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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 17

Let’s go back to the sapphire level when Li Shaoxi rescued Jian Yue from the water.

The underground base.

Yun Yu and Qin Suiyu were staring at the big screen.

A burst of laughter rang out. It was a clear and exaggerated laugh. A figure with a pair of black animal ears appeared out of thin air. “…This kid is interesting. He silently snatched away Old Yue’s first kiss?”

No one paid any attention to him but this didn’t stop him from talking to himself. “Old Yue didn’t even kill him. How interesting.”

Li Shaoxi woke up Jian Yue at the last second, causing the three people in front of the screen to slightly raise their eyebrows.

After that, it was a kill without any suspense.

This little boss was like a worm in Jian Yue’s eyes.

The beast-eared boy was happy again. “He has grown this old but it is the first time I’ve seen Old Yue say so many words.”

He looked at Yun Yu. “Old Fox, is this child a newcomer?”

Yun Yu wasn’t dissatisfied about being called Old Fox. He kept staring at the screen while only glancing at the restless beast ears out of the corners of his eyes. “Le Xi.”

The beast ears trembled. “What is it?” This cunning person never had good intentions. It was right to take precautions in advance.

The corners of Yun Yu’s mouth curled up. “Do you want to meet the newcomer?”

Le Xi’s eyes lit up. “Where is he?”

Yun Yu swiped down on the screen and Li Shaoxi’s location was sent.

Le Xi excitedly said, “Okay!”

Before he disappeared, Yun Yu told him in a manner that wasn’t heavy or light. “Restrain yourself and don’t scare him.”


The shadow of the beast ears couldn’t even be seen.

Qin Suiyu reminded him in an expressionless manner, “If you really don’t want Li Shaoxi to be frightened, you shouldn’t have given the address to Le Xi.”

Yun Yu’s narrow fox eyes curved in a crescent moon. “Don’t worry, Duoduo isn’t a coward.

At this time, the not-so brave Li Shaoxi was full of only one thought, ‘F*k f*k f*k!’

Could this f*king be more exciting?

Originally, he was very excited. He was gambling with one million per minute and waiting for the final result. His nerves were tense to the extreme. Then…

Someone knocked on the room.

Someone entered his room.

Someone took him away!

The worst thing was that Li Shaoxi’s feet had just floated in the air when the Duobaoge in front of him calmly said: [The hatching was successful.]

The surprise only became fright.

Li Shaoxi looked at the ebony staff lying in the grid and, was, not, happy!

His mind quickly went over the attributes of the staff. It allowed him to be immune to damage within 0.2 seconds after attacking. He could use it to attack the man in black and then…

The moment the man in black let go, could he land on the ground within 0.2 seconds? If not…

What nonsense about being immune to damage? He would break his head and bleed out in minutes!

He couldn’t act rashly, even if he had too…

Li Shaoxi hugged the waist of the man in black, wrapping around him like an octopus.

The man in black laughed loudly. “It seems that you can’t fly.”

Li Shaoxi, “……” What f*king normal person could fly?

The voice of the man in black sounded very young but from this tone, it was obvious that it definitely wasn’t a good thing. “Be good. You will die if you fall down.”

Li Shaoxi was frozen by the cold wind and couldn’t release any words that came to his mouth.

This speed… was like a roller coaster! Too fast!

Was Li Shaoxi brave? He was braver than his peers. He could clear a horror-themed secret room alone, watch immersive horror movies on a VR device late at night and calmly judge the optimal solution after being dragged into the game. But…

Being brave didn’t mean he wasn’t afraid of death!

On the contrary, he was very afraid of death.

If he died… what about the old Li family?

Not to mention, who would want to die in such a strange, foolish and… ugly manner!

Li Shaoxi didn’t open his eyes the entire time.

He hugged the man in black tightly as he felt the speed soaring to the extreme. He experienced a tingling in his ears as he was blown by the cold wind and endured his limbs under his thin clothes being frozen. He faced the ups and downs of life’s impermanence.

F*k! It didn’t matter who this dog thing was or where this person was taking him. In any case, it was already a grudge! He would get revenge. Up to 10 days!

He didn’t know how much time passed before the man in black poked his ear. “Hey, did you fall asleep?”

The frozen Li Shaoxi, “Sleep… your uncle.”

The man in black was happy. “You are very spirited. Good, the excitement is coming.”

Li Shaoxi: “……?”

If the ‘journey’ just now was a roller coaster ride then this felt like a super enhanced version of the jumping machine.

Li Shaoxi only felt that his body was falling madly. He hadn’t jumped from a building before but he could be certain that there wasn’t such acceleration from jumping off a building. It couldn’t be so fast!

The strong sense of weightlessness forced him to hug the man in black even harder.

Compared to his embarrassed state, the man in black looked at ease. “Why aren’t you crying?”

Li Shaoxi was dumbfounded.

The man in black muttered to himself, “I saw that you were quite the crybaby with Old Yue.”

Li Shaoxi had a clear understanding after hearing this and gritted his teeth. “Do you know Jian Yue?”

“Of course.”

Li Shaoxi didn’t let down his guard. “Where is he…?”

Before he could finish speaking, the man in black happily cried out, “We’re here.”

Li Shaoxi finally stepped foot on the ground.

It was literally. He didn’t need an extra layer of explanation. He simply stepped on the real ground.

He had clung to the man in black all the way. It was true that he hadn’t opened his eyes the whole time but his heart wasn’t as panicked as he appeared.

He still generally paid attention to the landmark buildings that passed by and silently counted the time of the journey. Unfortunately, he couldn’t estimate the speed. After all, this person didn’t use any means of transportation. He just simply… flew!

The sudden landing wasn’t simply falling from a high altitude but going through a passage to the depths of the ground.

The sight in front of him confirmed his suspicions.

This was a ‘castle’ built underground. The reason why he used this word was because the scene was too grand. The inverted building had an indescribable sense of absurdity. It clearly shouldn’t exist in the world but it was close at hand.

In the dim light, the hard steel refracted bright colors and the huge spiral staircase in the center extended endlessly downwards.

There was an unreachable sky when he looked up. There was an unfathomable black abyss when he looked down. In this magnificent underground building, there was a sense of emptiness and loneliness.

Li Shaoxi saw the man in black clearly in the dim light.

He took off his black cloak and his short hair popped out in a flamboyant manner. There was a very young face between the messy strands of hair. He looked to be around 17 or 18 years old. His eyebrows were curved, he had large and upturned eyes, a high nose bridge and lips curved up high. It was a pleasant but dangerous smile.

His neck was thin and fair and he was wearing a leather choker. The silver buckler happened to be right in the middle of his collarbone.

The thing that surprised Li Shaoxi even more was…

The hood fell to the ground and revealed a pair of furry black ears between the thick, curly black hair.

“Ah, I forgot to introduce myself.” The beast-eared teenager smiled and revealed white teeth. His voice was clear but still ill-intentioned. “My name is Le Xi.”

Le Xi seemed to think of something and smiled again. “You can also call me Brother Xi.”

Li Shaoxi: “……”

The word ‘also’ made his heart skip a beat.

Just then, there was the sound of footsteps. In the empty steel castle, the sound of leather boots stepping on the stairs like a drum beat gave off a strong sense of oppression.

Li Shaoxi turned his head and saw a long-haired man in a military uniform and a tall and beautiful girl next to him.

The man’s face just happened to be in the shadows and only a thin chin and curved lips were revealed. His voice was gorgeous and melodic. “Little Duoduo, welcome to the Cloud.”


Li Shaoxi’s mouth twitched. Calling this dark place a cloud? In addition…

What was with Little Duoduo?


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