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HMPS: Chapter 63 Part 1

Extra Three: School IF Line (We)

Hearing this answer, Chi Xueyan looked surprised. “Middle school?”

Nanshan 1st High School was a large school that included elementary school, middle school and high school.

He originally thought that if it was a student in high school, He Qiao might know what class the other person was in or Chi Xueyan might’ve seen the person normally.

The result was that it was a child in middle school.

Then after thinking about the other person spending all her pocket money to buy a croissant and give it away, Chi Xueyan wanted to pay her back even more.

He asked without much hope, “Do you know which class she belongs to?”

He Qiao nodded. “Class 3 in the first grade of middle school.”

“Only the first grade of middle school?” Chi Xueyan was surprised that she was only in the first grade and that there was such accurate information. “Do you know her?”

“I don’t know her,” He Qiao replied honestly. “She took the initiative to tell me when she came to deliver the breakfast.”

The empty box had been flattened and thrown into the trash can. The surrounding air still had the fragrant smell of croissants.

It happened to cover the similar aroma on He Qiao’s body, so Chi Xueyan didn’t notice anything unusual.

This morning, He Qiao also went to the bakery that sold the exploding custard croissant.

In the past, it was a store with average customer traffic. Then due to this suddenly popular item, there had been a long queue for the past two days.

The kind-looking owner was sweating from work. The warmly decorated store was crowded with people, especially students from nearby schools.

Once He Qiao reached the top of the queue, the newly baked croissants were just about to be sold out. It would take ten minutes for the next batch.

In front of him were two girls in middle school uniforms who bought the last three croissants.

They both took one to eat while it was hot, but the last one seemed ready to be given away.

The girl with two ponytails told her companion, “Accompany me to the high school in a while.”

“Okay, are you going to give it to your brother, Sihan?”

“I won’t give it to him,” the girl called Sihan said mysteriously. “I’m going to give it to a cool and handsome sophomore in high school.”

“Hey, your tastes have changed again.”

“As long as they look good. I just see one and love them.”

He Qiao, who was hesitating at the time, was amused by the conversation between the two children. He thought about it and didn’t wait for the next batch of croissants.

He also wanted to give it to someone like that.

But he wasn’t sure if the other person would accept it.

After this period of getting along, He Qiao found that Chi Xueyan liked to eat sweet things. So when the exploding custard croissant became popular, he immediately thought of Chi Xueyan.

At an age that was almost filled with schoolwork, every time something new appeared in school, close friends and couples would want to share it together.

He Qiao wanted to buy it for his fellow deskmate.

He was just worried about destroying the current harmonious relationship between them.

In his first year of high school, Chi Xueyan didn’t know him but He Qiao had seen him many times.

He had heard there was a boy in the next class who was very special and had good grades, but he was independent and the teachers couldn’t do anything about him.

He Qiao had heard his classmates describe him in many words, good and bad: Free, unruly, arrogant and unapproachable.

But when he saw the other person through the window with his own eyes, he felt that all these words were wrong.

On that day, He Qiao took test papers to the teacher’s office. The office was facing a classroom of the first grade. The buildings weren’t too far apart and tall magnolia trees were planted in the open space.

On a sleepy afternoon, most people in the classroom were sleeping on their stomachs. The boy sitting in the last row was looking down at his book in a lazy posture.

He just turned to the end page and closed the book. He used it as a shelf and rested his chin lightly on it. He held the book in a tired position and leaned on the windowsill, looking into the distance.

Looking at the cover, it seemed to be a novel. This boy seemed to like the story he had just finished reading. The fine black hair on his forehead was stirred by the wind and his clear eyes were on the magnolia trees in full bloom, the flowers as well as clouds.

The person in the window looked over with bright eyes and a smile gradually appeared on his face. It was pure and relaxed, without any extra thoughts.

He was completely unaware of their eyes meeting under the cover of sunlight.

All the quiet and colorful scenery fell into another window.

He Qiao looked out the window and was stunned. Then he was awakened by his thoughts by the teacher.

He finished his business and left the office, thinking all the way about how to describe his mood in this moment and how to describe the other person.

Later, in repeated one-way encounters, He Qiao found the answer bit by bit.

Chi Xueyan had a world that belonged only to him. He didn’t need to be with others and didn’t need anyone to teach him what type of person he should be. Being alone was enough to be happy.

That rich happiness floated in the air, making people want to reach out and touch.

It touched a novel whose name was unclear and tried to enter a world that never opened to outsiders.

He Qiao thought he had a crush on this classmate next door he had never talked to.

After nearly a year, they finally became deskmates who could talk.

They were deskmates who could help each other write moving viewing impressions and borrow each other’s mystery novels.

But it seemed impossible to give the other person breakfast.

Chi Xueyan didn’t like to make friends and always divided his intersection with outsiders very clearly. He was unwilling to give more or owe people.

He also seemed to have no interest in dating. He rejected every gift and deliberately distanced himself from people who expressed affection for him.

This made He Qiao hide his mood more carefully and maintain the right sense of proportion when getting along.

In fact, He Qiao couldn’t even be sure whether Chi Xueyan liked girls or boys.

At least for now, he didn’t like anyone.

He Qiao didn’t dare to buy the croissant and returned to the classroom empty-handed.

