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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 13

Li Shaoxi had learned artificial respiration but he had only tried it with a model previously. There was no opportunity for him to practice it.

This was his first time. Fortunately, his theoretical knowledge was sufficient enough to not delay his actions.

Take a deep breath, blow continuously and regularly, proper chest compressions…

His series of actions was precise and unmistakable. There was no room for sloppiness when it came to saving people.

Artificial respiration was far less simple than it was portrayed in films or dramas. This was a very serious first aid method. It was time consuming and labor intensive. If there was the slightest error then he would miss the best time to rescue this person.

Li Shaoxi never wanted Jian Yue to have an accident. It wasn’t just because Jian Yue had helped him so much. Even if it was a stranger he met by chance, he couldn’t just watch them die and would save them.

Fang Yihuai’s live stream room became noisy.

“Old Huai! What is going on? How come the screen is black?!”

“F*k f*k f*k, this game also has the skill of artificial respiration?”

“So… finally… is it blocked?”

“Brothers, VR games are so exciting. What are you waiting for? Rush to the device!”

Fang Yihuai frowned and told them, “Don’t worry, I’ll check what is going on.” It wasn’t that the live stream was blocked. It was that he was kicked out of the game.

It had been popular. How did the game disconnect? How could Fang Yihuai be willing?

An underground base.

Qin Xiaoyu reported to the boss. “The range of the field has been found and the link of ordinary players has been cut off.”

Yun Yu responded with a hum while he still stared at the screen.

Qin Xiaoyu asked him, “There was an ordinary player who was streaming live. Do you need me to destroy the record?”

Yun Yu shifted his gaze. “Was any key information leaked?”

“Jian Yue’s name.”

Yun Yu smiled. “There is no need to destroy it.”

What type of key information was little Jian Yue’s name? Everyone who knew it knew it but were helpless.

Fang Yihuai re-entered Treasure Miner but he just opened up a new game. The game that Jian Yue and Juduoduo were a part of no longer belonged to him. Fang Yihuai was regretful. The good traffic was gone. It was a real loss of money!

The audience in the live stream room also stopped after making a bit of a fuss. Who made them follow the streamer to watch the live stream? The streamer couldn’t watch it so they naturally couldn’t watch it.

Fang Yihuai regretted it for a long time. He regretted that he didn’t add Juduoduo as a friend to play together again in the future. The live streaming effect was amazing.

Wait a bit longer and Fang Yihuai, who was on the line between life or death, would hug Li Shaoxi tightly. “Duoduo, you are my brother, my brother!”

Yun Yu saw that Jian Yue was drowning but there wasn’t the slightest bit of nervousness in his expression. He just stared at Li Shaoxi the whole time. “This kid isn’t bad.”

Qin Xiaoyu replied, “The preliminary assessment is that he is A-grade in response and A-grade in judgment.”

The smile in Yun Yu’s eyes deepened. “Ah Yu, what do you think the chances are of Li Shaoxi surviving without Jian Yue?”

“I’m not sure of his ability so I can’t determine it.”

Yun Yu stared at Li Shaoxi and slowly said, “90%.”

Qin Xiaoyu was obviously stunned for a moment. Then her expression soon returned to being cold and stern.

Yun Yu continued speaking, “This child might not be the person in the prophecy but he must be a genius.”

Qin Xiaoyu’s lips moved but she didn’t utter any words of doubt.

The last person Yun Yu said this about was Jian Yue. Jian Yue was more than a genius. He became a legend.

Yun Yu watched the screen with great interest. He was feeling expectant. “Little Jian Yue will be weaker for a while after encountering water. Little Duoduo’s ability should be exposed.”

At this time, Li Shaoxi was completely unaware of everything happening in the outside world.

He was only concerned about Jian Yue’s safety. They might be on the shore but this didn’t mean they were safe. He didn’t dare to delay for even a second because he was afraid of danger.


Li Shaoxi took a deep breath. He didn’t have to look back to know that the level boss was coming.


He had to fight this monster. However, he couldn’t leave Jian Yue behind. If he didn’t continue to do artificial respiration, Jian Yue would die.

Li Shaoxi’s heart was thumping but he showed amazing calmness in the face of the danger that was close at hand. He didn’t look back. Instead, he estimated how long it would take for the boss to arrive based on what he heard and what he saw when he surfaced.

