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HMPS: Chapter 48 Part 2

At this moment, Chi Xueyan sat on the opposite side, listening to the conversation between He Huaili and He Xiao and watching Sheng Xiaoyue serve dishes to everyone with a smile until she was helplessly stopped by He Qiao.

Chi Xueyan’s bowl was almost full.

She gave him the most delicious pieces of each dish.

It was because today wasn’t only New Year’s Eve but also his birthday.

Chi Xueyan thought that no one would hate such a mother, regardless of a blood relationship or not.

She was like the gentlest sun, innocent and unreserved.

No matter how paranoid He Xiao was, he couldn’t hate her.

It was this type of perfection that could drive away all the gloom that made his longing for the past even more out of place.

However, his biological mother, who was far from being perfect, could only stay in those bleak and difficult past days forever.

He couldn’t hate He Huaili, who had worked hard for his family all his life, and he couldn’t hate Sheng Xiaoyue, who treated him so brightly and warmly. This made him never reveal his increasingly depressed heart.

In the thicker and thicker spider webs, ‘He Qiao’ was born happily with a golden spoon in his mouth and innocently worshiped his older brother. He became an innocent victim as unreasonable hatred fell on him.

A drowning person was irrational. In the instinctive struggle, he pulled the one who wanted to save him into the water, sinking into a swamp where he couldn’t breathe.

Now He Qiao had disappeared. Even if he didn’t disappear, he would die in the future.

After learning all of this and really tasting this type of pain, would He Xiao regret it?

How would he face the darker spider web that suddenly overturned today?

Chi Xueyan didn’t know.

He didn’t care about it any longer.

‘Chi Xueyan’ had completed his redemption and now ‘He Qiao’s revenge’ was completely over.

On this night of saying goodbye to the old and welcoming the new.

On the New Year’s Eve dinner full of sumptuous dishes, the central position was vacated and a big cake was placed on it.

It was a birthday cake ordered by He Qiao in advance, which was in line with Chi Xueyan’s idea. There was no need for any innovative birthday process. It was the most ordinary cream cake.

The cream flowers on the surface of the cake were in the shape of roses, which were easy to guess.

The lights went out, the candlelight flickered and the hazy and faint light made Chi Xueyan’s expression very gentle.

Everyone waited for him to make a wish.

Thus, Chi Xueyan closed his eyes. When he opened them again, he gently blew out the candle.

Warm voices wishing him a happy birthday rang out all around him.

He Qiao fulfilled his promise and cut the cake for him.

The meticulous He Qiao really divided the cake more beautifully and kept every buttercream flower in full bloom.

Among them, the most beautiful cream rose was rightfully given to Chi Xueyan.

It was an ordinary sweetness but it was special enough.

Even He Qiao ate his own piece despite not liking cream.

Sheng Xiaoyue knew his taste well, so she couldn’t help laughing and teasing him again.

He Qiao continued to change the subject unabashedly, “It is time to watch the gala.”

There was a Spring Festival Gala on TV but the sound was lively.

In a rare manner, Chi Xueyan watched the boring show seriously for a while.

He almost became sleepy.

Sleep until I naturally wake up, play with my phone, eat the New Year’s Eve meal, share the cake, watch TV, set off fireworks and go to bed after midnight.

The New Year’s Even process he casually listed out was nearing completion.

There were still fireworks and midnight left.

The backyard full of greenery and flowers weren’t suitable for large-scale firecrackers and the small sticks were too childish. Therefore, He Qiao arranged in advance for fireworks to be set off at midnight. They could see the grandest flowers as long as they looked up.

Close to midnight, he walked into the garden with Chi Xueyan.

The night sky was lit up from time to time with the fireworks in the distance. The cold evening breeze blew over their cheeks but they were dressed warmly enough.

Chi Xueyan was wearing a white coat. He tilted his head slightly and stared at the distant skyline. He seemed distracted again.

He Qiao fixed his scarf that was blown away by the wind.

It hadn’t snowed all winter.

It was as if all the snowflakes were already by his side.

As they waited side by side, he asked Chi Xueyan, “What birthday wish did you make?”

Chi Xueyan was quiet for a while before telling him, “I pretended to make a wish.”

