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HMPS: Chapter 23

The harsh midday sun was blocked by the closed shutters.

In the dark office, Chi Xueyan stood by the window and looked at the few rays of light.

The person on the other end of the phone gave a low hum.

He guessed right.

Chi Xueyan blinked and asked He Qiao in his usual tone, “Did you just meet him?”

“In the morning.” He finished speaking and understood the meaning of the other person’s words. He took the initiative to say, “I’ll ask if he has left.”

Then there was a distant voice as He Qiao used the phone in the office to call the secretary outside.

Chi Xueyan heard his calm question. “Has Duan Ruo left?”

It turned out that the other protagonist was Duan Ruo.

It was a soft-sounding name that was very different from him.

The somewhat distorted female voice quickly replied, “I finished talking to him in the morning and told him to go back and wait for news. However, I heard earlier that he went to lunch with Xiao Huang. They knew each other before. Just wait. I’ll make sure…”

“Yes, the colleague from the music department hasn’t returned yet. He is eating near the company with Duan Ruo.”

The moment he heard these words, Chi Xueyan pulled the string of the shutters and warm sunlight filled the quiet room again.

Before receiving the call from He Qiao, he was supposed to take a lunch break. Now there was something more important.

He said without hesitation, “I’ll come over now. I’ll be there in around half an hour.”

He Qiao wasn’t surprised by his decision and said, “Okay, I’ll pick you up downstairs.”

Chi Xueyan always did things so neatly.

He would naturally want to meet the protagonist who finally appeared.

In any case, this afternoon’s appointment was scheduled to start a bit later. It was because he guessed he would be surrounded by the gossip of his colleagues at noon so he reserved some time in advance.

Chi Xueyan spoke to the assistant and hurriedly walked out.

As he waited for the elevator, he happened to meet a colleague he had rarely interacted with lately.

It was the only person in the entire clinic today who didn’t receive the sweet wedding candy.

He was also the only colleague who ‘attended’ the wedding.

Xu Baijun came out of his office and had to take the elevator to go downstairs. Then his footsteps abruptly stopped.

The person with dazzling hair looked over at him with a half-smile.

There was a subtle embarrassment that filled the air.

The wedding of the century on Saturday had caused a sensation through almost the entire city but the secrecy was quite high and there were basically no photos of the scene released, nor any detailed news reports. There were only vague and sincere feelings from the people who attended the wedding.

It was like a grand secret.

Most people only knew that one of the protagonists of the wedding was He Huaili’s youngest son, He Qiao. However, few people had seen his face. The other protagonist of the wedding was even more mysterious.

Only the people who joined in the fun at the entrance of the hotel had seen him vaguely, not clearly. They only guessed that he might be the groom from his clothes.

Xu Baijun was there.

He had frozen in place the moment he saw the red-haired figure.

In fact, almost no one saw the face of the man in the suit clearly.

However, Xu Baijun in the crowd knew a colleague with a similar body shape and hair color who was also holding a wedding on that day.

He almost thought he was dreaming.

It was ridiculous.

Then after going to work on Monday, the wedding candy that only wasn’t given to him silently confirmed this absurdity.

Chi Xueyan didn’t plan to tell him anything. He had been too busy preparing for the wedding and he forgot about this vain and confident colleague.

However, they happened to meet at the elevator entrance.

Later, they would also take the elevator with a small space together.

He simply spoke first. There was a hint of a smile in his voice, like it was ordinary small talk. “I heard that you went to the wedding of the youngest son of the He family on Saturday? How was it? Was it fun?”

Xu Baijun’s expression was visibly stiff.

A colleague at the front desk was wearing headphones and looking down at her phone.

Therefore, he gritted his teeth and asked in a low voice, “Were you the other groom?”

Hearing this, Chi Xueyan was a bit surprised.

He hadn’t seen Xu Baijun at the wedding venue and it wasn’t known how this person had guessed it.

Still, it didn’t matter.

