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HMPS: Chapter 62

Extra Three: School IF Line (If One Day)

Nanshan 1st High School.

At the end of the second flower period of the year, the large flowers bloomed like white clouds.

Summer was coming to an end and the autumn breeze was rising outside the house.

In the classroom, the teacher was giving the first lesson of the new semester. His eyes swept over the boy sleeping on his stomach in the corner seat, but he finally said nothing.

Warm sunlight poured in and reflected very richly on the soft black hair, scattering on the fair skin.

There was a sudden gust of wind that caused the flowers on the branches outside the window to suddenly fall. The sleeping boy also subconsciously moved.

The pencil case that was squeezed to the edge of the desk fell to the ground without him being aware of it.

It wasn’t until the end of the class bell rang that Chi Xueyan opened his eyes. His sleepy expression revealed a hint of unhappiness about being woken up.

He had just turned home with his parents in the early hours of the morning. He should’ve returned from the trip one day earlier.

However, there was unexpected foggy weather and the flight was canceled. This caused him to come back a day late and he couldn’t even catch up with the opening ceremony of the second year of high school yesterday.

His family liked to take small risks when it came to issues like going to school and work.

In the gradually noisy classroom, Chi Xueyan lay down for a while before his mind returned little by little.

Then he found that his textbooks and pencil case were neatly stacked on the desk next to him.

His handsome desk mate noticed his gaze and took the initiative to say, “It fell to the ground just now.”

Chi Xueyan thanked him casually and took back the textbooks and pencil case.

The other person was very kind. “Are you going to sleep later? You can keep putting them here.”

Hearing this, Chi Xueyan first nodded before shaking his head.

The next person, the person at the same table neatly stuffed everything on the table into his school bag and continued to lie down to sleep on the clean desk.

…There was no pretense anymore.

However, the next teacher who walked into the classroom ignored him.

The deskmate was surprised. He looked at the teenager who fell asleep next to him and a smile flashed in his eyes.

The wind outside was becoming stronger and stronger. Before the class bell rang, he took the initiative to get up and close the window.

Today was the first day of school and most of the people in the class had just met each other, but he had already heard of Chi Xueyan’s name.

He was quite famous in school. It was said that he didn’t listen well during class. Sometimes he slept and sometimes he read novels. He was always disobedient and very good at fighting. He was the type of student who gave teachers a headache.

The special thing was that even though he sounded like the standard poor student, Chi Xueyan’s grades were very good.

The teachers thought that he was quite smart. If he could be more serious, his grades would be better.

However, Chi Xueyan didn’t like to listen to such nagging. The moment he was scolded, he would openly turn his head and look stubborn, as if he wouldn’t change his ways.

The head teacher in his first year of high school couldn’t do anything about him and wanted to start with his parents.

Unexpectedly, his tall and burly father was so angry that he broke the pen in his hand after hearing about his son’s performance in school. “Little brat! I’ll clean him up when I get back!”

The teacher was shocked. He saw the ballpoint pen in Chi Zhongyuan’s hand that seemed as crisp as a biscuit and thought of this person’s occupation. Then he quickly persuaded Chi Zhongyuan. “No no, Xiao Chi’s grades are very good and sleeping in class doesn’t affect others. It isn’t a big problem…”

The very intimidating looking father said, “Small problems are still problems. Don’t worry, Teacher. I promise that he won’t dare to sleep in class in the future.”

The teacher watched helplessly as the ballpoint pen already in two pieces broke into even more pieces.

“No no no, there are no problems! It is fine now!”

Since then, Chi Xueyan had gained the freedom to attend class.

Chi Zhongyuan also gained long-lost worship from his son.

“Why didn’t the refill break along with it? Is it too thin to use your strength?”

“A little bit. The main thing is that my hands will get dirty and your mother will scold me.”

“I’ll go and get disposable gloves. Try it now?”

On the night when the parent-teacher meeting was over, his heroic mother leaned against the bathroom door and curiously watched as the fully armed father and son studied how to break the ballpoint pen refill.

In such a family, Chi Xueyan spent a happy childhood and also spent a happy high school life so far.

He didn’t know what the remaining two years of high school would be like, but it should be happy.

Chi Xueyan, who hadn’t listened to a single class on the first day of the second year of high school, thought so.

Class in the morning was used to catch up on sleep and class in the afternoon was used to read novels. It was the latest mystery novel published by his favorite author and he couldn’t wait to read it.

He was busy all day and barely said a few words to his new deskmate.

It was so much so that he didn’t remember the other person’s name when Chi Xueyan came home and was asked by his parents how he felt about the new semester.

Han Zhenzhen asked with concern, “Who is at the same table and front table this time? Male or female?”

