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HMPS: Chapter 8

The not-so-intimate name disappeared as the signal ended abruptly.

Chi Xueyan instinctively reached out and touched his ear.

There was a soft and special feeling in his ears, like an electric shock.

He was often called Xiao Chi by his elders and friends, but he had never felt strange before. It was a very common name that wasn’t too intimate.

Maybe it was because He Qiao’s voice was better.

He collected his thoughts, put his phone in his pocket and prepared to kill a few more minutes before going downstairs to the parking lot to wait for He Qiao.

Just then, there was a knock on the door outside.

Chi Xueyan frowned reflexively.

He seemed to smell the fresh scent of perfume.

The other person didn’t wait for him to respond before pushing open the door.

Sure enough, it was the new Dr. Xu.

Xu Baijun changed out of his uniform and the leather shoes on his feet were shiny. The belt buckle was conspicuously glowing dark gold and his hair was obviously carefully groomed.

Once he saw Chi Xueyan standing by the window, he knocked on the door again with a familiar attitude. “I saw that the light in your room wasn’t turned off and thought you forgot. You haven’t left work yet?”

Every time Chi Xueyan occasionally met Xu Baijun in the corner of the clinic, this person looked normal. Then once it was time to leave work, he would eagerly spray perfume and wax his hair.

He really didn’t want to talk too much when there was this smell and said in a perfunctory manner, “I’m getting ready to go.”

Xu Baijun stood at the door without moving and smiled at him. “Are you going on a blind date again tonight?”

Chi Xueyan noticed that the other person’s eyes were lingering on his fingers and his eyes darkened. “Is something wrong?”

“It’s okay.” Xu Baijun turned a blind eye to his coldness and spoke in a familiar tone, “I heard that you came wearing a ring today and it was on your ring finger.”

He made a kind expression of reminder and his tone was full of meaningful ambiguity, “The ring in this position can’t be worn casually. The meaning is very special and it will affect your blind date…”

This type of frivolity overreaching made people feel disgusted from the depths of their hearts.

Chi Xueyan interrupted him with a cold face and said bluntly, “It has nothing to do with you.”

If he stayed any longer, he might not be able to resist using violence to solve the problem.

Chi Xueyan reached out his hand to turn off the light of the consultation room and unceremoniously urged Xu Baijun, who was blocking the door. “Let me go.”

Xu Baijun hadn’t expected him to be so direct and his expression froze. He barely managed to speak to gain back a bit of face. “Is there an emergency? Then you go first.”

Chi Xueyan didn’t even bother to give him a look. He walked into the elevator and went downstairs.

Once Chi Xueyan’s back completely disappeared, Xu Baijun’s face instantly became ugly and he cursed dirty words in a low voice.

He hadn’t expected Chi Xueyan’s temper to be so violent in private.

It was completely different from his performance in front of his small patients.

Xu Baijun just started working in the clinic last week. AS soon as he came, he noticed Dr. Chi, who was outstanding in appearance and was very popular. He also learned from the nurse who had expressed affection for Chi Xueyan that Chi Xueyan didn’t like girls.

Exquisite looks, flamboyant red hair and a luxurious new sports car… Xu Baijun immediately came to a conclusion: Chi Xueyan’s family background is good and he definitely loves to play.

They were people of the same world.

Xu Baijun couldn’t wait to throw out an olive branch.

Unexpectedly, Chi Xueyan acted indifferently, as if he was pretending to be reserved.

Considering that his conditions were all in all aspects, Xu Baijun tried to be patient. Then as time passed, he gradually became a bit uncertain.

Chi Xueyan didn’t show the slightest traces of wealth except for his car. Everything seemed very ordinary, from his usual clothes to how he got along with his colleagues.

Moreover, he shouldn’t be lacking suitors at all with these conditions. So why go on a blind date?

Xu Baijun wanted to contact him privately and inquire about more news, but he was never successful.

Today, this could be regarded as tearing apart the seemingly peaceful relationship between colleagues.

Xu Baijun became angry after his actions that invited a rebuff. He kicked a trash can in a bad mood and took the elevator to the underground garage.

By this time, the other staff members of the clinic had gone. He should be the last to leave.

Yet as he walked into the empty parking lot floor, he heard an indistinct echo.

It seemed to be Chi Xueyan’s voice.

Xu Baijun stopped.

He deliberately waited five minutes before coming down, so he thought that Chi Xueyan had already left.

Xu Baijun thought for a while. Then he walked toward the source of the sound with light steps, trying to hide his body behind a pillar.

Chi Xueyan was leaning on the lustrous blue sports car and hung up the phone in his hand, as if waiting for someone.