Candles wouldn’t take the initiative to help people realize their wishes. Those who loved themselves would do it.

He Qiao heard a strange answer rather than a wish that he could help his lover fulfill.

He smiled and asked, “Why pretend to make a wish?”

“It is because it is the most normal birthday,” he replied. “From the beginning.”

The moment when he closed his eyes, Chi Xueyan didn’t make a wish to the candle. He didn’t think of anything.

It was because he felt that the most important wish in his life might’ve been fulfilled long ago.

He thought that he might’ve guessed the origin of the book transmigrator, He Qiao.

Chi Xueyan actually wanted to treasure this unknown because there was no God to verify the accuracy of the reasoning results.

People couldn’t conceive a reason they hadn’t personally experienced out of thin air. They could only find the closest possible explanation from their existing life experience.

The right or wrong clues quietly existed until they were singled out from the vast sea of daily trivial matters. They were governed by subjective intentions and formed a type of clear narrative with a clear context.

Once Chi Xueyan was reminded of a yellow flower and a romantic comedy, an answer naturally came to mind.

Regarding the origin of He Qiao, the memories of the novels were sometimes too detailed and sometimes too brief. There were also the news reports that took place after the death of ‘He Qiao’ and the ending of ‘Chi Xueyan’ that was known by the current He Qiao.

Two people who went further and further down the road full of hatred quietly fell in love with each other. Perhaps this love could change the rest of their lives and return them to a bright place.

However, fate always loved to play tricks, easily turning the eternity of secret longing into an irreversible separation.

Before the love was revealed, one person died in an accident and the other was left to wait.

The soul full of regret and unwillingness returned home as agreed, but he couldn’t be known by his loved one or embrace his loved one.

They weren’t qualified to hug in the past and there was no opportunity to hug in the future.

In the same room, they could no longer see each other.

The male protagonist of the comedy movie cries as he watched the TV series he once watched with his lover, crying out to his lover who would never return.

Chi Xueyan, who lived in reality, wouldn’t do that.

He would just sit quietly on the couch, staring at the flickering screen for a long time. The news or something else would be playing on the TV and the endless sound and pictures flowed numbly like air.

Then one day, he would suddenly decide his ending.

A serious and rigid old professor in college once reprimanded him, “Chi Xueyan, you know how to cause chaos! Is there anything you can’t do?”

That day, he said in a very serious tone. “Yes, such as giving up on causing chaos in the world.”

For a person who had lost everything and was waiting alone on Earth, giving up his remaining life seemed to be the only thing he could do.

For the wandering soul who watched this scene happen but couldn’t do anything, it was too cruel to remember such a sad cause of death.

Before his breathing completely stopped, Chi Xueyan probably thought, ‘If only life could be repeated.’

he wouldn’t do anything wrong again. He would only focus on loving the right person.

The other soul who disappeared probably had a similar but different prayer.

If life could be repeated, he wanted to be mature, rational and strong.

Being able to protect the one he loved could make him no longer have regrets in his life.

God was generous to them and fulfilled these wishes.

Thus, those reborn met again in a new world.

Two reborn bodies with clear memories.

One of them retained most of the memories of his previous life like it was a novel, seeing himself as an outsider who needed nothing to hate.

This was the final reasoning result of Chi Xueyan. It was full of incredible fantasy but the He Qiao who appeared with the memory of the future was already a mysterious miracle.

It could explain almost all the contradictions and unknowns in He Qiao.

Of course, Chi Xueyan had seen many detective novels and suspense movies and it was inevitable that there would be times when things went wrong.

One of the mistakes that could be easily made in the process of reasoning was to think about simple problems in a too complicated manner.

Perhaps everything was as simple as He Qiao said in the beginning.

He was an outsider who crossed into the book and was kind in nature. Thus, he offered to help the villain change his fate. He indeed wanted to use the information in the novel to develop his career for the benefit of the public. All of this had nothing to do with some type of regret hidden in the depths of the soul.

The content of the novel was complicated yet trivial. There were always parts that seemed unimportant to him and had no effect on his ideals. This could be turned over hastily, such as the love-hate entanglement of the protagonists.

