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HMPS: Chapter 50

How long the night was was a difficult question for people with insomnia.

Listening to the long breathing of the person in his arms, time seemed to be just the blink of an eye and made people want to cherish it carefully. However, for some reasons, it seemed extremely long and difficult.

As expected, He Qiao really lost sleep again. It wasn’t until the morning light appeared that he subconsciously fell asleep.

How long was the morning was also a question that was difficult to describe for people who lay in bed.

As expected, Chi Xueyan did sleep well.

It was a very special feeling to fall asleep in the arms of his lover and to wake up to see the peaceful sleeping face of the other person.

It was a new feeling he hadn’t experienced.

His skin and quilt were obviously similar in warmth and heat, but they had a completely different touch.

So Chi Xueyan gave up on getting up alone, but lay lazily in bed playing with his phone. He was waiting for the person beside him to wake up.

He replied to the New Year’s greetings accumulated on his phone. He enjoyed the colorful Spring Festival updates of his friends and searched for tips on honeymoon trips.

After this New Year’s Eve trip for two, Chi Zhongyuan would definitely show off in front of him for a long time.

The best way to fight back was to have a honeymoon that was even cooler than seeing the aurora on the edge of the Arctic Circle.

But from Chi Xueyan’s point of view, these guides were nothing more than recommending various destinations, romantic islands or exotic customs.

They didn’t seem interesting and weren’t much different from ordinary travel.

He had also already visited most of these distinctive places. It was probably the same for He Qiao.

There was nothing new about the destination of travel so he could only try to change the way they traveled.

…A self-driving trip?

Chi Xueyan thought of this and started to look at cars.

SUVs, off-road vehicles, RVs…

He looked at it and dismissed the train for some reason.

Traveling by long-distance international train, crossing continents and different borders, seemed good.

It was a bit stuffy and the activity space is limited. They couldn’t do anything except look at the scenery.

He had just switched from looking at trains to a cartoon featuring a train when he heard a very low laugh from his side.

He Qiao woke up around ten minutes ago.

During the Spring Festival holiday when there was nothing to do, the curtains blocked out the excessively strong sunlight. The air in the room was dim and quiet. The person lying next to him no longer rested on his arm but had his back turned to him, quietly looking at his phone. The screen changed and flickered, a faint light illuminated the side of his face.

He Qiao thought that he could look at this for a long time.

This was until Chi Xueyan, who was originally researching travel vehicles, moved toward childish cartoons step by step, really watching the talking train in silent mode. Finally, He Qiao couldn’t help laughing.

Laughter brushed past his ears. Chi Xueyan’s movements paused and he turned to look at He Qiao. “Were you pretending to sleep?”

The person beside him answered him honestly. “I woke up ten minutes ago.”

Then he added a comment with a smile, “The cartoon is very interesting.”


Chi Xueyan thought for a while. Then he threw away the mobile phone that was still silently playing the cartoon and simply got out of bed. “I’ll go wash up.”

There was more or less the feeling of being ridiculed.

He didn’t want to care about He Qiao for the time being.

As he was washing his face in front of the sink, he heard the cheerful sound of the cartoon coming from the bedroom.

The little train spoke openly.

Amidst the sound of running water and the water wetting his cheeks, Chi Xueyan looked up at the mirror. He saw that the corners of his lips were slightly raised.

It was time for lunch.

He stayed in bed in the morning and was already hungry. He knew that he would be able to eat the sumptuous meal cooked by the aunt downstairs.

But he wanted to go to the kitchen to cook by himself.

He didn’t just make it for himself.

Suddenly, Chi Xueyan understood Han Zhenzhen, who suddenly wanted to make Buddha Jumping Over the Wall that day.

Indescribable love was a feeling that was often entrusted with food that was within reach.

But unlike Han Zhenzhen, he was very self-aware. He was still too lazy to learn to cook complicated dishes.

Sheng Xiaoyue came over to join in the fun and help when hearing the news. Then she was in awe of the kitchen with its unlimited capabilities.

At noon on the first day of the new year, the two people who rarely cooked ended up working together to make a mediocre egg fried rice.

Chi Xueyan felt that the appearance was ordinary but filters could be added. Sheng Xiaoyue happily took photos and posted it to her Moments.

He thought the taste was mediocre but He Qiao said it was delicious. It was the best egg fried rice that he had ever tasted.

This plain but delicious bowl of egg fried rice on the first day of the new year was exchanged for a variety of sweets throughout the Spring Festival holiday.

The children who were brought by their parents to visit the He family for the new year felt for the first time that it was such a happy thing to go to visit relatives.

Different from previous years, the He family’s kitchen this year had a special dessert area that had a lot of delicious food. It was almost like entering a hotel’s restaurant.

There were all types of fruit candies and milk candies in various flavors, sugar-fried chestnuts kept warm by a heat lamp, cotton candy that could be rolled on their own, mini chocolate waterfalls where they could dip in everything…

There were also candied haws on a stick strung with different fruits, golden translucent syrup wrapped in colorful fruit pulp that made people drool.