Chi Xueyan nodded cheerfully. “Yes.”

The indicator lights turned on. The elevator had arrived.

As he walked in, he seemed to remember something and asked with a smile, “However, do you believe it?”

“In fact, it doesn’t matter if I am the groom or not.”

In the stagnant atmosphere, there was a sharp sarcasm in his eyes.

“In any case, you just choose to believe what you want to believe.”

The words fell and the elevator doors closed automatically. Xu Baijun, who was standing outside, didn’t enter the elevator.

Chi Xueyan enjoyed the elevator exclusively and was very satisfied with this effect.

He really didn’t like the smell of this colleague.

Half an hour later, he arrived at the parking lot of Wanjia Media in time.

He Qiao waited for him alone in the location mentioned in advance.

Chi Xueyan got out of the car and walked straight over. “Did he come back after eating?”

“He is back and is in the recording studio.” He Qiao walked side by side with him. “I asked the music department to ask him to audition on the spot so they can make the subsequent evaluations and decisions.”

Then He Qiao added, “He is a singer-songwriter who took the initiative to seek opportunities today.”

Before entering the elevator room where outsiders were waiting, Chi Xueyan naturally narrowed the distance between them.

He smiled and whispered in the ear of the meticulous, young president, “I guess the song he brought is very good.”

The elevator rose up from the underground floor to the first floor. An employee of Wanjia Media, who had just returned from buying milk tea, unexpectedly saw the big boss when she looked up. There was also an unfamiliar man with an intimate posture beside him.

She was surprised and quickly said, “Hello, President He.”

He Qiao nodded. He noticed her curious eyes and took the initiative to say, “This is my lover.”

Hearing his words, the red-haired young man beside him laughed softly and turned to say something to him.

In the small and quiet space, the voice floated faintly. “…You are learning from me, right?”

His eyes were extremely bright and his smile was beautiful. His eyes curved slightly as he smiled. He was obviously flamboyant and open, but he also revealed a bit of casual gentleness.

The employee holding the milk tea stood in the other corner of the elevator and silently lowered her head. She suppressed the excitement in her heart and didn’t dare to peek too obviously.

Still, she couldn’t help thinking that the other protagonist of the grand wedding was like this.

He was like a big star seen on screen.

…It was no wonder why President He wanted to move the company close to his partner as soon as he came.

She suddenly understood President He, who was privately described by everyone as a young master with a love brain.

In the afternoon, a wave of excitement was set off in Wanjia Media.

Looking at the backs of the two people being led to the recording studio by Secretary Li, almost everyone stretched out their necks and gossiped in various small groups.

In the glass window of the recording studio, the rather moving singing voice had just disappeared. Duan Ruo released the fingers holding the microphone, lowered his head and took a deep breath.

He hadn’t sung such a live performance with an audience for a long time. Fortunately, nothing went wrong.

The demon was recorded in advance but might not be real enough. Therefore, Duan Ruo understood this temporary request very well and actively came to the recording studio.

After all, it wasn’t an easy decision to use his song.

During lunch, his friend had told him that the quality of the song itself was good and it fit well with a project that the company was going to do recently. Under normal circumstances, they would definitely want this song and they would even propose a long-term cooperation with Duan Rio.

But he was in a special situation.

Duan Ruo had decided to file a lawsuit against his former company to regain the right to sing under his own name but the dispute between them was complicated and involved many aspects.

Before the dust settled, the songs he wrote and sang would have certain risks in terms of copyright and it might cause trouble for his cooperation partners.

Some companies liked to use disputes and lawsuits as a means of reverse publicity, but this wasn’t the case for the Wanjia Group. They were influenced by He Huali and the entire group had a pragmatic and stable style and a good reputation in the outside world.

Wanjia Media was mainly responsible for the advertising and marketing of various businesses under the group. They definitely hoped that the commercial song they released would have as much influence as possible. But for Duan Ruo, the more successful the song, the greater the risk.

