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HMPS: Chapter 13

As the long summer afternoon came to a close, a wind from nowhere gradually blew in hot air.

On the other side of the city, the headquarters building of the Wanjia Group.

A meeting that lasted all afternoon finally came to an end. The people in the meeting relaxed and talked in low voices in twos or threes as they got up to leave.

He Huaili, who was sitting in the main seat, also left the meeting room. He was dressed in a low-key and simple manner and seemed to be out of touch with the crowd, but he had an aura that was hard to ignore.

He casually chatted with his subordinates and long-time friends around him about homely things that had nothing to do with work. He Xiao, who was staring at the sky outside the corridor, withdrew his gaze and naturally joined the topic. “Uncle Yang, there is a typhoon coming in a few days. You might have to push back your trip.”

The middle-aged man smiled and patted him on the shoulder. “Yes, I was wondering if I should leave a day earlier. He Xiao, you should take good care of your father. Let him take the opportunity to rest for a few days.”

He Xiao’s face was thin, there was a pair of glasses on the bridge of his nose and his temperament was gentle and elegant. He showed a hint of helplessness at the moment. “I can’t manage him. He can’t be idle.”

He Huaili shook his head and said with a smile, “There are so many things to do. How can I rest?”

The group of people talked while walking. Once they arrived at the door of He Huaili’s office, He Xiao stopped tacitly and walked in after his father.

Once the secretary closed the door, He Huaili sat down on the sofa with a trace of fatigue in his eyes. He asked, “He Qiao has chosen an office building?”

He Xiao consciously stretched out his hand to help make tea for his father. “Yes, it is opposite Xiao Chi’s clinic.”

He Huaili pressed a hand between his eyebrows and sighed helplessly. “He is fooling around.”

“It is a good location in that area.” He Xiao heard there wasn’t any real dissatisfaction in his tone and said with relief, “It is just a small matter. It is up to him.”

Through the heat rising from the edge of the kettle, He Huaili looked at his calm eldest son and slowly said, “I didn’t expect you to make this suggestion.”

He Xiao smiled and placed the freshly brewed tea in front of his father. “Why?”

“He has never been exposed to this and doesn’t have the corresponding abilities. His personality is too simple.” He Huaili was very direct. “I’m not sure if it is appropriate to do this.”

He Xiao’s tone was serious. “So give him the opportunity to grow. It doesn’t matter if he can’t do well. He has the confidence to fail.”

He Huaili’s eyes flashed with distant memories when he heard the word confidence. He no longer talked about He Qiao’s takeover of Wanjia Media. After a short silence, he said softly, “In fact, I am very happy to hear you say this.”

He Xiao looked at his father with some surprise.

His father looked at him and said honestly, “I often worry that you two brothers won’t get along well.”

He had always called his two sons by their full names, hoping to remind them of the same surname that couldn’t be erased.

At this moment, He Huaili was just an ordinary father with a hint of regret embedded in the wrinkles at the corners of his eyes.

He Qiao was born with a golden spoon and had the confidence to act willfully since he was a child. However, He Xiao, who was ten years older than him, had a childhood that could be called hard and difficult.

Before he was five years old, He Xiao ran around after his parents, who were running a small business. At a young age, he dared to follow a rogue customer and chase after him to ask for the money that should be paid.

After the age of five, he no longer had his mother. Every day when he went to school, he often stuck a pair of socks that hadn’t completely dried into his dusty shoes.

Prosperity and brilliant success came too late.

By the time it came, the person around them who had been looking forward to a better future was long gone.

Trapped in the floor of memories, He Huaili asked him carefully, “Did Aunt Sheng treat you well when I wasn’t at home?”

“Dad, I changed her name to Mom a long time ago. I’m also in my 30s and don’t need anyone to take care of me.” He Xiao laughed incredulously. “She is very good to me and has always been good.”

“It is different, I know,” He Huaili said softly. “Your mother is your mother.”

He Xiao fell silent as he looked down at the dark leaves floating in the clear tea.

He Huaili’s mind returned as he remembered the wedding that would take place in a week and he instructed, “IF you have someone you want to marry one day, tell your family first. Don’t learn from that kid.”

Then He Huaili laughed. “But it isn’t impossible if you are like him and secretly want to obtain the certificate, although I can’t imagine you doing such a thing.”

“In fact, don’t worry about us opposing it. As long as the other person is good-hearted and you feel happy, it is all up to you. The other conditions aren’t important.”

“In any case, you can also have a beautiful wedding after you find a lover.”

His father, whose hair had silver strands, looked at the desk not far away with a wistful expression. “Your mother will be happy. She can see it.”

There were two photo frames on the desk. One had a family portrait taken on his 50th birthday. He was surrounded by his smiling current wife and his two sons who had faintly similar eyes but very different temperaments. One was educated and restrained while the other was enthusiastic and straightforward.

