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HMPS: Chapter 4

This was the second time He Qiao had heard Chi Xueyan mention the matter of marriage.

Compared to the obvious joke at first sight, this short question revealed an unquestionable certainty.

He stared at the other person and saw that the summer light covered Chi Xueyan’s light brown eyes with a layer of pale gold. Chi Xueyan was looking at him intently and waiting for an answer.

He Qiao was in a momentary trance.

A sudden silence spread between the two of them. The busy sounds of the early morning became even more distinct. Cars were honking, pedestrians were walking and there was endless noise.

Chi Xueyan couldn’t help wondering, ‘What is He Qiao thinking?’

Compared with the serious consideration and solemn response that caught him off guard yesterday morning, the current He Qiao seemed much more mysterious. The shaking shadows of the trees on the street flowed over his deep brow bones and the depths of his always clear eyes were full of unpredictable darkness.

At the same time, the owner of the breakfast store on the side raised his hand to wipe the sweat from his forehead. He poked his head out from the side of the steaming steamer and enthusiastically beckoned to them. “Is it the two of you? Do you want to sit here and eat something? There are steamed stuffed buns, wontons and xiao long bao—”

In the noise, the silence and darkness disappeared.

He Qiao glanced at the steamer that exuded a tempting aroma. Then he turned his head and asked seriously, “Which one do you want to eat?”

There was an unskilled gentleness in his tone that tacitly acknowledged the identity and relationship that was about to transform.

It seemed that the depth just now was an illusion brought about by light and shadow.

Chi Xueyan couldn’t help laughing.

He liked the way the proposal was accepted.

“Everything is good,” he said. “I like small wontons the most.”

The boss quickly brought two hot bowls of soup. There was some seaweed and shredded eggs floating in the clear soup. The white wonton wrappers were wrapped around a small meat filling. They swirled together with the shrimp skin in the bowl, light and delicious.

Chi Xueyan thought that today’s wontons seemed to have a special taste that was particularly suitable.

Surrounded by the lively atmosphere of life, it quietly injected a sense of reality into the word marriage that he had never considered before.

Even if it was just a contract marriage.

Chi Xueyan didn’t know why he was so attached to Lu Siyi in the novel. After all, until last night, his impression of that stranger was only interest. However, he didn’t know how the established destiny in the novel would be fulfilled. What if it was by an irresistible coercion?

A respectable marriage was at least a firewall.

The other half inside the wall was a teammate that looked quite reliable.

They might’ve now agreed on the contract marriage but there were still many details to be worked out.

For example, formalizing the agreement on paper or getting each other’s families to accept that they were going to get married.

After eating breakfast, Chi Xueyan was about to discuss the arrangements with He Qiao. Then when he raised his head, he saw He Qiao looking across the road.

A low-key black luxury car had stopped by the gate outside the medical examination center. Soon, He Qiao’s phone rang.

He Qiao picked up the phone and took the initiative to say, “Brother, I’m eating breakfast diagonally across the street.”

Chi Xueyan raised an eyebrow with some surprise.

It wasn’t just because of the brother who suddenly appeared. It was also due to the subtle change in He Qiao’s tone.

He behaved obediently in front of his brother.

—Although in front of Chi Xueyan, He Qiao was also obedient and easy to speak to.

But there was a vague difference.

Under Chi Xueyan’s interested gaze, the black luxury car turned around and stopped next to the breakfast restaurant. The rear window slowly lowered.

He Xiao’s facial features were somewhat similar to He Qiao. The brothers had inherited their father’s sharp and handsome facial features, but their temperaments were very different. Obviously, one was an educated, stable brother and the other was a well-protected younger brother.

The last time Chi Xueyan saw him was in a financial magazine as the young master of the giant Wanjia Group in the catering industry. It was when a colleague in the clinic had read the magazine. He glanced at it casually and definitely hadn’t expected such an intersection in the future.

He Xiao didn’t get out of the car. He just said to He Qiao, who came over of his own initiative, “I originally planned to pick you up to see the car.”

During their phone conversation in the cafe yesterday, he promised to accompany He Qiao to choose a car on the weekend.