Considering the company’s style, he actually didn’t have much hope. He just wanted to give it a try.

Duan Ruo had listed down a number of companies and was ready to try them one by one until he found an opportunity to change his now bleak life.

His courage was ignited at that colorful wedding, so he chose Wanjia Media as his first stop.

It was like a guide of fate.

He wouldn’t feel regret even if he failed.

At the very least, he tried.

The staff in the control room made a gesture to signal the end. Duan Ruo took off the headphones and walked out of the quiet recording studio.

After listening to the live version, his friend Xiao Huang slowly gave a thumbs up and gulped. “It is better than the demo… it is exceptional.”

Duan Ruo finally relaxed. Then he realized that in addition to the few employees of the music department, there were two more listeners in the control room.

It was a gentle and handsome young president and his other half with a strong temperament.

It was just like the wedding.

Xiao Huang, the head of the music department, asked for the opinion of his immediate superior. “President, what do you think of Teacher Duan Luo’s song?”

He spoke slowly, like a sloth from a cartoon. There was a very serious air to him.

He Qiao said honestly, “The melody and voice are quite catchy. I think it is very suitable for an advertising song and it has the potential to spread.”

The other employees present also had the same thought as him.

However, everyone was also aware of the biggest obstacle.

In the brief silence that spread, Duan Ruo was full of apprehension when he saw the most dazzling person in this room suddenly smile.

The red-haired young man looked at the employee with a special tone of speech and spoke in a very light tone, “What did you just call him?”

Xiao Huang was taken aback before repeating blankly, “Teacher… Teacher Duan Luo?”

The smile on Chi Xueyan’s face deepened even more and he corrected it, “It is Duan Ruo, not Duan Luo.”

Xiao Huang scratched his head. “Yes, Duan Luo… that’s right.”

Now Chi Xueyan had a bit of curiosity. “Can’t you hear the difference?”

“What’s the difference?” Xiao Huang looked confused and his tone was slow. “Luo? Luo? Is there… a difference?”

At his unknowing indifference to ‘r’ and ‘l’, the others couldn’t help laughing.

The originally slightly gloomy atmosphere dissipated in an instant.

Even Duan Ruo laughed.

Chi Xueyan, who was the first to point it out, had a calm and generous attitude.

It wasn’t ridicule or sarcasm. He just thought it was fun that it was called this way.

In the eyes of this person, everything could become interesting.

Nothing was worth paying too much attention to.

So in an instant, Duan Ruo made a decision that he had never considered before.

In the midst of the laughter, the singer, who had been buried for a long time after short-lived popularity, took the initiative to say, “In fact, it isn’t bad to call me Luo.”

He asked seriously, “I won’t sign my original name so won’t the legal risk be less?”

Rather than take risks and cling to using his name, not resigned to the fact that his real name was taken away, why not change it a bit?

No matter whether it was Duan Ruo or Duan Luo, it was still him.

Perhaps at first glance, the word ‘Luo’ was funny.

However, its pronunciation was clearer and it seemed more firm and powerful.

He came to like this stage name.

There was a richer sense of power compared to Duan Ruo.

The employees looked at him with some surprise at the sudden suggestion.

The singer looked a bit shy but he also had an eager tone. “I really want to sing again and appear on stage… as long as it is still me, the name doesn’t matter.”

The headphones resting on the mixer gently conveyed the unforgettable melody.

The afternoon sunlight was exceptionally bright.

Secretary Li Feifei carefully closed the door of the president’s office.

President He and Mr Chi returned to the office together after listening to Duan Ruo’s audition.

Before the door closed, the last scene she saw was Mr Chi arbitrarily sitting on the desk and directing President He to sit down on the leather chair behind the table.

They were face-to-face and exceptionally close.

…She really didn’t want to close the door.

Chi Xueyan was sitting on a desk for the first time.

Fortunately, it was summer and the sun-warmed table was a bit warm. It was quite comfortable to sit on.

