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HMPS: Chapter 58

Extra 1: Sprinkling Sugar Daily Life (Post-nuptial Agreement)

The Yuan Law Firm.

From the moment Chi Xueyan entered through the door, Su Yu maintained an incredulous expression, especially when he saw the intimacy between the two people.

“No, the two of you can just tear up the prenuptial agreement and it is over. Why did you come all the way here to sign a statement voiding it?”

He couldn’t help complaining about this pair of playful husbands while handing over the printed statement.

Su Yu had already determined that the prenuptial agreement signed by the two of them at that time was just for fun. What property independence and non-interference with each other? It wasn’t serious at all.

He didn’t expect that after having any fun, they actually signed a contract voiding statement.

Didn’t legal fees cost money?

Chi Xueyan signed his name casually and complained back, “Can’t you be more professional? Is there a lawyer who lets his client tear up the contract?”

He Qiao’s answer was serious. “I want to keep the original contract as a souvenir, but to ensure that it is invalid, we can only sign a statement voiding it.”

Su Yu understood.

On the surface, it was signing a statement but it was actually a show of affection.

It was a very familiar trick.

Lawyer Su thought about how he once invited the husbands to the bar to watch the New Year’s Eve performance in order to show his affection.

Maybe they learned it from him.

Su Yu thought of this and coughed twice. Then he checked the signed statement and put on a professional smile. “Okay, the prenuptial agreement between the two of you is officially voided. Is there anything else I can do to help you?”

He just casually and politely showed his professional demeanor. He didn’t expect for the two of them to really nod.

He Qiao handed over a thick documents bag. “There are some contracts here that have been drawn up. I need to trouble you to check the terms for Xiao Chi as Xiao Chi’s lawyer.”

Obviously, Chi Xueyan didn’t have the patience to study these lengthy and neat terms word for word.

There must not be any traps or parts that were unfavorable to him in these agreements but the parties involved should have a complete understanding of the contents before signing it.

Chi Xueyan was too lazy to look at it so he entrusted it to a professional lawyer who would think from his perspective.

Su Yu had once helped the two of them draw up the prenuptial agreement and was obviously the most suitable candidate.

He Qiao was always thoughtful.

Su Yu accepted it with a bit of surprise. He felt the heavy weight in his hands and joked, “You guys aren’t planning on doing a post-nuptial agreement, are you? Aren’t there a bit too many pages?”

He opened the bag and took out the documents. Then he scanned along a gap separated by the paper clips and his hands almost trembled.

It wasn’t a post-nuptial agreement but many gift contracts regarding company equity and real estate.

The recipients were all Chi Xueyan.

He was just dealing with the prenuptial agreement with cold terms. Now it was fast forwarded to a huge gift.

Su Yu was somewhat in a trance.

The two parties involved were much calmer than him.

He Qiao was very polite. “There are many contracts that need to be checked. It is hard on you.”

Chi Xueyan took out his phone, opened a game interface and encountered his lawyer in a very perfunctory manner, “Jiayou.”

Su Yu was staring at the pile of gift contracts in a daze. Then he heard the game music and blurted out, “You haven’t read these contracts, right?”

“I haven’t read it,” Chi Xueyan said calmly. “I didn’t intend to find you. I just wanted to sign it directly.”

He Qiao said, “There must be a beginning and an end.”

Their relationship started in this office and should end here.

He wanted their names to be written together in a new way.

Once Su Yu figured it out, he couldn’t help covering his face with one hand and sighing bitterly, “I definitely had my brain filled with water when I filled out my major application that day.”

He was really just a part of their game.

How come this game wasn’t over?

Amidst the cheerful music playing from the mobile phone, Su Yu resignedly looked at each term one by one.

At the same time, Chi Xueyan was playing the game without distraction while He Qiao would occasionally teach him how to do it.

“I shouldn’t swear.” Lawyer Su, who was fighting alone, saw this and couldn’t help saying sadly. “But this is too much, f*k.”

There were too many contracts.

There was also too much money involved in the contracts.

He had subconsciously thought that these things should be the property of He Qiao’s family and the family was allowing him to add another person’s name.

The Wanjia Group was so famous. The reputation of the founder He Huaili and the eldest son He Xiao was too great, making it easy to overlook the other son who had only been exposed to the company’s affairs in the past year.

He often had a string of prefixes before his name, as if all the light should belong to his father and brother.

What Su Yu didn’t expect was that all the property involved in these contracts belonged to He Qiao himself.

Everything he wanted to have with Chi Xueyan was obtained through his own efforts.

Lawyer Su was fiercely shown to be wrong but he was inexplicably a bit moved.

This was until he heard a conversation coming from the side.

“Why did I fail again?”

“The number of combos isn’t enough and the damage bonus is low.”

“Forget it, I’ll leave it to you.”

