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HMPS: Chapter 55 Part 2

The girl in professional clothes didn’t refuse. She took it generously and thanked An An. “Do you work nearby? Next time, I will treat you.”

“I work in this building.”

“That is close. I’m working in the opposite building.”

The two of them talked idly, taking advantage of the lack of people at the outdoor tables and chairs of the cafe to grab a seat to eat the ice cream sundaes.

Under the dark green parasol, the two girls chatted happily.

This was the first time An An met someone who worked in the opposite building.

Every day, she sat at the front desk and saw the increasingly busy luxury office building.

What type of scenery did it look like from the other side?

In fact, she had long been curious about this.

Now she finally had friends to talk about this issue with.

They exchanged names and contact details.

When adding friends, An An wrote her note in the reason for the friends application.

[I am Zhai Anan.]

Her new friend with a white collar aura looked at the line in the chat box and said with a smile, “What a coincidence. My name is also in the ABB format.”

“My name is Li Feifei.”

Zhao Anan was the receptionist of the children’s dental clinic.

Li Feifei was the secretary of the president of the media company.

After hearing about the company where they each worked, the expressions of the two girls were surprised for a moment.

Zhai Anan really wanted to gossip about the legendary, wealthy young master.

Li Feifei really wanted to gossip about Mr Chi’s daily work at the clinic.

But… she was sorry to ask directly.

Forget it, let’s talk about ice cream.

“Tomorrow, there is still the buy one, get one free event. Do you want to eat at noon or after work?”

“Let’s wait until after work. I want to taste matcha tomorrow. I just saw that there is this flavor in the store. How about you?”

“Me too. I want to taste a Christmas tree.”

In the fresh smell of vanilla, Zhai Anan smiled with curved eyes. She couldn’t hold back and whispered, “I know the owner of that ice cream truck.”

She promised not to divulge Dr Chi’s specific information to strangers.

She just wanted to share this wonderful mood with a new friend she met because of the cactus flavored ice cream.

Unexpectedly, Li Feifei said the same thing. “I also know.”

The surprised Zhai Anan heard her ask, “Do you have a good relationship with Mr Chi?”

“Mr Chi…?”

Li Feifei thought about it and corrected it. “No, he should be called Dr Chi at the clinic?”


On another midsummer afternoon, Chi Xueyan had lunch at the opposite company and returned to the clinic’s office for a lunch break.

Today was the first day that Dr Chi regularly executed the plan of sleeping in separate rooms.

After repeated attempts and failures, Chi Xueyan constantly summed up his new experiences.

Once the matter of sleeping in separate rooms was implemented, it must be implemented to the end, no matter whether it was in the company or at home.

After all, the rest room in He Qiao’s office was too much like a home.

It wasn’t just the bed and bathroom. Even the luxurious bathtub was exactly the same.

Chi Xueyan walked out of the elevator and heard a familiar, energetic voice, “Dr Chi, do you want some ice cream?”

There were several sundaes in plastic cups at the front desk and people were coming to get them one after another.

Zhai Anan invited her colleagues to eat ice cream today. She had bought them in the newly opened cold drinks store downstairs.

Chi Xueyan was hesitating over whether to eat some sweets to help himself sleep when he heard her say with a smile, “It tastes like roses.”

She pointed to the cup of pink ice cream garnished with fresh strawberries.

Chi Xueyan no longer hesitated.

Once he took the strawberry sundae, he saw Zhai Anan winking at him. “Dr Chi, I met a new friend because of your ice cream truck. She works in the opposite company.”

She held her cheeks and said excitedly, “She took a photo to show me. It turned out that the feeling from the opposite side is like this. It is so special.”

Chi Xueyan was slightly startled before laughing.

“Yes, it is special.”

He Qiao had also taken photos for him to see.

Zhai Anan discovered another secret about Dr Chi.

It was a hidden and grand secret.

In the building on the left, the smiling young man picked up the strawberry sundae, thanked his colleague at the front desk, walked to the office and took out his phone to take a photo.

A moment later, in the building on the right, a man left the office. He declined the secretary’s inquiry, walked to the ice cream store across the street and bought a cup of cool strawberry sundae.

In the flowing midsummer light and shadow, a dreamlike butterfly fluttered past the window.

The front desk of the dental clinic alternated message notification sounds with the desk outside the office of the president of the media company.

[Li Feifei: President He really went to buy a sundae by himself!]

[Zhao Anan: Hehe, it is the rose flavor I recommended!]

[Li Feifei: Butterfly!]

[Zhai Anan: Effect!]

[Li Feifei: Hahahahahaha.]

[Li Feifei: An An, look outside the window. There is really a butterfly!]

It flew lightly past the transparent glass windows, brilliant wings shimmering with a bright brilliance.

A pair of friends sitting by different windows and chatting on their phones saw it.

They both looked at the butterfly with very soft eyes.

A pair of lovers standing by different windows and eating strawberry sundaes also saw it.

Beyond the hovering wings, they looked into each other’s eyes.

Their smiles were like diamonds glowing in the air.

A butterfly that came from an unknown place flew from the long night into the day.

After flying through the long four seasons, it was anchored in this beautiful home for a long time.

At the warmly lit dining table, Chi Xueyan looked at the calendar and felt that this was the most special season he had spent so far.

There were heartbeats, frustration, pursuit and love.

He spent a perfect four seasons with He Qiao.

Before he knew it, the day had come when everything started.

They got married on August 26th last year, two weeks after receiving the certificate.

The certificate was received on August 12th within 24 hours after their blind date ended.

