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HMPS: Chapter 15

In his field of view, it was clearly the darkness that came from it being late at night, while the red hair close at hand was the only vivid color. The bad weather was filled with endless noise, shapeless noise and chaos.

This good night was like snow falling on pine branches.

The sound was extremely light and heavy. The dark green pine needles trembled slightly and the white snow almost fell into the misty rain and fog.

The moment the hallucinatory snow fell, He Qiao involuntarily clenched the handle of the umbrella.

The slanting raindrops quietly wet the palms.

‘This doesn’t seem like an answer to the question,’ He Qiao thought.

However, He Qiao didn’t ask again.

The direction of the raindrops changed. He silently tilted the handle of the umbrella slightly to the other side, covering the shoulders of the person beside him.

As usual, He Qiao sent Chi Xueyan home. He said goodbye politely and returned alone.

The storm that lasted all day died down gradually during the long night.

The next day was Sunday and Chi Xueyan didn’t have to go to work.

Unlike He Qiao, who had free time, he had a 9-5 job. This meant he only had free time in the evening and on the weekend.

However, next Saturday was the wedding. Chi Xueyan would go to the clinic on Monday to deal with urgent patients. Then he would take four days of marriage leave to free up time to prepare for the wedding with peace of mind.

According to the process arranged by their mothers, the two of them would go to the home furniture area to pick out decorations together.

The marriage house had been chosen and was prepared by Sheng Xiaoyue for He Qiao early on. Han Zhenzhen also wanted to fight for the house she had prepared for Chi Xueyan. Then she saw the house that could only be described as romantic and instantly retracted what she wanted to say.

Sheng Xiaoyue had come from a wealthy family and grew up with art. Later, she specialized in jewelry and clothing design and had a very good aesthetic sense.

The new house they would move into had been renovated and had all the furniture. They just needed to add a few soft furnishings for embellishments.

It was supposed to be He Qiao and Chi Xueyan who went to pick up any decorations they liked.

Then Han Zhenzhen saw the small ornaments casually drawn by Sheng Xiaoyue and she immediately persuaded her son that he should properly listen to Aunt Sheng’s advice.

This unrestrained two person trip turned into a four person trip where they needed to act.

He Qiao didn’t mind. He was used to acting.

The Sheng Xiaoyue who got up early in the morning to change her clothes and put on makeup made her feel novel.

“Is this dress better or is this skirt suit better?”

Sheng Xiaoyue knocked on the door as if she was going on a long-awaited date.

As the third man in the family to be asked for advice in order of age, He Qiao had prepared the answer in advance. “The dress.”

Sheng Xiaoyue tugged at the hem of her skirt, her expression conflicted. “It is two to one, but Xiao Chi’s mother doesn’t seem to wear dresses. Should I also… dress smarter?”

He Qiao’s tone was very convincing. “This is why you should wear a dress even more, so that you complement each other.”

“It makes sense! You are smart.” Sheng Xiaoyue’s eyes lit up. Before turning to leave, she patted the door as if reminding him. “You should choose your clothes well. We will leave in half an hour.”

“Remember to wear what Xiao Chi likes—”

The happy end tone of her sentence hovered at the end of the stairs.

He Qiao watched her leaving back and couldn’t help laughing.

He had already changed his clothes. He just took out something casually from the closet.

However, Sheng Xiaoyue’s words unexpectedly aroused his thoughts.

Wear what Xiao Chi likes.

He already knew that Chi Xueyan didn’t like anything restrained and deliberate. This was why Chi Xueyan would take him wearing a serious suit to a noisy food stall or trick him wearing a haute couture white shirt to the Internet cafe full of atmosphere.

He Qiao remembered that in the dimly lit KTV corridor, the other person said with a smile that this shirt wasn’t bad.

The style wasn’t sophisticated or expensive enough. It was just casual enough for a get-together with friends.

Back in his dressing room, He Qiao hesitated for a moment before choosing a white shirt similar to that night.

Unknowingly, he remembered more and more details.

