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HMPS: Chapter 18 Part 2

He Qiao didn’t know most of the details of the relationship between ‘Chi Xueyan’ and Lu Siyi. Therefore, it was impossible to know the details behind the birthday photo.

Perspective was always an insurmountable obstacle in the story.

The reason why he knew the origin of a childhood photo owned by the villain was because the person who heard about this past event wasn’t Lu Siyi.

It was ‘He Qiao’ who met ‘Chi Xueyan’ again much later.

The Chi Xueyan outside the book commented that each person had a love rival and it was very fair.

Chi Xueyan in the book also noticed He Xiao, who seemed able to cooperate with him.

But it didn’t take long for him to look away from He Xiao.

It was because he saw someone who was more similar to himself.

At that time, He Qiao had just fallen from heaven to the abyss and his eyes were full of depression and pain.

The red-haired young man smiled and reached out his hand to He Qiao, who was no longer innocent.

“You look sad.”

This was the first sentence he said when they met again.

He Xiao facilitated the initial blind date between the two of them, which indirectly led to their reunion.

‘Chi Xueyan’ was indeed a paranoid villain.

‘He Qiao’ was indeed a minor supporting role that wasn’t very important.

He gradually became the most devout believer beside the red-haired young man who was hard to look away from until he willingly gave everything he had.

In the dark days when all happiness was suddenly lost, that person became the only brilliant color.

This was the secret that He Qiao always kept alone.

It was also one of the reasons why he thought of marrying Chi Xueyan.

On the one hand, he couldn’t bear to see the still normal Chi Xueyan fall to a tragic end.

In this way, the dangerous villain was fixed in advance at a safe distance, turning passive into active.

Both of these reasons were true.

He had made thorough preparations from the beginning.

However, Chi Xueyan always brought people a steady stream of surprises.

He Qiao thought that the villain in the novel was just using ‘He Qiao’ who was obsessed with him. He didn’t know that the plain sounding photo story actually meant unspoken love.

He Qiao thought they were acting together in front of outsiders but the moment he saw the light shining, he heard his own clear heartbeat.

He obviously didn’t like men.

Was this the fate of ‘He Qiao’?

Or was it the fate of ‘Chi Xueyan’ who was destined to become interested in a person called He Qiao?

He Qiao didn’t know this as he put the candy in his pocket.

It was because Chi Xueyan approached him at an unknown time and waved a hand in front of his eyes.

There was a glass like rippling water on the table and a bright yellow lemon against the green glass.

“Would you like to taste it?”

Chi Xueyan asked with a smile.

He Qiao’s mind returned and he picked up the lemonade.

He obediently took a sip. As a result, all distracted thoughts disappeared in an instant.

Chi Xueyan saw his indescribable expression and couldn’t help laughing.

“I thought you would take a small sip at first.”

He immediately turned his head and asked someone to pour him a glass of water. He still couldn’t help laughing. “Sorry, there is no syrup at home and only the lemons that your mother bought for decoration. In order to make it look good, I put in a few more slices.”

Chi Xueyan was always so willful.

He quickly dismissed the idea of trying the lemonade himself and asked teasingly, “How sour is it?”

He Qiao could only answer honestly. “It is very sour.”

It was by far the most sour lemonade he had ever drank.

Chi Xueyan laughed enough and raised his hands in apology. “It is my fault. I will invite you to eat something sweet at noon.”

The maid passing by also smiled secretly.

The colorful new house was embedded with flawless happiness.

The afternoon wedding rehearsal proceeded as scheduled.

By the blue seaside, on the vast and endless lawn of the luxury hotel, there were fragrant flowers and balloons everywhere. The exquisite snacks table was temporarily filled with beautifully packaged gifts rather than cakes and desserts.

This was a very popular lawn wedding among young people nowadays. It was warm and free and had a bit of a summer coast romance air.

Chi Xueyan walked several times according to the arrangement and then started to look for opportunities to be lazy.

The lawn was covered by a layer of plastic film that was obtained from somewhere. Chi Xueyan, dressed in formal clothes, lay on it lazily and said casually, “It is tiring to walk around. It would be great if I could sit and hold the wedding ceremony.”

He Qiao felt that he was staring at the wheelchair not far away that was being used to transport things with ulterior motives.

He couldn’t help laughing and comforted him, “There is only one last day left. Hold on.”

Hold on until the wedding was over and it was all over.

The sun was shining and the sea breeze was blowing. The atmosphere was leisurely. Chi Xueyan rested for a while before suddenly asking him, “Should we rest early tonight and nourish our energy?”

He Qiao nodded slightly.

Chi Xueyan’s tone was casual. “Then advance the storytelling session to now.

Tell the next night’s story.

Today, he didn’t want to know about what happened between him and Lu Siyi. Instead, he looked at the person next to him with curiosity. “What is your ending in the novel?”

He seemed to have forgotten to ask this most important question.

Perhaps it was because He Qiao around him had a strong and calm trait, that made people subconsciously feel that no unfortunate things would happen again.

He Qiao was slightly taken aback.

“I had bad luck. I met an impulsive gangster,” he replied simply. “I died after becoming seriously injured.”

‘He Qiao’ was always tricked by fate. He didn’t die in a well-planned conspiracy but died suddenly due to a pure accident during the days he spent with the villain. He had never met the murderer before.

Chi Xueyan couldn’t help sighing emotionally. “This ending is so perfunctory. It is worthy of being an irrelevant, small supporting role.

He Qiao whispered, “Yes.”

The sunlight that covered his body brought a warm touch.

The beautiful boutonniere on his chest swayed with the wind.

They were flowers that belonged only to the groom.

Chi Xueyan looked at the blue sky above his head and said softly, “I guess you won’t be unlucky enough to meet gangsters in the future.”