She cared about this every year. After all, young love in school days was usually determined by distance. The closer they were, the more dangerous it was.

She didn’t ask about the back table because Chi Xueyan was tall and sat in the back row every time.

“I didn’t ask for names from the front desk. There were two girls. As for the one at the same table…” Chi Xueyan recalled it with difficulty. “It was some type of bridge?”

“A boy?”


Han Zhenzhen’s eyes lit up. “His science grades must be good if he was assigned to the same class as you and he is tall. It must be He Qiao.”

“Oh, that is his name.”

Chi Xueyan’s reaction was very flat, but Han Zhenzhen was excited.

She gushed endlessly, “It is him. I am relieved. I have an impression of this body. He is handsome, has good grades and is cheerful. His tutor must be very good. His parents are also very knowledgeable. I met his mother when I went to the parent-teacher meeting that day and we chatted for a long time.”

“……” Chi Xueyan had a strange expression on his face. “Are you introducing me to a partner?”

His father’s first take every time he went to a parent-teacher meeting was to pretend to be a fiercely strict father. Every time his mother went… it was as if she was attending a blind date meeting.

“Haven’t you always been worried about me being in a relationship early?”

“I’m afraid that you will like the wrong person, not that you aren’t allowed to like someone,” Han Zhenzhen said in a tone of someone who had experienced it. “If you don’t experience a secret crush and broken love in your student days then it is really called youth?”

On the side, Chi Zhongyuan caught the key words and said sourly, “When I was studying, I was just reading and my youth was still quite complete.”

For once, Chi Xueyan decided to stand with his secretly jealous father. “Mom, don’t worry. I won’t like someone. It isn’t interesting.”

He had seen the students who secretly fell in love behind the backs of the teachers. It was nothing more than going to the cafeteria together to do homework like a child.

Meanwhile, he wasn’t even interested in making friends. He felt that there was nothing to talk about with this group of naive high school students, let alone like someone.

Han Zhenzhen understood the rebellion and stubbornness of adolescent children very well and joked, “What if you find it interesting again one day?”

Chi Xueyan said calmly, “There will be no such day.”

He still liked to play with himself the most.

He was already thinking about what he would do after going over the knowledge points in class tomorrow.

Then the next day, Chi Xueyan arrived at school and instinctively glanced at his new deskmate twice.

Yesterday, he was full of sleep and the novel. He had no impression of the student who was close at hand. He only remembered the other person helping him put away his textbooks and pencil case that had fallen to the ground.

Looking at this person today, he was similar to Han Zhenzhen’s personality. He had an outstanding appearance and a cheerful personality.

Most importantly, his tutoring was really good indeed.

He gradually discovered that He Qiao was a very measured person.

In fact, Chi Xueyan really hated changing his deskmate. It wasn’t so easy to meet one he could get along well with.

The most common problem was that they had no sense of boundaries. When they saw what he was doing, they would lean over and take a look. Some people wanted to play with him and some people would persuade him in a mature tone not to waste time doing boring things but to focus on learning.

Another common problem was being crushed on or confessed to by his deskmate.

There were two types of people who were more likely to attract the hearts of people in their school days. It was namely good-looking bad students and good-looking good students.

It just so happened that Chi Xueyan was both.

Growing up, he had received too many love letters and gifts. He rejected them all.

It didn’t matter if he refused other students but if he refused his desk mate, it would become awkward to get along with. He also couldn’t use this type of thing as a reason to change seats when talking to the teacher.

It just so happened that He Qiao didn’t have the above two problems.

Therefore, Chi Xueyan was very satisfied with the seating arrangement of his second year of high school.

He Qiao had excellent grades and was also attentive in class. However, he didn’t just study. He had many hobbies and seemed to be very good at playing games. He often chatted about games with other students during the break.

On the other hand, Chi Xueyan didn’t like to chat with people very much. He was usually immersed in his own world and was afraid of noise. Therefore, He Qiao wouldn’t chat with people in his seat during the break and would deliberately walk away.

The relationship between the two of them was flat, like a glass wall. However, the atmosphere was harmonious and there was an inexplicable feeling of respect.

There were also occasional moments when they passed through the glass wall.

For example, on the day when the class organized a collective viewing of a movie, Chi Xueyan lost his mind staring at the movie that wasn’t good or terrible. He was watched by He Qiao next to him.

After watching the movie, Chi Xueyan stared at the blank notebook and scratched his hair irritably.

He Qiao watched the originally smooth black hair of the person beside him become messy and took the initiative to ask, “How do you plan to write it?”

“I’m planning to scribble it,” he complained casually. “I really don’t want to write it.”

“Do you want me to help you write it?”