Soon, the sound of a vehicle driving in the basement was heard from near and fear.

Under Xu Baijun’s surprised eyes, a sports car of the same model but a different color slowly stopped in front of Chi Xueyan.

Once the red sports car stopped, the driver’s door opened. A man in a suit stepped down and said something to Chi Xueyan.

The relationship between the two of them seemed close.

Chi Xueyan looked at him before getting into the car. He sat in the passenger seat in a familiar manner.

Due to the angle, Xu Baijun couldn’t see the other person’s appearance clearly. But he could see the expensive suit and luxury watch on his wrist when the other party opened the car door.

It was obviously someone rich.

The red sports car sped off while the other one remained in place.

Xu Baijun hid behind a pillar and thought for a moment. Finally, he realized.

It turned out that he had this type of relationship with someone else.

The irritation in his eyes gradually disappeared.

In its place was thick contempt.

A secretive smile appeared on Xu Baijun’s face. His mood instantly changed from cloudy to clear and he walked quickly toward his car.

The sports car drove out of the basement and was instantly covered by the clouds of the setting sun.

Chi Xueyan glanced in the rearview mirror.

He Qiao held the steering wheel and noticed his movements. “What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing.” Chi Xueyan had vaguely heard something moving in the garage but he didn’t take it seriously. “There might be mice.”

He cared more about what He Qiao was wearing than mice.

The scenery on both sides of the car window flew past and Chi Xueyan couldn’t help asking, “Why are you wearing a suit again?”

He Qiao had already guessed that he didn’t like this restrained feeling. His lips curved and he explained, “In the afternoon, my father asked me to meet him at the company and I had to dress formally. The moment I left the company, I came over so I didn’t have time to go home and change.”

“Sorry.” He reached out to light up the car display, called up the navigation interface and apologized with a good attitude. “I’ll treat you.”

Chi Xueyan raised an eyebrow, leaned over naturally and entered an address in the navigation.

He decided to let He Qiao, who was dressed in a suit, treat him to food at a food stall.

The taste was first-class while the food stall was full of the energy of a wok.

In the crowded, open-air stall, He Qiao became the most out of place guest.

However, he only paused slightly before sitting down with a calm expression.

As always, he pampered his free-spirited lover.

The colorful plastic chairs, the disposable tablecloths blown up by the wind from time to time, the dark suit jacket draped over the back of a chair, the red hair of the person in front of him and the occasional smile in his eyes.

It was especially the case when he unbuttoned his cuff buttons and seriously rolled up his sleeves.

The high-end shirt reflected the smoky, simple dining table.

The surrounding area was obviously an ordinary dating occasion for ordinary people.

Strangely, there was a vivid impression that didn’t seem to fade.

He Qiao subconsciously thought so.

The moment the two of them finished their dinner while chatting, he threw his suit jacket into the back of the car. Then he waited for the more skillful person around him to speak.

Chi Xueyan stared at the still clean white shirt on He Qiao’s body. Then he turned his head toward the shop signs that kept flashing outside the window and said thoughtfully, “Next, we should find a suitable place for a date. Sit down and talk about serious things and then order a drink.”

He Qiao naturally had no objections.

A cafe or a dessert store flashed through his mind.

Then He Qiao’s expression couldn’t help being stunned when Chi Xueyan led him into a place full of noise.

After forming a clear partnership with Chi Xueyan, he no longer deliberately showed the anxiety and youthfulness that belonged to ‘He Qiao’ when they first met.

He was really surprised now.

Chi Xueyan stood in front of the bar counter of an Internet cafe. He looked up, glanced at the price list of drinks on the menu and seemed to enjoy his surprise. “What do you want to drink? I will treat you.”

“This is a high-end Internet cafe. It is non-smoking and the air conditioning is okay.”

Without waiting for his response, Chi Xueyan glanced sideways and smiled. His eyes were full of flowing light. “Why are you standing there stunned? Haven’t you ever made an appointment with a girlfriend at an Internet cafe?”

Then He Qiao walked up to him and said in a low voice, “No.”

In his memory, he had never been in love.

Chi Xueyan extended a hand to him slowly and He Qiao’s mind returned. Then he went to get his ID card from his wallet.

He stared at the side profile of the other person who was smiling brightly.

There was an undisguised ego and willfulness in Chi Xueyan’s personality.

It came with a flamboyant aggression.

Yet once this willfulness affected others, it usually affected just trivial things. However, it could instantly shorten the distance between them.

So on the contrary, this made people feel the right amount of intimacy and even a seemingly ambiguous atmosphere.

He Qiao gently placed his ID card into the palm of the other person.

He thought that Chi Xueyan was a person who was very good at dating.


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