He inherited all the memories of the small supporting character ‘He Qiao’, so he knew the past of his character best. This made him most familiar with the people that ‘He Qiao’ loved, including the tastes that Chi Xueyan liked and Sheng Xiaoyue’s favorite pink roses.

He might’ve lost his memory and might’ve been to more than one novel world, so he might’ve long been accustomed to this feeling of blankness and didn’t feel that something was missing.

In any case, his personality and ability were a type of instinct that transcended memory. He was very handy when adapting to the life of ‘He Qiao.’

Not loving games and having excellent gaming skills weren’t incompatible. He might simply be very smart, both in terms of the game and his career.

As for the death ending of the villain, it might be that the author was too lazy to describe it in detail or perhaps the author was really reluctant to write about his departure in detail.

The Yellow Flower was just a novel written by a foreign author and a romantic comedy was just a movie that was very suitable for popcorn. The He Qiao who suddenly came to this novel world was just He Qiao.

This answer was also valid. The reasons behind many puzzles that seemed worth investigating were often surprisingly simple.

In the garden where the path diverged, there were two paths with very different directions to choose from.

This was a common choice. No matter which answer he believed, it wouldn’t prevent him from appreciating the flowers ahead of him.

It was like a sudden rain falling on a clear night. The person sitting by the window listened to the sound of raindrops hitting the glass, choosing to feel the boredom of dampness or the hypnotic comfort.

After the rain was over, tomorrow would still be blue and beautiful.

Tonight, there was no rain. Only a person seriously asking questions.

“We will go back to the house later. Do you want to eat glutinous rice balls or continue to eat the cake?”

He Qiao’s voice rang in his ears while the bells from the television were heard almost simultaneously from the open door.

Midnight arrived.

The old year passed and the new year began.

In the deep night sky, which was as clean as a jewel, a rain of fireworks suddenly bloomed.

The large fireworks were like a dream, reflected in each other’s eyes.

The moment his cheeks were illuminated by the fireworks, Chi Xueyan thought of the answer to his question.

He didn’t want to choose the glutinous rice balls or the cake. He didn’t want to choose the most logical New Year’s greeting when midnight came.

Before He Qiao opened his mouth to wish him a happy new year, Chi Xueyan looked away from the dazzling night sky. He stared into the depths of his lover’s pure eyes and gently tiptoed.

In this long and short moment where the past and the future were intertwined in the present, thin sentences seemed too un-meaningful.

He chose to answer with a kiss.

It was no longer a public kiss that was agreed upon in advance.

The good student who was kissed for the second time was no longer unfamiliar with it.

There was no summer sea, a green lawn or roses. Instead, there were winter fireworks, a garden and family.

There was no overly formal tie, but Chi Xueyan always wanted to grab something.

Thus, he instinctively reached out his arms and hooked them around He Qiao’s neck. At the same time, a gentle and irresistible force blew the ends of his hair, bringing him deeper into this embrace.

It was a belated, real kiss.

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of fireworks.


  1. Miompp says:

    Yesss im loving the mystery. Honestly the two are such a perfect match. Aside from their different taste and looks i love how this straightforward fella who does what he wants ends up with this meticulous, scheming person who is able to adjust to CXY’s rhythm. Very cute

    Thanks for the chapter ♡♡♡♡♡

  2. Nhida says:

    This is the most calming transmigration/rebirth novel i’ve ever read. So lovely. They are made for each other

  3. Silver says:

    A kiss with the taste of fireworks could also be said to be a kiss with the taste of gunpowder. Gunpowder + fire (the taste of the last kiss) = explosions, full of fire and the taste/scent of gunpowder. An interesting reverse progression, since usually the gunpowder comes first, then the fire after that, but without the fire you don’t smell/taste it. I quite like the slightly abstract descriptive style of this novel. It’s very poetic, and not at all the style I see from most translated novels, which earns kudos to both the author for writing it and the translator for preserving its literary artistry.

  4. ish says:

    I’m crying. This was such a beautiful chapter! Really well-written! I love how the author just portrayed the origins of he qiao in two different settings but made it seem that it didn’t really matter cuz what’s important isn’t the past nor the future but their present orz

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