They were love-like details.

After a complete storm, the city was as clean as new. Only a few traces of coolness remained in the air, like a preview of early autumn.

The morning sun shone strongly on the retro floral dress in the back seat. The light shone through the window on the back of the hand in white cuffs that still had scars on it.

He Qiao turned the steering wheel and saw the familiar figure.

Both parties arrived at almost the same time.

Chi Xueyan was dressed in a very refreshing black t-shirt and jeans, just like on the blind date.

Han Zhenzhen wore a similar style to her son. She wore a slim shirt with dark blue jeans and a pair of cool sunglasses.

Unlike the grass-scented rain last night, He Qiao approached Chi Xueyan under the extremely bright sunlight and smelled the faint fragrance of roses.

Only 12 hours had passed but it made people feel as if it was a world away.

The accomplices who acted in secret in the middle of the night became companions walking together in the sunlight.

In the vaguely romantic atmosphere, Chi Xueyan looked at He Qiao with a smile. “Good morning.”

Chi Xueyan didn’t use perfume.

He Qiao thought about it and his expression was the same as always. “Good morning.”

Compared to the two newlyweds who were a bit reserved at a distance, the two mothers quickly came together.

Han Zhenzhen took off her sunglasses neatly and the light in her eyes flickered. “The color of this dress is really beautiful.”

“Right? It is similar to the blanket I want to buy. This color scheme looks particularly textured.”

“Ah, I remember! You showed me a picture. Is there any here?”

“Yes. I specifically called and asked. It is in a store on the third floor. Let’s go there early.”

Chi Xueyan stared at the backs of the two women leaving side by side and couldn’t help shaking his head and sighing. “My dad hasn’t been scolded for two days.”

“Why?” He Qiao often adapted to his sudden words. “Auntie is in a good mood?”

“No.” Chi Xueyan shook his head and a teasing smile flashed in his eyes. “It is because he fell out of favor.”

The fierce Han Zhenzhen was with her incomprehensible old husband and her rebellious son who wasn’t cute enough. From time to time, she would get angry with the company’s subordinates. This was until one day, she suddenly met a beautiful and attractive peer who was like a doll.

He understood his mother’s change of heart without hesitation.

At first, Chi Xueyan was worried that this sudden flash marriage would bring more troubles and worries to his family. However, now at least it brought Han Zhenzhen a good friend who got along happily.

Sheng Xiaoyue’s personality was simple and honest, but she also had an intuitive intelligence.

After seeing the blueprint of the wedding ring designed by her that day, Chi Xueyan had sent her a message in private and expressed his apologies for not taking the initiative to visit her at home.

At first, he didn’t think about acting in this play so thoroughly. In the world that had suddenly turned upside down that day, Chi Xueyan only worried about not making his parents suspicious.

It was He Qiao, carrying fits and roses, who suddenly knocked on the door of his house.

Later, Chi Xueyan remembered the undercurrents of the He family’s happy appearance. He remembered that He Qiao had never explained to him all the reasons behind this. The non-interference clause had been agreed upon early in the morning and subconsciously didn’t want to get involved.

However, Sheng Xiaoyue had a sincerity that other people couldn’t bear.

He sent a seriously worded message to the elder he wasn’t familiar with, but Sheng Xiaoyue’s reply came quickly. Her lively and clear voice entered his ears.

“There is no need to apologize. Xiao Chi, don’t worry about these trivial things. If I have to say something, Huaili is the one who went to the clinic to see you without saying anything. He should be the one apologizing to you.”

“You are the ones who fell in love and you are the ones who will live your lives. We are just He Qiao’s parents, not the protagonists in your life. It is impossible for us to suddenly become as important as your parents who have raised you for over 20 years. It would be nice if you are willing to happily call us Uncle and Aunt.”

It was only then that Chi Xueyan realized that He Qiao’s mother, whom he had only met once, actually had an emotional outlook so similar to his own.

Marriage was supposed to be a matter of two people.

