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HMPS: Chapter 20

The entrance of the hotel.

Lights kept flickering in front and the tabloid reporters extended their cameras toward the entrance, trying to find faces that would cause a hot topic among the various guests.

After all, there were many celebrities and famous people among the relatives and friends present today.

Even if they couldn’t enter the venue, it was still a gain if they could pick up some scraps outside to talk about.

Suddenly, there was a commotion among the crowd holding the cameras.

The telephoto lens captured a somewhat special image.

Unlike the guests who walked through the corridor and into the hotel, this man who suddenly appeared against the crowd and seemed to know many guests and people frequently took the initiative to greet him.

He had red hair that stood out from a distance and wore a fairly formal dress with flowers pinned to his chest. He was probably the best man.

However, this three piece suit also looked like one often worn by grooms at weddings.

Before the excited people could adjust the camera to see this person’s face, the man had already picked up a little girl and his face was blocked.

There was a murmur of annoyance. This person with a special identity seemed unaware of it as he walked back with the little girl in his arms while talking to the person next to him.

“Brother Yanyan is so handsome today.”

Chi Xueyan smiled and listened to the sweet compliments from the little girl in his arms.

He might not be that familiar with Ren Xuan but this little niece of the college teacher was too good at acting cute with others.

That day, he helped Ren Xiaoqing extract her tooth. The child was obviously scared enough to shed tears but afterward when she bit the cotton, the first thing she did wasn’t to cry to find her uncle. It was instead to talk to him in a vague voice. “Dentist brother, the mermaid story you told is very good.”

“I want to hear it again. Do I need to have another tooth decay to hear it? Then I’m fine with getting another tooth decay!”

The little girl was four or five years old. Her tearful eyes shone as she raised her head and looked at him seriously.

Of course, the dentist brother couldn’t resist such sincere praise.

So, there was no need for tooth decay and he promised to tell Ren Xiaoqing a story.

They walked through the corridor and onto the lawn, seeing the scenery in front of them. Ren Xuan, who was carrying a gift bag, said sincerely, “This place is so beautiful.”

Four months ago, he and Chi Xueyan were still two bachelors who spent their time on the basketball court at night. In the blink of an eye, the other person was married and the wedding was even more unforgettable and amazing.

He was left alone.

Deep envy rose in the heart of Teacher Ren, a single dog. He turned to today’s groom and said, “Doctor Chi, don’t hold her. She has gained a lot of weight recently. By the way, go and do what you need to do. I’ve troubled you enough.”’

Chi Xueyan was listening to Xiaoqing’s fancy praise of his appearance today and smiled when he heard this. “It’s okay. Now is the time to welcome guests.”

Xiaoqing was too lazy to laugh at her uncle. She carefully poked the groom’s corsage on Chi Xueyan’s chest carefully and couldn’t help saying, “It is so beautiful. If only I was a groom.”

After finishing a simple, casual conversation with various uncles, He Qiao walked to his other half, who was chatting with his friend after returning to the lawn.

The moment he approached, he heard Chi Xueyan’s exceptionally soft voice, “I’m sorry, Xiaoqing, I don’t like girls.”

His newlywed lover was holding a cute-looking little girl and next to him was a strange man with a helpless expression.

The little girl said clearly, “Oh, my uncle doesn’t like girls either. Why don’t you marry my uncle? This way, I can see you every day.”

He Qiao’s footsteps paused slightly.

The strange man patted her on the head with some seriousness. “Don’t talk nonsense.”

Chi Xueyan smiled and scratched her nose. “No, I am a generation behind your uncle.”

The little girl pouted. “Then I can call my uncle by ‘Brother’.”

He Qiao: “……”

The moment the young uncle made a serious expression, the little girl lowered her head and consciously apologized to Chi Xueyan. “I’m sorry, I’m broken in love so my speech is messy.”

“Be happy after your marriage, Brother Yanyan.”

