage of the turbid air wasn’t air. It only decreased health by one or two points so most players relied on defense and health to resist. In any case, there was time to rest and recover after killing the boss.

The situation of Jian Yue and Juduoduo was different.

They had one point of health and 30 points of health. Even if Juduoduo sacrificed himself to lure the monster, Jian Yue would have to fight in close quarters if he wanted to output. His one point of health would be gone as long as he was touched by the turbid air.

Therefore, Fang Yihuai was very certain that these two wouldn’t pass the first level. But now…

Pearl fell to the ground and they passed the first level. They killed Pearl unscathed.

How, did, they, do, it?

It wasn’t only the audience who was curious. Fang Yihuai was also going to explode from curiosity! Unfortunately, they couldn’t watch the process. They could only see the results. The result was…

Li Shaoxi sincerely admired it. “Brother Yue, you are really the thickest, largest and most reliable thigh I have ever hugged!”

The audience and the Fang Yihuai trio: “……….Oh!”

Feelings were so thick and big.

Feelings were still the roughest and most powerful.

Feelings… just hug a thigh!

Brother Duoduo, I’m afraid you haven’t reached level 99 in the language arts!

Only Li Shaoxi knew what the Pearl boss had gone through. Only he had seen Jian Yue’s immortal operations with his own eyes. How to describe it? Li Shaoxi was just afraid that if he praised the other person too much and annoyed him then what if Jian Yue no longer protected him?

He knew that Jian Yue wasn’t an ordinary player and that Jian Yue had excellent physical fitness in reality. He knew that Jian Yue wasn’t blindly and messily adding points but was confident in his agility and reflexes, confident enough to avoid the turbid air that had almost nowhere to hide from.

Li Shaoxi rarely admired anyone in terms of the game but at this moment, he…

He was completely convinced! There was a bigshot here and his task of surviving for three days had stabilized at 99%. As for why he left 1%? Hey, a human being should be humble.

The audience in the live streaming room had their hearts scratched. They were looking forward to it. They hoped that cutie Duoduo would talk more and carefully describe the operation of God Jian. They couldn’t see the picture so let them listen to the explanation.

Who knew that this chattermouth would close his mouth. After dropping that pile of language arts, he didn’t make a sound. Do proper business, Juduoduo!

The live stream room gradually soared to 20,000 people and some newcomers timidly sent a barrage.

“This… this… is it a stream of a VR game?”

The old fans: “Probably… probably…”

Before this, they were quite sure it was the live streaming room of the VR game Treasure Miner. Now…

They were hesitant!

This little brother with an excellent voice…

What nonsense did he speak that made the old veterans cry? If they didn’t know the summary of the previous situation and just read the content of the barrage…

The ones who didn’t let their imaginations run wild were the strange ones.

Fang Yihuai was shocked and quickly saved his live stream room. “It is a live stream for VR games, a 100% real game. There is no deception. Everyone is just chatting about… hugging a thigh.”

‘I’m sorry.’ Streamer Fang collapsed. He had to doubt if the thigh in his mouth wasn’t the other thigh!

The entire live stream room was dirty while only the two parties involved were clean and pure. At this time, they had started to pick up the rewards after killing the boss.

There were only 100 attribute points given at the beginning of the game and each subsequent boss kill gave random rewards. The rewards were random but there were levels to what was given according to the kill evaluation.

Fang Yihuai’s kill evaluation in the past was B. It wasn’t too high or too low. After all, the worst was F.

The audience hadn’t seen the process of killing the boss so they were very curious about the evaluation of the two little ones.

The kill might’ve been completed but the rating shouldn’t be too high.

The prophet Fang spoke again. “If the rating is lower than B then the subsequent levels will be difficult to handle because there isn’t enough equipment. Even if Jian Yue has full points in physical attack, he can’t stop some monsters with too high physical defense. If he can’t break the defense then all the output…  fu… I acted with undue haste.”

In the live stream room, he couldn’t use foul language so he could only switch it to an idiom. No wonder why Fang Yihuai was so excited. This rating… this rating…

[System: Congratulations on achieving a perfect kill and getting the S rating.]

The fans in the live streaming room were wringing their hands. “S! An S rating! Old Huai, you have passed it three times and your best score was an A rating. Jian Yue is alone, well, he has a small pendant. How did he get an S rating?”

“Oh my god, what did we miss?”

“Old Huai, reflect on it. Why didn’t you find out sooner that you could watch the team members pass the instance?”

Fang Yihuai was watching Jian Yue with a confused expression. He didn’t dare underestimate this person at all. It was either a bug or a father. Both the former and the latter were intimidating.

Fang Yihuai stabilized the emotions of the audience in the live streaming room. “Don’t worry, I just missed the first level. The next level is ruby and the difficulty is higher. We will be able to see it clearly!”

This statement really stabilized the fans. At the same time, it infinitely raised the expectations of the audience.

They were so curious! They wanted to know how beautiful this Jian Yue’s operation really was!

The duo, who had no knowledge of this live event, were opening a treasure chest.

The S rating gave a big treasure chest that was golden, bright and dazzling. Li Shaoxi’s eyes were round and his hands were itchy. Unfortunately, his bag was too small to make a home for the big treasure chest.

There was a ding and the treasure chest was opened. Li Shaoxi sucked in a breath at the golden light!

Jian Yue’s expression was indifferent. He wasn’t as emotional as when he was talking to Li Shaoxi previously.

Inside the golden treasure chest was an even more brilliant light.

It was full of gold, silver and gems. If the gems in the cabin were the quality that could usually be seen on the counter then these were high end gems that could only appear on the necks of celebrities!

How much was it worth?

How much was it worth??

The subtle differences could clear his family’s debt of 80 million in one go!

Li Shaoxi’s heart was pounding but he was measured. He looked at Jian Yue cautiously and asked even more carefully, “Brother Yue, you come first.”

He would wait for the bigshot to pick everything he wanted! In any case, Li Shaoxi’s weight was already full!

What, his luggage was already full? It didn’t matter. If he didn’t throw away the old ones, the new ones wouldn’t come. The gems worth millions must make way for the big treasures!

Jian Yue responded. His cold, white fingers moved through the dazzling jewels and he picked up a simple and unpretentious dagger.

Li Shaoxi stared at him eagerly.

Jian Yue told him, “That’s it.”

Li Shaoxi held his breath. “You… only need this dagger?”

“Yes, this armor is for you.”

Li Shaoxi’s eyes weren’t on the armor and he was full of thoughts. “You don’t want the rest?”

Jian Yue who understood the money signs in this person’s eyes: “……”

Li Shaoxi was afraid that this person would regret it. “Brother Yue, you are so good. You will be my older brother in the future!”

It was true that the Li family paying off the 80 million debt had his contribution!

The barrage was speechless.

“This is it?”

“This is it!”

“There is only one dagger and a set of armor from an S ranked treasure chest? Who is pitting whom?”

“…Oh, and a box of useless gems.”

“Let’s just say, apart from cutie Duoduo, who will care about that box of junk?”

Fang Yihuai had played many times and knew some rules. He helplessly said after a moment of silence, “These two… their luck value is both zero.”

He remembered.

This strange duo had everything as zeros apart from physical attack, weight and health. The other attribute points could be assigned by the players autonomously. The only exception was the luck value, which was locked when entering the game.

Their luck value was zero so the treasure chest with an S rating only gave them a box full of junk…

The two little ones… they were too miserable!


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