It was just that the children who came as guests couldn’t eat these crystal clear candied haws.

It was because Brother He Qiao specially made it for his lover.

At first, the children tried to attack with sugar-coated cannonballs because they all knew he had a good temper.

“Brother He Qiao is so powerful. You can make candied haws!”

“I want to eat candied haws made from strawberries. Brother, can I exchange it with you for a red envelope?”

As a result, this year’s Brother He Qiao didn’t fall for it. He uniformly answered, ‘Yes’, ‘Thank you’ and ‘It isn’t good.’

His tone was still gentle and he would pat them soothingly on the head, but they weren’t allowed to eat it.

The children ran to find the only brother who could eat the candied haws.

It was Brother Xiao Chi who came to the He family for the first time to celebrate the new year. He was the marriage partner of Brother He Qiao and they had previously only met him at the wedding.

Everyone felt he was a stranger at first and didn’t dare to get too close to him. Then after discovering that this brother loved candy like children, the distance suddenly got closer.

“Brother Xiao Chi, are the strawberry candied haws delicious?”

Chi Xueyan replied, “It is delicious.”

He saw the longing in the children’s shining eyes and asked with a smile, “Do you want to eat it?”

The group of children immediately nodded hurriedly.

“Your mouth.”

The children opened their mouths one after another. They instinctively stretched out their hands, waiting for Brother Xiao Chi to feed them.

As a result, Brother Xiao Chi looked around and said with a serious expression, “I can see that some of you have tooth decay. You definitely didn’t brush your teeth properly. You can’t eat sugar any longer.”

Then he ate a strawberry candied haw.

As he ate the strawberries, he saw the smile on He Qiao’s face. He also saw the children’s eyes suddenly widen in disbelief.

“My candied haws wu wu wu—”

“Brother, I don’t have tooth decay. I can eat. I’ll brush my teeth after eating!”

There were also children who came to join in the fun without caring about sugar.

The little girl with the twisted braids blinked. She pulled at the corner of his clothes and asked in a low voice. “Brother, can you hug me?”

Chi Xueyan was surrounded by a group of chattering children and didn’t hear it clearly. He just felt someone pulling his clothes.

The moment he looked over, he saw He Qiao walking out while carrying a child.

The playful braids dangled in the air and revealed a faint struggle.

Once He Qiao came back, Chi Xueyan asked him, “Why did she go out?”

He Qiao replied in a normal tone, “She wants to go to the living room to play.”

The living room was full of chatting elders and there was no fun in it.

Chi Xueyan said sincerely, “Her hobby is very special.”

He Qiao looked at him as if agreeing with his evaluation and his voice was soft, “Hmm.”

“By the way, did she say something to me before she went out?”

“No, you heard incorrectly.”

Chi Xueyan stopped thinking about it and said casually, “Do you want to eat candied haws?”

He Qiao didn’t like sweets but he also ate a strawberry candied haw that he made himself.

The soft and sweet strawberries were wrapped in a cold and crunchy hard icing. It was like spring in winter.

It was even more delicious amidst the childish laments that sounded around them.

Chi Xueyan suddenly thought about spring.

He also felt a bit of regret.

When he and He Qiao were basking in the sun in the garden, they saw Sheng Xiaoyue smiling and taking guests on a tour. She introduced them to every landscape that she had designed and arranged with her own hands.

They saw children who had eaten enough gathering around and playing childish games.

The appearance of a home should be shaped by their own hands.

At the beginning of their marriage, he and He Qiao hadn’t cared about this matter and left everything to the eldest. They only went to pick out decorations before the weddings as if completing a task.

Now he wanted a home that was determined by each other from beginning to end.

Similar or different preferences would be intertwined, painting the white space with unpredictable colors little by little.

It was something he hadn’t experienced before.

Chi Xueyan finally had inspiration for his honeymoon.

He asked the person beside him with interest, “Do you want to decorate a home together? A home that travels around the world.”

He Qiao thought of the self-touring cars that he had seen before and instantly understood what he meant. “Do you want a luxurious home or a simple home?”

“A light and moderate one.” Chi Xueyan calculated the time. “There is still more than a month left. There should be enough time.”

Before the April holidays, these long and exhausting working days suddenly took on a different color.

He had a lot to learn and do.

It was together with He Qiao.

In the midst of the reluctant mood of the office worker, the Spring Festival holidays ended in the blink of an eye.

This year, New Year’s Eve was very late in mid-February. So after coming back from the holiday and going to work for a few days, it was already March.

The tender green leaves emerging from the branches of trees on the street announced the arrival of spring.

The shortest and most important period of the four seasons was coming and everything was new.

On both sides of the always busy road, people in different buildings had a bit of a new feeling about the picture of life unfolding in the new year.

Secretary Li Feifei recently discovered that President He’s office had many car-related magazines as well as brand new decorations.

He also didn’t ask his subordinates to buy them. They were all brought from home.

Secretary Li already knew that the boss would take a long vacation in April and go on a trip with Mr Chi.

But she was a bit confused for a while.

During lunch, the two of them often talked about some car jargon that she didn’t understand.