“The book says that I should try to become friends with your juniors but I think this is too strange. Even if I want this, you might not be willing to be friends with an older aunt. However, compared to just He Qiao’s mother, I now have one more identity. I am your mother’s friend.”

“You and He Qiao are partners and you must be best friends. Therefore, your mother and I are also good friends. Maybe this identity will make you feel a bit closer to me, right?”

Chi Xueyan was stunned for a long time before answering her in a soft tone, ‘Yes.’

Ever since he was a child, he felt that he had a pair of excellent parents. So no matter how rich the lives of other people, he never envied them.

At this moment, he decided to envy He Qiao for a moment without showing any traces of it.

If his envy was too obvious then he would be hit by his own mother.

Then again, Chi Xueyan was also lucky.

He was getting married to He Qiao so he was the one who heard He Qiao’s mother say this to him.

This marriage was dyed with a crystal clear happiness.

In the air-conditioned home decorations mall, the two mothers filled a whole shopping trolley while the two young people strolled leisurely behind them.

Their mothers had explained in advance that there was no need to worry if Chi Xueyan and He Qiao didn’t like any of the soft furnishings they had picked up. They were happy to bring it back for their own use.

However, Chi Xueyan didn’t mind, let alone He Qiao.

Aunt Sheng’s sense of aesthetics was really good.

He reached out and casually touched the neatly arranged glasses on the shelves.

His white fingertips were instantly colored, reminiscent of the window that stretched across the entire wall of the living room of the marriage house.

The Morandi green wooden window frames separated the glass. Outside were large, swaying green tree shadows. The orange sunlight poured in unscrupulously, like ice cream melting on a warm white long table. At the same time, it reflected the light pink and green mosaic decorative tiles on the side walls. The fireplace remained dry and quiet in summer.

It was a home with extremely warm tones. The low-saturation colors were rich and appropriately used in every place. It seemed that no matter how ordinary the life, a fairytale-like sweetness could hatch here.

Sheng Xiaoyue had prepared this home full of good wishes for her son early on, no matter who he brought home in the future.

Seeing Chi Xueyan stop, He Qiao walking beside him also looked at the row of water cups.

“What type of cup do you like?”

Chi Xueyan thought about it seriously. “These are quite beautiful.”

He imagined it for a while and it seemed that each cup was very suitable for that beautiful home.

He Qiao read his meaning and there was a hint of a smile in his tone. “Then buy a few more.”

Soon, their shopping trolley started to become full.

The cups under the lights of the mall were full of glass, ceramic, plastic…

In the distance, the colorful home had a fireplace for winter, soft and comfortable sofas and French windows with beautiful scenery.

Surrounded by couples of different ages, they lowered their heads to pick out the missing decorations at home, talking, laughing and passing by.

In such a peaceful and quiet atmosphere, Chi Xueyan almost thought that he had really fallen in love with someone and entered into marriage without hesitation.

It was a marriage where they truly loved each other.

Frankly speaking, there was a bit of regret in his heart for some reason.

This marriage had all the perfect conditions to be envied and there were countless open paths to happiness.

The only problem was that the core love was a lie.

Fortunately, the friendship that came out of this was real.

During lunch time, the restaurants of the shopping mall were crowded with people. Han Zhenzhen and Sheng Xiaoyue, who had been shopping all morning, asked someone to transport back the things that had already been selected. Now they were sitting face to face while eating and they were still chatting intimately.

“Xiaoyue, did we buy too many decorative paintings?”

“No, they can be changed at any time according to the season and different holiday themes. I still don’t think there are enough choices. By the way, I should also get some new ones for my house…”

The two men at the next table had just put down their menus.

Chi Xueyan stared at Han Zhenzhen for a while but didn’t get a response. His voice became surprised. “Are the two of us a bit redundant?”

He Qiao looked at Sheng Xiaoyue, who also treated him as air, and replied with a smile. “A bit.”

Chi Xueyan quietly took out his phone to take a photo of the two protagonists who were really dating and didn’t forget to complain. “They should be happy there are only tables for two remaining here.”

