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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 16

Li Shaoxi naturally thought about what Jian Yue had mentioned about an ability.

Was this his ability?

After leaving the game, Li Shaoxi could no longer see the system panel so he didn’t know if it had an extra skill button.

Did this count as a skill?

This Duobaoge didn’t quite fit the game’s definition of a skill. It was more like a backpack in the game. Of course, a backpack in the game couldn’t hatch.

Li Shaoxi had no one to ask about it and could only figure it out himself.

The Duobaoge currently had 80 squares and this was probably related to the fact that he put full points into weight in the game. Li Shaoxi didn’t know if these grids could be expanded in the future but 80 grids was quite a lot. It was enough.

The Duobaoge could bring things from the game to reality in the form of cards, just like the description of the mission he first received: survive for three days and take anything you can carry with you from the game. They could be brought out but they became cards.

Fortunately, cards could be hatched. There were just level restrictions.

The Duobaoge was only level 2 so only level 2 cards could be hatched. As for how to upgrade the Duobaoge… it definitely had to do with the ‘field.’

Seven days later, he would enter the next field. There was an 80% chance that the new mission might be the key to upgrading the Duobaoge. Wait…

Li Shaoxi had an idea. He was a person who had cleared many games and he had a lot of experience with various hidden routines.

Could a level 2 Duobaoge only hatch level 2 cards? It didn’t state this in the instruction manual. Why not try the high level cards?

Li Shaoxi put it into action the moment he thought about it. He carefully put the sapphire into his pocket, found a level 3 sapphire card and put it into the No. 1 card slot.

The No. 1 card slot flashed and a line of words appeared.

Duobaoge: [The level doesn’t match. Do you still want to hatch it?]

Li Shaoxi’s eyes lit up as he obtained a piece of information. He could skip the level and hatch it! But… the success rate was worrying.

The Duobaoge didn’t give a clear reminder of the success rate. Li Shaoxi could make a rough guess based on the special color of the slot halo and the success rate wasn’t high.

Previously when the level 2 gem card was hatched normally, the halo was a bright green. Now it was a level 3 gem card. The notification said it could be hatched but the halo had become an anxious orange-yellow color.

Li Shaoxi didn’t click to hatch it and instead took out the level 5 armor card. The Duobaoge still gave the prompt if he wanted to hatch it while the color of the halo had changed to a dangerous crimson red.

Li Shaoxi took out the armor card and put the level 10 sapphire necklace into it. This time, the words of the Duobaoge changed: [The level is too high to hatch.]

This process allowed Li Shaoxi to roughly figure out the rules of the Duobaoge.

Wasn’t this more than a backpack? It was a magical object that still looked at face!

The level 2 Duobaoge could hatch up to level 5 items but the failure rate was very high. If the level was as high as 10 then it was completely impossible to hatch. As for the failure rate of orange-yellow and dark red…

He had to rely on data to determine the probabilities.

Li Shaoxi counted his cards. Apart from the magic potions, he had 22 level 3 sapphire cards. It was a lot of money!

These gems were placed into his backpack by himself. The time might be short but he generally remembered their size. A level 2 sapphire card was around 1 carat while a level 3 sapphire card was at least 2 carats!

The market price for a 1 carat sapphire of this quality was around 10,000 yuan and 2 carats started from 100,000 yuan. It wasn’t double the weight and double the price, it was a geometric surge.

22 sapphire cards was at least 2.5 million when rounded up!

Using 2.5 million to test the probability of an orange-yellow halo?

F*k! This was calling him an idiot!

Li Shaoxi took a deep breath and placed a level 3 sapphire card into the slot.

Duobaoge: [The level doesn’t match. Do you still want to hatch it?]

It should talk about the probability! The difference between a failure rate of 90% and a failure rate of 1% really wasn’t small!

The Duobaoge: Strictly impartial and incorruptible.

Li Shaoxi stared at the card slot for a long time and thought about it. His hesitation had little to do with his greed for money and was more about his life.

Jian Yue said he was one of the chosen ones and would be pulled into a ‘field’ every seven days. The level of Treasure Miner was a novice field in Jian Yue’s mouth. Then how deadly were the non-novice fields?

Li Shaoxi was worried about seven days later.

