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HMPS: Chapter 21

The kiss was like flames flickering in the air.

It was the tip of the flame that flickered with the wind, as soft as a dream.

The sound in his ears was hazy. Chi Xueyan seemed to return to the night when he stood on the bar stage with flower petals dotting the ends of his hair. Then he raised his eyes to see the familiar white shirt in the crowd.

The people in the audience seemed equally fanatical, giving off overwhelming cheers and laughter.

The lights turned into the sea breeze, the microphone became wedding rings and the roses remained unchanged.

Once the long kiss was over, the flames were extinguished and the candle tears solidified into a strong memory. Chi Xueyan couldn’t help thinking, ‘So kissing feels like this.’

It was indescribably special.

The lively sounds around them were far from stopping and became even more excited.

Chi Xueyan blinked, only to realize that he was grabbing He Qiao’s tie in front of everyone.

The dark tie had been carefully smoothed and hidden in the vest of the outfit and it was now wrinkled and messy.

While kissing, He Qiao had wrapped an arm around his waist while Chi Xueyan’s fingers were clutching the other person’s tie.

He didn’t remember doing it. It was a subconscious action.

It was as if he was shy.

However, Chi Xueyan was only stunned for a short moment before laughing again.

He didn’t hurriedly let go of his hand or lower his head to restore He Qiao’s original, meticulous appearance as people imagined.

On the contrary, Chi Xueyan pulled this tie belonging to the groom out of the sleek vest.

The soft fabric was swept up by the wind in an instant, fluttering together with the sudden screams of the young people present.

His fingers climbed up. The next second, he loosened the perfectly shaped tie with one hand, unbuttoned the top button of the shirt and freed his lover from the tight shackles.

In the midst of the momentary crazy cheers, Chi Xueyan stared at his titular partner as if explaining, “It is better to relax.”

He preferred the casual look of the person in front of him.

Immediately afterward, Chi Xueyan leaned over to talk to He Qiao again. His voice flowed into the other person’s ears as he laughed. “You are free, He Qiao.”

After a short pause, he withdrew his gaze. He looked at the strange and familiar faces in the audience and finally whispered, “Me too.”

The sea and wind were still the same. Only his pale lip color had become a bit more gorgeous.

He Qiao didn’t respond. He watched Chi Xueyan turn around and pick up the bouquet of roses. He smiled and threw it to the crowd below.

In the classic flower bouquet throwing session, the single guests opened up their arms to receive the flowers.

The precious roses flew in a parabola in the air, attracting many eyes.

However, the most striking focus of the audience was still the young man with red hair.

He would always be the most dazzling and unique person in the vast crowd.

Without words, he was also free.

It was freedom to never be trapped by any outside objects.

He Qiao subconsciously thought that this was a scenery that he alone could see.

The bouquet finally landed in the arms of a young girl, who was Chi Xueyan’s college classmate. She was the one who gossiped about their relationship history on the night of the bachelor party.

She smiled brightly, raised the beautiful roses high and waved her hands vigorously toward the stage.

The young and handsome college teacher stood in the crowd. The cute young girl leaned in his arms, gesturing at the dentist brother in the distance. She revealed a new tooth that hadn’t fully grown yet.

The chubby bar owner held up his phone and took an unknown number of romantic photos, ready to choose the most suitable one for sensationalism.

The best men in formal attire continued applauding and cheering. He Xiao was among them and his eyes seemed to be full of sincere blessings.

Sheng Xiaoyue wiped her uncontrollable tears softly. Han Zhenzhen laughed while also taking out foundation to help her touch up her makeup.

He Huaili looked forward with a pleased expression. At the same time, he didn’t forget to hand his wife a tissue.

Chi Zhongyuan had red eyes and clapped his hands heavily. He took out a piece of crumpled paper from his suit pocket, as if seizing this last bit of time to review his speech. By the way, he secretly rubbed away the tears that didn’t match his image.

The lawn was full of familiar and unfamiliar people. Everyone couldn’t ignore the unforgettable brilliance of today’s protagonists.