“Okay, what do you want to eat at night?”

“Eat hot pot at home? The base you made last time wasn’t bad.”

Su Yu: “……”

In the eyes of these people, it was all about games and dinner.

Only he, the lawyer, really cared about this pile of contracts involving huge sums of money.

He wanted to get off work. He didn’t want to do this any longer.

Su Yu let out a long sigh of relief as he finally finished checking the terms of the contracts. Then he pushed the documents in front of him to Chi Xueyan.

“There are no problems. There are only rights in the terms and no obligations to fulfill. The signature and seal of the other person are all complete. It is just up to you to sign now.”

How was this a contract? It was simply dog food.

Chi Xueyan put down his phone, took the documents and pen and prepared to sign.

Watching the familiar scene repeat itself, Su Yu sighed. “I really didn’t expect that there would be such a day when I helped the two of you with your prenuptial agreement.”

“Old Chi, love is such a magical thing, right?”

He Qiao didn’t interject. He quietly stared at the bold signatures that were imprinted eternally on the page under the sunlight.

Chi Xueyan’s movements suddenly stopped and his tone was subtle. “You are calling me Old Chi again.”

He had endured this old-fashioned title for a long time.

“Okay, okay.” Lawyer Su keenly felt a gloomy and violent atmosphere and immediately changed his words. “Then I will call you Xiao Chi—”

Before he finished speaking, he met He Qiao’s gaze.

…It seemed to be a bit gloomy as well.

Su Yu thought about it. Once he finally realized, he argued reasonably, “No, Old He, you have to be reasonable. I have always called him this before the two of you got married. This name is obviously very normal, okay?!”

He Qiao’s tone was normal. There was no jealousy on the surface but there was also no room for negotiation. “It isn’t possible now.”

He had called Chi Xueyan in many ways. Later, he found that when there were other people present, this person preferred to hear the ‘Xiao Chi’ from when they first met.

Chi Xueyan preferred names that started with ‘Xiao (Little).’

No matter whether it was calling others this or being called by others.

It was like this from the moment the two of them met each other and wrote their friends nickname.

Su Yu heard this normal tone and had a shocked expression on his face. It was as if he was getting to know this person again.

He turned to look at his friend of many years and found that the other person was calmly counting how many signatures he had signed without any intention of managing He Qiao.

Therefore, Su Yu added another hand covering his face and let out a numb sigh. “…Let me die.”

This might be retribution for the way he always complained to Chi Xueyan and showed affection for many years.

Old Chi didn’t work and Xiao Chi didn’t work. What else could he call this person?

“Then what should you be called?’ Su Yu looked at the pile of signed equity contracts and joked, “President Chi?”

Chi Xueyan’s action of counting the signatures stopped when he heard this.

He thought about it for a while and actually agreed. “Just call me this.”

It sounded fun.

Since he was a child, various people had called Chi Zhongyuan by President Chi so he had made this his father’s nickname in his contacts.

Now the person being called this became himself.

There was a feeling of growing up overnight, which was amazing.

However, he wasn’t fully grown up.

It was because Chi Xueyan had no interest in business matters. He wouldn’t manage any business of these companies and he wouldn’t really regard them as his property.

He simply accepted the gift.

It looked extremely expensive but for Chi Xueyan, the most useful value was probably to provide a new way of dating.

He Qiao started to take him to some of the social gatherings he used to go to alone.

It wasn’t with the identity of Mr Chi, President He’s lover, but his partner Chi Xueyan, whom he had a cooperative relationship with.

In this deja vu partner relationship, he didn’t have to fulfill any obligations that bound him. He could let the conversation at the wine table flow in and out while just enjoying the casual adventure.

It was like the freshest game.

Even the preparation before the start of the game was fun.

The spacious and clean dressing room of the master bedroom was filled with two different styles of clothes, casual and serious.

The high-end suit was placed with the vintage jacket. The sports watch accidentally fell into a drawer full of ties.

A cold sense of order and lazy messiness coexisted naturally.

Before going out, Chi Xueyan rummaged around and found a dark suit from the closet.

It looked like He Qiao’s clothes but it was actually his own.

The cut was appropriate and it fit well. It was customized not long ago according to the style that He Qiao often wore.

He rarely wore such clothes in the past so he was a bit uncomfortable when he looked at himself in this suit and leather shoes reflected in the mirror.

Chi Xueyan felt the temperature hovering at his collar from an extremely close distance and asked, “Is it a bit strange?”

He stood quietly without any movement, letting the person around him help him with his tie.

His dazzling red hair was covered with a soft halo from the overhead light and trembled slightly in front of him.

The silky tie slipped over the thinly calloused fingertips, slowly winding into a knot.

Then the elegant bow tie around his neck was completely formed but the warm fingertips didn’t leave.

Chi Xueyan heard his low response.

“It is very good.”


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