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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 18

Li Shaoxi wasn’t surprised by Le Xi knowing his real name.

It wasn’t a state secret. They found his house so they must know who he was. Yet the ID of Juduoduo…

Did Jian Yue tell them?

It felt like this wasn’t the case. Li Shaoxi couldn’t tell why he had such an intuition. Obviously, he and Jian Yue had only known each other for an hour or two. The experience might have more ups and downs than an ordinary person’s life but it was only for him.

It wasn’t known how many games Jian Yue had played but he was probably used to it a long time ago. Maybe this beast-eared guy and Jian Yue had experienced life or death crises countless times.

Li Shaoxi: “……”

This bastard beast-eared was inexplicably annoying!

Soon, Yun Yu was able to resolve his confusion.

He took Li Shaoxi to watch the ‘live replay’ of Treasure Miner that Li Shaoxi had experienced. The wooden cabin, the pearl level, the ruby level, the sapphire level…

The final picture was frozen on the artificial respiration.

Li Shaoxi: “……”

Could this black history be deleted?

The gentle and elegant long-haired man in front of him said as if hearing his thoughts, “No.”

Li Shaoxi was alert.

Yun Yu told him, “You are a really good seedling.”

Li Shaoxi murmured, “You can read minds…”

The corners of Yun Yu’s mouth curved in a smile. “Little Duoduo, in the adult world, mind reading isn’t an ability.”

Li Shaoxi understood the implication of this.

Yun Yu could understand Li Shaoxi’s mind without the need for mind reading skills. Of course, Yun Yu didn’t deny if he could read minds or not.

Li Shaoxi quickly calmed down again.

This person couldn’t read minds! No… it didn’t matter if he could or not. It was because this person was countless levels higher than him in terms of mind, experience and ability.

In front of such a person, frankness was the correct solution.

“Did Jian Yue come out?”

Li Shaoxi asked the question he was most concerned about. In fact, the answer was obvious., That small field couldn’t trap Jian Yue. He just couldn’t help wanting to know a more definitive answer or even meet him in person.

Yun Yu didn’t give him an answer. “I won’t tell you.”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

This man was so bad!

Compared to the wickedness of the boy with beast ears, this man was wicked to his bones.


He was afraid it wasn’t hell—

It was filled with a bunch of demons and ghosts! Well… except for Jian Yue.

Yun Yu smiled to himself and flicked his finger at the screen. “I’m not hiding it from you on purpose, but I have to let you know some other things first.”

Li Shaoxi followed his finger to the screen.

In fact, screen shouldn’t be used to describe the ‘giant screen’ in front of him. It was more like a circular screen in the cinema. It was several meters high and filled most of the wall when lit up. It made people lose a sense of space as if they had entered the screen.

The live replay just now had become a PPT?

Let’s describe it this way. After all, at this time, Li Shaoxi truly felt like he was listening to a teacher’s lecture at school. It was also some terrible, chunnibyou content.

“Little Jian Yue told you something in general, right?”


“Do you want to know more?”

Nonsense… “I want to.”

Li Shaoxi might not want to know but he had to know. Who would want to know these things that subverted his worldview. It was just that it involved his life so he had to figure it out.

Li Shaoxi understood it this time with the PPT and Yun Yu’s explanation.

What was a rift?

What was a field?

What was a player?

To put it simply, a certain day in a certain month of a certain year, a rift that tore through time and space appeared out of thin air. At the same time, countless fields with games as the carrier appeared.

Every game could become a real field.

The ultimate purpose of this field was to devour.

Devour all players.

The players here weren’t only people like Li Shaoxi and Jian Yue, who experienced the real thing. They were also ordinary players like Fang Yihuai, Little Bear Pudding and Don’t Annoy Your Old Mother.

Li Shaoxi was stunned when he saw this. “Fang Yihuai and the others couldn’t die.” Weren’t they resurrected and returned to the cabin?

Yun Yu looked at him with narrowed eyes. “That is because you completed the task of the field.”

Li Shaoxi’s heart skipped a beat.

Yun Yu pointed to the number of players and said, “If you didn’t complete the task, this would mean the number of deaths.”

He continued, “Of course, it is because you generated a red field.”

“A red field?”

“Yes, it is as little Jian Yue told you. Be desperate but not desperate.”

Before Li Shaoxi could wonder, Yun Yu had already changed the screen and showed him different fields.

Originally, the fields were different.

People who experienced desperate situations but didn’t feel desperate would generate a red field.

Those who experienced desperation and gave up hope would generate a black field.

Only those who generated the red field were the ones who were selected.

Those who were selected would experience a field every seven days.

The red field was redemption.

The black field was destruction.

Li Shaoxi couldn’t help asking, “If the mission of the black field fails then the master…”

Yun Yu gave him the answer. “It will form a bigger black field because it devoured too many players.”

Li Shaoxi took a breath and understood.

The people who generated the red field had two endings: either the mission failed and they died in the field or the mission succeeded and they became a player.

The people who generated the black field had only one ending: destruction.

Knowing this, it wasn’t difficult to have such doubts.