If the Duobaoge was his ability then it was really strong when it was strong and really weak when it was weak.

The strong thing was that he could bring things from the game into reality and making a fortune wasn’t a problem. The weak part was that it didn’t have any attack or defensive capabilities. It was purely a logistics supply.

It was already his great luck to meet Jian Yue in the last game. Li Shaoxi didn’t dare to hope that he would meet such a good and capable golden thigh to hug in the next game.

He had to find a way to protect himself.

The Duobaoge was his ‘weapon.’

Li Shaoxi made many attempts.

For example, he tried putting real life things into the Duobaoge—it was a failure.

He also tried to put the hatched sapphire into the Duobaoge—it was a success.

This meant the current Duobaoge couldn’t contain things from reality but he could put back things that had been successfully hatched. It still occupied only one grid but it was no longer in the form of a card.

So what method could he use to protect himself?

There was no doubt that it was the equipment cards. If he could take them into the next game, he would have equipment at the beginning and his chances of surviving would be much greater. However, it had to be hatched in order to bring it into the next game!

The level 10 sapphire necklace was the best equipment. It allowed him to resist a fatal injury. It was an essential consumable for clearing the level since he could resurrect at a critical moment!

Unfortunately, the level 2 Li Shaoxi didn’t deserve level 10 equipment.

The rest was the most promising level 3 magic potion. It would be great if this thing could replenish health but unfortunately, it could only restore magic. The problem was that Li Shaoxi had no mana bar at all!

There were also his old partners, the black iron heavy armor and the ebony staff.

Both of them were level 5 and could be hatched. It was just that the crimson halo around the card slot was almost shouting and telling Li Shaoxi: The failure rate is 99%.

Li Shaoxi: “……”

Making money really wasn’t an easy task. Oh, ‘living’ wasn’t easy either.

Li Shaoxi still pressed ‘okay.’

He had to hatch a level 3 sapphire card, even if he lost 100,000 yuan in minutes.

Money was a good thing but the key was to live in order to spend it. He had to pay a corresponding price to achieve a certain purpose so he had to smash the money!

Li Shaoxi clicked on the ‘okay’ button and stared at the countdown below the card slot. This time, it was 10 seconds instead of 2 seconds.

10, 9, 8…

The countdown was really the most annoying thing.

3, 2, 1…

Duobaoge: [The hatching is successful.]

Li Shaoxi suspected that he had read it incorrectly. “It is a success?”

Did it work?

This orange-yellow halo that made him anxious had such a high success rate?

Li Shaoxi’s Adam’s apple moved and he took out the sapphire worth 100,000 yuan in a slightly nervous manner.

There were no problems. It was real.

Based on his visual measurement, it was at least 2 carats. This purity meant it was worth at least 50,000, even if it was sold to a ruthless and unscrupulous businessman!

Should he continue to hatch?


One success didn’t mean anything. There might be a lucky success even if the success rate was only 1%.

The so-called probability meant there must be enough sample data to make a rough guess.

Li Shaoxi put in the second one. His mood was much calmer this time. He gained 100,000 so the loss of 100,000 was acceptable… what nonsense! It was 100,000 yuan! The old Li family couldn’t even make ends meet right now!

The 10 second countdown started.

Li Shaoxi’s eyes were sore. The moment the number 1 disappeared, the Duobaoge said: [The hatching is successful.]

Li Shaoxi: “!!!”

It actually succeeded again. Was he mistaken? The orange-yellow failure rate wasn’t high? Could the Duobaoge easily hatch one level higher? If this was the case then this ability really went against the heavens.

Even if he didn’t have a ‘skill’, he just needed to be adorned with godly equipment from head to toe and he could rush headlong through the game!

Li Shaoxi continued to put in the level 3 gems. He had to figure out the rough probability. This wasn’t only related to money but was closely related to his life.

The third time he tried to hatch a level 3 gem card, the Duobaoge finally changed its words: [The hatching has failed.]

Li Shaoxi’s heart sank as he watched the level 3 sapphire card shatter in the card slot.

The failed card disappeared.

100,000 disappeared in an instant… it hurt!

The experiment had to be continued since the results of three hatchings couldn’t determine anything. Li Shaoxi still didn’t dare risk his only two equipment cards.

