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HMPS: Chapter 19

August 26th, a sunny Saturday.

Early in the morning, the luxury hotel located by the coast was busy.

There would be a much anticipated wedding held here today.

The two protagonists of the wedding were from a wealthy and low-key leader in the security industry and a giant restaurant group that everyone knew.

The thing that was even more enjoyable was that this marriage wasn’t a relatively common marriage between wealthy families, but a free love that sounded like a dream.

Regardless of family lineage, just the looks of the two protagonists were enough to be a dream.

Inside the well-decorated hotel, waiters in uniform shuttled around. Many of them wanted to secretly take photos to share the gossip with their friends.

However, they silently dismissed the idea when seeing the personal bodyguards walking around. All of them were well-trained in suits and shoes and seemed able to easily fight one against eight.

It was worthy of a wedding of this size. Even the bodyguards were excessively handsome.

It was different from the wealthy weddings that were usually full of the media and spotlights. There were only photographers responsible for recording the wedding process. In addition, there were the relatives and friends from both sides as well as various necessary staff.

They heard that both families wanted to keep the wedding pure. It should be purely out of love and full of sincere blessings.

Therefore, there were more thorough and strict security measures on site. This included the delicacies made by top celebrity chefs and rare roses specially flown in for this day.

It was hard to find a marriage more natural than this.

Even the concierge who greeted guests at the entrance of the hotel exuded a matching atmosphere.

A sweet-looking girl stood with a tall man. She took the invitation from the guests with a smile and gently asked them to sign in.

After walking through the romantic corridor, they could see large photos of the newlyweds brimming with happiness, as well as the beautiful coast and law in the distance.

Outside the hotel, there was even more noise. Luxury cars drove in one after another and the valet ran back and forth.

Many citizens or reporters who heard the news couldn’t enter the wedding venue, so they could only take photos and videos outside. They imagined the extravagant and grand scene inside.

Many well-dressed young people held up their phones or took selfies or started live broadcasts. They tried to blend into this untouchable excitement.

The bodyguards who stayed outside didn’t interfere with these people.

Xu Baijun was among them.

He originally thought that he might be able to attend the wedding with his father. However, not only did he fail but his father also couldn’t attend.

His father was a department manager of a branch of the Wanjia Group and he could see He Huaili at the New Year group meeting that took place once a year. He didn’t meet the standard of a relative or friend.

Previously, Xu Baijun had been somewhat bragging when he took the initiative to mention it to his colleagues. It made it seem like his network was more advanced than ordinary people.

Now the words had been said, he had to try and take some photos outside the venue to prove he had really been here.

Coincidentally, his colleague Chi Xueyan from the clinic was said to be getting married today.

He didn’t know which hotel the wedding party was being held at.

This thought flashed in Xu Baijun’s mind and he smiled strangely. Then his figure was quickly covered up by the bustling crowd.

Compared to the noise outside, the spacious lounge on the upper floors of the hotel was much quieter.

Now was the time to give the newlyweds makeup and styling.

However, the fully prepared makeup artist was sitting alone, doing nothing except staring at the people not far away in a daze.

The morning sunlight shone softly through the French windows onto his delicate side face, making the dazzling red hair soft.

He curled sideways on the couch and leaned on the shoulder of the other groom, as if asleep.

Therefore, the makeup artist carefully controlled the sound of her breathing.

Originally, she was about to put makeup on Chi Xueyan but he looked sleepy.

It seemed that his parents were so nervous last night that they didn’t sleep well. This meant he couldn’t sleep well either.

Therefore, the dark-haired groom offered to go to the sofa to do the makeup instead, so that he could sit more comfortably.

Chi Xueyan fell asleep within two minutes of sitting on the soft sofa, quietly leaning on the shoulder of the person next to him.

It must be said that this person took the initiative to be the pillow.

The makeup artist held up the foundation and hesitated after witnessing the whole process.

This was clearly a deliberate desire to let his lover sleep for a while.

…Forget it. In any case, these two didn’t really need to wear makeup.

She was in charge of the grooms’ makeup. As she waited, she gradually realized that she might be the most idle person today.

She really had nothing to do, so she decided to help out in the best man’s lounge.

In fact, the main thing was that she didn’t dare to be a light bulb, even though she would love to stay.

Shortly after the makeup artist quietly left and there were only two people left in the lounge, Chi Xueyan woke up from a brief, sweet dream and rubbed his eyes sleepily.

He opened his sleepy eyes and first caught a glimpse of the corner of the clothing, along the line of the arm wrapped in soft fabric. Beautiful fingers were gently moving on the text-filled phone screen.

He Qiao, whom he was using as a pillow, was watching the morning news report intently.

Chi Xueyan watched along for a while and completely woke up.

He suddenly felt that He Qiao didn’t seem to be completely fooling him when he said at the Internet cafe that he liked to watch the news.

He Qiao noticed his movement and looked at him sideways. “Are you awake?”

“Yes.” Chi Xueyan stretched his waist and finally had some energy. He casually gave out praise. “You have good shoulders.”