During the lunch break after eating, Mr Chi didn’t sleep and President He didn’t deal with work. They sat together on the sofa reading magazines or watching videos on the computer.

They were videos about vehicle inspections and repairs.

It was only then that Secretary Li realized it was an RV trip.

It was completely different from the honeymoon that she imagined a president would have.

Obviously, there should be a private jet, a luxury hotel or a yacht. There should be dedicated personnel waiting to serve them throughout the entire process, so there was no need to learn how to repair a car by themselves.

Looking at the various decorations that President He brought to the office because he bought too much when furnishing the RV, she inexplicably felt it was very romantic.

In the afternoon when the temperature was comfortable, the secretary sitting outside the president’s office no longer felt sleepy. She simply searched for videos of RV trips on his computer.

She was a bit envious.

It was also good to experience such travel.

Outside the door, she wore earphones to watch videos while the lovers inside the door nestled shoulder to shoulder on the sofa, flipping through professional magazines full of new knowledge.

The warm spring light floated forward through chuckles and whispers, over clean desks and bookcases, like the wind hovering by open windows.

The miniature balloon man that had been placed on the edge of the windowsill was gone.

It had a new place to go.

The lingering spring light drifted through the spacious road, the verdant maple trees and the transparent glass windows, blowing April toward the other building facing it.

An An, the receptionist of the dental clinic, felt that it was a somewhat lonely spring morning.

Dr Chi, whom she usually had a good relationship with, took a leave of absence and wouldn’t come to the clinic for a while.

He used up all his annual leave and took a few more days of personal leave. This became a long holiday when combined with the official holidays and weekends in April.

He said he was going on a honeymoon.

The clinic wasn’t too busy during this period and the leader readily approved it.

After all, Dr Chi was the most popular doctor among young patients in the entire clinic. His appointments were always full. After being busy for so long, he got married and ushered in a new stage of life. It was time for him to have a full rest.

His colleagues weren’t only envious but also a bit sad.

The most eye-catching handsome man of the clinic didn’t come to work and the already usual working day looked even more dull and boring.

For some colleagues who were familiar with Chi Xueyan, this sadness was doubled.

An An moved the chair to the window next to the front desk. She looked out the window and couldn’t help sighing.

Outside the cafe downstairs in the opposite office building, the handsome guy who sat there drinking coffee every morning also disappeared.

Sure enough, they went on their honeymoon together.

She had met Dr Chi’s husband, who had come to the clinic to pick up Dr Chi when he was working overtime in the evening.

The next day, An An arrived at the clinic as usual. Once she opened the blinds at the front, she recognized the figure downstairs instantly.

She was overwhelmed by a sweet, sour and shocking mood.

It was like watching an idol drama.

The type that was updated every day.

It was because every morning, he would come to this cafe. He sometimes looked at documents or the computer with a cup of coffee at hand.

An An had also seen him look up in the direction of the clinic like he was looking at someone.

He must be looking at Dr Chi standing by the office window.

It wasn’t known where Dr Chi’s husband worked. He should be nearby or he dropped by the clinic.

The person sitting at the cafe stared intently at the upstairs window belonging to a dentist every day.

An An and her friends crowded at the front desk of the clinic every day, smiling in a silly manner as they chased this silent love drama.

They were familiar with Dr Chi and knew his personality. They didn’t publicize it and just ate lemon candy silently.

In any case, they worked at a dental clinic and weren’t afraid of a toothache.

It was a pity that they wouldn’t be able to see it for a long time in the future.

The maple leaves on the street were growing again. The street scene was ordinary as usual but as the four seasons changed, winter turned to spring.

An An envied such a beautiful love but she also envied the long holiday.

She didn’t want to go to work. She wanted to go out and play.

Spring should be idle.

She wanted to go to the park, sit on the grass for a picnic and then lie down and bask in the sun.

How about going this weekend?

An An fantasized about the weekend arrangement. She looked away from the dark green parasol of the cafe and suddenly noticed the billboard set up by the medic company opposite.

There was a new ‘advertisement.’

It wasn’t like this yesterday.

She stared for a moment before sighing. She forced herself away from the window and the chair rattled.

…Even the billboard was fueling her desire not to go to work.

It was obviously a company that served a catering group. Why couldn’t they do some serious catering advertising?

It was better to continue to greet everyone’s three meals a day.

Sunshine fell into the window. The front desk receptionist greeted her colleagues who walked out of the elevator. They were looking forward to fast-forwarding to lunch then the end of work and the weekend.

The sunshine flowing on Maple Leaf Road was more abundant.

On a warm and sunny morning, pedestrians carried bags on the sidewalk while drivers and passengers waited for the signal lights on the road. They often looked up and stared when passing by the billboard.

On a wide screen, there was a still picture with a watercolor texture.

They still couldn’t see what type of product it was but it made people smell the sudden strong spring atmosphere. They subconsciously stopped for it.

In the hazy mist, a car drove forward into a thick forest and flowers among the trees. The sunlight was pale gold and shone on the bright tail lights.

It was like carrying all of spring on a journey.

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