The other photo was much older.

The slightly faded photo showed a dusty street store with a humble sign reading ‘Wanjia Snack Bar’ hanging in front of the door. A plainly dressed family of three was standing under the sign.

The tall and gentle father held his sick wife. She looked thin but she was smiling happily as she held hands with her young son.

At that time, He Xiao was wearing a pair of clean white canvas shoes on his feet.

“If there is such a day, I will tell you.”

Many years later, the grown-up He Xiao looked down at the toe of his black leather shoes and his voice warmly soothed the worries in his father’s heart. “Dad, we are brothers. Don’t worry.”

It was because they were brothers that they should share hardships.

The last sunlight of the day entered the office, floating on the rim of the cup of hot tea.

Dust danced in the transparent light, silently rushing toward the clouds and trees outside.

A typhoon was approaching. The majestic commercial building stood in the hot air and heat steamed up the windows. It blew over the gold-plated characters at the top of the building. The Wanjia Group shone at the highest point of the city.

This was one of the most talked about giant groups in the city.

The change in the actual boss of Wanjia Media, a subsidiary of the group, quickly attracted the attention of the outside world.

At the same time that the news spread, there was also news of the marriage of He Huaili’s youngest son, He Qiao, who rarely appeared in public.

Before this, the vast majority of people had never even heard of the name.

The low-key and mysterious wealthy wedding was said to be held next Saturday and the other protagonist of the wedding hadn’t been disclosed.

Friday evening.

Chi Xueyan finished packing his things as usual. He checked the time on his phone and prepared to go downstairs to wait for He Qiao.

The wedding date was getting closer. According to their parents’ arrangement, the two of them had many plans. For example, they were trying on custom-made clothing tonight.

Compared with the complicated wedding dress, the two suits of the two grooms were relatively easy to customize.

Chi Xueyan turned off the light and walked out. There was a lively conversation at the front desk at the end of the corridor.

Today, Xu Baijun hadn’t come to talk to him in vain. Instead, Xu Baijun’s hands were in his pocket as he leaned against the front desk in a dashing posture, chatting with the colleagues who hadn’t left yet.

“It isn’t fake?” Someone asked in amazement.

“Of course, it is true. My father works in their group.” Xu Baijun’s tone was firm. “It is said that the youngest son wants to take over. Therefore, he used the pretext of getting married and starting a family.”

He indicated to the building opposite them and his colleague beside him looked over, still feeling incredulous. “This is the first time I am so close to gossip. It is actually opposite our clinic.”

The colleague thought about it and said with a smile, “I wonder if we can meet him when going to and from work? Hey, do you have a photo? I want to recognize the person in advance.”

“How can I have it?” Xu Baijun shook his head. “However, my father is going to the wedding. I plan to go with him.”

“Ah, so powerful. Then take a photo for us to see!”

As the colleague was talking, he saw Chi Xueyan walking to the elevator and habitually said, “Dr Chi is off work. Have a happy weekend!”

Chi Xueyan’s expression was a bit strange but he still responded politely, “Have a good weekend.”

He didn’t look at Xu Baijun and Xu Baijun didn’t take the initiative to talk to him. Once the elevator doors closed and it went down, Xu Baijun muttered in a seemingly unintentional manner, “I don’t know if Dr Chi is going on a blind date again.”

“Doctor Chi goes on blind dates?”

“Yes, he seems to go every week.” Xu Baijun said inadvertently. “I bumped into him in the parking lot the other day. The other person’s conditions are really good. He has a luxury car and a brand name watch…”

Outside the building, there was a drizzle of rain before the storm.

In the damp and dull underground garage, Chi Xueyan quickly walked toward his usual parking space.

A slender figure was standing next to the sapphire blue sports car.

He was holding a black umbrella in his hand and looked over when he heard familiar footsteps.

The water droplets flowed along the tip of the dark umbrella onto the ground.

There seemed to be hazy moisture still lingering around He Qiao’s body. There was a slight smile in his handsome eyes as he looked at Chi Xueyan.

Chi Xueyan walked briskly and greeted him first, “Blue is suitable for rainy days.”

Thus, it was He Qiao who came to give him a ride.

He Qiao had gradually become used to the often off-topic opening remarks between them and responded. “Do you want to eat first or go to the store first?”

“I’m not hungry yet.” Chi Xueyan opened the door and sat in the driver’s seat. “It is also better to try on clothes before eating.”

He Qiao’s answer was the same as always. “Okay.”

He opened the door on the other side. The bandage on his hand had been removed and the newly scabbed scar was visible to the naked eye.

A glittering sapphire blue flashed across the hem of his clothes as he got into the car with a rainy air.

The rain was getting heavier.

On the night when a typhoon was approaching, the clothing store was filled with warm, white lights.

