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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 19

Faced with this problem, Li Shaoxi had already made a good draft as early as the moment when he entered ‘Cloud.’

He would definitely be asked and he had to answer it. However, the extent of the answer depended on Li Shaoxi. It seemed there was no equipment that could directly test the ability or Yun Yu wouldn’t have asked directly.

Li Shaoxi didn’t like the person in front of him but he knew that Yun Yu had no intention of harming him. It was more to recruit a newcomer who might have potential or no potential.

In terms of mentality, Li Shaoxi was very stable. He didn’t think highly of himself and was very clear about the gap between himself and these people.

This gap allowed him to accept all difficulties.

Being weak was the original sin. Living and developing was the right method. Rashly offending this ‘great god’ was tantamount to pressing the surrender key in his life.

Li Shaoxi took out a handful of sapphires from his pocket.

The giant screen became a light source in the underground building and the gentle white light made the surroundings as bright as daylight. This made it possible to see everything clearly.

Li Shaoxi’s complexion was white. It wasn’t a cool tone, but had a warmer temperature. His fingers were long and thin while the lines of his palm were clean. His slightly curled finger bones were concave into a very beautiful arc.

It was a pair of clean and beautiful hands so the sapphires on the palm of the hand looked even more expensive. However…

None of the three people present looked puzzled.

Le Xi obviously didn’t have a deep mind and was more naive. He peered over and looked at the beautiful pile of stones curiously. Then he asked, “Your ability is… changing living stones?”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

He had heard of changing living people but he hadn’t heard of changing living stones. This beast-eared boy was probably someone with low intelligence!

Yun Yu narrowed his eyes as a thought flashed through his mind. Then his eyes filled with disbelief. “These sapphires…”

It was rare to see the president’s expression change and Li Shaoxi’s angry heart became happy.

Sure enough, his ability was very special. This specialness represented value.

Li Shaoxi needed proper value to give himself a foothold in this unknown world.

Li Shaoxi stared at him without blinking. “Yes, they are from the game.”

There were three gasps. Qin Suiyu, who had been silent until now, was also shocked.

Le Xi exclaimed in an even more shocked manner, “How is this possible?!”

Yun Yu waved his hand and the giant screen once again showed a video. It was the live stream replay of Treasure Miner.

The progress was frozen at the sapphire level. Jian Yue slashed at the water snake and the treasure chest fell to the ground. Li Shaoxi, who was forced to hurry due to the 10 second countdown, hurriedly opened the treasure chest and started to frantically place gems in his bag.

The screen zoomed in and focused on Li Shaoxi’s hand in the game.

The color of the sapphires was more beautiful in the sun. it was as clear as the shallow sea and as clean as the blue sky.

Yun Yu stared at Li Shaoxi. This time, there was no teasing in his eyes and he was more serious than ever. “You didn’t just take away these broken stones.”

Calling them broken stones?! One carat was big enough, okay!

Li Shaoxi didn’t bother to complain and continued to say what he had prepared. “I can only bring these back.”

This was the answer that Li Shaoxi had figured out.

As long as Yun Yu didn’t have a mind reading ability—well, Li Shaoxi believed he didn’t have this or he wouldn’t have asked such a question.

It was impossible for Li Shaoxi to completely conceal his ability, nor did he need to. However, he wouldn’t completely expose his ability. After all, it was necessary to be vigilant.

He wouldn’t mention the specific situation of the Duobaoge.

He only said that he could bring things out of the game. As for what he could bring out?

In any case, he could only bring out these ‘broken stones’ at the moment.

Li Shaoxi’s expression was honest as he faced Yun Yu’s direct gaze.

There was nothing to be guilty about. He didn’t say a single lie.

Le Xi couldn’t hold back any longer. The shock in his eyes was undisguised. “I’ve never heard of an ability to take things out of the field…”

His beast ears were standing up but he was unexpectedly a bit educated. He looked at Li Shaoxi’s palm and asked, “Can I take one to see?”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

I have been stolen by you, but now you are being polite?

Li Shaoxi gave Le Xi a sapphire and warned him, “10,000 yuan.”

Le Xi, “?”

Li Shaoxi was poor, so poor that he wasn’t afraid. “If you lose it then you have to pay me 10,000 yuan.”