His tone was very gentle. He glanced at the still sitting Chi Xueyan with a clear smile on his face. “Did I disturb you?”

He Qiao showed a bit of embarrassment as he answered. “…No, we’ve already finished eating.”

Facing the number two villain, who was known to be ‘kinder’ than himself, Chi Xueyan behaved very generously and familiarly. “I thought you made a special trip to trouble me.”

The car window was lowered to the bottom and He Xiao asked him with a smile, “Why?”

“He drew several tubes of blood during the physical examination. I was dizzy just looking at it.” Chi Xueyan’s tone was wanton. “Who let him lose the bet?”

“He should be willing to lose if he makes a bet, as it should be.” He Xiao looked at his brother again and made an expression of realization. “No wonder why you came for a physical examination early in the morning.”

He Qiao didn’t look very comfortable with the situation in front of him and said eagerly, “Brother, I won’t look at the car today. Go and be busy. Don’t worry about me.”

“Okay, I won’t be a light bulb any longer.” The smile on He Xiao’s face deepened. “Have fun.”

He finally nodded to Chi Xueyan. The window rolled up again, leaving only a black shadow that got further and further away.

Chi Xueyan watched the distant luxury car before finally getting up and walking to He Qiao’s side.

He remembered what his mother said when she introduced the He family before the blind date: the family is well-off, the relationship is harmonious and everyone spoils He Qiao.

A bit of emotion couldn’t help filling Chi Xueyan’s heart.

“He doesn’t seem to think very highly of you.” Chi Xueyan commented. “He also doesn’t think much of me either.”

He Qiao looked over and there was a question in his eyes.

“It is my intuition as a villain.” Chi Xueyan made a joke before confessing. “He didn’t get out of the car from beginning to end.”

It was as if he had already grasped the overall situation just by sitting there. There was a type of quiet disdain.

Hearing this, He Qiao smiled and didn’t agree or deny it. “Maybe.”

Chi Xueyan didn’t intend to interfere with the other person’s household matters and asked instead, “Do you want to buy a car?”

“They are just casual words.” He Qiao shook his head. “Yesterday, I told him that I saw a cool new car.”

“Are you talking about my car? It is a new model this year.”


“You have good vision.” Chi Xueyan’s tone rose. “I’ll accompany you to buy it. You can pick up the car on the spot.”

He Qiao was a bit surprised. Then he saw Chi Xueyan’s eager eyes.

“It is a nice detail,” he said with a smile.

An hour later, Chi Xueyan threw the car keys to a familiar salesman and asked him to drive it home. Meanwhile, he got into the new car that He Qiao had just brought with a card.

It was the same model and configuration as his sapphire blue sports car. The only difference was the paint color of the body.

During the time when He Qiao was familiarizing himself with the new car and trying to get started, Chi Xueyan sat in the passenger seat and examined the interior structure that was exactly like his own car. He casually explained, “Liking someone often starts with liking each other’s hobbies. For example, imitating him to buy the same model.”

He didn’t want his parents to suspect the real reason for his marriage. Presumably, He Qiao was the same. Thus, they needed to pretend to be in love.

Love needed details.

He Qiao’s hand on the steering wheel paused.

Yesterday, Chi Xueyan said he had a bad temper and snored while sleeping. Suddenly, it didn’t seem like he was joking at all.

The first point was doubtful, the second point was unknown and the third point seemed possible.

He didn’t know if Chi Xueyan really hadn’t deleted those exes.

This thought flashed through He Qiao’s mind but he didn’t pay too much attention to it. He quickly calmed down and drove seriously.

The flamboyant red sports car passed by the still sapphire blue one.

This was the color that He Qiao decided together with Chi Xueyan.

“Where do you want to go next?” He asked Chi Xueyan.

He asked a rhetorical question. “Do you know what the most suitable thing is to do after buying a new car?”

He Qiao tried to think of it from Chi Xueyan’s direction. “…Drag racing?”

Chi Xueyan smiled and teased, “Isn’t your idea a bit dangerous?”