Chi Xueyan and He Qiao changed into their first outfits and pushed open the door of the dressing rooms at almost the same time.

The groom’s outfit on both of them was the most classic three piece suit. The vest sandwiched between the shirt and the suit jacket outlined their structured figure.

Chi Xueyan was casually fastening the buttons of his vest. On the opposite side, He Qiao was neatly dressed and held a tie belonging to the groom. He was trying to tie a bow tie for himself.

Seeing this, Chi Xueyan reached out his hand. “I’ll come.”

He took the tie handed to him by He Qiao. Then he caught a glimpse of the well-scarred right hand and asked casually, “How is the wound?”

“It is healing. Most of the traces should be gone before the wedding.”

Chi Xueyan wanted to say that he wasn’t asking about this.

However, seeing He Qiao’s calm gaze when he answered, he withdrew this sentence.

Just like facing the children in the clinic, Chi Xueyan habitually wanted to ask if the wound hurt.

For He Qiao in front of him, this was obviously an unnecessary question.

He didn’t show any additional emotions even on the night he was injured.

After that, He Qiao quickly owned a company of his own and the office building facing his lover’s company with his hand wrapped in bandages.

Therefore, Chi Xueyan took the tie and said softly, “That’s good.”

He Qiao noticed that he had a surprised expression and took the initiative to speak. “Do you have something to ask me?”

They hadn’t officially talked about everything that happened after that night.

Seeing the newlyweds whispering intimately, the employee waiting on the side walked away with amusement and gently closed the curtain in the fitting area.

Chi Xueyan heard this question, thought about it and said frankly, “Yes.”

He Qiao never mentioned his true self to him.

However, after getting along these days, Chi Xueyan became more and more aware that his marriage partner was a fairly rational and calm person.

He seemed to have secretly planned every step of the way.

A cloud of fog lingered around him and it was difficult for Chi Xueyan, who chased fun by nature, not to be curious.

He asked bluntly, “What is wrong with Wanjia Media?”

It was impossible for He Xiao to hand over a company that had no hidden dangers to his younger brother, whom he felt contempt for.

He Qiao’s answer was succinct. “There are internal contradictions with the management. Soon, there will be core employees leading the entire team to quit.”

For a creative company whose business was mainly advertising and marketing, the departure of the core team was obviously a fatal blow.

Chi Xueyan said abruptly, “I guess you already have a way.”

There was an air of ending the conversation with this.

He didn’t ask any longer. He just lowered his head and concentrated on doing He Qiao’s tie.

It was said before that they wouldn’t interfere with each other.

He respected the rules that were set in advance.

His dazzling red hair was covered with a soft halo from the overhead light and trembled slightly in front of him.

Due to the extremely close distance, He Qiao’s breath fell onto that brilliant color.

He couldn’t ignore the warmth lingering at his collar.

A few seconds later, He Qiao took the initiative to speak again. “I will find a better team to fill this vacancy.”

Chi Xueyan quickly remembered what the other person had said when they first met. He wanted to use the information from the novel to develop his career and benefit the public.

Given He Qiao’s current situation, a better team could only come from the information in the novel.

He smiled and said nonchalantly, “It is a pity that the lottery numbers aren’t written in the novel.”

“However, there is more precious information than lottery numbers,” He Qiao replied seriously. “For example, someone who should’ve been a business genius died from depression.”

Hearing this, Chi Xueyan’s movements stopped and he blurted out, “Are you going to find this person?”

“I’m waiting for a typhoon.”

He Qiao’s voice quietly fell into his ears.

“His career was completely destroyed on the day the typhoon ended. So on that night, he chose to jump from the roof of the company.”

Along with his whisper, the wind and rain outside the building continued to hit the glass window. A blurred sound quietly seeped into the warm air of the store.

Chi Xueyan blinked abruptly, as if seeing the umbrella that He Qiao had held when they first met this evening.

The rain fell endlessly and transparent water droplets spread across the black umbrella, hitting the hard ground one by one.

In the wet rain and fog, the unbridled curiosity that had been unrestrained since childhood was now growing like a vine in his chest.

Chi Xueyan made up his mind almost instantly.

He thought, ‘I will cross the line just once.’

The silky tie slipped over the white fingertips of the red-haired young man, slowly winding into a knot.

“You need a cover.’ Chi Xueyan’s voice was light and powerful as he smiled with determination. “Just like what I have been for you during this time.”

He Qiao looked at his lowered eyes. The freshly scabbed scars across the back of his hand and his palm was illuminated by the light. The interlaced textures suddenly glowed with a gentle warmth, becoming particularly distinct.

But he stood quietly, without any movement.

It wasn’t until the elegant bow tie around his neck was completely formed and the warm fingertips left in satisfaction that He Qiao finally responded softly.

“I can’t ask for more.”

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A kiss with the smell of rain Q3Q


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