Le Xi: “……Oh.”

The beast-eared boy shrugged as he held the gem carefully.

The corners of Li Shaoxi’s mouth twitched. ‘I’m afraid he is a poor man as well!’

After a while, Le Xi said with surprise, “Boss! It is really a sapphire!”

Yun Yu: “……” His brain hurt. What was this? This world wasn’t lacking sapphires but if this person could really bring out things that didn’t belong to this world…

Things had changed.

Yun Yu took a deep breath and told Li Shaoxi, “Follow me.”

Li Shaoxi followed him. Le Xi also wanted to come along but was stopped by Qin Suiyu.

Le Xi pursed his lips but was obedient.

There was no way. Who made him unable to beat Qin Suiyu?

Li Shaoxi followed Yun Yu to a separate suite that looked like Yuun Yu’s living room.

Li Shaoxi glanced around and felt that the president of Cloud in front of him definitely wasn’t poor.

There were no traces of money in the punk-style building outside but this suite was full of the smell of money. It was also an extremely rich smell. It wasn’t the upstart temperament of the Li family.

Yun Yu instructed, “Sit.”

Li Shaoxi responded and sat on the soft sofa.

Yun Yu didn’t speak for a long time. He thought about it for a while before confirming it with Li Shaoxi again, “You didn’t lie to me.”


Yun Yu asked again, “You only brought out these broken… um, sapphires?”


Yun Yu looked into his ears, as if to see through all his thoughts. “What about the necklace and the potion?”

Obviously, Li Shaoxi hadn’t just stuffed a bunch of sapphires in his backpack. There was also a sapphire necklace and a bottle of blue potion.

Yun Yu ignored the armor that Li Shaoxi had worn on the body and the staff he had held in his hand.

Li Shaoxi wasn’t panicked. If asked about the magic staff then he would be a bit guilty. However, if asked about these two…

It was true.

Li Shaoxi shook his head. “I can’t take them out.”

It was really impossible to take them out. One was level 10 and one was level 3. He had wasted sapphires worth more than a million to hatch the magic staff. It was true that he had no ‘money’ to continue hatching.

Yun Yu pondered for a moment before wondering, “Do you have any hints?” His eyes fell on the bracelet.

Li Shaoxi initially thought this blue bracelet was the embodiment of Duobaoge. Now it seemed to be a medium similar to the ‘system’ that selected players had.

Li Shaoxi paused. “There is no special hint but I have two pieces of information.”

“Is it convenient to tell me?”

His attitude made Li Shaoxi feel more comfortable.

Who didn’t want to be respected, even if he didn’t previously have the qualifications to be respected?

Li Shaoxi opened his mouth.

“Current level: 2.”

“Carry level: 2.”

Yun Yu’s eyes visibly lit up. “So it is a level restriction?”

Li Shaoxi honestly said, “I don’t understand this.”

Of course, Yun Yu knew that the other person was just a newcomer. Li Shaoxi had even just found out about the crack and field from him. Therefore, he patiently introduced the players to Li Shaoxi.

All players who walked out of the field would be given an ability.

Most of it was corresponding game skills. For example, Le Xi survived the ‘Cute Pet Elimination’ and had the ability to transform into mythical animals.

It was only then that Li Shaoxi found out that the beast ears were actually a mythical animal. However, what was Cute Pet Elimination? The novice fields were so strange!

Another example was Yun Yu, who survived ‘Crazy Rollercoaster’ and gained the ability to manipulate wind.

Li Shaoxi was relieved. This guy really couldn’t read minds! He was just a cunning old fox!

Yun Yu introduced the abilities of many people. Without exception, they were related to game skills. There were also support types such as Qin Suiyu’s invincible shield…

However, going through all the information of the players, there was absolutely no one with the ability to bring things out like Li Shaoxi.

Yun Yu introduced the ‘field’ to Li Shaoxi again.

“Theoretically, the field is real but it doesn’t belong to this world. You can understand the field as the projection of another world. It is impossible for things from another world to be brought into this world.”

Li Shaoxi understood that his ability had broken the inherent logic, which was why Yun Yu was so surprised.

Yun Yu continued, “Your ability still needs to be explored. Maybe as your level increases, you can bring back something more advanced and completely out of this world. Then..”

