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I Have a Treasure Cabinet: Chapter 10

The onlookers: “……”

Was this the point?

Duoduo, you have a lot of jumping brain circuits… did you grow up on popping candy?

Fang Yihuai held his forehead and said helplessly, “It is very good. He didn’t cry over the rubies that melted away. A lot of progress has been made…”

The fans on the barrage: “……” They couldn’t refute it.

Li Shaoxi really didn’t feel sorry about these rubies. Was it because he wasn’t worried about money any longer? It was expected to repay his debt so he became frivolous?

Of course not. Who would think there was too much money?

Li Shaoxi had realized he couldn’t take out the rubies here the moment he stepped into the room.

Putting aside the fact that he only had 80 points of weight, he wouldn’t dare take out the rubies even if he could.

Like the armor on his body, the huge rubies here were a typical example of ‘if something is unusual, there must be something strange.’ It was easy to take out but difficult to hide. He was afraid that the Li family would have a big incident that was worse than the 80 million.

It couldn’t be taken out so there was no need to feel distressed about it melting.

Li Shaoxi bringing up the wedding night room was actually to divert his attention. To be honest, the 18 year old Juduoduo was not only afraid of death but also… afraid of blood!

He didn’t dare move from where he was stuck to the way. He saw the horror movie scene in front of him and couldn’t even let out his usual exaggerated praise.

The bigshot was awesome, the bigshot was handsome, handsome enough to break the sky but… it couldn’t stop the bloody mess in this room!

In particular, he wasn’t playing a game and his five senses here were sharper than they were in reality.

Not only could he see the viscous, thick and terrifying blood but he could also hear the viscous blood slowly flowing. He could hear the smell of iron and rot that was enough to make people faint…

Oh my god! This immersive and realistic experience made his knees soft, his nose sour and his vision blurred!

Jian Yue frowned.

Li Shaoxi: “……”

The two of them were deadlocked for a few seconds.

Jian Yue, who was waiting for the other person to open his mouth or for him to come over: “?”

Li Shaoxi: “……” Quick, he couldn’t bear it any longer!

Jian Yue wasn’t a person with meticulous thoughts. In the words of Yun Yu, “Little Jian Yue is more like a machine than an actual machine.”

Yet at this moment, Jian Yue inexplicably felt Li Shaoxi’s emotions and hesitation briefly flashed in the eyes under the dark eyelashes. “You… are afraid…”

He couldn’t tell what Li Shaoxi was afraid of because for him, there was nothing left to fear. The monster had fallen to the ground and the danger was lifted. The only thing left to do was to open the treasure chest to pick up the equipment. What was there to be afraid of?

Jian Yue was an experienced person.

He knew that Li Shaoxi was a newcomer selected by the ‘rift’ and he also knew that the game in front of him was the ‘field.’

It was a game for someone else but real for them.

This was the fate of those chosen by the rift.

Li Shaoxi’s ‘greed for life and fear of death’ was funny in the eyes of Fang Yihuai and others but it was very serious for Jian Yue. He didn’t look down on Li Shaoxi, nor did he mind helping Li Shaoxi pass the instance.

Even if Li Shaoxi wasn’t the person he was looking for, everyone who was selected by the rift deserved to be respected.

How could one see the rift without experiencing despair? How could it be possible for a desperate situation to blossom if one didn’t have a strong enough mind?

Jian Yue didn’t know what happened to Li Shaoxi in reality but he knew that the other person hadn’t given up.

The young man in front of him had encountered a despair that ordinary people couldn’t imagine and his choice was to face it.

All those selected by the rift were brave people who faced the abyss.

The young man’s trembling voice brought Jian Yue’s mind back. “I’m afraid…”

Jian Yue suddenly understood. “Are… you afraid of blood?”

Li Shaoxi: QAQ.

Jian Yue: “……”

Currently, Li Shaoxi was like an animated character. His eyes were already shaking with tears.

He was originally born handsome. He wasn’t as good-looking as Jian Yue, who gave off a sense of distance. Instead, he was friendly and clean. He was as harmless as the brother next door. In addition, he loved to smile and he looked even more pleasing when his small dimples were exposed.

At this time, he naturally couldn’t be smiling. His face was snow-white and his lips were tightly pursed like he wanted to cry but couldn’t. The back of his hand that was grabbing the wall had pale blue veins bulging.

He was really afraid, although Jian Yue couldn’t understand it.

In a rare manner, Jian Yue slowed down his tone. “It’s okay. Come and open the box.”

Li Shaoxi: “……” I, can’t, move!

Jian Yue: “……”

Li Shaoxi didn’t want to annoy people, especially not the bigshot. He knew that he looked like an idiot. It was just a VR game. No matter how realistic or how immersive it was, even if the room was full of blood…

It was just a game! The problem was that Li Shaoxi wasn’t playing a game! Who could he tell and who would believe it?

Then there was a beep as the system’s voice was heard. [Congratulations on achieving a perfect kill and getting the S rating.]

No one questioned this rating.

There was nothing to question. That operation of fighting without getting injured… it was unfortunate that S was the highest rating. If there was an SSS rating then God Jian was 100% worthy of it.

There was a bang as a treasure chest fell from the sky and smashed into a pool of blood. Li Shaoxi watched the treasure chest fall to the ground. He desperately tried to encourage himself and move his stiff legs.

He wasn’t being greedy for money. He just didn’t want to get in the way. It was as Jian Yue said. He couldn’t resist damage and couldn’t output. What else could he do?

Li Shaoxi knew he couldn’t do anything but he would never allow himself to drag the other person back. It was terrible. Putrid blood covered the ground so that people couldn’t open their eyes but he was going to step on it…

He could step on it… he could do it…

Li Shaoxi took a deep breath, closed his eyes and took a step.

“Give me your hand.”


Li Shaoxi’s hand was gently held. He had closed his eyes so this made his other senses sharper. The rancid smell that filled his nose was blown away by the warm touch on his hand.

Li Shaoxi opened his eyes and saw Jian Yue beside him.

The young man who was originally in the center of the room was now standing beside him. Jian Yue’s head was lowered slightly and the fine strands of hair brushed against the tip of his ears, revealing snow-white skin behind the ears. His short hair was so dull that there was no luster and his complexion was so white that there was no warmth. Yet it accidentally collided with a touch of heat.

This heat spread along the gripped hands to Li Shaoxi’s heart.

Li Shaoxi: QAQ!

Jian Yue was even more stunned and his cold and clear voice sounded a bit flustered. “You… don’t cry.”


Jian Yue: “………”

Li Shaoxi vividly interpreted what it meant by ‘a lot of noise but no action’. “Brother Yue, you are so good. You are really a good person. I… I…”

To tell the truth, Li Shaoxi truly was touched this time.

This emotion was something that no one could know from experience or even understand. After all, he was only 18 years old and a senior in high school. He woke up one day in his ordinary life and found that he was 80 million yuan in debt.

He finally accepted reality, cheered himself up and planned to spend the rest of his life paying off the debt. Then he fell into a ‘game’ where his life was in danger at all times.

His casual smiles along the way were fake and the uncertainty in his heart was true.

Li Shaoxi didn’t want to die here. He didn’t want his parents to lose their son after encountering a family upheaval.

He wanted to live. He couldn’t die. Who could understand this? For the other players, this was just a game.

Yet at this time, Jian Yue gave him comfort. The cold white, thin but powerful hand gave him strength to be steady and determined.

Li Shaoxi was so moved that he felt brotherhood wasn’t enough to express his feelings. So—

“I… I must marry you if I’m a girl!”


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