Li Shaoxi asked, “Why is there a rift?”

Yun Yu looked at him. Yun Yu’s eyes were gentle but his voice was cold. “Who knows? We can’t expect ants to see the world’s affairs.”

Li Shaoxi was stunned by this.

Yun Yu quickly resumed his melodious and gentle voice. “By the way, do you want to join Cloud?”

He turned to look at Li Shaoxi. The thin teenager in front of him was reflected in his light-colored eyes, but the emotions in them were difficult to understand.

Li Shaoxi didn’t avoid his gaze and asked, “Join Cloud?”

Yun Yu patiently explained, “Have you played online games?”

“Of course.”

“You can understand Cloud as a guild in an online game.”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

Yun Yu swiped on the screen again and continued the explanation, “Ever since the birth of the first game, rifts have appeared. Then with the vigorous development of the game industry, the scale of the rift has become larger.”

Then he blinked at Li Shaoxi. “The number of players who died suddenly also increased.”

Li Shaoxi was shocked. “They…”

“70% were swallowed up by the black field.”

Li Shaoxi didn’t understand. “Then why not terminate the development of games?”

“How is it possible? People need entertainment.”

“However, people will die.”

“Without games, there will only be more despair in the world.” Yun Yu’s lips curved as he said slowly, “Little Duoduo, death isn’t terrible. The scary thing is to live in a world where nothing but despair remains.”

The existence of the game was neutral.

It was the carrier of the field and the cage of the field.

Now the field only spread in the game.

At the very least, the selected players could eliminate the black fields that were stuck to the game.

He saw the teenager’s tender face pale and Yun Yu’s voice became even softer. He changed the topic, “If you join the guild, there is a chance to enter the same field as the members.”

This was obviously very tempting.

Yun Yu might not be able to read minds but he did ‘read minds’. “You might still be with little Jian Yue after seven days.”

Li Shaoxi said again, “You still haven’t told me where Jian Yue is.”

“Join Cloud and I’ll tell you.”


He agreed so simply and neatly that Yun Yu was surprised.

“So quick?”

“Do I have the right to choose?”

Yun Yu smiled. This time, the smile didn’t float on the surface of those long and narrow fox eyes. Instead, it went deep into the bottom of his eyes. “No.”

Li Shaoxi: Expressionless.JPG.

In fact, from the moment he was caught by the beast-eared man, Li Shaoxi knew that he was a piece of fish on the chopping board to be slaughtered by others.

If nothing else, he couldn’t beat Le Xi at all with just his little staff, let alone the higher leveled Yun Yu and Qin Suiyu. His details were clearly understood and he had no capital to negotiate conditions at all.

Yun Yu explained to him this ‘world’ that he didn’t understand and invited him to join Cloud, which was polite enough. Yun Yu had said he was an ant but he was afraid that he wasn’t even an ant in front of Yun Yu.

Besides, there was also Jian Yue. Li Shaoxi trusted Jian Yue. If this was Jian Yue’s guild then he was willing to join.

Yun Yu confirmed it again. “You will join Cloud?”


Yun Yu’s fingertips suddenly lit up with a white light before clicking on the blue bracelet on Li Shaoxi’s wrist. Immediately afterward, a request popped up in front of Li Shaoxi: Player Yun Yu has invited you to join the Cloud Guild.

Li Shaoxi didn’t hesitate and pressed yes. Subsequently…

Nothing seemed to have changed. His Duobaoge was still like a half-dead bear.

Yun Yu kept his promise. “Come, I will take you to see little Jian Yue.”

Li Shaoxi was in good spirits. After leaving the game, his biggest thought was to see Jian Yue.

There were no other thoughts. He just wanted to confirm that Jian Yue was safe.

Unexpectedly to Li Shaoxi, Yun Yu didn’t take him anywhere. He stood where he was while the circular giant screen in front of them changed.

The PPT just now disappeared and was replaced with a new live stream.

The scene was a rumbling train. The camera zoomed closer to the carriage. The target wasn’t the passengers sitting upright but the… zombies with festering claws and teeth?!

Li Shaoxi sucked in a breath. Then he saw a flame rise and countless zombies turned into ashes. The young man standing in the raging fire was unharmed.

He was still wearing the cap and his short hair fluttered in the flames. His cold, white complexion was stained with the orange-yellow of the flame. However, he was like a ten thousand year old piece of ice. There were no signs of being warmed at all.

Li Shaoxi saw Jian Yue but…

“Isn’t it once every seven days? Why is Jian Yue still in the game?”

This obviously wasn’t Treasure Miner but a more sinister game.

Yun Yu sighed. “There are always exceptions.”

Li Shaoxi wondered, “Exceptions?”

“For example, little Jian Yue, who is trapped in the field and is neither dead nor alive.”

Li Shaoxi froze. Neither dead nor alive?

Jian Yue…

What happened?

Yun Yu turned off the live stream screen.

Li Shaoxi’s brow furrowed.

“It is too bloody for kids.” Yun Yu turned to him and asked, “Speaking of which, what is your ability?”


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