Chi Xueyan was stunned. He stopped torturing his hair and turned to look over. He found that the other person’s expression was very serious and he wasn’t joking.

Once their eyes met, He Qiao added, “I write this type of article very quickly.”

Chi Xueyan thought about how the other person was often ranked first in the grade for language and thought it wasn’t surprising.

When he was in middle school, a deskmate helped Chi Xueyan write such articles. At that time, Chi Xueyan taught other subjects in exchange.

He Qiao’s overall grades were similar to his and He Qiao definitely didn’t need to be tutored.

But for those he was less familiar with, he preferred a fair exchange over one-sided favor.

Chi Xueyan thought for a while before pushing over the notebook generously and took the initiative to say, “If you have any questions you are too lazy to write, I will help you answer them.”

“Or if you have a book you are interested in, I can lend it to you.”

Chi Xueyan often brought all types of novels to school to read. Sometimes, he could detect the curious gaze case by the other person but this person next asked out loud.

He Qiao took the notebook and didn’t refuse. Instead, he frankly accepted the second proposal. “I want to borrow the one you were reading on the first day of school.”

It was a detective mystery novel.

He didn’t expect He Qiao to actually be interested in this type of novel.

The other person seemed to see through his thoughts and added, “I have rarely read this type of book before, but the cover looked very good.”

Chi Xueyan smiled and agreed quite cheerfully. “I’ll bring it to you tomorrow.”

He also thought the cover was good-looking, but in fact, the content wasn’t that exciting. It wasn’t at the usual level of the writer.

He hoped that He Qiao wouldn’t lose interest in mystery novels because of this.

After returning home in the evening, Chi Xueyan put the book in his bag in advance so that he wouldn’t forget it tomorrow.

A hint of joy flashed in his heart as his fingers touched the beautiful cover.

It was the first time he was lending a book to a classmate.

The next morning, Chi Xueyan walked into the classroom with a school bag containing textbooks and the novel. Then he saw that two things had been placed on his desk.

One was a notebook with the impression of the movie. The other was a cardboard box with the logo of a bakery printed on it.

The position of the two things on the desk was clear. One was on the left and one was on the right and it didn’t seem like they were put down by the same person.

Someone brought him breakfast again.

Chi Xueyan put away the notebook and handed the novel to He Qiao. Then he stared at the cardboard box that emitted a tempting fragrance. He frowned and rubbed his head.

It would be like this every time he felt annoyed.

The girl who was sitting in front of him turned to borrow stationery. Chi Xueyan asked her by the way, “Did you see who put this on my desk?”

The girl shook her head. “No, I just arrived. He Qiao came earlier. You can ask him.”

Chi Xueyan looked at his deskmate.

After He Qiao accepted the novel, he continued to read the textbook. He looked very focused and didn’t seem to hear their conversation.

Chi Xueyan hesitated and didn’t bother him.

He woke up late today and ate breakfast very sloppily. This time, he smelled a strong fragrance and became really hungry.

Through the gap in the packaging box, he saw a plump croissant inside. It should’ve been just baked and still contained a residual warmth.

This bread had been very popular in school recently. It was produced in a nearby bakery. Chi Xueyan hadn’t tried it yet, but he had seen the photos taken by others. It was full of flowing custard when biting into it.

It looked so delicious.

It was hard for the sweet tooth lover Chi Xueyan to resist.

He struggled for half a minute before finally deciding to eat it.

Once Chi Xueyan finished eating the croissant, he got up to throw away the garbage and wash his hands. He Qiao seemed to notice the movement as he was focused on reading the textbook.

He Qiao looked at his unpleasant expression and asked, “Is it not delicious?”

“It is delicious.” Chi Xueyan also lowered his head to open the textbook. “But I don’t know who sent it. It is annoying.”

The voice of the person beside her paused. “Do you want to know who sent it?”


After he answered, the air fell into a brief silence.

Chi Xueyan vaguely felt that the other person wanted to know why.

Therefore, he instinctively said the reason. “I want to give money for the bread to that person.”

He didn’t really like the method of expressing feelings by delivering breakfast.

It would be a waste if something sent wasn’t to his taste or he had already eaten.

If Chi Xueyan really ate it like today, he would become indebted to someone and it might even be regarded as a response that was easily misunderstood.

Hearing this, He Qiao stopped staring at the textbook in his hand and asked, “Are you going to reject the other person?”

“Yes,” Chi Xueyan said in a casual tone. “I come to school late. If you see anyone later, tell them not to give it.”

He Qiao nodded slightly. “Okay.”

“Did you see the person this morning?”

“I saw it.”

He looked at the slightly messy black hair of the person beside him and said softly, “It is a middle high school girl.”


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