As he spoke, he lowered his eyes and made a call.

“This is the most important time to experience—”

He paused slightly while waiting for the phone call to connect. Then he said in a casual tone, “It is the weight of the rules.”

The Yuan Law Firm.

From the moment Chi Xueyan entered through the door, Su Yu maintained an incredulous expression, especially when he saw the intimacy between the two people.

Chi Xueyan was calm and composed as he first made the introduction to He Qiao. “This is my friend, Su Yu. Lawyer Su.”

Then he turned to look at his friend with a rather natural attitude. “This is my boyfriend, He Qiao.”

Su Yu used his remaining sense of reason to shake hands with He Qiao and say hello. Then he took out the prenuptial agreement that had just been drawn up for them to see. “Xiao Chi is too anxious so I used the template. Fortunately, the terms you agreed on are very simple to handle. There might be things that need to be changed or supplemented. Just tell me if there are any problems.”

He raised his tone and turned toward Chi Xueyan as he spoke. “No, are you really going to get married? Why didn’t I hear any news at all? I thought I was dreaming when I received your call…”

Su Yu got halfway through his words when he said to He Qiao, “Sorry, I didn’t mean to offend you. I was just too surprised.”

He Qiao looked down at the agreement with a gentle attitude. “It’s fine. You guys can talk.”

Chi Xueyan shrugged. “This shows you are the first person to know. You should be honored.”

“The first one? So Uncle and Aunt don’t know yet?” Su Yu’s shock gradually rose to reverence. “Do things first and play later. You are really great. Be careful not to be beaten.”

Chi Xueyan showed a perfunctory smile. “Thank you for your blessing.”

He Qiao was focused on two tasks. He checked the terms of the agreement that he roughly heard about in the car while listening to the small talk between the two of them.

There were the most direct property preservation clauses in it, which simplified this meeting of two rich families to the union of two individuals that had nothing to do with money. The property before and after the marriage belonged to them, without any division.

In addition, there was an agreement not to interfere with each other’s private lives and the corresponding symbolic fine in case of a breach of contract…

The relationship between Chi Xueyan and Su Yu seemed to be very good.

He Qiao thought of this as he took a pen and marked out a sentence that needed to be modified and adjusted.

Then when he heard the next conversation between the two people, the straight line he wrote accidentally became crooked.

Su Yu had accepted the fact that his friend had a flash marriage, but he was still curious about the reason behind it. “Have you played enough?”

He and Chi Xueyan were college classmates. They were in the same year but in different majors. He knew that the other person wasn’t interested in dating, but was keen on eating, drinking and having fun. He liked pondering on all types of fun and interesting things, from thrilling extreme sports to the Rubik’s cube that couldn’t be solved in the hands of a child having their tooth pulled out.

Chi Xueyan said before that he enjoyed this type of playful state very much. He lived happily alone and wasn’t in a hurry to fall in love.

He hadn’t expected Chi Xueyan to get married so quickly.

Chi Xueyan understood what he meant and his tone was indifferent. “Getting married doesn’t hinder playing.”

He and He Qiao were just a superficial couple and wouldn’t interfere with each other’s lives.

Su Yu completely misunderstood and glanced at He Qiao with a rather novel expression. “That’s good.”

It seemed he had met a like-minded partner.

He thought that He Qiao had a relatively quiet personality. Sure enough, he couldn’t judge people from their appearance.

Facing Su Yu’s unclear gaze, He Qiao silently looked at the crooked line on the paper.

He couldn’t make any comments on the overly direct conversation between the two of them.

He suddenly felt the reckless temperament of a villain from Chi Xueyan.

The numerous exes were probably true.

Of course, this had nothing to do with him.

He Qiao regained his composure and drew a straight line again.

Then Chi Xueyan sat down beside him, glanced at the contract and told Su Yu, “By the way, I want to add something else.”

After the gossip was over, Su Yu returned to work mode. He sat back at his desk and listened attentively. “Say it.”

“I can’t unilaterally file for divorce and I have to get He Qiao’s consent. If I insist on going my own way, he needs to immediately tell my parents the most important secret between us in its entirety.”