She opened her palm and made a big heart very seriously. Then she forcefully stuffed the live heart filled with air into the arms of her favorite dentist brother. “By super, super happy!”

Once she mentioned happiness, Chi Xueyan smiled and his eyes curved. He instinctively looked in the direction where He Qiao was.

Children seemed to prefer simple and pure happiness to happiness with complex meanings.

He happened to meet the eyes that were looking over.

At some point, He Qiao had arrived not far from him.

Chi Xueyan was startled. He immediately reacted and made the introductions to Ren Xuan. “This is my lover, He Qiao.”

He moved closer to He Qiao in a natural manner. “This is my friend Ren Xuan and his niece Xiaoqing.”

It was just like when he first made the introductions to Su Yu.

It was just that the boyfriend of that time had become a lover now.

Seeing the appearance of the other protagonist of the wedding, Ren Xuan quickly took Xiaoqing from Chi Xueyan’s arms. He took the initiative to shake hands with the other person and congratulate him. “Hello, this is our first time meeting. Happy marriage.”

Chi Xueyan’s other half wasn’t what he imagined.

He seemed to be a gentle and good-natured person.

According to Chi Xueyan’s hobbies and style, he thought the other person would have a more distinct and strong personality.

…But the hand grip was quite strong.

Ren Xuan couldn’t help thinking this when he let go of the handshake.

He Qiao wore the same clothing as Chi Xueyan but his temperament was completely different. There was a natural nobility brought about by his family lineage and he had his own handsomeness and friendliness.

He chatted with Ren Xuan with a good attitude. After Ren Xuan gave the prepared gift, he led Xiaoqing to play. He no longer occupied the precious time of the two grooms.

There was no gift money for this wedding, so Ren Xuan gave a rather exquisite and rare collection of foreign fairy tales. He said it was picked out by Xiaoqing.

Chi Xueyan loved this gift.

After all, he was a children’s dentist who really needed stories.

Chi Xueyan put the gift on the table. There was a special person to register and keep it. Once he turned to leave, He Qiao looked at the gift and seemed to say casually, “Is he your college classmate?”

“No, he is a few years older than me and is a friend I met by chance.” Chi Xueyan shook his head and replied casually. “But he really has something to do with college. He is a college teacher.”

“A teacher?”

“He teaches foreign literature.” Chi Xueyan smiled. “Can’t you see it?”

Foreign literature.

He Qiao stopped and looked back. He glanced at the beautifully wrapped gift again and the beautiful bow ribbon trembled in the wind.

A collection of foreign fairy tales.

He nodded slightly. “Yes, I can’t see it.”

He Qiao handed over the phone that Chi Xueyan had forgotten.

Chi Xueyan took it casually. He was just about to speak when he saw an unread message that had been squeezed to the bottom of the lock screen interface.

[Little Eleven: You don’t have your phone.]

Chi Xueyan: “……”

This person sent a message to his left phone informing him that he didn’t take it.

It was like a cold joke brought out from the refrigerator.

Chi Xueyan was silent for a few seconds before ridiculing him in a strange tone, “Are you so nervous?”

He was obviously calm when watching the morning news in the lounge.

He once thought that the only people who would be nervous today were his two pairs of parents.

For example, Chi Zhongyuan thought Han Zhenzhen was too exaggerated with her excitement a few days earlier. As a result, on the eve of the wedding, he sat on the balcony in high spirits and recited his speech all night. As the sky turned to dawn, he occasionally called out his own son’s name incorrectly.

Chi Xueyan was even worried that when he gave the speech in a while, he might end it with ‘How can a marriage certificate photo have a blue background?’

Still, it was kind of fun.

As guests arrived one after another, the host was in place and the ceremony was about to begin.

The jazz band stopped playing. The blond-haired and blue-eyed band member was talking to a young man who seemed like a manager in a low voice, as if preparing to change to a more romantic tune.

Once the grooms entered the room, they would sweat oaths and exchange rings.

There was also a kiss.