The fourth time… the hatching failed.

The fifth time… the hatching failed.

The sixth time… the hatching failed.

Li Shaoxi’s mood went down.

The orange-yellow color was indeed dangerous and the success rate of leapfrogging the level was very low.

He was psychologically prepared but he still inevitably felt a bit of a loss. 400,000 yuan disappeared so quickly. It was like a drop of blood at the tip of his heart!

Did Li Shaoxi stop? No. He had to continue.

In the first game, the reason why Li Shaoxi had the courage to put all his attribute points into weight was because the task was simple, he only needed to live for three days. He also had four teammates and there was great hope in living. On the other hand, he had confidence in his physical fitness and believed that as long as he didn’t take the initiative to cause trouble (no attack power), he would be able to protect himself.

Now he had gone through the first game and knew there would be more deadly games next, so Li Shaoxi had to be more cautious. It didn’t matter how good his physical fitness was. He couldn’t match the surreal nature of the game.

It was impossible for the mission in the next game to be so simple. What if he lost his teammates?

Li Shaoxi took a deep breath and continued to put in the gem cards.

The seventh time… the hatching failed.

The eighth time… the hatching failed.

The ninth time… the hatching failed.

Li Shaoxi was just about to put in the 10th gem card when he noticed a detail.

The halo color of the first slot… had changed! The originally anxious orange-yellow color had become much lighter and was more yellow.

Was it an illusion? Or was it that after many failures, the success rate of the next hatching would be increased cumulatively?

Li Shaoxi’s expectations were rekindled!

Anyone who had played an online game had probably experienced this with equipment upgrades. The more they failed, the higher the chances of succeeding next time. If this was the case, could he use the level 3 gems to increase his success rate?

More than 2 million in exchange for an injury-free ebony staff…

It was worth it!

The eleventh time… the hatching failed.

The twelfth time… the hatching failed.

The halo changed color again and became a light yellow.

Li Shaoxi wasn’t sure when he put in the 13th gem card. He went from worrying about the failure of the hatching to worrying about its success. Would the halo change back to orange-yellow after the success? Would the accumulated success rate return to zero? All the failures before would be wasted.

One million for a 2 carat sapphire….

Li Shaoxi would faint from crying.

Li Shaoxi put the level 5 armor card in it and the No. 1 card slot turned from pale yellow to orange-yellow.

The darker the color, the higher the failure rate. The advantage was that the original dark red of the armor card had faded to orange-yellow.

Did he want to hatch it?

Li Shaoxi looked at his remaining level 3 cards and estimated them in his mind.


If it failed then he would throw the ebony staff straight in. If he succeeded then he would have the defensive black iron heavy armor that restored health and he wouldn’t lose money.

The Duobaoge asked him if he wanted to hatch it.

Li Shaoxi clicked on ‘yes.’

The countdown was longer this time. It was 30 seconds.

30 seconds passed before the Duobaoge said: [The hatching has failed.]

Li Shaoxi was very calm as he put the ebony staff in without changing his expression.

The failure of the black iron heavy armor turned the No. 1 card slot into a bright yellow.

The hatching success probability represented by this color still wasn’t high. Li Shaoxi guessed that it was 30% or 40% at most. It could only be this way. It was difficult to stack up the probability again with the remaining level 3 cards. This was already the best so he would just let it go.

Li Shaoxi clicked on ‘yes.’

The 30 seconds countdown started. In these 30 seconds, Li Shaoxi didn’t think about anything. It was either failure or success.

After seven days, he would have to do everything he could to survive in the next game.

Bang bang bang!

There was a knocking sound when there was only 10 seconds left on the hatching time… it wasn’t a knock on the door but a knock on the window.

Li Shaoxi looked out the window. His room was on the third floor. There was a balcony outside but his parents never…

“Li Shaoxi?” The window opened and a tall man with a cloak covering his head appeared in front of him.

Li Shaoxi was shocked and his immediate reaction was to run away.

His speed was obviously much slower than the person who came here. The moment the countdown of the Duobaoge reached zero, he was carried out the window by the man in black.

The cold wind blew and Li Shaoxi was frozen.

The man in black told him, “Be good. You will die if you fall down.”

Duobaoge: [The hatching is successful.]


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