30 seconds. Up to 30 seconds. He had 30 seconds to wake up Jian Yue. His armor could resist the attack of the boss and then he would use the two second immunity of the staff. This would be enough to resist a second wave.

Rationally, Li Shaoxi should stop the artificial respiration and run away before the boss rushed over. This way, the error tolerance rate was higher and he would have a greater chance of winning against the enemy.

But… what about Jian Yue? The golden period for rescuing a drowning person was short-lived. He couldn’t watch Jian Yue die. He had to give these 30 seconds to Jian Yue.

Everything was clear in the light and the answer was determined in 0.01 seconds. Despite the risk of death, Li Shaoxi still used the standard rescue method to the extreme in an attempt to make Jian Yue resume breathing.

12, 11, 10…

Thump thump thump!

9, 8, 7…

Boom boom boom!

6, 5, 4…

Along with the heavy sound of the waves, there was also an overwhelming fishy smell.

3, 2…

Li Shaoxi’s lips hurt as he met a pair of black eyes.

Jian Yue had woken up!

Li Shaoxi took a deep breath. His first reaction was to grab this person and run. He could withstand two attacks from the boss at most and that was only three seconds. Fortunately, his weight was high enough that holding a big man wouldn’t affect his speed.

He just had to pull away. He could use the staff to attack and they would all survive!

Yet the moment he moved, he was pulled behind Jian Yue. He just saw a flash of silver light before a dagger was buried in the monster’s eyes.

Such a close visual impact was unimaginable for those who had never experienced it.

Li Shaoxi could clearly see the monster. The sapphire level wasn’t the same as what Fang Yihuai described. There were no crabs. Instead, there was a stinky, huge water snake in front of him.

Its body was covered with water plants and it was three meters long. Its bell-sized eyes had blood-red vertical pupils and the open mouth was densely packed with sharp teeth.

At this moment, one of its eyes was stabbed and the roar was tremendously loud. The water plants on its body turned into blades and flew toward them.

Li Shaoxi quickly shouted, “Don’t worry about me!”

Jian Yue gave him a deep look. “Back off.”

Li Shaoxi was very aware of it even without Jian Yue reminding him. He quickly distanced himself from the monster and used the 0.2 seconds immunity of the magic staff to dodge the flying blades unscathed.

Jian Yue had woken up and Li Shaoxi obviously didn’t need to worry about him. His body was as agile as the wind. He not only avoided the AOE attack launched by the boss but he also dealt a critical attack with his knife, making the water snake boss miserable.

Li Shaoxi held the staff and retreated to a safe distance. All that was left was to watch the sky of the great god.

This wasn’t a game and then it was a game again.

Who could understand this f*king experience?!

Li Shaoxi didn’t relax his nerves. He always paid attention to the situation of the battle. He was afraid that Jian Yue would be physically weak after waking up and couldn’t kill the boss.

Li Shaoxi would’ve rushed to help if it wasn’t for his understanding of Jian Yue’s ‘skills’.

He was afraid of death but he wasn’t afraid of death.

At the critical moment, he absolutely couldn’t obstruct the other person.

Fortunately, Jian Yue’s strength easily crushed the water snake. Under the deadly high output of the knife, the boss collapsed with a bang and the third level passed without any risk.

Li Shaoxi heard the system notification and finally relaxed, sitting down on the ground.

Don’t ask, he didn’t want to play games for the rest of his life!

There was no doubt that it was a S rating. Li Shaoxi couldn’t be less interested as he looked at the treasure chest that landed on the ground. Treasures were good but he needed to live to get it.

Li Shaoxi glanced at Jian Yue. “You…” Are you okay?

Jian Yue was also looking at him and spoke at almost the same time. “You should know that this isn’t a game.”

Li Shaoxi was stunned.

Jian Yue walked up to him and pressed the blood-stained dagger against the armor. “You will really die.”

The dagger was held by cold white hands that had already killed two monsters. Li Shaoxi didn’t doubt that it could easily pierce his heart. Even so, he wasn’t afraid at all. He knew that it wouldn’t hurt him and he knew the meaning of Jian Yue’s words even more.

“Yes, I will really die.” Li Shaoxi’s lips curved up and he spoke seriously, “So… thank you.”

This wasn’t a game.

Life or death were real.

Therefore, he was really grateful to Jian Yue. He was grateful that they met by chance but Jian Yue had saved him several times.


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