Chi Xueyan thought of this and took the initiative to remind He Qiao, “If you feel that you can’t do it, we can change it to a hug.”

He didn’t quite know the bottom line that a straight man could accept.

In any case, it wasn’t surprising that already shy newlyweds would change from a public kiss to a hug.

He Qiao didn’t agree and just said, “I’m not nervous.”

Chi Xueyan held his phone and nodded. “Yes, I believe it.”

He was unabashedly insincere.

He Qiao looked at him and a smile gradually appeared in his eyes, clearly reflecting the figure of his lover.

Chi Xueyan thought that at a happy wedding, the He Qiao beside him was a gentle version.

The most common and seemingly most lover, tender version of each other.

From now on, they would be snuggled together until the wedding was over and everything fell in place.

Before the ceremony started, relatives and friends kept coming to chat with the two of them.

Chi Xueyan and He Qiao responded one by one, sometimes holding hands to show affection.

This was until a pair of middle-aged man and woman with smiling faces appeared. Chi Xueyan suddenly felt He Qiao’s fingers tighten around his palm.

It wasn’t very obvious and it might be his illusion.

The content of the couple’s chat was nothing special. There were just some congratulatory words. Then at the end, the male deliberately said a few more words, “I didn’t let that kid come today. I was afraid he would affect your mood.”

“He was just messing around. Don’t take it to heart, I’ve cleaned him up. How is your hand? I heard your mother say that it fortunately isn’t serious.”

He Qiao’s attitude was still polite. “It has been healed and is all gone.”

Chi Xueyan was stunned.

Last time, He Qiao took him to a KTV party with friends and a rich second generation tried to hook up with him behind He Qiao’s back. Finally, the two of them impulsively fought.

…What was the name of the man who confidently thought he was more fun than He Qiao?

He had heard so many new names recently that he didn’t remember it.

They walked away and Chi Xueyan asked He Qiao, “What is the name of that person? I forgot. I remember that it seems to have something to do with numbers. Is the surname Wan?”

A trace of subtle emotion flashed in the expression of the person beside him. After a long while, He Qiao sighed. “The surname is Fang.”

He didn’t say anything other than Fang.

Chi Xueyan thought that He Qiao disliked this person and didn’t continue asking.

It wasn’t an important person anyway.

He quickly put this matter behind him.

In the lively atmosphere, the music on the lawn quietly changed. The host started to speak warmly in an official manner.

Chi Xueyan stayed with his lover and family, waiting to enter.

The tall and burly Chi Zhongyuan next to him ate sweets with a serious face. Han Zhenzhen was dressed in a neat suit and kept asking the waiter for water. She took a sip, breathed deeply and repeated the cycle.

Sheng Xiaoyue lowered her head and straightened her skirt every five seconds on average. He Huaili soothed her in a low voice but he wasn’t as calm as before.

Both parents were obviously nervous. In addition, He Qiao was a bit distracted for some reason as he looked at the band playing soulful music on the side.

Chi Xueyan became the calmest person.

He took the initiative to chat with his parents.

The cute-looking twin flower girls each held a ring pillow with a pair of beautiful wedding rings placed on it. The rings had snowflakes and flames.

Therefore, Chi Xueyan turned his head and asked Sheng Xiaoyue, “Auntie, do you know the origin of my name? My mother probably hasn’t told you yet.”

Han Zhenzhen heard his words and immediately burst out laughing.

Chairman Chi quickly swallowed the sugar and tried to interrupt. “…You are doing this again!”

He failed to interrupt. Xiao Chi ignored Old Chi’s protest and said, “Do you think my parents’ names have a bit of a martial arts atmosphere?”

Sheng Xiaoyue suddenly forgot to straighten her skirt and was surprised. “It seems true once you say this. It is like two heroes.”

Chi Zhongyuan sounded like the leader of a martial arts alliance while Han Zhenzhen sounded like a chivalrous woman with a straightforward personality.