Among the people who had seen Chi Xueyan before, Chen Xinzhe stretched out his hand in front of him and made a trumpet. He shouted his blessings while still maintaining his familiar and courteous manner. The gold chain around his neck swayed back and forth.

Ye Qing no longer had the downcast and gloomy appearance of the night of the typhoon. He had returned to his high-spirited appearance and applauded solemnly for the pair of lovers whose whim on the rainy night completely changed his destiny.

Among the people seeing Chi Xueyan for the first time, Fang Shier’s parents smiled and applauded. They whispered to each other, perhaps talking about the red-haired groom who made his son receive a good beating.

Even the jazz band’s performance missed a few beats in a not very obvious manner. The blond-haired band members looked at each other with somewhat real smiles on their faces. In this country known for its restraint and introversion, it was rare to see such a bold and fiery person.

The young man in charge of communicating with the foreign band also smiled. Behind the thick glasses was pure envy for the contagious freedom of doing whatever he wanted on the stage without any shackles.

On the shaded lawn, the camera lens moved smoothly and the dedicated photographers recorded every second of happiness.

In all the extreme liveliness, Chi Xueyan experienced throwing a bouquet for the first time in his life. He seemed to be in a good mood as he looked sideways at his partner.

He called out affectionately, “Honey.”

The next sentence was, “It is time to call it a day.”

He took the initiative to hold out his hand and lead He Qiao back into the crowd.

The most important step was finally over.

Next was the time for their parents.

Chi Zhongyuan, who had a tough guy appearance, didn’t accidentally say his son’s name wrong when speaking. However, his eyes involuntarily turned red by the end of his speech.

Then he cleared his throat and explained casually, “It is the wind blowing. I’m not crying.”

Han Zhenzhen looked away in a dumbfounded manner. Sheng Xiaoyue, who was beside her, finished fixing his makeup and almost burst into tears again.

The others naturally laughed crazily.

It was the turn of this very contrasting father to receive everyone’s applause.

Ren Xuan was sitting below and couldn’t help sighing emotionally. “I didn’t expect Dr Chi’s father to have such a personality. It seems that he is more like his mother.”

The little niece in his arms smiled and remembered what his dentist brother had said, “You definitely didn’t listen to Brother Yanyan tell the story that day. His father loves to cry and he loves to eat sugar. He will cry when he has a toothache and he has more tears than me.”

This was a story that many people who came to see the dentist had heard, plus there was a vivid and interesting photo of the scene.

Ren Xuan: “……”

He suddenly felt a bit of sympathy for the handsome, tough father on the stage.

After all the important links were over, Wang Shaojing had taken enough photos and wanted to choose the one with the best atmosphere.

He opened the album to review it and revisited it only to find that every photo was very good.

Chi Xueyan’s request was very strange but he had to say that after witnessing such a happy wedding, Wang Shaojing was indeed deeply moved at this time.

Therefore, he gave up racking his brains to write the text he wasn’t good at.

A moment later, his Moments was filled with the freshly released wedding photos.

[After thinking about my words for a long time, I’m still not very satisfied.]

[I will just use the most provocative sentence of blessing that I can think of.]

[They must always be united and will never leave each other!]

In the photo in the center, surrounded by roses and the coastline, a couple kissed passionately.

The groom, whose tie was grabbed by his lover, lowered his head slightly.

He seemed to have the most gentle gaze in the world.

The blue sea behind them was sparkling and snow-white waves crashed on the shore. It was as if a brilliant fish tail had returned to the sea.

Even the wind stopped here.

After the ceremony, there was a leisurely wedding banquet and the guests chatted happily.

The task was completed. The moment he relaxed, Chi Xueyan became sleepy.

He wanted to sleep.

Chi Zhongyuan had barely slept last night. He had slept in the lounge for a while in the morning, but he didn’t get enough sleep at all.

He had to drink some alcohol to refresh his mind.