As a result, he was just about to enter the door when he saw two middle school girls who hurried over.

…The one they both wanted to give the croissant to was actually the same person.

The face control girl who claimed to love one person and still had an impression of him. She handed him the cardboard box with bright eyes.

“Senior, I am Hou Sihan from Class 3 of the first year of middle school. I saw you in Xingyue Bakery this morning. Please help me put the croissant on Senior Xiao Chi’s body. Thank you!”


He Qiao agreed and deliberately put the notebook with his impression of the movie far away from the cardboard box brought by others. He placed them to the left and right of Chi Xueyan’s desk.

In any case, it was a child who had just graduated elementary school.

He Qiao didn’t care about it at all.

But Chi Xueyan, who had already eaten breakfast, actually accepted this gift.

He said that the croissant was delicious and wanted to know who gave it.


It turned out to be paying back the money for the croissant and refusing the other person.


He Qiao thought that it was fortunate he didn’t buy it.

He honestly told Chi Xueyan the class she was in and took the initiative to ask, “Do you need me to accompany you to the middle school?”

“Yes, I don’t know what she looks like,” Chi Xueyan said. “We will go there together after lunch.”


For the first time, He Qiao found this ordinary word very beautiful.

He was so immersed in the small but abundant joy that he ignored Chi Xueyan’s fleeting, surprised eyes after opening the notebook.

During the lunch break, the female middle school student saw them coming together. After being excited, she subconsciously said, “It turns out you have a good relationship.”

The first-year girl with two braids was very friendly and specially asked He Qiao, “Then Senior, did you taste the croissant I gave? I remember you didn’t buy it in the morning—”

He Qiao interrupted her with rare impoliteness and spoke quickly, “Xiao Chi wants to return the money for the croissant to you.”

Chi Xueyan gave him a surprised look.

“No need, it is a gift from me.” The girl showed a big smile. “Senior Xiao Chi, my name is Hou Sihan and I am the art committee member of Class 3 of the first year. I like painting and singing and I like to read novels.”

Speaking of this, she added a bit shyly, “I don’t have a boyfriend yet.”

Chi Xueyan: “……”

Looking at this childish girl, he couldn’t help laughing.

He Qiao didn’t know how to react and silently looked away.

Once Chi Xueyan finished laughing, he calmly responded, “What a coincidence. I don’t have a boyfriend either.”


He saw the girl’s eyes widen and he also saw He Qiao shift his gaze back.

Chi Xueyan calmly said, “I don’t like girls, I’m sorry.”

Once he said this, He Qiao lowered his eyes and deliberately looked away, seemingly not caring about this issue.

The subconscious reaction before obviously wasn’t like this.

Chi Xueyan had a vague guess.

He handed the middle school girl enough change to buy two croissants before saying goodbye and leaving.

On the way back to the classroom, he asked He Qiao, “What didn’t you buy this morning?”

“…It’s nothing.”

Chi Xueyan changed the topic again in a jumpy manner.

“It took a lot of time for you to write the movie review for me, right?”

“It was okay.”

Both of these answers were obvious lies.

So he didn’t ask any longer.

The two of them returned to the classroom side by side. They seized the last break time and lay on the desk for the lunch break.

The classroom in the afternoon was quiet and sleepy. Chi Xueyan held his school and looked out the window, but he never fell asleep.

From the moment he opened the notebook, he suddenly noticed the problem.

He Qiao wrote about what should be boring in a very wonderful manner. He wrote an article full of cliches with a sense of sincerity.

It was as if it was a particularly good movie.

Moreover, He Qiao deliberately imitated his handwriting and tone.

The two of them usually had completely different handwriting. One scrawled wantonly and the other was upright and handsome.

But He Qiao learned the scribbled handwriting like he had practiced it many times.

He also learned Chi Xueyan’s writing style and knew his habits well.

There was no need to be so serious if he was simply helping his fellow deskmate.

It was just an irrelevant viewing experience.

But it was solemn like a love letter.

Combined with the conversation about the croissant and He Qiao’s reaction when he heard Chi Xueyan’s orientation just now, the guess in Chi Xueyan’s heart became clearer.

He Qiao had a crush on him.

Although he had hid it well for a time and Chi Xueyan was almost deceived.

However, this type of feeling would be revealed through instinctive actions, even if one tried to keep it silent.

Chi Xueyan lay motionless on his side for a while. Then he suddenly turned his head and looked at the other person.

Sure enough, he met another gaze that was looking at him.

…His reasoning was correct.

Chi Xueyan clearly saw the emotions in the other person’s eyes that had no time to be hidden.

How many times had He Qiao gazed at him like this in the past few days?

He didn’t know and he didn’t want to embarrass He Qiao at the moment.

So the moment their eyes met, Chi Xueyan seemed unaware of the strangeness as he asked in a casual tone, “Are you unable to sleep as well?”

His deskmate, who had suddenly frozen, found his breath and quietly relaxed.


“The bell is going to ring in five minutes. Close your eyes and rest your mind.”


The low voices ended her and the two teenagers who were close to each other closed their eyes in unison.

The fan overhead made a gentle noise.

On an autumn day when the maple leaves were turning red, a long cloud trail remained in the blue sky.


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