“It is all decent, right?” Chi Xueyan said with a smile. “This is very coincidental but they felt it was too monotonous. Therefore, they were ready to make a small change in the next generation. A villain isn’t very lucky and they wanted a complex feeling of both good and evil.”

It was best to be the type of swinging person who could turn the calm lakes and rivers upside down.

“They felt that the translation of good and evil is self-contradictory and has self-conflict. Thinking about it this way, it became easy to come up with a name.”

Sheng Xiaoyue’s beautiful eyes were filled with a smile while He Huaili also listened intently.

“Fortunately, it was my mother who came up with the name in the end and she found two beautiful images.”

Chi Xueyan changed his words. “It would’ve been over if it was my dad. He originally planned to call me Chi Heibai.” (Heibai: Black and white/right and wrong)

Hearing this, even the usually calm He Huaili laughed.

It was a family of three with very vivid names.

“Xueyan (snow flames) is really much better.” Sheng Xiaoyue laughed so much that tears were about to come out. Her whole body was no longer tense. “Then if your mother were to name me, what would it be?”

Chi Xueyan smiled and shook his head. “Don’t let her name you. The current name is the most appropriate. It is very beautiful and is good enough.”

It was like a clear moon in the night sky.

It was true. Chi Xueyan really liked her name.

Their parents gradually relaxed and started to listen to the speech of the host on stage.

He Qiao retracted his gaze and listened carefully to the origin of Chi Xueyan’s name.

“Your mother’s name seems to be suitable to be included in my parents’ stories,” Chi Xueyan whispered to him. “Xiaoyue is like a lady who likes to sneak out to play when disguising herself. It is very good.”

He always preferred names that started with ‘Xiao (Little).’

…But Xiao Qiao sounded a bit strange.

Therefore, Chi Xueyan paused and still called him as usual. “He Qiao.”

He Qiao heard this and looked into his lover’s clear eyes.

He said, “It is time for the most important step.”

The romantic music lingered in the wind and everyone’s eyes followed them, full of good wishes and expectations.

In the long summer, they interlocked their fingers in the midst of the lush lawn and fragrant roses. They made eternal vows to each other in the presence of the sea and coral.

The flower girl handed over a pillow embroidered with roses. The warm sunlight shone on two light silver crescent moons.

The exquisite ring body had a slightly angular shape like a bridge.

The cheering and applauding guests in the audience quieted down in unison as they stared at this pair of particularly compatible lovers.

They were exchanging rings.

Chi Xueyan’s movements were faster. As he lowered his head to put the ring on He Qiao in the warm summer breeze, he suddenly thought of something that was out of tune.

“I’ve thought of the image for the name He Qiao.”

He Qiao responded softly, “What image?”

The silver wedding ring fell on the slender fingers with well-defined bones.

Chi Xueyan let go of his hand and looked up at him with a bright smile in his eyes. “He is like a person holding an umbrella and silently standing beside me while waiting. Perhaps he is a follower or a companion. Snowflakes silently piled up on the umbrella, one after another.”

As he spoke, he leaned over slightly, pale lips brushing over He Qiao’s ear.

During this brief exchange of blazing heat, He Qiao also tied him down with a ring.

The summer sea breeze was gentle and their eyes were facing each other. It was the same as the day they first met and their impression was particularly strong.

He Qiao didn’t answer the call and didn’t wait any longer.

In the illusionary snow, he reached out, hugged his lover’s waist and kissed him quietly.

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of snowflakes //3//


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    Snowflakes don’t taste of anything unless your air quality is terrible. This is really very sweet. They’re both falling for each other even as they get married for other purposes.

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      They taste like crisp, cold water from a natural spring. Though, I guess some people can’t taste the water.

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    This chapter is just the best! Love all th little details of developing love and jealousy.

    And the history of his name and his parents. So cute!

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    He always liked names that start with Xiao, which is why he keeps calling his blind dates things like Little Eleven! Oh He Qiao… may you have a smooth marriage…

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