Chi Xueyan picked up the champagne on the tray and casually asked He Qiao next to him, “Did your parents sleep well yesterday?”

He Qiao shook his head. “I don’t know. I was in my room.”

Based on what he knew about them so far, Chi Xueyan guessed that Sheng Xiaoyue had probably lost sleep and He Huaili must’ve accompanied her.

He Qiao seemed to be resting well.

…Chi Xueyan wondered what his sleeping habits were like.

They were going to move into their new home together tonight.

They had split up their bedrooms previously, but they were living in the same home after all.

For He Qiao, this was the best opportunity to move out and live.

Chi Xueyan didn’t need to escape from his family, so he didn’t plan to live in his new home every day. He would often return to his own house and live with his parents as he used to.

He felt that He Qiao should prefer to live alone in that house, so as to not be interfered with by any outsiders.

However, now they just got married and they still had to spend time together as much as possible.

It should be similar to a roommate, right?

Chi Xueyan thought so.

As night fell, the grand wedding that lasted for one day finally came to an end. The guests who left blessings and gifts left one by one, taking away many unforgettable memories.

Chi Xueyan survived until the end and finally sighed with relief after getting into the car and driving toward his new home.

It was still that extended black luxury car with a soundproofed front and rear.

A faint smell of alcohol lingered on his body.

They weren’t alone on this journey. Their mothers insisted on personally sending their sons to their marriage house.

The group walked into the colorful and warm home.

As the elders conversed, Chi Xueyan glanced at the bedroom he had chosen the other day and then turned toward the most spacious master bedroom in a resigned manner.

A bouquet of roses symbolizing love was placed on the bed in the master bedroom.

Fortunately, the petals didn’t spill all over the bed or he would have to clean it up.

He was so sleepy.

The tired Chi Xueyan went straight to the bathroom as soon as he entered the room. Once his parents saw this, they immediately got up and walked out the door. They chatted very bluntly about today’s dinner and tomorrow’s weather.

He Qiao sent them out.

Tonight, the moon was full of stars and laughter remained in the air.

He Qiao stood alone outside the house and watched the vehicles go away. Then after a long time, he turned around.

The beautiful home was quiet everywhere.

The sound of bathing in the master bedroom had disappeared and the lights were extinguished.

It was like no one was in the room.

He Qiao stood outside the door of the master bedroom and hesitated for a moment.

His reflection was reflected in the ornamental vase on the side.

He had taken off his suit jacket earlier, but his tie hadn’t been removed. The first button of his shirt was unbuttoned and the tie was a bit crooked.

He still maintained the appearance created by Chi Xueyan during the day.

After an unknown amount of time, he turned the doorknob and gently opened the door.

They had forgotten to draw the curtains. The roses were lying on a chair and a white shirt stacked messily on top of it. Moonlight quietly covered the bed.

There wasn’t the expected overwhelming feeling or silence.

Chi Xueyan was already asleep.

He lay on the left side of the big bed, not turned sideways. His posture seemed to be calm and peaceful and he was breathing heavily.

The man standing in the doorway watched this scene in silence.

A thought suddenly came to mind.

He thought, ‘It is different from what you said in the beginning.’

He slept very quietly.

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of flames =3=


  1. Suzy says:

    So sweet!

  2. Mndless says:

    It’s really cute. The MC lied to try to put off the ML, but the ML and MC just keep falling further for each other. It’s adorable, particularly since the MC has such a bright and colorful appearance. I will put this out there though: if your hair grows quickly, do not opt for a hair color that requires lightening your hair or you’ll absolutely regret it. The maintenance of such a hair color is both never-ending, expensive, damaging for your hair, and a pain in the ass. Think 3-5 hour color touch-up sessions. Not worth it. You’d be better off buzzing your hair short and wearing a wig over it.

  3. Lemon says:

    Congratulations 💐.. Stay happy forever..
    Where is He Xiao ??? He didn’t attend the wedding ??? 😐

    1. Tiaaaaa says:

      He was with the best men

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