His light voice brought the story to an end.

Su Yu participated in the rehearsal as the best man and finally found the two of them. He broke the silence that permeated this place with a teasing face, “Chi Xueyan, why did you disappear as soon as we got to the part of exchanging rings?”

Chi Xueyan said casually, “The ring size is very suitable and there is no need to rehearse it.”

“It isn’t just rings to be exchanged,” Su Yu said meaningfully. “Are you shy?”

Chi Xueyan smiled softly. “You can say it directly if your skin is itchy.”

Su Yu quickly retreated while continuing to say earnestly, “You have a family now. You can’t be so violent any longer.”

Chi Xueyan stood up decisively. The moment he loosened his fingers, Su Yu disappeared immediately.

Then he looked back helplessly. He reached out toward He Qiao and was ready to pull him up. “Do you want to continue?”

He Qiao looked at his white palm and hesitated for a moment before holding it.

They walked hand in hand toward the crowd.

This time, the feeling of holding hands was different.

The couple intimately completed the final rehearsal in front of the audience.

Near the evening, all the arrangements at the scene were basically completed. The staff members who had been busy for a long time finally sighed with relief. They took a break and consumed the milk tea and snacks sent by Sheng Xiaoyue.

Chi Xueyan was standing beside the two pairs of parents and talking to them.

The tall Chi Zhongyuan was very intimidating in front of outsiders.

He Huaili had put aside his busy work and came to participate in the rehearsal today.

Everyone was smiling and even He Xiao seemed to be smiling sincerely.

The smell of food filled the wedding venue and He Qiao gradually smelled a familiar aroma.

At the snacks table, someone curiously opened a delicate looking present.

He Qiao walked over alone.

The unknown staff member was amazed at the valuable gifts in the box but He Qiao noticed the most inconspicuous thing in it at a glance.

It was a small sachet with rose petals.

It was exactly the same as the rose aroma that Chi Xueyan once had.

He picked up the sachet with a bit of surprise. Soon, Sheng Xiaoyue’s smiling voice rang in his ears.

“This is a gift chosen by Xiao Chi’s mother and I like it very much,” she said in a cheerful tone. “Do you recognize it?”

He Qiao asked blankly, “What?”

“These are the roses you bought. It is the bunch of flowers you bought on the day you got the certificate!”

Sheng Xiaoyue looked at the sachet in his hand and knew this special gift very well.

“You bought too many roses. At first, the aunt of Xiao Chi’s aunt said it shouldn’t be wasted and can be made into sachets. They dried it on the balcony and made the house become filled with the smell of flowers.”

Sheng Xiaoyue said, “Later, Zhenzhen had a whim and said that it would definitely be very meaningful if this was put in the gift box.”

Speaking of this, her face was full of surprise. “Why didn’t I think of this? She is so smart.”

Sheng Xiaoyue looked excitedly at her son holding the rose petals. “This is the best wedding gift, right?”

It would let all the guests present secretly witness the love that germinated on that summer night.

They were the fragrant roses that once filled the flame-red sports car.

He Qiao suddenly couldn’t describe his mood at this time.

He saw Chi Xueyan walking here with his family.

Chi Xueyan glanced at the rose sachet casually and his tone was light. “This smells good. I plan to put it in the car. Do you want it?”

Before He Qiao could speak, Sheng Xiaoyue preemptively said, “Yes! I want two!”

Facing this cute and frank elder, Chi Xueyan smiled. He naturally took the sachet that He Qiao was holding and put it in her hand.

Warm fingers skimmed his skin without stopping and his palm suddenly became empty.

Immediately, Chi Xueyan handed him the velvet jewelry box used during the rehearsal.

This was the half that belonged to He Qiao.

“Don’t forget to exchange rings tomorrow.” He leaned close to He Qiao’s ear and whispered something that only they knew. “And kisses.”

He changed back to the original Chi Xueyan who took the initiative to teach He Qiao to hold hands and reminded his lover with great interest to be ready to kiss in public.

The relationship between the two of them quietly returned to square one, with only a few more dried rose-colored memories.

Under people’s ambiguous eyes, Chi Xueyan left his ear with a relaxed expression. The light and shadow of dusk soaked his gorgeous red hair.

“I will say goodnight to you in advance.”

His gaze seemed to contain the strongest love and his tone was tender, making people fascinated.

“See you tomorrow, darling.”

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the flavor of sour lemon~


  1. Mimosa says:

    Thank you for the chapter!

  2. milui says:

    Oh he didn’t tell Lu Siyi but he told the other He Qiao about the photo?? I’m getting feels… Thank you for the translation!

  3. Dowa says:

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  4. KatieM says:

    Not this bs about og plot again. He Qiao, you were able to get married & start work which clearly shows that you aren’t controlled by the plot. Likewise, Chi Xueyan met Lu Siyi but married you instead; this clearly shows he is able to be attracted without developing an obsession. There is a multitude of evidence to show that this is a real world in which facts can deviate from the perspective a reader gets. I think mc is creating unnecessary angst. He Qiao is being incredibly selfish with his emotions by withholding information to suit his boundaries. I genuinely feel sorry for the ml because he will constantly have to regulate his emotions instead of just saying, “Hey, since we already married, let’s give this relationship a shot.” He knows mc doesn’t want that & has now developed a fear to chase after romance.

  5. Cyanie says:

    WHAT A PLOT TWIST?! It’s becoming more and more interesting now. I never thought og!CXY actually liked og!HQ. I want to see how he reacted to og!HQ’s death :<

  6. Beshiiie says:

    Eh? Wait why does it seem that HQ didn’t really transmigrate but rebirth instead? Or maybe he’s just reluctant to disclose that last bit of info to avoid CXY’s to be uncomfortable.

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