He inexplicably bought a large number of cups today. They had also been loaded into the car and transported into the wedding house together.

He hoped that there would be any damage during the transportation.

Chi Xueyan put away his phone and turned his head. Then he saw a gadget appearing on the plate in front of him.

It was a pair of porcelain white miniature bunnies.

He was stunned for a while before looking up at He Qiao. “A chopsticks rest?”

He Qiao nodded as usual. “I saw it by chance before and bought it.”

The round body was like a ball of glutinous rice dumplings. The long ears were playfully raised and the red eyes were a bit smart.

Chi Xueyan had no particular preference for cute things and preferred weird things.

However, the two little rabbits crept quietly into the lively and crowded restaurant and it was too cute.

Chi Xueyan tried to imagine the moment when He Qiao reached out to take them off the shelf.

There seemed to be more than calmness and rationality to his personality.

Therefore, Chi Xueyan pinched the pair of immovable ceramic ears and asked with a smile, “Do you want to buy matching chopsticks next?”

He Qiao also smiled. “There is something to do in the afternoon.”

This time, they ignored the sneaky glances from the ladies at the next table.

Sheng Xiaoyue held her cheek to hide her intention to peep and whispered, “Is that a chopstick rest? So cute.”

Han Zhenzhen held her cheek as well while secretly opening her phone to take photos. It wasn’t known if she was photographing her son or the rabbits. “I’ll buy a few pairs later.”

The sleek white plates reflected the faint smiles on their faces.

The afternoon shopping was more casual.

Chi Xueyan wandered around. He bought a doll pig that oinked when pressed, a stone sculpture in the shape of a pillow that imitated the texture of cloth, a slender balloon figure that kept swaying its body in the wind…

All in all, they were a bunch of little objects full of grotesque and useless beauty.

He Qiao showed a great tolerance for this, allowing the shopping trolley in his hand to become the strangest mini circus.

In the corner of the circus, there were a few white and fat ceramic rabbits lying on their stomachs, as well as many pairs of chopsticks of different colors.

This was what they had gained.

As it was approaching evening and they left the mall, Chi Xueyan was still a bit unable to come to his senses.

He thought it would be a long and unbearable day full of shopping, chatting and pretending to be affectionate.

As a result, time slipped away in the blink of an eye.

Han Zhenzhen returned with a full load and beckoned Sheng Xiaoyue to get in her car. She silently threw Chi Xueyan to He Qiao and the two mothers put on sunglasses and drove away, their backs like the wind.

The two young men were left standing there, staring at each other in blank dismay.

He Qiao, whose hand injury was gradually recovering, took the initiative to say, “Shall I send you home?”

Chi Xueyan noticed a familiar street scene and said while glancing to the side, “Wait for me.”

He Qiao watched him quickly walk into the crowd. A moment later, he returned with a steaming small paper bag.

The rose fragrance that came from Chi Xueyan’s body had become very light and was completely replaced by a rich and seductive scent.

Unexpectedly, he bought a bag of sugar-fried chestnuts.

He shook the bag in his hand toward He Qiao. The chestnuts inside made a rattling sound. “Do you want to eat it or not?”

Of course, He Qiao would agree.

He had never rejected the person in front of him before.

Chi Xueyan lowered his eyes. He peeled off a round and plump chestnut with light movements. Then he looked up with a smile, as if waiting for something.

He stood at the side of the street with flowing scenery and He Qiao subconsciously raised his palm upwards.

He guessed that it was a gift in return for the ceramic chopstick rest.

Perhaps it was also because Chi Xueyan felt he wouldn’t be able to peel the chestnut for the time being.

The light yellow chestnut meat nestled in the half oval shell. The aroma after being cooked at high temperature was dense and rich, like a little rabbit quietly sticking out its head.

Like warm snow, it finally fell from the thick green branches.

In the next second, it gently fell into his palms.

The author has something to say:

A kiss with the taste of chestnuts ^3^


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