He got up, walked to the window and saw the sparkling blue sea.

There was also the increasingly lively law downstairs where familiar guests were gathering to chat.

Today was his wedding to He Qiao.

Everyone came for them.

Chi Xueyan stared at the people walking below and felt a bit dreamy in his heart.

In the silence, he saw a fat figure and immediately said to He Qiao, “I will go down. I have to find Old Wang for something.”

He Qiao followed his gaze.

He had already met Wang Shaojing on the night of the bachelor party and he recognized this bold bar owner.

Therefore, He Qiao didn’t ask what was going on and simply responded, “I’ll be over in a while.”

Chi Xueyan left the lounge and took the elevator downstairs. He walked through the crowd congratulating him with a smile. He politely thanked them, went straight to his old friend and patted him on the shoulder.

Wang Shaojing was taking photos of this romantic venue with the blue sky, white clouds, the sea and the lawn balloons and flowers. He found it hard to restrain the urge to post on his Moments.

The moment he turned around, he saw Chi Xueyan in a suit and exclaimed in an exaggerated manner. “It is the first time I’ve seen you wearing clothes like this. You are quite handsome.”

“Okay.” Chi Xueyan stared at his action of taking photos and spoke in a familiar tone, “Do you want to post on your Moments?”

“That is a must.” Wang Shaojing raised his phone. “I will wait until I take a photo of you exchanging rings and send it together. By the way, this can be sent, right?”

Chi Xueyan replied without hesitation, “Feel free to send it, but I have something I want to ask you.”

Wang Shaojing was very straightforward. “Say it.”

“Can you make the accompanying text sensational?” His tone was serious. “It is best to highlight that this is hard-won true love and you are deeply touched to see us so happy.”

Wang Shaojing, “……”

He couldn’t help shaking in a bewildered manner.

Chi Xueyan also knew this was a bit embarrassing for his old friend. He added without changing his expression, “The fortune teller told my mother that this is more conducive to marriage.”

Of course, it wasn’t because of this.

Wang Shaojing was friends with Lu Siyi and he was currently the only indirect connection between Chi Xueyan and Lu Siyi.

He hoped that Lu Siyi, who was obsessed with experiments, would at least look at his Moments.

Compared with the red-haired man who took the initiative to talk to him and drank alone at the bar, Chi Xueyan wanted to leave the impression of being married.

This should make it easier for Lu Siyi to forget.

Even if they met again later, there would be a naturally built high wall between the two of them.

Getting rid of the fate of entanglement with this person was the biggest purpose behind his agreement to marry He Qiao.

Wang Shaojing had heard about Han Zhenzhen’s hobby but he still showed a teasing expression. “The current fortune tellers even manage the text sent in the Moments?”

Chi Xueyan continued to seriously talk nonsense. “The times are progressing.”

“Okay, okay.” Wang Shaojing stopped talking to him and waved a hand fearlessly. “You are the groom today. The most important thing is that you are happy.”

“Isn’t it just some nauseating words? Who can’t do it?”

After he finished speaking, the rough looking bar owner stared at the small phone screen and quickly fell into deep thought.

Chi Xueyan raised his hand to find a waiter to grab Wang Shaojing’s favorite wine. This would ensure that the words would be filled with affectionate drunkenness.

After a while, He Qiao also went downstairs and walked to the lawn.

The first wave of small exclamations started among the early guests.

The temperature was warm and laughter was smooth. The specially invited exotic band played melodious jazz and familiar relatives and frees embraced the happy protagonists of the day.

The two grooms stood side by side, a perfect couple.

Chi Xueyan and He Qiao greeted people together. They had a tacit posture and always maintained the most intimate distance.

During this period, his phone rang frequently. All of them were called from various relatives and friends. Some congratulated him and some were unable to find a place.

Chi Xueyan picked up some of them while others were thrown to Han Zhenzhen or Chi Zhongyuan not far away. He let his parents do it for him.

The phone rang again.

This time, He Qiao saw him glance at the caller and pressed the answer button.

“Doctor, happy wedding. Are you busy right now?”

A magnetic male voice came from the other end of the phone along with a hearty laugh. “I brought Xiaoqing with me today. The moment she entered the door and saw the wedding poster of you and the others, she refused to move from the corridor—”

Before the other person could finish speaking, the phone seemed to be snatched away by a child. It was quickly replaced by the child’s voice.

“Brother Yanyan, my uncle and I are outside. Why didn’t you wait for me to grow up before getting married?”

There was a hint of crying in her childish voice.

Once she spoke, the man next to her helplessly lectured her. “Ren Xiaoqing, how many times have I told you to call him Uncle? You are shouting so carelessly. Don’t you know that you are two generations apart?”

Chi Xueyan listened to the conversation between the two of them and the smile in his eyes deepened.

He Qiao noticed the change in this person’s expression and clearly heard the movement coming from the microphone.

It was an unfamiliar voice.