The blind date on August 11th was a Friday evening.

On the 11th, Chi Xueyan met his 11th blind date.

He looked at the number 11 on the calendar for a while before suddenly picking up his phone.

These coincidental numbers and order gave birth to a rare sense of ritual.

On the same day a year later, Chi Xueyan opened the chat record and selected the date that was lit up the earliest.

The first message He Qiao sent him was a formal greeting and contained the reason for applying for a friend.

[I am He Qiao.]

Since then, Chi Xueyan had indeed been calling him that.

He liked the name that was both certain and unknown.

No matter when it was, Chi Xueyan liked to call him like this, calling him by his full name.

So at this moment when the dates overlapped, he finally changed the name of the contacts that he once changed casually.

He followed the way He Qiao initially greeted him.

He Qiao, who was sitting opposite him at the dining table, caught a glimpse of the light that deeply smeared the red hair and outlined the three-dimensional side profile. In the bright light and shadow, Chi Xueyan’s eyes and fingertips were casually wandering on the screen. It wasn’t known what he saw but the corners of his lips were raised slightly. The room seemed to be filled with light laughter as well as the scent of roses.

It was a particularly strong impression.

Immediately afterward, Chi Xueyan took the initiative to get up. He brought the dishes and chopsticks to the kitchen and waited for another person to wash the dishes.

This was a standard division of labor when eating at home.

He Qiao lowered his eyes and saw the phone screen that he casually put aside. He also saw two familiar profile photos.

In the chat interface, the small square on the right was a large area of gorgeous, sunset red clouds. It seemed to have been taken casually at dusk.

It seemed to echo the azure sea surface of the small square on the left.

This was Chi Xueyan’s chat interface with him.

His nickname at the top was changed to ‘He Qiao.’

He Qiao looked at the location that had been marked as ‘Little Eleven’ for a while and then got up to walk to the kitchen.

Now when washing the dishes, Chi Xueyan would wait on the side. Sometimes he chatted with He Qiao, sometimes his thoughts wandered off alone and sometimes he watched the balloon man outside the window.

He was playing a game today, a game that he had been playing with He Qiao recently.

The person who lowered his head to wash the dishes asked, “What do you want for breakfast tomorrow?”

The person who was seriously studying the difficulty replied casually, “Anything is fine, as long as you like it.”

“I booked dinner. It is at a restaurant you like.”


“Tomorrow is our first anniversary.”

“I remember.”

“Do you want to take a bath at night?”


Chi Xueyan, who was frequently disturbed, couldn’t bear it any longer and put down his phone with a snap. “I made an appointment with Ren Xuan to go rock climbing this weekend. You have to wait until the weekend.”

This was a very physically demanding exercise and it was necessary to nourish his body in advance to ensure the best physical condition.

In the midst of the sound of gurgling water, the man washing the dishes glanced back at the mobile phone placed on the kitchen countertop. He didn’t try to appeal it and just laughed in a low voice. “I’ll teach you how to play in a while.”

A big ‘game over’ flashed on the phone screen.

“You can’t teach me to play games.” Chi Xueyan’s attitude was resolute. “I’m going rock climbing. I haven’t gone in a long time.”

“Yes, I know.”



On this night, Chi Xueyan finally played the game level that he had failed repeatedly and his technical level improved slightly.

As for the rest…

Next time, he would continue to learn it.

For example, if he said he knew then he knew, but some people would still commit the crime knowingly.

The next morning.

The alarm clock rang and Chi Xueyan woke up in the big bed of the master bedroom. In addition to the usual unhappiness of wanting to beat people, there was also a trace of happiness that the bottom line was getting lower and lower.

At the very least, the physical strength to go to work had been preserved.

He Qiao wasn’t in the bedroom and the shirt that he had brought from the dressing room was already placed beside the bed.

Chi Xueyan resigned himself to putting on the well-covered shirt. He was wrapped in the scent of his lover as he washed his face and brushed his teeth. He imagined the breakfast he would see when walking out to the living room.

In fact, he wasn’t that angry every time he thought about this.

At this time, Chi Xueyan couldn’t think of what breakfast He Qiao would make on this special day.

But when he pushed open the door and smelled the familiar scent, memories swarmed in a flash.

On the dining table were two bowls of wontons that were packed and brought back in advance.

He Qiao was sitting at the dining table and looking up at him.

Chi Xueyan leaned against the bedroom door, unable to find the feeling of anger at all. He just smiled and walked toward He Qiao.

That day when he walked out of the physical examination center and was on the way to eat breakfast, he suddenly asked if He Qiao would like to marry him.

After a moment of trance and with the enthusiastic yelling of the breakfast store owner in the background, He Qiao seriously asked him which one he liked to eat.

At that time, there was an unskilled gentleness in He Qiao’s tone that tacitly acknowledged the identity and relationship that was about to change.

At that time, Chi Xueyan had said, “Everything is good. I like small wontons the most.”

It was the same small wontons as that morning.


  1. SirhcSidhe says:

    Their relationship is so soft! I love it how their parents are loving and supporting, and how the revenge plot is completely sidelined with barely any reference. What’s important is the new now, not the past.
    Thanks for the translation.

  2. Ciel says:

    Can’t believe that I read this on August 11…

    1. QRose says:

      Me too almost! It’s past midnight already tho so not completely, but it still counts!

  3. Me says:

    I read the wedding part on 25th of August. Today is 26th(the date of the wedding). Today’s the anniversary (^^)

  4. ish says:

    eating sugar \(^^)/

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