It had to be said that this perspective was particularly fresh.

He looked down at He Qiao condescendingly, clearly seeing the surprise in the other person’s eyes.

There was obviously a sofa in the spacious office.

“I’m trying my best to show our affection.”

Chi Xueyan said while reaching out a finger and tapping the table under him. His tone was serious, “This is how it is performed in TV series.”

Sitting on the sofa seemed too distant but he couldn’t sit on He Qiao’s lap.’

He had to sit on the desk.

He suddenly found that this posture of one person in a high position and the other in a low position was more suitable for pulling the other person’s tie.

Recently, he often helped the person in front of him tidy up the tie and it seemed a bit of an addiction.

It was a pity that He Qiao wasn’t wearing a tie today, only a shirt.

Chi Xueyan withdrew from his rambling thoughts and turned to him seriously. “Do you want Duan Ruo’s song?”

“Now that he has proposed to sign with a stage name, the risk is relatively low. It should be accepted after discussion.”

He Qiao paused and added, “If there aren’t any obvious problems, I generally don’t interfere in the specific decisions of these projects.”

Chi Xueyan knew He Qiao was asking if he needed to interfere this time.

He didn’t know what He Qiao thought of the protagonist of the novel. Likewise, He Qiao didn’t know how he was feeling at this moment.

This was the time for an exchange of views.

Chi Xueyan thought about it before saying softly, “On the way here, I imagined some things.”

It was about the protagonist who surpassed him.

“Now that I actually saw him with my own eyes, my feelings are indeed a bit complicated.”

He Qiao looked up at him and listened quietly.

He saw Chi Xueyan smiling again.

“However, Teacher Xiao Huang actually doesn’t know how to distinguish between ‘r’ and ‘l’.”

Chi Xueyan thought of that interesting scene and a smile flashed in his eyes. “Moreover, this song deserves to be heard by more people.”

He had played music and knew how to appreciate excellent works.

“So I’m really a villain,” he finally joked. “The protagonist loses his name as soon as we met.”

His tone was filled with extraordinary relaxation.

He was like an unpredictable gust of wind.

After a long time, He Qiao said softly, “I’ll let them decide for themselves.”

Hearing this, the person sitting on the table willfully turned his head and looked at the clock.

“I should go back to coaxing the children. You are busy.”

Chi Xueyan got down neatly from the desk and said goodbye to He Qiao. “I will go back to my parents’ home to eat at night. I might not necessarily come back to sleep.”

He turned and walked out of the office. Secretary Li’s voice was heard outside as she sent him out with a smile.

The door closed and only a wisp of uncontrollable wind flowed through.

After a while, Li Feifei came back and knocked politely on the door. “Mr Chi has already driven away.”

The surrounding air still seemed to have a scorching body temperature.

He Qiao sat where he was and replied, “I see.”

The secretary whose face was full of emotion didn’t leave right away. She still had something to say.

“Your husband is really…” She thought for a moment about how to describe it before finding the right word. “Really charming.”

She had only seen him from afar at the wedding. Now that there was closer contact, she felt it more realistically.

She suddenly looked forward to the days when the company moved to the new address.

President He seemed to have the same thought as her and asked, “How long will it take to move over there?”

Li Feifei immediately replied, “According to the current progress, it is estimated that it will be around the middle of next month when normal work will be able to start in the office building.”

Once she finished speaking, she held her breath and waited for the boss’ opinion.

Now it was the end of August and there weren’t many days left. She thought it was pretty fast.

Meanwhile, President He looked at the large desk like he was distracted.”

After a moment, he suddenly asked, “Can it be done by next week?”

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of sunshine ^3^


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    Falling hard and fast. It is true, though, that more staid and stoic people who are willing to have an open mind tend to like more vibrant and flamboyant people. The contrast is very cute.

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    Thank you sooo much for translating! It was such a joy to read all those chapters just now!

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