At the very least, this person wasn’t present on the night of the bachelor party.

Xiaoqing ignored her own uncle and continued to complain pitifully. “Brother Yanyan, you are going to be the groom!”

Listening to the child’s aggrieved tone, Chi Xueyan coaxed her very patiently. “I was wrong, Xiaoqing. I should’ve asked for your consent first. I’ll come and pick you up now.”

Xiaoqing laughed through her tears and immediately agreed. “Then I’ll wait for you here at the photo!”

Chi Xueyan answered warmly. Once he hung up the phone, he turned to He Qiao and said, “I’m going to pick up a friend. I’ll be back soon.”

He didn’t explain to He Qiao what type of friend it was.

It was because it might sound strange on today’s occasion.

The man who made the call was Ren Xuan, one of his previous blind dates.

Every blind date that Chi Xueyan went on had been carefully selected by Han Zhenzhen and the conditions were outstanding in all aspects. There was nothing strange about them.

So every time a blind date failed, it was because there was no feeling, not because there was something wrong with the other person.

Most of the time, Chi Xueyan didn’t feel it. There were also a few times when he called back the other.

For example, Ren Xuan was the latter.

Ren Xuan was a few years older than him and liked extreme sports like him. He went rock climbing two days before the blind date and had a little niece who was making a fuss at home due to tooth decay.

With these common topics, Chi Xueyan remembered that they chatted quite well that day. At the end of the night, they went to play basketball at the college where Ren Xuan worked and made an appointment to help Ren Xiaoqing look at her teeth next week.

Ren Xuan was a college teacher who taught foreign literature. His personality was suitable for both being active and being quiet. His parents were great intellectuals and he had a happy family and a strong scholarly atmosphere. In Han Zhenzhen’s eyes, he was the most suitable marriage partner and complemented her son’s personality.

They got along very happily and knew each other well, but this was a mutual appreciation between friends that had nothing to do with love.

Otherwise, it would be impossible for Chi Xueyan to invite the other person to his wedding.

In his opinion, Ren Xuan had a type of perfection and precision that could be seen at a glance. He was suitable to be a friend who occasionally got together, but he couldn’t be a lover who accompanied Chi Xueyan every day.

He lacked interest in an all too certain life.

Correspondingly, Ren Xuan had a traditional family and had to hide it from his family when climbing rocks. He obviously saw Chi Xueyan’s unrestrained nature that came from deep in his bones and the adventurous nature of chasing novelty.

So they were just pure friends.

Thinking about it this way, it seemed there was no need to specifically mention it.

Chi Xueyan instantly forgot his identity as a former blind date and was going to pick up someone, when he suddenly noticed that He Qiao’s tie was a bit crooked.

At such critical moments, every opportunity to show affection couldn’t be missed.

Chi Xueyan stopped, lowered his head and carefully held He Qiao’s tie. He adjusted the position and shape of the bow tie.

If it wasn’t for the child with a crush on him who was tearfully waiting outside, he would’ve slowly removed He Qiao’s tie and personally tied it again.

This was even though there was a dedicated stylist to do it perfectly.

In short, it was evidence of love.

They were close to each other.

He Qiao lowered his eyes and was at this person’s mercy. His gaze had just swept over the ends of Chi Xueyan’s hair and saw the phone screen that had been casually placed aside.

The person who had just made the call had the profile picture with a sporty style that was common among men.

The nickname was Little Seven and it might be a note.

During the time that Chi Xueyan intimately arranged his tie, the chat box was quickly covered by various new messages for a group chat that was set as ‘do not disturb.’

There were various types of group chats such as college classmates, dentists, and hobby-related groups such as horror movies, bungee jumping, diving… there was even something about sweets.

There were eye-catching red @ messages everywhere. One after another, ‘Happy Marriage’ and ‘How can you get married at such a young age?’ constantly filled the screen.

He Qiao didn’t see his profile picture.

There was only one group in the unmoving stickied chat. It was obviously the family chat of the three members of Chi Xueyan’s family.

After the screen went dark, Chi Xueyan had finished and pulled the exposed tie with satisfaction.

The lower half was hidden in the neat and trim vest.

It was a good figure, just like when he first met He Qiao.

There were people coming and going. Soft fingertips wandered on the delicate surface of the fabric before quietly leaving.

Chi Xueyan completed the task of showing affection and turned around to pick up his phone.

He forgot to bring his phone.

He Qiao stayed where he was, looking at this dark phone in silence for a while.

He had no habit of manipulating other people’s privacy without permission.

But the air was filled with the rich aroma of roses.

There seemed to be a lingering warm breath on his neck.

He Qiao stretched out his hand and subconsciously touched the overly correct tie outside his shirt.

Immediately afterward, he took out his phone, lowered his head and tapped on it a few times.

At the same time, Chi Xueyan’s phone screen lit up again and a new message appeared on the lock screen.

[Little Eleven: You don’t have your phone.]

It is the taste of a stupid kiss today 030


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    Should be “the smile in his eyes deepened”.

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