Li Shaoxi helped him finish. “It is very dangerous.”

Yun Yu no longer regarded him as a childish 17 or 18 year old teenager. “Yes, it is very dangerous.”

It wasn’t just Cloud in the world. There were all types of other large organizations.

The fields were everywhere and were densely packed with players.,

Where there were people, there was fighting.

Li Shaoxi’s ability was very terrifying when thinking about it. It was a horror that Li Shaoxi, who was half a child, couldn’t imagine.

Yun Yu had to remind him. “What you have just experienced is the lowest level novice field. It is also a relatively safe red field. The items you encountered are the most ordinary. The items from the advanced fields have powers that you can’t imagine.”

He thought about it for a while before giving Li Shaoxi an example, “For example, I got an artifact in a field that can easily move mountains and fill the sea.”

It would be too terrible if this thing was brought to reality.

Li Shaoxi had long thought about this. He had played so many games and naturally knew what was in the games.

It was just that…

He said, “The level of the artifact must be very high.”

“Of course.”

“I can’t bring it out…”

Yun Yu interrupted him. “But you can.”

If no one could do it then no one would think about it.

However, once someone had the hope of doing it, the balance of the entire world would be disrupted.

Yun Yu hoped that Li Shaoxi could understand his situation more clearly. “Have you seen the story Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre?”

Li Shaoxi was stunned for a moment. “I have seen it…”

“The one who has the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre wins the world.” YunYu’s example was quite accurate. “You are the Heavenly Sword and Dragon Slaying Sabre.”

Now all the battles between players were limited to the field. If Li Shaoxi could bring out various game items then… strife would spread to this world.

The dark tides and turbulent sea would eventually set off monstrous waves.

Li Shaoxi couldn’t help sitting up straight.

He had known that his ability wasn’t safe but he hadn’t realized it was such trouble!

Yun Yu was also afraid of scaring the child and reassured him, “Don’t worry, you have this ability so no one will put your life in danger.”

Indeed, no one would be willing to let Li Shaoxi die.

His ability could only work if he was alive.

Not only would the bigshots from various forces not want him to die but 80% of them would also pray that he leveled up quickly.

After all, leveling up could bring out  more valuable items.

It was just that Li Shaoxi didn’t want to be a tool person used by others!

This was very troublesome!

Was there any freedom to speak of?

Was there still a peaceful day?

He had no interest in shaking the world. He just wanted to pay off his 80 million debt so he could live in peace and stability!

But this wave…


It was impossible to stop halfway!

Yun Yu thought about little Jian Yue and then looked at the child who was only 18 years old. It was inevitable that he would feel some pity.

Why should these burdens be placed on such young people?

Yun Yu’s heart softened. “Don’t be afraid. You have joined Cloud so I will do my best to help you with any problems.’

Li Shaoxi really had a problem. “That…”

Yun Yu’’s expression was rarely gentle, sincere and unpretentious. “What is it?”

“Will you solve any difficult problems in the guild?”

Yun Yu considered himself an elite who wouldn’t be stumped in any aspect. “Of course.”

Li Shaoxi said implicitly, “Can I borrow 80 million yuan?”

The president of the Cloud Guild who made a name for himself due to his shamelessness: “……….”

At this moment, he also thought, ‘I have never seen such a shameless person!’

Translator note: Hi everyone, sorry for the unfortunate news but I have to announce that I will be dropping I have a Treasure Cabinet. It is free for anyone to pick up. I will explain the reasons for dropping it below. Beware, there might be some spoilers so stop here if you don’t want to know any spoilers.

Originally, I picked this up when it was still incomplete and I really enjoyed the unlimited flow aspect of it. Therefore, I really liked the first few fields that the MC entered. The author is also one that I like so I thought it wouldn’t be a problem picking it up when unfinished. However, as the arcs progressed, the author seemed to really rush the ending. This normally wouldn’t be a problem, since I have dealt with rushed endings before and they don’t usually put me off.

The main problem is that the later arcs become less unlimited flow style games and more harem romance/appeasing the ML’s split souls similar to the author’s other novel, Game Loading. It isn’t something I am really fond of, especially when I liked the unlimited flow aspects so much. If you like Game Loading then you’ll probably still like this novel. In any case, this is the main reason why I have decided to drop it.


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