These words came out and surprised the two men present.

Su Yu considered his tone. “Isn’t this a bit… too bad for you?”

He didn’t know what the secret in the second half of the sentence meant, but this was clearly a one-way constraint and was only valid for Chi Xueyan.

“Polish my words and write them down.”

Chi Xueyan didn’t explain any longer. He just turned to look at He Qiao.

Only He Qiao was close enough to hear the next sentence.

“I don’t want to become someone I don’t even know myself.”

He clearly saw the stubbornness and trust in the other person’s eyes.

He Qiao’s fingers holding the pen instinctively tightened.

…Chi Xueyan was a really complex person.

In the office, all that remained was the sound of a lawyer tapping on the keyboard.

After signing the agreement and sending them away, Su Yu looked at the extremely dazzling brand-new red sports car in the parking lot. Then he couldn’t help giving a mocking thumbs up. “Red and blue are matching. It is both tacky and classic.”

Chi Xueyan responded with an elegant middle finger. “See you at the wedding.”

As the only polite adult present, He Qiao reluctantly said a polite farewell. “Goodbye, Lawyer Su.”

He still drove the car on the way back.

He Qiao slowly drove the car out of the parking lot. Next to him, Chi Xueyan was looking at the signatures of the two people on the final page of the prenuptial agreement.

He said, “I will try to remind you to stay away from Lu Siyi. This is the only thing I will interfere with when it comes to you.”

“Thank you.” Chi Xueyan put away the agreement and smiled at him. “Your handwriting is beautiful.”

He Qiao nodded lightly and said skillfully, “Where are you going?”

Chi Xueyan smiled slightly when he heard this question again. “It is time to do something dangerous now.”

“It is the most common thing that people do when they fall in love on impulse and decide that the other person is the true love of their life.”

He entered his home address into the navigation. The mechanical female voice immediately pointed in the right direction.

“I remember my mother putting the household registration book in the safe,” Chi Xueyan said. “Go to my house first and then to yours. If we act fast enough, we will be able to get the marriage license within 24 hours.”

The wind was whistling through the open car window, but Chi Xueyan’s voice was particularly clear. He added, “It has been 24 hours since we first met.”

He Qiao originally thought he would no longer be surprised after signing the prenuptial agreement with great efficiency. However, Chi Xueyan always made him feel indescribably surprised.

He turned his face sideways and saw that there was a happy smile on the other person’s face.

“I said to get the certificate on the spot and you agreed. So you should do what you say.”

His marriage partner’s eyes were clear and transparent. They seemed to be quietly looking into his soul.

“Moreover, it took only one day to move from getting to know each other to marriage.”

After a brief glance, Chi Xueyan shifted his gaze back to the wide road ahead. The sky at the end of the road was flashing with a bright light and faintly fell on the ends of his brilliant hair. It was as if indicating that the most beautiful dusk was about to be ushered in.

“It fits people’s impression of us being childish and fun-loving, right?”


  1. Aria says:

    Aw I haven’t seen a novel where the gong ml has a big bro that dotes on them like how shous do so I thought this novel was cool for doing that. I guess it’s just a dream now

    1. Aria says:

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      1. White Lily says:

        It’s a bit early to judge based on just four chapters when ML hasn’t even started his plans yet. But no, this is not a revenge story. It is more of a love story, showing the different ways of love. I’ve also changed the chairman now that I’ve read the story further ahead and have a bit more context.

      2. Filbyss says:

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    2. Mehrin says:

      “Don’t be noisy, I have amnesia”‘s gong has an older brother who dotes on him but its kinda subtle and can’t be seen at the very beginning

    3. Nyanya says:

      You should try [The Cannon Fodder Just Wants to be A Tool Man] then… the ML’s family dynamic is downright hilarious and the ML is the group pet of the family 🤣 ML’s big bro is also very fun despite being the president, and the characters all have a very exciting and fun dynamics! Also [Reborn As The Villain President’s Lover] by the same author… ML’s big bro was also doting but not as obvious and hilarious as the former one.

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